I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends

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    it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous
    Jacksepticeye: www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
    Fuslie: www.twitch.tv/fuslie
    Sykkuno: www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
    Wendy: www.twitch.tv/natsumiii
    Pokimane: www.twitch.tv/pokimane
    CHARLIE: www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal
    Lilypichu: www.twitch.tv/lilypichu
    Toast: DisguisedToast
    Scarra: www.twitch.tv/scarra
    Pewdiepie: kgup.info
    THUMBNAIL BY: sharkyshoo
    EDITOR: Otriggad

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    1. Lark Wasbur

      If you swipe the admin card back and forth 6 times quickly the game will just give the task to you bc it thinks your frustrated.

    2. Timeturner

      Poor Corpse sounds so mortified :'D I feel for him.

    3. Jasmin Martinez

      Me: Why is everyone simping for corpse?? Also me after watching a few videos:*starts simping for corpse*

    4. Sara Samano

      Corpse. Your laugh has bless your soul. 😂😂😂🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨ thank you sir. 🙏🏼🌟✨

    5. Comrade Blue

      U know it says ur doing it too fast at the top

    6. XD invert

      BTW it says to fast ur acctualy doing it tooo fast

    7. MyMateMick

      I just wanna say greaseball looks a little like Con-air Nicholas cage in this 👍😎👍 even sounds a little like him

    8. CaWolfie

      That's a mood.

    9. buboom 123

      I wish you could put a Mic with a slash threw it to show Who is muted because I dont know these people or recognize who's voice is who's

    10. Not_limlam22

      Corpse is Batman’s voice

    11. k6le

      Yo Pewdiepie looks baked af

    12. Mario van den Berg

      You hold the mouse button, the card moves, you follow the card. done. It's that easy

    13. Splat :D

      When you want him to slow down but he just can’t

    14. Tehh Voxie

      Start the card swipe a little back farther

    15. Oliver

      This happens in real life too

    16. Renee damaj

      Why was I so happy when he was finally able to do the card swipe 💀

    17. Kim Taehyung

      And then im over here mostly getting card swipe first try lool

    18. Anya R

      CORPSE: doesn't wanna do face cam CORPSE: shows everyone else's face cam to make up for it


      Idk but you're voice is just too SEXY for me

    20. Tracey Albrecht

      You do card swipe wayyy too fast

    21. ʏᴜᴋᴋɪ


    22. Ballon D'or

      I love you CORPSE❤

    23. the one

      Corpse soes vis task in front od two people fails card swipe a lot SUS

    24. _*-Artiiq Gacha-*_

      CORPSE: I fear no man... Card swipe: CORPSE: But I still fear one thing..

    25. Infamous

      My man voice is intimidating as hell but he nervous over a card swipe im actually dying lmaooooo

    26. Samone Guajardo

      Corpse:nothing scares me *looks at admin swipe tasks* Changes his mind about saying nothing scares me

    27. Zambiis

      I'm getting so confused why does he keep doing it so fast?? IT SHOULDN'T BE MAKING ME MAD

    28. Geneva Quig

      *just in the corner simping over his voice*

    29. Marjan Pericic

      Pooki beter than pewds

    30. Ivan Huang

      Hey Corpse, here's a neat trick that you would love. Swipe the card back and forth FOUR times. That will make the swipe fine for some reason.

    31. Michael needs a hug

      I’m new to CORPSE’s content and I honestly didn’t expect him to be so weirdly adorable

    32. Jen Medudz

      corpse is such a wholesome man i love it

    33. Mafuju Sato

      Your voice is so soothing just me?... OK

    34. Bianca Ioana

      *pulls out flashlight and lights it on face* Let me tell you the story of the ghost of Corpse that still haunts the card swipe

    35. Paula Belecciu

      i feel you bro. the first time i failed the card swipe too(it took me like 5/6 tries) and in the meeting there was this one guy "lucy stayed too long at the card swipe" i typed how fast i could that it was my first time:))

    36. Gianna Nicole

      Corpse does card swipe too fast it’s hilarious

    37. Game Erica

      Legit every time he does the card swipe, I'm just whispering to myself "S L O W E R,, DO IT SLOWER" Quality content, 10/10

    38. Volde Tort

      Watching corpse card swipe frustrates me

    39. javier

      kinda obvious he was doing it on purpose

    40. Ember Nyx

      I love how passive-aggressive Corpse is "Hey Corpse, about that card swipe.." "Yeah, I've failed it 15 times so far, what about it?" "Corpse is giving me sus vibes" "You give me sus vibes" I love him omfh wededuh

    41. Hinata Shōyō

      Card machine : Too Fast. CORSPE : hey, I’m Jared, I’m 19 *and I never learned how to fucking read.*

    42. • Gelly_San •

      Scarra looks like the dude who sawed those two boats in half.

    43. Brian Tappin

      8:20 look at greaseballs face

    44. Parasitessa

      why does he always do it so fast all the time? it really triggers me ngl...

