Do Ugly Foods Taste Worse? Taste Test

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're doing a blind taste test to determine if ugly food tastes worse than perfectly shaped food. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1886
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    1. max johnson

      that wasn't a cucumber it was a zucchini

    2. HikaruRain

      Ooooh that broccoli stalk is splendid. I wish I had that huge stalk so I could slice it thin and sauté it in a pan. It so sweet and delicious.

    3. LiftOrGTFO

      Don't think anyone understood why Rhett said the bend should be upwards. I love how Link kept trying to change the subject but Rhett just kept talking about the Cucumber.

    4. GroenFan

      Ahoyhoy there, Fellow KGuprinos! I love Vegetables Carrots and Beets are my faves. Have you ever tried Cauliflower and Caramel Sauce? I thought of trying it because of a Phineas and Ferb episode where Doof put very carmel-looking lard on broccoli. I prefer raw cauliflower, so I tried that with caramel sauce .it was very good.

    5. Margo-a-Largo

      Youz guyz gots da bestest merch, like, evah!

    6. Beth Huston

      Yes a little bent upwards is nice 🤣

    7. Hyper Shadow Sniper 176

      There you go, "Don't Judge Something By The Outside.. " It could be the same or better than the original..

    8. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      Hi, how are you? Nice video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day!

    9. Kiersten Lange

      I live near your uncle's farm, Rhett! That's super cool I had no idea. Can't wait to visit it in the spring :)

    10. Terrance Carter

      Im not from Georgia im just curious if anyone from there in the mythical society actually knows or has seen rhetts uncles farm 😂😂 i love how hes so sure everyone in Georgia seen his uncles farm . Classic rhett

    11. Erol Morgan

      i ate bell peppers whole until i bit into a mold filled one that looks deceptively perfect on the outside ;-;

    12. carlos victor

      Idk how broccoli looks where you’re from... but that’s a messed up brocc

    13. carlos victor

      I’m honestly surprised you guys threw away everything. Not very cool.

    14. Jessica Marie

      are you kidding bell peppers as apples everday

    15. Champy Ton

      rhett n link..apparent star wars fans that try and go for a clean joke/comparison and duku doesnt come to mind for the cuke?! PS. I'm sideways and its common!

    16. Cortland Mass

      “It’s tasteless, I like it” That’s link for you haha

    17. Kathrual

      For some reason Link always confuses tomatoes with rotten apples...

    18. Amethyst Jean

      I always by the "perfectly imperfect" produce for about half price

    19. Paul Meranda

      [ ]

    20. Rachel Kinsey

      So, what I'm curious about is whether the veggies taste the same blindfolded as they do UNblindfolded?

    21. B Key

      The angles Link chooses to feed Rhett cracks me up. 😂 It’s like the hardest way to bite a bell pepper, Link! What is that?!

    22. Emily Breen Coleman

      In the UK our shops have "wonky veg" where you can buy any kind of veg/fruit in larger packs for a cheaper amount just because its "wonky".

    23. Ashton Grace

      When is “Dip it in hummus and bite it” available on Spotify?

    24. Savvas

      The titles used to specify blind taste test and the thumbnails used to show the blindfolds, why did you stop doing that?

    25. Hannah Doherty

      I like your Elvis shirt link

    26. Cannabis Tycoon

      I just cant get over the "dip it in humus and bite it. Dope in humus again and bite it." 🤣

    27. some name

      ive never wanted to try raw sweet potato till now

    28. Keith Knechg

      Well here is a analogy i am not touching....go for it boys.

    29. Maggie McCauslin

      My sister doesn't like tomatoes or cucumbers either Link

    30. Silvy Dean

      Rhett: No one does that. M̶e̶: ...

    31. MacDawg 987

      "I could sit here and have a good time with that pepper" Lmao me too Rhett

    32. Bridget Darby

      I agree with link on tomato

    33. Paige Muia

      This video just proves that it doesn't matter what it looks like, it's what's on the inside that counts.

    34. Aaron Schneider

      Not me going to buy a raw sweet potato after watching this...

    35. Stephanie Dion

      You can spiralize sweet potatoes and make raw noodles or a salad

    36. Kathryn M

      Am I the only one who’s disturbed by the fact that Link gave Rhett the end of the cucumber??? Like the gross part????

    37. Laura K

      Carrots are actually kinda bad for rabbits js

    38. Adventures with Shy

      I got so nervous when Link bit into the tomato! What a start 😅

    39. Silentgrace7

      Link T-Poses to assert dominance confirmed

    40. Sam Jones

      they could've done this a lot better

    41. Shelly Novo

      As Link described it, I imagine raw sweet potato tastes like jicama. Maybe he would like that on his salad

    42. Kara Fitzpatrick

      I love that they still use the blindfolds from the Thursday means mail episode from years ago 😂❤️

    43. Wesley Castor

      I saw that tomato for link and about lost it.

    44. neonrainbow derpy

      It’s 2021, it’s time to admit tomato’s are awful. There’s nothing good about them.

    45. AMO Music

      What a lie of a title lmao

    46. not available

      moral of the story: link likes it raw

    47. Fumetsu No

      Am I the only one that hates the link reacts to tomatos?

