A-Rig Tricks: Everything You Need To Know For Spring And Winter Bass Fishing


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    We all know A-Rigs catch big bass in Spring and Winter. But how do you build an Alabama Rig? Which heads work the best, which wire shapes last the longest, and which A-Rigs won't break when you need them most? Where should you fish with the rig and does that change in Spring and Winter? We've done all the hard work, let us show you exactly how we take an A-rig from the package to the mouth of a big bass!
    There is no question, the A-rig changed big bass fishing forever! Its not the end all, be all of big bass, but its a great tool and its here to stay. If the Alabama Rig continues to stump you, you're going to love this video! Matt takes two different styles of rig from package to complete build out, complete with the exact modifications the guys use. He also covers why each component is used, and even includes really detailed information on different wire bends to get the most out of your rigs.
    Once the building portion of the video is done he goes in-depth into where fish are position right now in Winter, and where they will be positioning as we enter the pre-spawn. All of the different components, baits, rigs, etc... are linked below. All of the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. Not all rigs are created equal, some are too stiff, some break too often, and some are near perfect. Here are our favorites...
    The Rigs...
    -Favorite Bladed Rig: HogFarmer BFL Flex: bit.ly/2WtLCVK
    -Favorite Non-Bladed Rig: HogFarmer Cali Crush: bit.ly/39Iuy1M
    -Budget Rig: Yum Flash Mob Jr: bit.ly/2bgDGNu
    Other Reliable Rigs...
    Bladed- G Funk Bladed Cali: bit.ly/2rZhST7
    Non-Bladed- G Funk Cali: bit.ly/2nD76fw
    Swimbait Heads...
    Heavy Wire- Matt Allen Swimbait Head: bit.ly/29RrTYN
    Light Wire- Tactical Finesse Swimbait Head: bit.ly/2Pqrq3n
    Best Size: 1/8 ounce
    Keepers- Owner CPS Springs (Medium): bit.ly/2b2YgDf
    Rings- Owner Hyperwire (Size 4): bit.ly/2v8ArBX
    -13 Fishing Churro (3.5): bit.ly/2LLeRA6
    Colors- Mojito, Blue Collar, Moonlight Clan
    -Keitech Fat Swing Impact: bit.ly/2ab7s8v
    Colors- Electric Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl
    Sizes: 3.8, 4.3, 4.8
    Best Tools...
    Split Ring Pliers- Texas Tackle Executive: bit.ly/2fT4Qw0
    Matt's A-Rig Combo...
    Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'5" Heavy: bit.ly/3aeQbYW
    **The Zodias Rod Can Be Backordered and should arrive soon**
    Reel- Shimano Curado 200K (HG): bit.ly/2tHewEh
    Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 65 lb Braid: bit.ly/2clBRiQ
    Leader- Sunline FC-100 Shock Leader 20 lb: bit.ly/2O4UElB
    Budget A-Rig Combo...
    Rod- Shimano SLX 7'5" Heavy: bit.ly/2L3wppO
    Reel- Shimano SLX XT (HG): bit.ly/2BRTYL8
    Line- Power Pro 65 lb Braid: bit.ly/2aFg46b
    Leader: Maxima Ultragreen 20 lb Mono: bit.ly/2ae97J9
    Want TacticalBassin Apparel?
    We have a variety of apparel items and custom lure designs available! Everything from hats, to hoodies, to crankbaits! Its all available direct through Tackle Warehouse with fast shipping. See it here...
    TacticalBassin Apparel and Lure Designs: bit.ly/38YpPIz
    Major Equipment We Use Daily...
    Trolling Motor- Minn Kota Ultrex 112: bit.ly/2vFQypW
    Electronics- Humminbird Solix 15: bit.ly/35HuPRY
    Anchors- Minn Kota Talons: bit.ly/2F0QBSP
    Net- Frabill Conservation PLD 2612: bit.ly/3kdZ3kA
    Camera- GoPro Hero 9: bit.ly/2KQ0VEI
    Favorite Tools and Gear…
    Favorite Storage Box: bit.ly/3kngvEG
    Favorite sunglasses: bit.ly/2glE3eN
    Favorite Pliers: bit.ly/2MpUBEr
    Favorite life jacket: bit.ly/2odXXIP
    Favorite Scale: bit.ly/2f7QgQ9
    Favorite Lure Retriever: bit.ly/2TLTJc6
    Favorite Braid Cutters: bit.ly/2JyvFJI
    Favorite Split Ring Pliers: bit.ly/2fT4Qw0
    If you plan to do any shopping, using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won't be able to even see a difference but they'll know you're one of us!
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    1. Brent Musgrove

      So now if I am hearing correctly only reason you need split rings is if your changing out the snaps correct, which I live in Maryland and unfortunately I won’t have to worry about a double digit bass 😂 or let’s say highly unlikely anyway ? Great stuff love your channel thank you

    2. Jonathan

      yeah check your state regulations.....I'm in NH and we are only allowed 'one bait with hooks' per lure. and they consider the A Rig an 'Apparatus' lmao! guess I'll never be able to play with these....

