Repair DAMAGED Hydraulic Cylinder for CAT 651 Scraper | Part 1

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    This video is Part 1 of repairing a damaged hydraulic cylinder for a Caterpillar 651 Scraper wheel tractor. This is the Apron lift cylinder on the machine and has been damaged by something causing massive amounts of scratching inside the barrel and on the piston. In this part 1 video we start with the old cylinder barrel and set up in our lathe for machining out the welds to remove the barrel end and head flange. We use welding on the head flange and heat with flame torch to expand and remove. The head flange needs to be bored out, built up with weld and then machined out to suit the new barrel tube. We then set up the new steel tube in the lathe for machining the outer diameter and boring out the inner diameter to match OEM standard and interference fit for head flange. We then measure and drill in oil port holes into the new barrel and heat up with flame torch ready for interference fitting the head flange.
    In this video we are using:
    - TM-26120G Lathe
    - BM-63VE Milling machine
    - WIA 500i Weldmatic welder
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    1. Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

      Hey viewers Happy Easter and thanks for watching todays part 1 video of the damaged 651 apron cylinder! Sorry about the background noise of the rain we had plenty of it for a few days. How's that cliffhanger ending 😅 keep an eye out for Part 2 to see how it ends up! 😎👍 Subscribe and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications so you don't miss our weekly uploads. 👇 🤳 Follow us online here: Instagram Facebook

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        @CGT80 thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciated. I hundred percent agree with you and of course thank you for watching :-)

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        @Jimmy's Auto Clinic It was well lit, well shot, well explained, and looked straight forward...........then I got to the bloopers and all hell broke loose! As a pro in a number of trades, I can tell you that people who think pros don't ever fuck up or run into problems are wrong. A pro just knows how to fix it or work around it effectively so that the end product is great!

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      Great video, I enjoy it. I just wanted to know if it would be cheaper to buy a new cylinder or is that cylinder not available for purchase

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      Hey guys, I used to do this exact same type of repairs when I first started machining in 1981 (Fuck (!) I'm old.). 40 years in. At first, it was very, very intimidating, but after doing a bunch of them, "Piece O'Cake". I really enjoyed that video. What isn't quite so enjoyable, is standing up on top of one of those paddle scrapers, putting a custom made portable boring bar and fixing that pivot that wears out between the front half and rear half of the machine. Standing in maybe 3 or 4 inches if hydraulic oil in that valley up there. It's been a while, thanks for the memories.

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        Glad you enjoyed it

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        Thanks for watching mate appreciate the comment

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