Sidemen React To Jake Paul - Park South Freestyle


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    Sidemen React To Jake Paul - Park South Freestyle

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    1. Pixel Plates

      He probably thinks that he’s as good as juice WRLD at freestyles go on do a hour long stream of you flexing

    2. Bakkwood kidd

      Ion even like jake paul but that song was decent asf idk why jj nem actin like this.😂😂

    3. Majmun Bolesni

      How can Simon diss jake's hair when jj have worst hair

    4. Novanger

      the UK is just pissed that we won our independence, i mean let's be real here

    5. Isaiah Murillo

      It’s funny how CSI is jealous and thinks he got ghost writers when he don’t but csi is over here dropping actual trash!🗑🤮🤮

    6. luis castro

      He didn’t film it in the uk it’s called word play

    7. Zachary Starke

      i hate ksi

    8. tyga Blaze

      Jake is 50 million richer cause he sold his house

    9. Garrison Borel

      Ksi has a ego out of this world 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    10. tebo Sevilla

      Dam they hate

    11. Thunder Browns

      Why KSI so salty?

    12. Heltic

      3:10 "there's nothing amazing about it" I know for a fact he didnt notice any of the wordplays n bars 💀 💀. These man hatin for no reason 😭😭

      1. Heltic

        So youre telling me they didnt hate on the video? Lmao. Throughtout the video, they focused on things other than the music or what he was actually saying (besides the obvs things). The beat was the only thing he was probably saying was "alright" 💀. They just roasted irrelevant things that had nothin todo with the music 😂 I aint no Jake Paul fan but the music great (if he wrote it or not) but if this video is what music "react" is then wow 😭😭

      2. Forks

        Please tell me how him saying it is alright but nothing amazing about it is hatin


      Its safe too say dat ksi is Jake Paul's biggest hater

    14. AK๛ 11


    15. ph6ntm

      This song like getting drunk, you feeling it at first, then you throw up after finishing the bottle.

    16. AngelVlog

      Yooo KSI is acting like a hater

    17. Alan Jagiello

      UK doesn't have 'ends'.

    18. Rodrigo Arroyo

      8 out of ten

    19. Shawnjay Spence

      yall just hating bro

    20. Triston FPS X

      Uses Jake Paul name for clo clou -

    21. The Devstroyer

      How to fix this song Remove Music Video and only keep audio Replace Jake’s voice with legit anyone else Problem solved

    22. T2Emmy

      Jakes lyrics don’t make sense 1 minute he’s from Ohio next he’s taking about money then he’s taking about dropping out of school buying a bag like wtf ?

    23. Syxura

      The song is good you just don’t want to like it because jake Paul made it

    24. Eli sch

      What a fire 🔥🔥🔥 song

    25. Just Blitzin

      Funny because we all know he didnt write it like u went from everyday bro to this and expect people to think u wrote it

    26. Axell PereZ


    27. Markus Gardner

      Who the baddies though?

    28. Dont click on me

      I set this to my wake up ring tone so now i wake up before the alarm

    29. Punk

      please react to Logan Paul - 2020

    30. Aravind Tv

      Lets be real here.. Jp's music is kinda crap

    31. Spencer Browning

      I loved the comment jj made about jake moving like chip cos he was in a shell garage and a that shows jj knows the UK rap/grime secen even tho chip isn't comershal and for that I respect jj (sorry for my poor spelling)

      1. Spencer Browning


      2. Boxing Exclusive

        Wdym everyone knows who chip is. He’s popular in the uk

    32. CuellarSpams

      They just don’t like the song because they are uk, but this song fire on god

      1. bacon forprez

        jake has a ghostwriter

    33. Nafees Ahmed

      This trio is the best

    34. Sir serve Volley

      For some reason I think his producer is the ghostwriter he does every song for jake???? If this doesn’t age well welp shame on me lol

    35. Anime Detector

      this is the type of song i would listen to when I'm practicing on basketball

    36. Francisco Zavala

      Song is fire, people gotta put respect on this dude Jake fr. Best KGupr music I’m sorry

    37. A 1

      Jake's music is 🔥

      1. bacon forprez

        nice joke

    38. Ayaan Ahmed

      So fire 🔥

    39. KAI!

      surround jake around jakes

    40. Wh Y

      Jj get so mad when his boyfriend starts Vibing

    41. dom cusano

      If u think about it ,He’s actually dog shit

    42. siope felila

      Bunch of haters lol

      1. Big Behz Cr1tic

        Oh yeah yeah stfu

    43. Ikenna Atsuwete

      It's actually sad that Jake has to tell people to stream his song at the end

    44. Del0x

      The only thing i like about the song is the beat and thats all

      1. Beast Land

        Me too

    45. Abdullah Ice

      I love how they still made ksi feel well comfortable and supported.

    46. Theonly._queen

      Why ya always got his name in ya mouth

    47. Keith Persun

      at least logan isn’t this annoyinf

    48. Thicc Queso

      3:37 “ that’s not legal

    49. Random Fastard

      The song is bearable, it's just the fact that it Jake Paul. He is not cut out to rap. The only thing he suits is being bullied for being a twat

    50. Zack Barnes

      Jake paul is really embracing the look of "weird drug addicted uncle"

    51. ryan jones

      JJ jelous as fuck😂😂

      1. Big Behz Cr1tic

        Domain is the real shit

      2. shush

        6 year old jake fan can't even pronounce "jealous"

    52. Unbreakable8891

      Guys ar bumpimg to it - just watch😂😂😂

    53. SVDFVCE

      no one notice the ghost writer advertise his services midway through the verse? lol

    54. ThatOneDude579

      How is Jake Paul gonna call that a freestyle when he had someone write it for him!?!?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    55. TheSimpsons Guide

      It's so funny when KSI says that it's background music because in America nobody listens to KSI. Nobody even searches him up but Jake Paul is exceptional because he actually has a good flow. KSI sounds like he gotta take a mad dump and he can't so he talking shit on the mic. LMAO

    56. HR Nad

      This hits different on mute

    57. Gaming Xbox

      By the way guys I’m liking this video because it’s the sidemen reacting not because its Jake Paul I hate Jake Paul

    58. mucked

      bro the amount of auto tune

    59. Sebastian Gomez

      Lmao KSI sounds like a hater yo😂and we’ll this didn’t age well we saw Nate get put to slee

    60. Mr.Stranger Danger

      Jake paul's the type of kid to act like he's in a gang and acts black.

