Catch more FISH in the COLD with these Lures (My Top 5 Winter Baits)

Wheeler Fishing

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    Fishing in the cold can be challenging sometimes and it can be hard to choose what to throw. I've been asked a lot about what my goto baits are during the Winter months so here are my top 5 favorite Winter Time Bass Fishing lures.
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    1. Master Hacker

    2. Steven Odaniel

      Thank you for the knowledge brother!👀

    3. Terence Barlow

      The og slim bro

    4. Mark Huddleston

      Great video! Mark H

    5. Kyle Adams

      My top 5- jig, jerkbait, blade bait, underspin, drop shot

    6. The 153 Baits

      The best and cheapest crankbaits are here

    7. Bill Bowman

      The ned rig with trd and z man micro finesse jig with paca chunk tiny trailer have accounted for most of my giant bass in water temp 38-48 deg. Shad rap, flat sided cranks are hot at times for me also. I have better luck with jerkbaits when water temp closer to 50.

    8. Larry Davis

      Thanks for the tips. Going to use them really soon

    9. Steve Rogers

      Thanks Jacob God bless you love to get to fish with you one day Lord willing! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL

    10. Joseph Hillman

      I myself throw a zoom salty ring worm on a shakey head it's caught me huge bass here in NJ. In really cold water conditions it's my version of the ned rig

    11. TopwaterblZt 247

      Watching videos while the camera dude zooms in and out constantly makes me wanna yak :X . Liked the content not the editing

    12. Jon Bartel

      get a tripod dude. good tips tho.

    13. K Sloan

      Wiggle wart?

    14. Nate Walters

      Do top water lures work good in winter.?

    15. Basslivesmatter LLC

      Whenever I see Jacob wheeler a buzzbait pop up in my brain 🧠

    16. Todd Woods Fishing

      Deep diving CB big daddy

    17. Mike Walters

      Jacob dude you can afford a tripod

    18. Luther

      Next video from the office... can you tell us about the trophies, in really curious why there are shoes in the trophy case ?????

    19. Big Moe Medina

      I Like throwing a Plastic Fluke, KVD Caffeine Shad is my favorite, great instructional video JW!! aaaah DING!!!!! :-)

    20. Steve H

      I'm a shad rap guy! Love the things. Hey Jacob, how about another jet boat, river video??? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    21. RhinoJoe Outdoors

      I love shad raps and upsizing the hooks to help it slowly rise... killer winter bait.

    22. Noah Garrison

      Me watching this with 38 degree water temps 😅

    23. old mcdonald

      shad rap caught me fish 30 years ago . kinda suprised but happy that you stull use them

    24. ash

      Love the info! Agree most but my home murky water lake Taylorsville KY seems tough on swim baits unless trailers...I’d have to throw my Ned rig in there! Definitely agree on the shad raps and jerkbaits to rattler traps...cant wait to watch my favorite pro fish again soon!

    25. Sportsfreak76

      I'm absolutely killing it in West Tn with a blade bait. Any version, Bass Pro usually as I can go replace the ones I lose. Just a novice bank angler. Best 2 weeks of fishing for me ever. Several 3-6 lb fish in high pressure public lakes. Thanks for the video.

    26. The 153 Baits

      Join our team, now taking apps for Pro Staff

    27. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Fritz side cranks bait is my favorite. The five is pretty awesome, I'm excited for the 5 Jr.

    28. danham3344

      Great choices and great info. Picking only 5 is tough but I never go out anymore in winter without a dark sleeper tied on!


      Good job Sir

    30. Jonathan Abbinanti

      Lol at the googan plug. Their plastics are too delicate... 1 fish done... and don’t get me started on “their” hard baits.

    31. dirtleg chaser

      didnt you just turn that bandito bug into a rage craw?

    32. Michael Valero

      Ned rig😎

    33. Dale Gribble

      08:06 he becomes Irish

    34. Luis Alfonso

      We made show about you

    35. Jonathan Saxon

      Hey cuz what's the best way to tell if they're on a shad or crawfish bite? I know to look for the crawfish in the live well deal. Something else please? And I never have watched a video on how wind change effects the way fish set up different on banks. Would be a great video to learn from? Thanks bro

    36. Johnny Boone

      One more for the list: an Accent Colorado/Willow spinnerbait. 💪

    37. Noah Glover

      Please use a tripod. This camera bs is out of control

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        We got you now!

    38. Andrew Wolf

      Am I the only one that even after years, looks at Jake and says “he really looks like he should be in Motocross or xgames or something”

      1. Levi Greene


    39. Silent Autumn

      It is easy to fish in any weather when you go fishing on lakes and ponds where the fish is fed and brought by humans... Try fishing on -20 on a random natural lake...

    40. Eric Schaaf

      Fake. No sponsor logos all over your hat, jacket, gloves, etc. 😉

    41. Bates Yang

      Please due another video about the shad rap. I, with many, would like to know what's the differences between the 5,6,7,8, etc. and when to throw them (time of day, sunlight).

