Protecting Baby with this NEW TECHNOLOGY - Freeman 42'

Scott Martin

25 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    My Freeman 42 (a.k.a Baby) gets rigged out with some awesome new technology by Siren Marine to help protect her.
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    1. Scott Martin

      If you’re interested in going on the Vice Versa for a charter trip visit and email us to book a trip!

    2. Put Em In The Boat

      Definitely get the auto fold out running boards. I'm gonna get a Siren system for our bowfishing boat. It's stored outside and we just put 5k into having it rebuilt and wired. Hahha Scott is such a good talker. He started to say the savings from insurance would add up to the cost of the product. Danced around that well.

    3. Aiden Silva

      Get the amp steps if you want your door to get hit when people open their doors

    4. Maple Operator

      I was sent by lunkers. Don’t disappoint. Lol

    5. Noah McCoy

      Amp running bars all day!

    6. Dennis and Helen

      Lunkers sent me. New subscriber.

    7. Redneck'n Buck

      Yes Scott do the automatic running boards did you get them ideas from me or no? That’s crazy

    8. Chad Williams

      Amp running boards for sure! Keeps it clean looking.

    9. Troy Davison

      Terrible reference for a boat. Baby?

    10. Cameron Koble

      Be awesome to see you and DeerMeatforDinner (Rob Arrington) go fishing. Be a super cool video!

    11. dylan alwine

      don't do the iron cross bumper

    12. Jeffery Roblow

      Luv Iron Cross numbers and the electronic running boards are just something else to break and don't really "fit" the Iron Cross look.... Go with pipe running boards.

    13. Andrew Jackson

      i think this is the last video i watch rip just doesnt feel the same anymore

    14. Kendell Bowser

      Do the amp steps looks a lot cleaner

    15. Rogbass

      Very nice setup. Hope you have a pair of really good marine binoculars. Two is better. Keeps the younger people busy. Lol. And maybe some underwater cams that attach to line for McCoy and tuna tubes if you dint have any and a green stick. Catch a bluefin with that freeman.

    16. Heather Browning

      I wanna kiss that you got a picture of it and Houston Texas good job making elitesme 👍 you stole a spot from somebody my father😕 I looked up Team now I don’t

    17. Conic Fel

      Dang must be nice to be the worlds best bass fisher and having a daughter that’s just as good 😌 I enjoy the vids keep up the good work😁

    18. Ian Bellomo

      I loved how you could the Freeman ‘Baby’ 😂

    19. Andrew Browning

      No Yamahas yet?

    20. Jerred Wayne

      Yeah do the amp research steps.

    21. Davy Juban

      With KGup deciding they need to filter the content I decide to watch, I will no longer login to this platform. Please consider uploading your videos to Rumble so I don't miss out on your content. Thank you, hope to see you on Rumble!

    22. Eric The Red

      I assume the sensors have batteries. How often do the batteries need to be changed?

    23. Nick Witkowski

      Bummer!! I think you need '"juuuuust" few more nice things Scott. Couple more boats and maybe another truck or 2 and a house or three! LOL! I say put on the auto-drop- down runnin' boards/bars or whichever? Maybe have the runnin' board material match your badass front and rear bumpers? Invisible til you open the doors ya know? 👊BAM!👊Team SMC👊

    24. Larry Warfield

      That is one cool bay boat. I love it. On the new truck upgrades, Don't go to crazy with the truck. I am a firm believer in if it is not broke don't fix it. Keep the same wrap and setup but add the motorized running boards.

    25. Adam Freeman

      $1m boat yea id protect it too

    26. Carson is Fishing

      When is the repower

    27. Dustin Wilburn

      We put amp boards on all the Chevy trucks we lift and have good luck with those....That truck is going to be sick when you're done!!!

    28. Bret Bass

      A Matt black pipe would be really good for the battle wagon

    29. Fishing King

      Change the logo to a ford

    30. Big Banana Fishing

      Man, that boat is amazing!

    31. Bill White

      Mikey Ballzz caught a 13.5 largemouth deep cranking

      1. Clapmando

        I saw that yesterday. Every fish he caught was a tank but that big one was unreal. Looked like it ate a softball.

    32. Drew Arnold

      Please get some different outboards on that pretty boat. The 42 is such a good looking boat but those e rudes just ruin it. Get quad 350’s or merc 400. Suzuki is making a 350 dual prop that would go with that boat perfectly or yahamas 350v8 with a custom paint job, a little heavy but runs great, but just please get rid of those e rudes 300’s

    33. FMJ Solutions

      Amp Research running boards were the best money I spent on my truck. I recovered a 40' boat about 12 years ago because the owner had some kind of security system on the boat. He was providing the communication center with mile markers as it was being towed down I-95 by the thieves.

    34. B T

      Cant help to notice NONE of you were wearing MASK ????? you should understand the need to wear a mask Scott your dad had COVID19

    35. Brian Thomas

      Electric boards man you love them

    36. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Still running the G2's on Baby?

