The Funniest Royal Family Moments: Part 2

The Royal Family Channel

8 млн көрүүлөр1 793

    It's not always the royal children making us laugh... sometimes it's the adults that get us giggling too.
    From Harry's singing to Prince Charles' turn as a weatherman - here are some of our favourite comedy royal moments.
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    1. The Royal Family Channel

      Which is your favourite moment? The Queen and David Attenborough get our vote...

      1. Rasheed Mughal

        @TJ333 ageztly

      2. TJ333

        The sundial was the cutest thing! I wonder if that sundial was relocated after the interview was done. Queen Elizabeth has such a beautiful smile!

      3. Frances Hutchinson

        @Krissa Louvae .

      4. Rasheed Mughal

        Wishes royal

      5. Juditha Cijntje


    2. Serena !

      why am i here

    3. IJURU TV

    4. Jaja Ditalo

      2:01 Rachelle Ann Go 😮

    5. Patra Black

      Trying to pretend Harry’s Wife Meghan Markle does not exists or deserves the same acknowledgment and respect that Kate receives is the racist reason Harry took his family and left for America. Kate made Meghan Cry and they are indeed a racist family!

    6. Open Eyes

      My favorite moment...Living without working and then preaching to the world. WHAT A HYPOCRIT LITTLE MEGAN...

    7. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I

      0:25 Stab stab stab

    8. stealer knob

      Never liked the royal family but nice video

    9. Lavdije Likrama

      djali me jet te gjat lumturi paçit gjithmon

    10. SAEEDA -

      what the different thing. they all are humans so they possess all emotions.

    11. Aneil Masih

      Camera and action on your mobile I hear you and I can see you

    12. Rehan Ehsan

      After all they are human they can laugh sometimes you know

    13. Sharon FLOYD

      Love your channel ❤️

    14. Colin McMahon

      ..and it IS a Country Club Raquette, Black Orchid.

    15. Colin McMahon

      It's Alive, Central Reservation and meridian. Swing that Viking memory around, "m-e-t-t-l-e-?" I resign. Citing Personal, obviously.

    16. Colin McMahon

      Dear Kitty, Shrapnel.

    17. Sasu Hamester


    18. Boot Massive

      Lol , what a bunch of muppets, the royal family is a joke!

    19. adam mac

      "Had we thought of that?" 😂😂 Have a feeling that sun dial was almost immediately moved to a spot with full sun.

    20. Patricia Valencia

      Harry will miss all his family moments !

    21. Vas Satchi

      Nice one 🙂

    22. BOBODY

      Ok this is the first time I have heard the queens voice lol

    23. The Stow Show


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    25. Patricia Curcio

      I think the royal family are very nice 😊😊 no one should say anything about them 😉 when they don't know them u should know them first God bless 🙏🙏 the royal family

    26. D P

      The sundial. "Had we thought of that?" Oh, I'm going to remember this one.

    27. 최영선

      HI KANG 💙🦋🧚‍♂️👸🤴🧚‍♂️🦋💙

    28. Ralph Hull

      hilarious chuckling myself silly. top class comedy at its finest

    29. someetang tang

      really adore our harry and the whole of the royal family. x

    30. T Stewart

      She looks happier and funny with David than her late husband. She made him laugh. He made her funny. Hope she'll find love for love not for duty.

    31. Jackson Good

      I’m just laughing my head off at 2:20

    32. Satobhisha Ghosh

      I love Harry

    33. Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

      I love the Royals!! I'm American but I totally love these videos about the Royals!!

      1. Prince Harry

        Greeting, How're you doing and how's everything. I hope you are fine?

    34. The Fool On The Hill

      Unsubscribing! Tired of seeing thumbnails of Harry the traitor every time I scroll through KGup!

    35. kvass20

      Where was that last clip of the queen and David attenburgh from? Not seen that before

    36. Никита Отдельнов

      0:29: Queen is just "I am out of here, I love my grandkid, but this is too much"

    37. ASK

      Prince Harry is the best

    38. Michael Abraham


    39. Ryan Langstone

      Here's a TRUE funny story about Harry and William: Someone in my family used to be a police officer for the royals. On one day, when Harry and William were around 12 years old they fired some sort of rocket/firework over their garden into the next door field. My family member saw these rockets and pretended to be hit by one of them. The 2 boys hesitated to go over to him and eventually decided that it would be best to go check on him. My family member got off and 'brushed off the firework' and gave the boys a telling off and they were apparently petrified. Fair to say they never threw fireworks over the fence again xD

    40. Tom Zart

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    41. Lina La


    42. Remedios Paulin

      Really love watching tbem💕

    43. David Sewell Clarke

      Two Brothers born apart by a Woman. Shame really as they where so close .

