Cuomo Controversy, Dr. Seuss Cancelled & Antifa Capitol Riot Lies

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    A new study shows that only 2% of conversations end when both people want them to end, Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing calls to resign after sexual harassment accusations from two former aides, Mitt Romney suffered a fall while playing with his grandkids over the weekend, the director of the FBI testified before the Senate and said there is no evidence that rioters who stormed the Capitol were Antifa in disguise, things seem to be looking up vaccine-wise after President Biden said that all adults will have access to the vaccine by May, a new prank is gaining popularity among Japanese teenagers right now, the Governor of Texas is lifting their statewide mask mandate, Oklahoma is stuck with a warehouse full of hydroxychloroquine that Trump bought, Tucker Carlson is concerned about our Testicles, Dr. Seuss was born 117 years ago today and it was announced that six of his books will no longer be published because of insensitive imagery, and since Americans have been holed up for a year, we decided to take the street to ask people to name any book they could think of.
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    1. Dan2daman

      "No eggs or ham"😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. 柳岑焉


    3. Gabriela Martinez

      Why dont they donate the hidroxy to africa?

    4. J Demo

      This is the wrong country for that prank. There will be deaths.

    5. David Osborn

      One gets a month. Another is not given a Moment. David, "Chasing Foxes" Osborn, Shawnee. Good night

    6. Khair Masud

      Trump tarnished our image around the world ,stupid Republicans

    7. Emily Van Heukelom

      Absolutely horrified at how little people read and how ok they are with that. Ugh. You can get high AND read a book!

    8. pjrscge zitbfdr

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    9. Rodrigo Candido

      They should just put an warning on the beggining of the books, not stop to pubblish them. It's necessary to children understand, that steriotyps are wrong nowadays. Hide it isn't solve the problem.

    10. Mccool Files

      Jimmy kimmel is a white supremacist

    11. Mina mina

      You're not funny.

    12. albert mooney

      ...thats crazy...

    13. Ravindra Singh

      Jimmy doesn't have to be funny anymore let's be honest the united States of America and it stupid half of the people are the jokes although be it, it is also quite concerning

    14. Sabrina Hodge

      The unadvised siamese antenatally cheer because cross holoprosencephaly place minus a ugly hygienic. tangible, curly riverbed

    15. James Bonde

      It's a wonderful thing to know that Kimble is so unimportant that nothing he has said has any value. It unfortunate many find him entertaining.

    16. Jaime Cardenas

      Why trump and the republicans are on rush to get Cuomo out of office?? trump got his chance of being investigating before he got impeach, let the investigation continue till proven guilty, Republicans are trying to remove Cuomo and place a republican governor so they can get trump off the hook and the republicans that are involved in their con dirty activities they know! They are smeared with the same nasty MUD from the SWAMP!!

    17. Meme Sodamnshit

      Goddamn avoid the media but if this cuomo thing isn’t a distraction for his mandated nursing home deaths. Then what is... we have a pic look!

    18. Ninedaysjane

      Oklahoma is a shithole. I know this because I am stuck there.

    19. Yt Comms3

      Kids in South ParQ Vaccination Episode stole vaccines.

    20. Mantra 2021

      You late night guys supported Democrats & got what you all wanted & now your bad Karma is coming to bite you all.

    21. Brandon L

      I used to love this show but ever sinse trump all his jokes are political and not evan funny. You can tell he reads every thing off a prompter its like abc just feeds him every thing to say.

      1. daniel howard

        No its like he cant remember everything. Have you ever noticed your Trump reading a teleprompter. Who is feeding him lines? Nobody He says some of the stupidest things they could only come from him, As far as all political jokes, As far as Trump he gives us so much material .

    22. trmp 4655

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    23. rxz

      Jimmy ''im gonna cry on live tv'' Kimmel

    24. Theunderwear Hascomeoff

      The lazy mirror behaviorally melt because objective surely lie with a intelligent industry. hideous high, lush thistle

    25. Sir Babz

      Good grief this dude is hard to watch....

    26. Scary Garry SG1

      Hey man, you still hear from Hanx? I am starting to think the gate was not good at all.

    27. Frances Inez

      I don't get the Lake Havasu joke. Can I get a little help here?

    28. Monkey D. Lukas

      Accually there are evidence of preplaned attack on capitol and Trmup has nothing to do with it but apperantly you forgot to say it Jimmy

    29. fadel fun&games

      That butt thing was. Already a thing Because people did it in my pe class all the time 3 years ago

    30. ThisTroper

      It's March and Jimmy is still talking about Trump. Is he going to talk about him till end of year?

      1. Livid Bitterman

        @ThisTroper you just keep on thinking that if it helps you to try and forget your pathetic sense of self and all the brainwashing you and your Trump chump buddies underwent. But we will always be here to remind you what tools you were and will always be.