    45. Teresa E

      So I never have issues swiping the card, but earlier today I changed my color to Black and did the horns and the corpse energy was so strong that I failed five times in a row

    46. Ehan

      Imagine actually disliking corpse's videos

    47. Dvpesst Drvgg

      What are they playing on? And how can they hear each other ?

    48. Jayden The OG Scrubby Viewer

      Play on mobile its easier

    49. Xavier Lee


    50. EveryoneItsKay


    51. Quality Content

      corpse plz i want to hear u seam speedrun

    52. bilinas mini

      The fact corpse didn’t jump on the train of having completed a task, when someone saw the bar should’ve been proof he was inno lmao

    53. Karma Dollie

      I am you at the card swipe in game. I feel your pain.

    54. BasicRoots

      I always get card on first try

    55. Trans Stabby Stabby

      Who else loves corpse’s voice

    56. Tobi Kun

      Anybody know that meme where the person can't tie their shoe just use this as an example of that

      1. bilinas mini

        I'll be honest corpse, you'll play better on mobile if you legit cannot swipe your card on PC Edit: mmm, melt me with your sultry tones, deep voice daddy

    57. Living Dead Girl

      Legit every time I try that task I get scared people are watching me fail at it and their gonna be like THAT'S SUS

    58. Living Dead Girl

      Hey dude! It's Ilomilo xD maybe we can play again

    59. OmegaOG3

      Corpse: I fear no man, but that thing Card Swipe Corpse: It scares me

    60. Egg Boner

      Sykkuno sounds like a scarred teenager

    61. yassin hajjaj

      dude comon ofc you gonna fail it you literally make it way way too fast

    62. Sky

      Those ghosts, Scarra and Lily , are mad :)) This goes me to a wise joke Among Us meme : Ghosts in chat : We are surrounded by idiots..

    63. carol snyman

      *"J A M E S"*

    64. Casper de Crook

      is he faking this cuz i dont know how u can have it so wrong

    65. PigeonWolfie Playz

      I dont get how his voice is just so DEEP Thats straight scary lmao

    66. momentai

      Has anyone else noticed that corpse never has a face in chat?

    67. Bears and Things

      I love that CORPSE calls Charlie's move rhe CORPSE classic XD he does it so much

    68. Cold Canadian

      Imagine PewDiePie watching you repeatedly fail

    69. Thinh Pham

      Big tip swipe the card multiple times in a row then swipe at a good pace

    70. MentalInside

      I'll be honest corpse, you'll play better on mobile if you legit cannot swipe your card on PC Edit: mmm, melt me with your sultry tones, deep voice daddy

    71. sigh

      Ahhhhhh I felt the nervousness when everyone was watching him. I feel so bad but it was so funny

    72. More To Me

      I've watched this so many times now! I love it everytime.

    73. Ethan Scotto

      i couldn’t hate someone more then pokimane

    74. Mr. Clean ASMR

      He failed card swipe 43 TIMES!

    75. Liss Jonesy

      My hands shake so bad as imposter haha I relate so bad 😂

    76. Trey Foster

      *im taller than twitch jesus*

    77. Red 24

      The one time he goes slower he gets it

    78. Harsh Sharma

      at the start.... "I'm fucking... my hands are shaking" xD

    79. UniqueLogicc

      This game just confirms people don’t know how to read and don’t want to read.

    80. Killerfoxy Foxy

      Corpse: god at imposter and one of the scariest to fight Also corpse: was voted out cause he tried card swipe 20+ times lmao

    81. Dreamergal9

      Corpse: What am I doing wrong?! Also Corpse: *swipes card at the speed of light even though it keeps telling him to slow down

    82. IceBlitz

      I swear if CORPSE's voice get any deeper, a black hole will form

    83. My33T

      "Are you guys giving me money again? WTF?"

    84. Marvelous Jared

      Scarra laughing his ass off when Corpse was messaging him made my morning.

    85. Novilia Novilia

      EEEE Why Is UR vOicE sO dEeP???!?!

    86. Sockthief

      Haha, Spediceys face, screaming when Pewds gets it wrong xD These vids are fuuun

    87. Denis Kerin


    88. faerie galaxies

      I can feel corpses anxiety through the screen.

    89. СЯΞΞР

      Tbh. I feel kinda bad for him, when he tries to talk and nobody fucking hears him, because everyone is soo loud and his voice is that calmly quiet

    90. audi

      Card reader: "Too fast." Corpse: I don't think you understand how fast I really am.

    91. AchmodinIV SWE

      You have too be smooth with the keycard

    92. Okugara l

      watch "Knossi vs Kreditkarte", he failed it also so many times, hilarious

    93. Alaizaa

      I wanna play among us with corpse:(((

    94. Sabbir Ahamed

      what does corpse husband means?

    95. Wicked Bread

      Watching corpse do card swipe is fucking infuriating lol

    96. Swaggie Swag

      Is this his another acc?

    97. Toasty_Dino

      He has such an unnatural Gravel voice

    98. -AshAutumn-

      corpse as impostor: big galaxy brain corpse as crewmate: i cant swipe a card help

    99. Joe Weselak

      Card swipe is literally the easiest task in the game lmao

    100. #T1Win EXO-L

      I legitimately clap after he did it. XD