    44. 김태형내 사랑

      The thumbnail looked like the famous meme 😭

    45. Tithi Patel

      The brothers Harry and William are the mix of Charles and Diana

    46. Beauty Wow

      Queen Elizabeth is looking younger than Charles

    47. Beauty Wow

      Dad looking like a wizard with his legs stuck in graveyard

    48. Vidhi Kanthale

      0:54 Wait, they've got a wand?

    49. Georgina Mannor

      Well they're human like the rest of us.

    50. Danuta R.

      Super !!!

    51. Rukhsana Hasan

      True Royalty is due only to the Creator, The Almighty God from His creations ...💫

    52. Rukhsana Hasan

      Poor, so called “superficial manmade royals” used as puppets to keep the commoners amused and subdued from staying in the background always and stuck from not looking beyond the earthly falsehood as Honorable. 👍🏻

    53. Chidinma

      I like Harry more😋

    54. Dont Care

      These days with the Royal Family are LONG GONE!

    55. SarahM

      "Sounds like President Trump" *Remembers she has to be apolitical* "Or Obama"

    56. Kay Rai

      Even Diana’s genes couldn’t save Harry!!

    57. Raffaella Vitiello

      Oh ! If only we could all go bsck to those days !!!!!

    58. Христина Маринина


    59. QEsther 4HM

      At the END the queen was spot on

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    63. Tomas Vrabec

      That sundial always makes me laugh XDDD Ps. I've heard (i think it was an interview) that Sir D. Attenborough received a teller from the Queen saying the they have moved the sundial into a new, sunny location :D Dno why, but it is very wholesome for some reason :DD

    64. Elly Salim


    65. killjoyxvi

      1:00 mischievous ---> mischieVIOUS?

    66. A Mohammed Arif

      Rare moments of the royal family 😳😳

    67. Adler Gizinski


    68. Patricia gianina Posadas

      And there's rachelle ann go

    69. Rebecca Ponce Jaquez

      I miss that Harry.

    70. adeola pollard


    71. Paula Rose

      Love the Royal family.

    72. Janey Braida


    73. Daydream Square

      jevil theme

    74. Kas12322

      Harry's got that funny side from his grandfather. From the king of Royal comedies , Prince phillip . RIP prince . Commonwealth will really miss you.💐

    75. Chris Himebrook

      He (Harry) used to be so fun like this. He’s lost something of himself since he married.

    76. 2020

      Prince Harry, he was my favorite.

    77. Mohammed Ibrahim

      Elizabeth, a war criminal and a colonizer who got away with it. I have no problem with the others.

    78. Owned by ME!

      And Meghan ruined it


      preston jacobs

    80. Nora Neko

      I bet their humor came from their Grandpa.

    81. Migwik 22

      Bawią się za pieniądze głupich podatników którzy utrzymują tę bandę nierobów i darmozjadów

    82. Deniss Lavrentjevs

      All are funny but the queen made me laugh

    83. Yael Israel

      You know that the so-called royals are going into slavery, right?

    84. Suzie One Kenobi


    85. Isa Mcfee

      We loved her and children and life cut short for her knowledge

    86. Isa Mcfee

      Comes from DIANA, CHARLES BORING.

    87. Cheryl Smith

      The Queen's sense of humor! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    88. n n


    89. Azalea smart

      Love this

    90. Gaia Sforza

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Elisabetta

    91. Ute Walter


    92. Señoritas Top's

      laissez-les tranquilles, il doit être blessé par cette perte irréparable

    93. Leyla Demir

      I think its really sad that Harry fell so much in the publics eye due to the drama surrounding his marriage. I think hes doing the best he can from his point of view. I hope he and his family will find a way to have a steady relationship

    94. Elina Ghazaryan

      they seem so fun to be around

    95. The_ Joker

      Bring back Harry and William we need their double act.

    96. Maryte Kaukiene

      labai gaila karalienes liko viena ir vienisa jauni zmones sito nesupras nes ji negali atsiverti ir saviems zmonems nes per tiek metu ir sirdyje ji liko karaliene negali elgtis laisvai nes jai atrodo kad ji turi buti stipri duok dieve atlaikyti siai moteriai sia netekti

    97. elaine phleps

      God bless the Queen , and family for there lost!! Phillip was the glue in alot of things!!

    98. rizeki l

    99. JO MAMA

      I love the Queen. She is still so beautiful and royal and glam.

    100. Lisa Blaylock

      I’ve watched both videos and loved them! Makes the royals so much more endearing!