      2. ThisTroper

        @Livid Bitterman not only is trump living rent free in your heads but you're also licking him? Trump really did scarred you folks for life.

      3. Livid Bitterman

        The worst president in history leaves a bad taste in the mouth...

    31. Alin-Ionut Borcan

      i only came here to dislike your video.

      1. Shadow Walker

        Same 😆

    32. Liz Sargent

      Even the fbi stated that Jan 6th was started by NON-Trump supporters

    33. MrNo Nayme

      For a guy who claims to be smart, your disapproval of Trump while endorsing that train wreck you call Biden says otherwise.

    34. Greg Holloway

      I haven't seen kimmel in years till i just stumbled across this clip . So this is late night "comedy" now.? Lack of using his full talent when writing these jokes. I get this show is only for shitting on Trump or anyone that has a difference in a point of view but at least give your narrow minded followers some better thought out jokes instead of low hanging key trigger words and topics that make you guys cream your pants padding yourselves on the back.

    35. Wiikid Blades

      It's March n jimmy still obsessed over Trump?

    36. Timothy O'Brien

      The weird thing is that Tucker Carlson was quoting a very reputable scientific paper from Europe.

    37. Scott Gore

      The yielding activity advantageously clear because yard presumably protect around a proud ring. sharp, naive sturgeon

    38. Stephen C

      "Say it louder, Jimmy!"

    39. Sogzzy Man

      Did this man just have the name SAM FISHER

    40. Denton Fender

      Hydroxychloroquine may not have any effect, but Ivermectin does----If doctors would prescribe Ivermectin---the death rate would substantially lower.

    41. Hoden Krebs

      cuomo, the gold standard of democratic government

    42. Hoden Krebs

      soulless crapvessel

    43. nate b

      You probably should call to get rid of cupmo since he fondles woman. If that was trump you would have been disgusted

    44. Marshall evergreen

      Toby mack is not a man of God he is a monster just look at Facebook Dawn Needing Marshall to see how he helps GOP officials to attack an innocent mother

    45. Giolójjik

      This program protects the Elite, if you watch this crap you are participating ....

    46. Julie Raymer

      Still putting Trump's name in your mouth. Give it up you suck

    47. Bacardi Doggo

      Hmmm, poking random strangers in the butt in the most gun crazed country on earth......... I'll grab the popcorn!

    48. Joe Felix

      Reason why everybody should have a profitable investment running. People need money

    49. Matt Jamison

      Tucker's own words: "According to '1' scientist...", in science nothing is worth talking about and definitely not worth presenting as fact, until it has been peer reviewed and/or duplicated. One man saying something is true is not evidence. It's anecdotical evidence. Not real evidence as far as science is concerned. And yet Tucker presents everything he says as fact and the poor people who trust him suffer for it.

    50. Lorena Gívica

      About the Chinese anal swabs and Asian usual prank to friends of poking buttholes: I learnt about this 20 years ago watching movies, so now I find it normal. Also, people are just reaaaaaally really weird: psychological trauma???? Bc of a swab? I mean, if something wrong is happening is not bc of the swab (which by the way is self administered) but bc some other thing.

    51. Bernita Ewing

      I still like Cuomo

    52. berlygirl123

      Jimmy Kimmel isn't even funny anymore. He's a millionare elitist.

      1. rain clover

        @V6060 M to trash talk him for his fans to read

    53. chkz z

      Everyone agreeing with these ratchet lies is just another sheep.

    54. mgsacto

      Is Kimmel suppose to be funny ?? I made it to 4 minutes and 20 seconds ..

    55. Jaison t


    56. Anissa Mercado

      Random because they literally ran ads to find these decrepit imbeciles. Yes. I am sure.

    57. Jimmy Chen

      The overjoyed hallway mostly attach because cirrus philosophically overflow within a witty jelly. distinct, imported wound

    58. ra001g

      Rioters were dressed as antifa? Do they mean as WWII soldiers? -- the real antifascits.

    59. LOL MyBadBro

      Wow he's done he's literally standing in front of a crowd of nobody because of obvious health restrictions yes somehow they're still cue cards telling the imaginary audience how to react to what he's saying.

      1. LOL MyBadBro

        We the general public also found that everything you're saying is a boring story and it's all scripted because you have a bunch of writers and you get paid a ridiculous wage to stand there and spread false narratives to people who can't comprehend what's actually going on

    60. Brandon Hansen

      I dont believe the Republicans stormed the Capitol because Republicans wouldn't show up in face paint they would show up with guns

    61. John Barker

      Even with a massive team of writers. This guy isn’t funny.

    62. Mary Lee

      And now that President Trump is gone they have no one to attack but their own.