    48. Queen Jen Jen

      lmbo they knew where that one was going to go XD Rhett just fed into their joke bahaha

    49. Brandon Schockelt

      Remember when we should have stopped here. When we learned enough and should have stopped 😂🤣. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    50. Nick Hall

      That’s who link looks like! Elvis Presley!

    51. Mae B

      I agree with Link, all tomatoes are NASTY! 🤮🤢

    52. amanda bartlett

      *goes and buys a sweet potato*😂😂

    53. Douglas Ramsey

      all i learned from this is that Rhett prolly has a bent one

    54. Existential Ecstasy

      The only way this challenge could have been authentic was if the crew didn't tell Rhett and Link about the challenge at all and just presented them with the options and asked which one was better.

    55. Fares AlHawaj

      No one’s mentioning what’s happening in 7:01 because that’s link being link xD

    56. A & M Bogart

      There ya go..... bite it. I've never been more uncomfortable on GMM. lol

    57. misty lewis

      Link loves sweet potatoes raw because they taste like nothing...Only Link.

    58. Lia Zabala


    59. Kyle Havens

      I prefer sweet potatos raw

    60. Faith S

      As a kid we always ate raw potatoes!

    61. Kiera Taylor

      i love that watching these literally did become a part of my daily routine thanks to lockdown and always being home

    62. nieooj gotoy

      Migos new single - Dip't'n hummus n bite it.

    63. C B

      I’ve been to Patrick Farms 👋🏼

    64. Katie Dulak

      Tomatos are so gross lol I felt that reaction in my soul.

    65. Ethan Orians

      Carrots and hummus no, try carrots and peanut butter.

    66. Meggles 93

      I agree with link that tomatoes are gross. Like fresh tomatoes I seriously can't.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Absolutely love links sweatshirt!!

    67. bcvbb hyui

      The crunching of the bell pepper when Rhett chomped on it was satisfying.

    68. cqvio doli

      Migos new single - Dip't'n hummus n bite it.

    69. Dan McAlester

      Me: who has never been to America before. Also me: I’ve never seen or heard about the road Rhett is talking about. Rhett: you know that road you’ve been down it before. Me again: I know this road... I’ve been down this road.

    70. Eric Ludwig

      Weird. I was just thinking about this the other day.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Can we all just thank link

    71. annag cocl

      Link is such a good sport. Considering everything he’s been through on this show..

      1. cqvio doli

        We now know that Link associates tomatoes with rotten apples

    72. Yami

      gum zhid bazz

    73. laskin riubn

      i feel like this episode is actually gonna make me buy a lot more of the janked up food i've avoided

      1. laskin riubn

        Link is such a good sport. Considering everything he’s been through on this show..

    74. Maria Rodriguez

      I love Rhett so much! Lol His mind is perfection 🤣🤣

      1. annag cocl

        I'm allergic to sweet potatoes so I can't enjoy them.

    75. Elida Acosta

      Rhett’a call back game was perfection this episode and Link missed it every time 😩😂

      1. laskin riubn

        Weird. I was just thinking about this the other day.

    76. ashia powell

      There's nothing wrong with a little curve in your cucumber. : )

    77. KatLady85

      I like tomatoes but I don't like Roma tomatoes. They are mushy and have no flavor. At least the ones I've bought at a store.

      1. laskin riubn

        i feel like this episode is actually gonna make me buy a lot more of the janked up food i've avoided

    78. xvdummyvx82

      Raw sweet potato and peanut butter is great

    79. Lilpeej D

      What I wouldn't do to switch places with one of them for a day!

    80. Carly Stevens

      Absolutely love links sweatshirt!!

    81. Michael Germanos

      rhet: "it tasted a little sweet doesnt it?" link: "no" lmaooooooo

    82. The Beaver

      wait if your cucumber goes sideways you have a problem?

    83. Ze Bloody Axol

      Remember, no matter how big you are, how misshapen or deformed you may be, you still taste the same.💕

    84. crustyscab

      link has such petite wrists

    85. Flex With The Flow

      Can we all just thank link

    86. stephanie20131

      We now know that Link associates tomatoes with rotten apples

    87. Tarantula Palp

      Rhett knows the g spot

    88. dutoiu hour

      Migos new single - Dip't'n hummus n bite it.

    89. Catherine Reardon

      I'm allergic to sweet potatoes so I can't enjoy them.

    90. Gary Gravity

      Links palate is 1/10

    91. j1mmy enkoodabaoo

      The way rhett tells stories reminds me of edward bloom from big fish

    92. Nikos Katropoulos

      Rhett that was the cucumber's stem... Link fed it to you the wrong way

    93. harveythepooka

      Some fanfic was inspired today.

    94. TiaLa'Quita Hughes

      I agree with Link on the deadly tomato..😣😷

    95. Angel Martinez

      why is this on trending🤷‍♂️

    96. Diary of a Fat Guy

      Misfits Market is a box service that you can set up the frequency of your boxes. They send you misshapen fruits and vegetables that stores won't accept.

    97. Sarah Bellum

      There’s a supermarket in the UK that sells “not so perfect” fruits and veggies. They’re just as good and cheaper.

    98. Declan Phoenix

      I love raw sweet potato, great with hummus.

    99. Ira Elliott

      For a show that is often primarily food related. Link sure doesn't like food.

    100. Megaman33570

      No that is a plum tomato