    42. Outdoors With Chuck

      Good video, Wheeler 👍🏾 imma try these tips for my channel buddy! Appreciate the info!

    43. Greg Taylor

      Totally agree. I also rotate a fish head spin in with the swimbait. Sometimes they want a little flash.

    44. HarvestLandTv

      Great video! Awesome information!!

    45. Rick G

      Slow rolling a 3/4 to 1 oz spinner bait with the skirt trimmed down. I’ve had mid to upper 40’s water temps when the fish would hit nothing but the spinner bait.

    46. Zac Wilson

      For me, here in Indiana, I'd add a shakey head with a finesse worm and a drop shot or ned rig and take away the two cranks. Not many shad lakes around other than Patoka and Monroe.

    47. tommyd3jr

      Big flutter spoon! Yes i know there’s nothing sexy about a spoon but here in the northeast they get it done!

    48. Matt Harris

      Awesome, informational video!

    49. BassGeek

      Great picks. I like the drop rig (damiki rig) or tight lining also.

      1. Bass Anglerxxx

        Me too sir especially around rock

    50. Bassand Furious

      great top 5!

    51. Cole Kelley

      A jig, dt 6 or 10, lipless crank, Alabama rig, and a shakey head if it’s really tough is the way to go in Alabama

    52. Smallmouth Jedi

      Dude you need to have a talk with the camera man. Unless that happens to be your wife. In which case it was perfect. 😳

      1. Rex Harris

        You are referring to camera guy Brody who is one of the best in the business

    53. wtennill

      Ned rig is the only one I wotldve thrown in...but my part of ky is probably why. Great info. Keep it Jacob!!

    54. MASTER bassin

      What do you think about all the googan baits?

    55. GunnFishTV

      Jig, jerkbait, shad rap, Colorado blade spinnerbait, Red eye shad....they are my top 5.....and an A rig of course too

    56. Robert Bain

      I like that top five, but I’d replace the lipless with a Ned Rig. Thx

    57. rednissan95

      I like all of those baits for winter. One honorable mention for me is a sure go to lure, a white spinner bait with a size 6 to 8 Colorado blade slow rolled. That amazing hard thump is like ringing the dinner bell.

    58. SalDesignMan

      Great info J, keep it up!!!


      Hey Jacob so I was reading on MlF and its saying they are implementing a variable minimum weight that will vary from lake to lake. What are not only yours but mdj and DC's thoughts on this. What's your views of pros and cons getting ready for eufaula al?

    60. datruth hurts

      Jacob wheeler is an inredible fisherman.from the vids I watched seems like an even better human being

    61. Todd Lawrence

      Thanks for the cool tip Jake and congratulations getting second place in the Bass Master Classic last year !

    62. Lisa Gardner

      I live about an hour and a half from where you grow up in Indiana

    63. LGBASS

      Thanks for the tips. The silver buddy takes top spot on my winter list. Followed closely by a 1/4 oz ball head jig with a Mann's Stingray grub. Color doesn't matter as long as it is avocado. LOL. That is awesome on bluffs and channel swings in my area.

    64. Luke Brashier

      You should make a vid of you putting braid on your reel👍🏼👍🏼

    65. Aaron Fortner

      Jigging spoon?

    66. Conner May

      Do you ever throw a drop shot or shaky head in winter? Drop shot has been kind of my bread and butter for just about any time of year

      1. Bobby Campbell

        I've been killin the largemouth and spotted bass on a drop shot this year. But I've put a gold crappie hook and a minnow on it instead of a plastic

    67. Greg Bryant

      My No1 is a weightless 4" stick bait, 2 dream shot on owner shaky head, 3 2.8 fat swing impact on a drop shot, 4 rip stop 9, and 5 blade bait. Here in GA those work best for me

    68. DIY Chad 726

      jacob just curious what part of TN you live in and wat u consider ur home lake?? im about 15 min from most docks on good ole Center Hill Lake :)

      1. Cape Nelson

        DIY Chad 726 he lives on chickamagua.

    69. Jeremy Eskew

      Great video thanks brother I appreciate it

    70. James W

      What jerkbait was that? The audio glitched.

      1. Robert Bain

        James W I think he Rapala Shadow Rap

    71. Sirron Bailey

      Thanks so much for the tips!!

    72. Cultura Bass Fishing

      Great tips - Your Italian is pretty good - "ba da bing ba da boom


      How do I get one of those reels from your last vid?

    74. Jamie Watson

      What jerk bait is your fav for tn waters

    75. Ozark Thunder Outdoors Kirk Knapp

      Great information here!! I have never fished winter months until this year. Usually I'm chasing ducks, but that sure ain't happening. I have been struggling here on Bull Shoals. I'm about to go out, so thanks for the tips.

