The First Real Images Of Mars - What Have We Discovered?


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    The first real images of Mars. For several hundred years we have been looking at the red planet with great curiosity. The earth-like celestial body is the fourth in the solar system and the closest neighbour of the earth. The planet has a diameter that is only half as large as that of Earth. But its weight is only a tenth of that of the Earth. This is due to its low density and results in a relatively low attraction force. Despite its distance of at least 56 million kilometers, Mars seems to be within reach.
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    Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...
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    1. chris

      Mars , a small disc of light in the firmament. Great rover footage of greenland with nice soothing music too !

    2. Jason L


    3. J_E_S_T_E_R *

      So there is no tectonic plates on Mars, so we would be free from marsquakes 😆

    4. Ro Kko

      0:35 My laguage is ready just waiting for rocket to depart. I Hope Elon will speed up process to.. get out of this sh***.

    5. LimaToshi Reacts

      9.37-9.38mins I see a shadow on the left side of the big rocks. Watch out guys.

    6. Ed

      Well I have a question for 'The Simply Space' on your simulation video here at time stamp 9:36 to 9:38 at the extreme left side of the video just about halfway up from the bottom of the screen you can see a shadow move across the angled rock there. Was this a Martian moving out of the way so as not to be seen? Just spotted it and was wondering.

    7. Doug McKinney

      He uses kilograms instead of pounds and kilometers instead of miles, so you know he's smart. Gimme a break.

    8. Cat Man

      Venus is our closest planet.

    9. spookerr

      Every probe billions of dollars sent to flat crappy rocky areas only. Send a damn probe to Olympus Mons or Martian caves to name a FEW.

    10. Bato Laklija

      Never a straigt ansver

    11. Ray Hinson

      Love the vids man 👍🏼 could use a lot less ads

    12. Kevin Moore

      These are lies

    13. leftcoastbulldogs

      @9:38 on the far left of the screen what makes that shadow go across the rock formation?

    14. 1La fo reeS

      The space religion and their gods are as real as any other religions idea of god.

    15. Mike Bud

      Mars is a perfect place to dump our toxic waste Save mother earth

    16. mikelheron20

      It would be really amazing if after all of the photographs taken of Mars at least one didn't resemble a human face.

    17. Patrick Doyle

      Let me save you billions of dollars ... IS IT SUITABLE FOR LIVING THERE ? The answer to that is NO.

    18. Bernard Busch

      In his book, 'Worlds in Collision' Emanuel Velikowsky suggests Mars was wrenched out of its axis by 'a celestial incident' and came dangerously close to Earth, causing the great flood referred to in the Bible and indeed, in the folklore of every major civilization around the World. That incident was the birth of Venus which according to Velikowsky happened when a gigantic piece was ripped from Saturn/Jupiter (I forget which). His book came out in the 1940's and caused a mild sensation at the time. Velikowsky's thesis was far more persuasive than I am able to put here. He made the point that whenever Venus was explored its surface temperature would be found too hot to sustain life. This was confirmed years later when Russia sent a probe to Venus which reported a surface temperature of over hundreds of degrees Celsius. I doubt Velikowsky would change his mind on the thesis if he saw the images we see today. The entire planet seems to be a giant debris field, rubble and destruction everywhere. Whatever happened, it wasn't a long steady decline, it was sudden and very violent.

    19. Paul Rhodes

      I'll go!! I'm 58, is that too old?

    20. Anton Nym

      About the face: That catbox image they showed us when they reimaged the face was a intentionally degraded. They flattened it with low-pass filters, and then reduced contrast with high-pass filters, and what was left was a joke. Some good image work was done on that thing to correct for what NASA did to it and it is STILL a face. Pareidolia has been debunked. Y'all should read more. NASA's assertion that the face was a trick of light and shadow has been debunked also. They said a couple of orbits later it was re-imaged. It was not even in range a couple of orbits later. That was a lie. Y'all really should research better instead of buying into the party line. While we're on the subject, check out what Gil Levin said they did to mutilate his Labelled Release experiments to hide the fact Viking discovered EXTANT life. Good lord, people. Get with the program! I had to down-thumb this one.

    21. king shyheim

      Look at. Kingshyheim google him

    22. fastone 1

      we have unfortunately discovered our future.

    23. Chris ChrisL

      That there is no ET

    24. William Thomas

      This was done 20 years ago. Go to the moon

    25. Bruce Myall

      What a waste should be concentrating on going so much further.... civilisations much further away along with similar planets...columbus is rolling over in his grave

    26. aces541

      Fake fake fake.....

    27. Don Grey

      Mars is 56 million miles, just an short hike I guess ~!

    28. D.J. BIRCH

      Can we have some real pictures next time please.

    29. Land of The Free

      I see my anticipation of evolutionary theology being used here was not in vain.

