Money Man - 24 (Official Video) (feat. Lil Baby)

Money Man

24 млн көрүүлөр3 812

    From the album "Epidemic (Deluxe)". Out now!
    #MoneyMan #LilBaby #24
    Official music video by Money Man feat. Lil Baby - 24 © 2020 Black Circle / EMPIRE

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    1. Blazing Gamer Zy4KJ

      This beat go hard

    2. Blazing Gamer Zy4KJ

      Nah he lit

    3. Noa Mantere

      My favourite song

    4. hector Robles

      Who found this song before tic tok

    5. Fran Melendez

      Istg i hate mfs that tell me this is a tiktok song like stffuuuu😭😂😂😂😂

    6. ahmedo0o61 6

      Travis Scott number 2

    7. Itz vertex

      Now all we got to do is wait for tik tok to ruin this Man I hate tik tok sometimes...

    8. Sayitaintdreteezy

      24 million views on 24 video..... N I C E!

    9. Endrit P

      Whats the other version of this song/beat that gets used for kobe bryant😅 Yall know what i mean??

    10. Quintavious Stephens

      Who here at 24 mil??

    11. akhir rimmer

      24 mill.......Kobe baby!!!!!

    12. yuurr !

      24 with 24 million views

    13. kemar

      Protect Lil Baby and m money man

    14. Bennie Vann

      Who's here at 24 million views .......R.I.P KOBE

    15. itz sagid

      fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ASFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    16. c86smithcs

      24 hit 24mill damn

    17. 503coke


    18. Jehmiah Mitchell


    19. Jehmiah Mitchell

      💙♿️Lil Baby

    20. kyalo kev


    21. Motion Music

      My new fav song this shit lit 🔥🚀💣

    22. Tukang Repost


    23. Robert Bilak

      What a tune I’m be feeling this tune while I’m driving people think I’m crazy lol

    24. Gary Jones

      I’m OG in the game and I put lil baby as the voice of the streets coming after boogie. That young Kat got my key to ever hood in every city. If I can give it to him

    25. Melanie Tims

      This song hit so fucking good

    26. TLC Premium

      This video has ,24M views

    27. PaidnFull 205

      Crazy thing is the song called 24 n got 24m views

    28. keith young

      Pure fire!!

    29. Joey Hickman


    30. Jo Ga

      24 million views. Love 2 see it

    31. Hiraysin _

      Not relevant but something cool. The song has 24 million views right now. R.I.P Black Mamba

    32. KnYva

      Who else heard the audio and thought it was Polo G and Lil Baby

    33. J Ronaldo

      24 at 24 million #ripKobe 💪🏽

    34. DerrickTheGoat23 .

      The song name 24 and it got 24 million views

    35. DerrickTheGoat23 .

      The song name 24 and it got 24 million views

    36. iFoXxOpTiMuZz

      Lil baby‘s sickest Versems ever

    37. Luke Nokane

      24 got 24M views that’s crazy!


      Money man glad he got feature before lil baby stop doing features unless u pay 100k this gnna blow up

    39. Siddharth Pankajakshan

      Legend has it that money man is still working on his first steps

    40. Davon Jones

      24 million views I like that

    41. Karla Hill

      Oh wow 24 mil views and the name of song is 24

    42. Ol Meechie

      24 mill RIP KOBE 🐐

    43. 9Natii6 D4L

      Song Called 24 with 24 Million Views.

    44. Flocka Pucci

      24 mill

    45. Azzy Alex

      #Moneyman #LilBaby #TwentyFour 🎼🎵🎶🎯Oweh'O(Ò,Oweh & Olé). ~Isaac Easy #Portugués

    46. Vicentxiii

      Only people who didn't come from TikTok can like this

    47. Ricardo Johnson

      Why they dissing Joe Flacco like that

    48. Andre Gray


    49. biggerro


    50. Paulos Solomon

      This video has 24 million views wtf

    51. C J

      24 ... 24 million

    52. samsammiliah

      Money Boy auf Wish bestellt

    53. Andre Williams

      Again best song for 2020

    54. JoeMade

      Almost at 24 million views...

    55. gerizzyYMcrew31

      here at 24 mil views to say RIP kobe

    56. Muaz Almasri

      Who knows what happened that 😂

    57. FATS595

      Don't he sound like gunna???....or its just me?

      1. gerizzyYMcrew31

        who money man? lmaoo all 3 are my fav rappers right now tho

    58. 27 G

      24 milion views

    59. Christian

      Lol 24 million views

    60. Mutty

      “24” at 24 million likes

    61. Komico

      You know it's kinda crazy that he and lil baby are wearing the 24 Jerseys in this music video named 24 with 24Million views

    62. Aleister Black

      I like how the song has 24 million views

    63. lil pumpy

      24m views on 24

    64. Leeroy Brown


    65. caden borboa

      We need more money x baby

    66. YungPorts

      Like now while its at 24 mil

    67. ray cash

      @Money Man 24 finally at 24million views y'all simps need to go peep Black Circle n get ya from da trap..Bodymore Murdaland

    68. James Sharber

      Anyone know the lyrics

    69. Vijendra A. G.

      Money Man dropped straight heat but looked like he had a doctor's appointment in 5 minutes.

      1. sehc356


    70. noureddine215

      24 mil views 🙏🏽

    71. I a N

      24 Million views 👏🏽

    72. NBB GLOCK

      24 million views

    73. Ty Chotic

      Figured this would be the vid for latest tape. Damn I shouldve been in music. I got ears for this shit on god

    74. X_ MCE

      24 mil views

    75. World Star

    76. World Star

    77. It’s Mriz


    78. Charles Knoll

      who's playing possum???

    79. Philly Jackson

      Baby be off da percs

    80. darriet gordon


    81. kian m

      Straight fire🔥best thing I heard all 2020

    82. akeshia williams

      Song was already good af but lil baby made it fire

    83. Asad Ali

      My man started slowed but killer flow damn and Lil baby my boy murderd this beat

    84. WeedColombia

      yo naci el 24 :v de abril

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    86. Isha Garg

      Burning on lilikoi in some Louis cur

    87. N M

    88. Shroom Ville

      A.I money man

    89. Justus Jackson

      Rip kobe Bryant🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    90. Cosmic Camos

      money man is a legend. This song is lit............

    91. SM Diecast

      Both verses were so fire

    92. Motion Music

      He run that beat so hard 🔥💣

    93. BleedWolf

      24 million views coming soon

    94. Sean Hynson

      Money man definitely sleep on he hard

    95. Mateja_Trninic_

      RIP kobe

    96. Eduardo Perez

      baby gettin paid 100k to spit like this....worth it

    97. Corinthian Paulk

      This song aint shii w/o 🤦🏿‍♂️ baby

    98. Lady T

      Hard Song!

    99. Dru Cormier

      Does ballin like lonzo good or bad

    100. Tramesia Luke