      1. Urmom 101

        And Jake never said he was in a gang so your chatting shit

      2. Urmom 101

        What’s acting black

    61. Justin Smilo

      Freestyle: exists Jake paul: exists Both combined: paidstyle, because it cant be free if he paid a ghost writer

    62. Nathan Lesage

      The double wide bandana ain't enough to cover the 5 head.

    63. Jye Radmussen

      Aye yo anyone else see my nigga in the background miss a shot from 12 feet out on the ring at 3:24

    64. Uncle Zoggs

      It makes jj mad that jakes good at rapping lol.

    65. ICON WRLD

      KSI 🤣 4:59

    66. xd daquan

      anybody feel sorry for that god damn pilot

    67. amaan usman

      “MaN WiLl GeT RuN OuT tHe EnDs” I hate jake obviously but why does ski act like he’s on road

      1. Jedi Mindtricks

        @amaan usman ur whole country soft asf mah niqq

      2. amaan usman

        @Jedi Mindtricks your a joke g

      3. Jedi Mindtricks

        @amaan usman y’all lot scaring no one bruh

      4. amaan usman

        @Jedi Mindtricks ah relax g about us hoods

      5. Jedi Mindtricks

        @Tanmay Bhatkar all y’all soft anyways couldn’t last out hoods In us bro much love to ksi mah niqqa

    68. Monica Vargas

      You know what you guys suck jake is a nice rapper you guys just don't know how to react i am not trying to be mean just saying.

    69. Davidtio

      Their reaction almost has more likes than the actual song

    70. Herman Sandhu

      The beat sounds like void's disstrack

    71. Eddie

      Jake 'black' Paul

    72. Isaac Vega

      Why he talking about hair transplant, ksi has a fucked up beared and a big ass forehead

    73. Janak Meighoo

      Simon and Toby: commenting on how it's decent JJ: *visible pain*

      1. Lucas Wiberg


      2. K.I.D Channel

        Exactly 😂

      3. SouthPaw

        JJ dont give a shit bruv

      4. Krypto warrior


    74. 12살에비디오머그보는사람ᄏ

      It’s a watermelon in a watermelon

    75. space_exotic0

      why everyone hating it’s a good freestyle

    76. James Hartley

      Not heard much of Jake Paul but from what I have heard, he just sounds like the biggest wanna be on the planet.. can’t decide if he is a ‘killer’ in boxing, a you tuber or a top rapper.. no wonder people think he’s a dick

    77. Xan Barba

      ksi is say that jake is not on the top 50 so if u go on spotifiy and go on to top 50 u cant see a ksi song

    78. EllieLouise18

      All Jake does is talk shit..he makes his money of living a life of lies😂

    79. Spot Strange

      ....I’m going to run for president -my campaign -get Jake Paul deported -_-

    80. Samuel H.

      It’s a good song it’s just... well... Jake Paul

    81. Sara Samuel

      pat benatar

    82. Cody Lane

      Ksi just mad bc jakes music is better

    83. Foxfire3242004 0

      They didn’t catch where he said “I ain’t never had a ghost unless it’s rolls”

      1. SCX Calak

        @RAKESH KUMAR BARMAN 20GSOB1010198 because he has got ghost writers. anyways the lyrics are all shit anyways

      2. RAKESH KUMAR BARMAN 20GSOB1010198

        @Effxcts how do you know

      3. Effxcts

        That's a bar but it's not true

    84. sandhir salhotra

      Bro Ksi f u...LMAO

    85. semo

      It's not a Freestyle when you're reading it fam

    86. Said Boss

      Not bad

    87. CaucasianMadman

      KSI is proper cringe the way he tries to act all road your a posh boy turn it in

    88. r1vers

      The song decent, the lyrics are aight, but if there a jake paul name, it just going worse than it should be

    89. AXON.

      *Imbnot a Jake Paul fan.....But ya'll have to admit KSI's Music sucks.....and jake's been stepping up his game*

    90. Kamran Ahmad

      I don’t like Jake Paul but compare to Jake’s Music, KSI music is garbage. Its Trash. Way worse than Jake Paul Songs

    91. Keven Boucher

      I slept a pssy boi in uk yall are victims hahahahaha

    92. Jack Morris

      “Could have bought a scholarship” Dude you don’t buy a scholarship the Uni/college give it you

    93. russell lobo

      Yoo finally this video is backk .. who all didn't see it ... Like here

    94. bbs540

      1:55 $3.39 a gallon? jesus christ... it's $1.89 here right now

    95. TwoTimesZach

      This is better then Ksi songs

    96. TwoTimesZach

      Songs fire y’all can’t change my mind lol

    97. Pedro Montoya

      Jake tryna sound black so bad

    98. Mothusi Tsima

      I ain't gon lie this track is kinda dope

    99. Jake Nugent

      I’m glad they didn’t bash this, this hits hard, respect to ksi tbh, I use to hate him and am coming around to him tbh, respect

    100. glizzymarcky

      This was some heat . Y’all think he’s that good bc you think he has “ghost writers”