    30. BMO JO

      We have discovered rocks and sand- I can't wait to fund a mission to go see the rocks and sand in person.

      1. Land of The Free

        Send me $14.95 and I will send you some rocks and sand

    31. Rog Brown

      A comment from mister Bowie would have been nice. Rog. Pacific sunset records.

    32. Sl Ael

      Ok nothing is real from what we know.Sp is there anyone can tell why we still dont have underwater surface map of the oceans ?

    33. Lisa Yee

      2:28 While "some" of the photos are similar to earth.....says enough!

    34. Garett Anderson

      If they knew for a fact the Mars face was real I think they'd still say it was Pareidolia.

    35. KuyaKayu

      CGI.. CGI.. CGI.. AGAIN.. AND. AGAIN..... 😴

    36. KuyaKayu

      Still cgi? Oh nooooo... 🤮

    37. Mateo Kramarić

      Can they visit moon on their way back?

    38. The FireHouse

      Like 50 ads man , watching on a cell phone in the tub , God Google is shit these days huh ? Got a rumble or something else ?

    39. Alex Tanaka

      Please listen to me we need an A.I. to go beyond the universe to explore all the planets that the only way we'll get know everything about the universe...🌍

    40. Moss X186


    41. HARRY MONK

      Humans came from Mars after the nuclear fall out

    42. Arn does

      Ask your self why do we live in this planet when no one lives in the other planets in our solar system your the only one in a ghost town..

    43. Biko Rajay

      All i see is CGI

    44. Share Grenada


    45. Gabor Teveli

      The Inca City on Mars (Angustus Labyrinthus) got its nickname from NASA due to its resemblance to a ruined city, NOT because of the pyramids or whatever you are hallucinating. Incas, by the way, did build pyramid like structures around Cuzco. Get your facts checked before you venture into broadcasting.

    46. Keith Hodiak

      To research outer space is fine and natural, but entertaining the idea of living on mars doesn't make sense as to me.

    47. Melissa Smith

      6:28 image, turn your screen upside-down. The face is still on the rock it's just aged/weathered.

    48. cyrus05w

      Just in case it's still a little known fact Mount Everest is quite small compared to other mountains found on Earth. At marker 3 minutes 50 seconds.

    49. cyrus05w

      At 7 seconds. Good to see I'm not the only one with dry humor... Let's see if we could iron out any more humor

    50. Brandon Pickett

      How can you possibly know how much Mars weighs. Everything is based on theories

    51. AC Spirit

      Still waiting for you to discover each other without looking away or being offended.

      1. Land of The Free


      2. Small Boi


    52. Joyce Carter

      frame 3:33 looks like debris from a construction site. what are all those linear structures if not construction debris? - Charles

    53. WOY Him Impaled יהושע Mashiach

      So Many Lies

    54. Print

      How the title says first imagine now. But for some reason knew the size n named the volcano on Mars !

    55. Steven Tea

      It was interesting at the beginning until the 3.7 billion years ago. Please another stupid guy telling the world 3.7 billions years ago. Stupid

    56. ArgoBots

      Just watch it with the volume down.

    57. OwlzSayWho

      Let’s go musk

    58. Lonnie Iglesias

      Please use regular measure at times not all know metric measurement.please

    59. Ken Word

      It’s funny nasa thinks we all are stupid What are they really doing I know it’s not going there to see if life can revolve from earth there’s a bigger picture they’re not telling us

    60. Richard

      ads ads ads

    61. Relic Hunter

      Olympus mons rises 22 klms into the what? “Air” what air?

    62. Tom John


    63. ijan410

      I don't believe anything they tell us all we ever see is CGI, fake fake fake

    64. FDC 1

      If you've ever watched the documentary: Transformers! You already know what's on Mars.

    65. Thomas Gurchiek

      Narrator: The first man mission to Mars could succeed in August 2048 Elon Musk: Hold my doge... Sorry, but I think we all know Elon sure as hell isnt waiting 27 more years to set foot on Mars lol. He'll have a couple of Tesla's doing circles around NASA's rover by then.

    66. Robert Powell

      Wouldn't it be good to find out that we are descendants of Martians who escaped their planet.

    67. Voyeurz

      I wouldn't believe a single thing that NASA came out with..........and that back slapping. high five whooping footage we get treated to when NASA 'achieves' looks so rehearsed and false

    68. John Ball

      Q. What have we discovered? A. That it's basically just one massive desert. I'll stick with earth, thanks.

    69. Efe Ozdural

      3:51 what's this mount Hawaii I've never heard of. It's taller than Everest.

    70. Hydee Kimble

      Ok at 5:45 did anyone see the face in the top formation?? Just me? Ok.

