Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus


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    Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    1. Minecraft with Durpy Choxy

      My parents would never be proud of me for playing a game

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      Steamy stacks in the background😂🤣

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      There are some real origami’s burgers there

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      i lovr u fornite

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      he is a good player the sypher but what ever and why isnt he the best editor

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      Fortnite how do u think we can get mobile fortnite back 😭

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      23 million views wow

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      nise buga gud gab

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      I‘m not playing Fortnite anymore but coming back to this video and rethinking about this time hits different.

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      Who watching in 2021 and made you inspired watching this.

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      NGL this is like the 5th time I have watched this

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      can you bugha is legend


      I inspire bugah a lot I wish I could be good as him

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      I love you 🥳

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      I wish my dad sported me like this maby I would try to keep playing video games

    22. Çฺhåฺŕฺgёฺ

      Teacher: So what did you guys do this summer? Student: I went to Universal Studios Bugha: I won 3 million dollars at the fortnite world cup

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      I can’t BELIVE his *dad* introduced him to *FORTNITE*


      i love this story it shows me that gaming is life changing!

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      Can you give everyone on fortnite 10'000 vbucks

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      bugha's name is funny boogar

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      někdo CZ ?

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      Imagine if he dropped the trophy😂😂😂

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      no wonder he won his name is kyle pease control kyle

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      i dont understand the dislikes i literally cry

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      2021 מישהו

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      This is so cool i want. To Be in the World Cup but am 7 years old

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      Who is rewatching in chapter 2 season 6


        ME BTW how do you like the season

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      Im so happy about all this life and video games thia video is so nice😔🖐️

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      I cried lol

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      Bro when ever I don’t feel like grinding the game anymore I always come back to this video and it motivates me every time

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      If my parents support me in gaming it would mean that whole world is supporting me.

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      I wish my mum could be like that lmao

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      bugha is my brother I'm very proud of him


        if he was mine i would too

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      I get nervous sitting at lunch alone when 13 people are judging me I can only imagine how he felt

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      6:12 LoL mongraal

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      This is how I’m going to be when I’m a parent

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      Who else wants their parents to believe in you

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      Like I respect fortnite after seeing this video.

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      quiero ser como tu

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      yo somone more wtach this when you feel bad, or you wanna imporve in the game :(

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      Nate Hill ahead of the meta 7:56

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      Hiiii Nolan is in my name to lol

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      sad video tbh :c

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    97. Mathew Lee

      If you love games that much, chase your dreams and train to be a pro gamer but you must also have a backup plan / side hussle. There's loads of work in the gaming industry, you could be anything from a graphic artist to a coder, you could work in events or be a streamer. Your parents are not stopping you because they don't want you to game, they just don't want to see you fail. Of course you won't listen to me because you're young and I'm old, but in 20 years time you'll look back with regret. To save time I'll answer the predictable replies....."OK Karen". Karens making 6 figures because she learnt to code, Boomer paid for her coding lessons.

    98. Axel Vargas

      Bugha tienes mucha suerte de que tus padres te apoyen en el mundo de los videojuegos ya que yo quiero dedicarme profesionalmente a fortnite y mis padres no me apoyan y creen que es un desperdicio de tiempo

    99. Karter Jackson

      Teacher: now everybody turn to page 63 Bugha: *wins World Cup Teacher: you get nowhere in life by playing video games Bugha : *pulls out $3,000,000 Teacher: why did I spend 8 years in college?

      1. Deciphered

        good question why did he spend 8 YEARS E THATS A LOT OF TIME IN COLLEGE

    100. Cynthia Torrejon

      @FionnNolan AMEN