    37. Table Rock Kid

      58th 😀

    38. Jim Nickerson

      It seems fishing has become more about gear than fishing

    39. Rick Frazier

      Electric running boards is the only any to go. Add some LED lighting underneath that light up when the boards fold out.

    40. Nicky Landry

      Amp running boards

    41. capnrob97

      Are you keeping the same color scheme on the graphics as the old battle wagon?

    42. Juan Rodriguez

      Iron Cross Bumpers and running boards that would look sweet👍

    43. PNW outdoors

      Awsome vid love watching your videos

    44. Grant Hamilton

      You should go to googan HQ

    45. Jack Meadors

      Do amp running boards

    46. Richard McGowen

      Why did you change to the Skeeter bass boat

    47. Mr. Bass Outdoors

      If you're doing the Iron Cross front and rear bumpers, do the Iron Cross Wheel to Wheel HD steps. That will be slick.

    48. Dbars19

      thanks for the idea scott. will put this on my ranger 619 and will give me peace of mind when i park it in a hotel parking lot.

    49. Dbars19

      Keeping track of your kids, smart dad

    50. Steven Maness

      McCoy needs a Ford F-250 a real truck. Still supporting Evinrude that’s awesome and I hope BRP comes back soon.

      1. Jerred Wayne

        @Steven Maness yep. It was good while it lasted

      2. Steven Maness

        @Jerred Wayne SMDH

      3. Jerred Wayne

        Why? Its not like he's towing anything too heavy for that gmc. And with the current administration im sure diesel will be $5 a gallon again soon

    51. Steve Sigmund

      I miss the instructional videos. Seems like most of the stuff on the channel is advertising now. I'd just like to see more pure fishing stuff with less googan influence. Just my $.02.

      1. Bill White

        you get what you pay for here on KGup

    52. Chris Harney

      Electronic drop down running boards!!

    53. Jared Jones

      Love your vids i hope i can go fishing with you one day here in middle tn i am 13 years old and love to fish

    54. Sean Sweeney

      So what is the battery life of all the sensors all over the boat ... is it great for the first six months while it sits there doing nothing in the off season and then you are forever replacing batteries to stop getting warnings?

      1. Siren Marine

        Hi Sean! Following up to shed light about battery life. They should be changed out every two years. The sensor will alert you when the battery starts to run low. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions! ~Siren Marine (

    55. frank M nowickl

      Give LB a call she can deck that truck out 🙂 ☮️

    56. Patrick Lile

      When are you going to oklahoman

    57. The Fishing Expat

      A house in the keys, so apparently it does pay to be a fisherman. Happy to see your success

      1. John Sain

        I believe they purchased the land back in the day but still $$$$

    58. the iron fisherman

      Awesome video

    59. Steve Poelhuis

      is there a part two?

    60. Jolly Giant

      Pop out running boards, and get your decked system and a cab on it.

    61. Patricia Guenzler

      First 2 minutes im thinking Hillary wont get away taking the Freeman out without scott knowing hurry up Hillary lol

    62. dozer882

      So many toys so little time 😁

    63. Jason Sanders

      Amp steps and blackout the tow lights. 24x14 American force wheels on airlift suspension 💪🤘🇺🇸🙏

    64. BAD BOYS FPV

      scott do you let the kids take out the freeman?

      1. Patricia Guenzler

        I have seen them on it in a video search and you should see it

    65. vmx445

      drop down running boards

    66. Dj Eckhoff

      Might have to get it for my pathfinder

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s pretty awesome!

    67. Michael Faught

      AMPS. Very smooth and incognito when not needed. I've been enjoying mine for 10 years.

    68. Scott Martin

      What accessories do you think I should add on the new Battlewagon??

      1. Will Royce

        Definitely do the auto flip running boards! Way badass!!! Go with a little lower profile tire this time with a little bit blingier rims!!! Get bougie with it!!!

      2. Anthony Monteleone

        Put some Mercury’s racing on it

      3. 1964krazyeric

        The pull out like you had in your other rig.

      4. Bret Bass

        Matt black pipes and a big googan sticker

      5. Josiah W

        @Steven Maness nah chevy is definitely the way to go 💪👍👍

    69. Joseph mannix

      What baby?

    70. Ben Puckett

      love it

    71. Monkeybutt fishing

      Do the hidden ones that come out when you open the door. Hands down the best

      1. TheBlindkiller85407

        And add the biggest warranty you can imagine for them. Every time deploying for the doors and retracting.

      2. Scott Martin


    72. Bonnie Narron

      Hi Scott

    73. Malachi Mcnerney

      We love you Scott

    74. Tropix

      Love your vids man

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    75. New England Outdoors

      Nice video

    76. Tropix


    77. Zi'don Smith Fishing


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