    76. Nelson Burnell

      Jacob, I am from Ohio and I do a lot of smallmouth fishing in Lake Erie in Oct, Nov, Mar and Apr when the water temps are between 35 and 50 degrees. I have found that a blade bait like a Silver Buddy or Vibee and a jigging spoon like a Hopkins shorty caught more fish this time of year. If I am shallow a jerkbait is hard to beat.

    77. Stryder Shadow

      I'm surprised a spinnerbait didn't make the list. Great video Jacob, good luck in 2020.

    78. M Jones

      Those dates are all great and my favorite is more towards the end of winter maybe early spring when that water is still really cold but a black buzzbait working around wooden structure brush can be absolutely deadly in that cold water

      1. datruth hurts

        I gotta give it a it in the fall,top three.

    79. Bennie Maxwell

      Meant bitsy bug in previous post

    80. Bennie Maxwell

      I’m in Michigan. Top 5 for me in winter are suspending jerk bait, VMC hair jig, burst bug jig in pb and j or black and blue w/ chunk jr trailer, blade bait and then some kind of finesse rig like a Ned grub or 4” drop shot worm. Love your videos JW. My lake just iced over yesterday so looking to ice out now. ( don’t ice fish) Any recommendations for northern ice out bass?

    81. Northwestprepper411

      Not a lot of bass here where I live, but a lot of salmon. Need bigger tackle for them.

    82. Kenny Matley

      My top five jig, jerkbait, small donkey rig, blade bait and one of my secrets a dark sleeper so many ways to fish a sleeper 🤫

      1. Marty Mooney

        Megabass dark sleeper

      2. Lisa Gardner

        Kenny Matley is that from tactical Bassin

    83. Lee enjoying life

      Jacob you are the to see you catch'em and slap that DING bell...your video is right on time as I'm new to winter bass fishing...great info...ready to see your videos next week so I know which of your rods to order for the best set up 👍🎣🎣

    84. Wil D

      Do you modify your shad raps to make them suspend? Mainly the #7-#9?

    85. Musky Hunter

      Love his teaching vids. Make sure to trim that killer bandito bug up to a regular craw 👍. A big ding for this channel.

    86. Wishin N Fishin

      Great vid!! You should definitely do some videos like that for the spring and summer bite. I think we all are looking forward to that and always wanting to learn about what to use or something new to try.

    87. Blue Line Fishing

      Love the SR's for cold water fishing! When I was a kid I caught my first bass over 7lbs. on an SR5 and I've been in love with it ever since.You do us Hoosiers proud, keep up the great work!

    88. Brian Walker

      I'm up here in Washington (nw) waster temps are around 43-45, fishing 40-65 ft, mostly small mouth fish this time of year. My 5 fav baits are green pumpkin tube jig, ned rig, caralina rigged lizard, drop shot, and the dark sleeper.

    89. Mitchal Green

      Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Dig' those trophies, 🖒.

    90. Ron Leski

      What do you suggest for us in New York when we have to fish through a round hole in the ice? LOL. We do catch a few through the ice on jigging spoons.

    91. Steve Voelker

      Thanks Jacob. Great info. I think an on the water demo of working the bait would be helpful to see.

    92. Harrison Harville

      I’ve busted them on a Wiggle Wart ,crawfish color ,Biggins in winter months

      1. datruth hurts

        They stopped making those no?

    93. justin buckles

      Great video. Shocked you left the chatter bait out. Would have been the only one I would have added.

    94. Michael HORTON

      Now your on it.

    95. Joe Morris

      Awesome I fish Grand lake St.Marys in the early spring for the BFL and it always drops 10 degrees in water temperature two days before the tournament begins I think maybe some of these will help out

    96. Marc Novitzke

      Wheeler what’s your top 3 favorite jigs and jig trailers?

    97. White Whale Fishing

      Nice Vid Jwheel. I’m in West Lafayette Indiana so my baits are a little different but still staples. Jerkbait Neko Rigged 5” senko Finesse swimbait ( underspin or Okashira screwlock head) Dropshot strike king half shell Lipless crank Tight lines from Indiana

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        White Whale Fishing that a good list!

    98. Marty Cloyd

      Tight wobble in cold water is a myth, I catch way more on a wiggle wort in 40 degree water

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Marty Cloyd man it really depends on if they are biting crayfish or shad. Just my personal opinion

    99. J. Simmons

      I totally agree with your picks, the shad rap SR5 in crawdad color has always produced really well for me in the winter. 👌👍

    100. Todd Buhrman

      what's up with the shoes in the trophy case?

      1. Daniel Taylor

        Hahaha...talking about PG13 casually being your friend! That’s awesome lol! Yeah...saw some photos of you and him on his insta. Fishing and basketball...pretty much my favorite things in the world.

      2. Todd Buhrman

        Jacob Wheeler Fishing That is very cool !

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        Todd Buhrman those are my friend Paul George signature shoe that he signed for me.