    71. Frank Forbes

      Jajaja bull shi..... stop 🛑 not even you believe it jijijijijijijijijiji 😂

    72. chris huss

      didja see it? the sign, it said.. wait for it.. joe's diner! best martian head cheese in the galaxy! mmmm!

    73. Lyndon Valor


    74. Zach

      Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your videos, they're fantastically made and I wish you an amazing life ahead ❤

    75. Dennis Codilla

      Jan nalang dapat ipadala yung mag mga covid

    76. Edwin Garcia

      Dinosaurs were on Mars

    77. Hasselhoff 2001

      All of the most fascinating images are optical illusions. Yah, okay.

    78. D RadarMan

      There is nothing on Mars except dust and rock. Why go there? Astronauts are just going to look around as though shopping for a pair of shoes? To get to any real substance, we would have to dig below the surface and sample many different locations to determine any minerals there. Bring a giant back hoe, bulldozer, and dump truck? That's not going to happen. Because there is not a ship large enough to bring that radioactive soil back to earth. Let's just use rovers and drones. We can learn alot just by using these.

    79. Real Deal

      I'd like to know how they're getting all these videos and how do we know it's all legit 🤔....

    80. John Brown

      Go play in the Sahara

    81. Doc Moore

      Translate your speech into units of measure Americans understand.

    82. atomiconnection

      The more we know about Mars, the more we realize there is no life on Mars.

      1. atomiconnection

        @Dan Dana Yeah, and they would do that while they breathed the oxygen contained in the earth's air. Not so in Mars. Our civilization would probably suffocate.

      2. Dan Dana

        if some extraterrestrial civilisation sent a curiosity like vessel to the center of the sahara they will declare exactly what you are saying but about the earth 🤣😂😅😂🤣🥲

    83. Ben Boerema

      Xeb Nin129 gevonden in de armisfeer van Mars,.. duidt op nuxkeaire cerbietiging want dat is 'n bijpriduxt vab jubstmatige nucleaire exp)osies!

    84. Jonesy Bones


    85. H F

      A sign of habitation at 3:34

    86. Ade Brockhouse

      You have your head in the sand . Jesus is king.satan fools you.

    87. Stephen

      Sooo... basically the same as the new robot that got sent out there. "No, that one has a little gold box!" As if we couldn't have gotten that shit done by now? Jesus, can we have some ACTUAL progress please? At this rate my grandchildren will be reading about yet another "gradual step" in getting men on Mars.

    88. Andre Force

      We're spending billions of dollars going to Mars?! It's outrageous. Why? We have hunger we have starvation and money needs to go back into climate control and peace on Earth. I'm not impressed with Mars or how you get there and what you're doing on there nada. I'm impressed with the accomplishments that needs to be done here on Earth like our oceans and corals and other places that needs to be controlled and waste problems that we're having. Earth needs to be a top priority to fix these problems not the other way around to go into space and visit other planets.

      1. E. Richter

        Mars is cool though... Very much worth exploring. Earth has been explored already. I do not see a problem in being curious

    89. Anthony Rebock

      Who invented the "BILLIONS of Years" calculator ?....Probably the same guy that invented paper money.

    90. Sandwich Sanchez

      It's all computer graphics so what's up with "the first real images"???? And Viruses in not a life form ffs! -.-

      1. Sandwich Sanchez

        And how the fuck will a virus be hanging out on mars. The only thing that can make a virus is a cell from any living organism.

    91. gypana

      These are the first real images of Mars, until the next first real images of Mars.

      1. Kenord f

        They say there looking for signs of life on mars but there is all ready so much proof there was and is they just won't admit it

    92. Hector Keezy

      Yes the all relocated to Earth .

    93. Roberto Lopez

      This is all BULL SHIT!!!

    94. Jacob Moore

      Translation: technology has gotten better and better, hence, it's easier to trick people into believing regurgitated non-sense with the use of hollywood style computer images. The USA is the world's biggest producer of propaganda, hands down. Not even China can do such an excellent job at fooling people. Much respect USA government, for being able to fool us for such a long period of time.

    95. Johny Johnson

      another staged like the moon landing, you gotta learn when to quit lying

    96. TruthofChrist 777

      NASA's usual trick is to photograph some desert on earth then tint it red and claim its Mars. After all they only get 53 million dollars a day for this crap, they have to economise somewhere.

    97. Michael Raad

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      1. Codger

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    98. Johnny Phillips

      I like to be around smart sensical people I may have to go to mars to find them

      1. Kevin Moore


    99. Kosmas Zervoudis

      Another big step for mankind??? You mean a giant step for the insane control freaks with authoritarian-superiority complex lol. So let me get this straight....we live in a habitable world, but we are trying to reach uninhabitable worlds just in case earth becomes uninhabitable? This is the epitome of STUPID!

    100. His Everest

      Fyi, it's all bullshit. The Chinese conquered Mars back in the olden days.