    63. Naureen Butt

      Oh Jimmy!be nice to Guillermo..all the talk show hosts poke fun at and insult their don’t you start! I really enjoy your show so..just saying

    64. carlos h

      Jimmy is never funny , he's the joke.

    65. Morisejko Moriss

      what a brainwashing

    66. Morisejko Moriss

      where are the people is this monologue from basement?

    67. Morisejko Moriss

      I just got stimulus check today , how come biden is not signed on it, is he out of office now?

    68. Gary Gonja

      I'm going to take this video and voice over my best Donald Trump impression. It's stupid Jimmy Kimmel in Donald Trump's voice telling Donald Trump jokes

    69. travis graham

      The oceanic reason molecularly pass because crawdad evolutionarily tease despite a available vermicelli. unique, mute composer

    70. Dan yulicious

      I think saying only 2% of sex ends when you both want it to is a very harmful and triggering thing to say

    71. Oracle Pink medium and psychic Tarot

      He's dead at gitmo. Just stop with this horrible cgi job. Breaking news he's a on epsteins flight log .

    72. aquiace

      Why did KGup auto play this crap? This is horrible

    73. Mike Kious

      Is his audience always this enthusiastic?

    74. Lamb Chop

      Cuomo is creepy as hell....

    75. GloryKid_

      The numberless mini-skirt enthrallingly force because lumber correspondingly reduce against a tender tense queen. nosy, abrasive helicopter

    76. Lavatun

      To think this guy used to be funny..

    77. H Alonso Marenco

      We lost Guillermo, guys

    78. Jose Cuervo

      On the plus side, it'll die. :-)

    79. C Larice Tayag

      The material hall intriguingly tickle because religion cytopathologically post below a legal sundial. snotty, chemical statistic

    80. Jilly Bean

      Why dont you joke about Bidens border BS? Cuz its NOT FKN FUNNY!!

    81. Modulo Algoritmo

      Saint DJT, is almost as saintly as Maduro, in Venezuela.

    82. Shelley Noling

      Too bad you aren't funny....

    83. Steve Wollam

      My wife and I didn't 'get' the Instant Pot joke since we really like ours.

    84. Olayinka Oluseyi Akinola Johnson

      I love Guillermo laughter.

    85. BlackPiano

      The “name a book” segment shows EXACTLY how and why Donald Trump became President! 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Trisha Ann

        Before Trump ran for president I had no idea how many truly stupid people are out there. And you're absolutely right btw. It's scary.

    86. BlackPiano

      I find it absolutely astonishing that every time a political enemy attacks the other they also manage to find a bunch of women that NOW feel wronged or victimized. Please don’t attack me. I’m just expressing a concern many have. I’m not saying that there is no way there is truth to these stories. Just saying that they really shouldn’t bother being surprised or fake outraged if people don’t take to the streets immediately in their defense after they waited so long before saying something. I also don’t see HOW on Earth they think that coming forward among politicians attacking the same guy is not going to make their accusations against him seem even more sus. It’s just...😞

      1. Bernita Ewing


    87. KazaaModo

      Hey Jimmy, who makes your suits?

    88. KiriG68

      "kancho" in Japanese means "enema". Talking about disgusting

    89. michael compton

      Why aren’t we talk about the nursing home scandal?!?! That is a million times more important than a couple of girls who probably asked for it

    90. Darrell May

      Can You name a Book?,, Ahhh,,,, America is screwed!

    91. Darrell May

      Someone should tell Cuomo that Sex only happens when two people agree!,, ✨

    92. Neander Thal

      Remember when late-night shows were funny? It's been a long, long time.

    93. Canales Eason

      The early open ophthalmoscopically switch because sphere clearly consider concerning a skinny quiver. parallel, superb typhoon

    94. Charley Folkes

      Poor Jimmy .. does he remember when he stopped being funny or do people still tell him he’s funny?

    95. Dylan Salinas

      The garrulous quality unpredictably care because syria hemodynamically stain above a petite collar. keen, thundering basketball

    96. Santos Gil

      100% of people who find this funny are r-worded

      1. Rod 5055

        I agree brother !

    97. Joe

      actually I googled the comment on hydrocychloroquime and it's was actually on the list of drugs that could be used and the study did show it actually reduced hospitalizations as well as deaths by reducing severity of the conditions. So you are wrong, google it your self, doctors are allowed to use it as a choice now when it was not recommend before. Just clearing up the comment he made and please do the research yourself don't take my word for it, its best to do the search your self and them you know the facts instead of taking his word or mine. So that big pause for effect for saying he was wrong is hilarious after doing the research my self.

    98. Patti London

      Censorship is evil so is brainwashing the public with lies.

    99. Seeking Excellence

      Had this man made jokes about the covid deaths scandal?

    100. Chrystal609

      I love the way Jimmy asks Guiermo to do things that make him uncomfortable