    3. Eric Mayeda

      In the background on your shelf I see what looks like a monstrous catfish. Can you tell us the story of that? I know this is all about the bass at tactical but I know you fish for anything that swims. Thanks for all that you and Tim do for the fishing community! Keep up the great work!

    4. John Shideler

      I live in a five hook state, but I use three hook A-Rigs. They track straighter, there are fewer hooks to foul up, and fish that get hooked are less likely to take a hook to the gills or eyes. They also store a bit easier. As always, great video!

    5. Bluezkat1

      Ever give the Picasso A-rigs a try? They have some decent offerings...

    6. FishinWithFritz

      Another great video!

    7. needabettername

      I just bought an A rig with hooks and swim baits on amazon...

    8. Stoney's Dead

      I really don't see why wouldn't just buy the G Funk rig and be done with it- since they cost about the same as a Hog Farmer flex rig anyway- and they already have all the right components on them. Do they flex like the flex rig when you work them? If so that's definitely the way I'm going- I hate messing with split rings and all that. I have bad eyes and my hand dexterity isn't what it used to be- just changing the hooks on a crank is a challenge for me now. Being old sux, don't recommend it- but the alternative is even worse I hear.

    9. LvkeAShoots

      hay guys ..... any help would be appreciated .... for clear water what's better, the one with or without blades?

      1. LvkeAShoots

        @TacticalBassin sorry last question I promise.... I see the hog farmer Cali has more than 5 wires..... Where would you recommend putting the hooks?

      2. TacticalBassin

        Clear water we typically go without blades.

    10. Cory Cross

      Can I get away with a 7’2 zodias heavy?

    11. Chad Williams

      How do you store your A-rigs?

    12. Jack Wright

      I live in Indiana and it three rigs only, we sometime get the five wire and put dumbies on two of them.

    13. Garrie Zahner

      How do you store your rig?

    14. Michael Lambert

      Could you add a link to those cutters you are using? They look to be a great option for keeping in the boat and tackle room.

    15. Anthony Muro

      Well time to sell my dobyns rod order my new Zodias rod 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏼

    16. derek mancini

      Great videos. Love the in depth information. I would find it very helpful if you could take a close up pic of what you are trying to show the camera. Maybe show the pic instead of just showing the camera. Thanks

    17. Anthony Reeder

      Do you guys think the Dobyns Fury 735 would handle a flash mob jr?

    18. Jose Marrero

      This seams like way more cheating that using fish finders lol

    19. 4Shore Fishing

      Amazing info as always thank you!

    20. Roger Baker

      Thank you guys for what you do for us. Love you guys

    21. Dave Phillips

      Too long just get to it bro

    22. Ryan Riebling

      I have a question about the rod. I currently throw my A rig on a rod rated up to 1 and 1/2 ounces, like the ones linked in the description, and I throw it with five 1/8 oz heads, but it feels like I’m overloading the rod. Should I try only using three swimbait heads and two dummy baits?

    23. Jim Lrf Fishing


    24. David Ruark

      What is your line set up when you are fishing that A-rig in mostly 3-6 fow? Great video! Thanks for the content!

    25. Wayne Thompson

      Super informational video as always Matt. You guys rock. I have to admit though the only thing that sucks is that when you guys do one of these TW sells out in like 30 seconds. Haha. I wasn't able to get the Hog Farmer, but picked up some of the Cali Rigs and am going to try and get some confidence.

    26. Maxx Cavanaugh

      Matt I love these videos from your new office. I would love to see a video of you just telling some stories about all that special stuff behind you. The baits, the old tackle box, the reel. Just an idea. Keep up the great content.

    27. David Derrick

      Hey Matt and Tim hope you are doing well. I got a little nervous when Matt went through that surgery thing for his cancer, glad to hear he is doing very well. I watch you guys every day that you post a new video and you have taught me so much. I also live here in Tennessee, I fish Cherokee lake a lot and also Norris. You guys are my absolute favorite two people to watch on KGup, I get excited when I see that there is new videos posted from you guys and I cannot wait to get home so that I can watch them. I was going to ask and see if there was anyway possible that you guys could possibly send me some tactical Bassin shirts, hoodies, or even just a hat. I would love to represent Your website because I come across a lot of anglers and exchange fishing stories with them. I don’t know if you can send me any shirts or hoodies but it would be my absolute dream come true if you guys could possibly send me even just a hat. If you’re looking to contact me you can reply here in these comments or send me an email at davidderrick640@gmailcom. Thank you guys so much for keeping us always up-to-date with the newest ways to fish and the new strategies to catch bass. I look forward to hearing from you guys soon. You guys have a great night. Get back to me whenever you can, I know you guys are always busy with fishing making new videos and spending time with your family and loved ones. Sincerely, David

    28. Wiggy

      Why don’t u use a swim bait rod?

    29. Raymond Padilla

      awesome videos matt i wanted to know if you are still guiding?🎣

    30. Richard Blake

      Really enjoyed the video even though I don't own and have never used an A-rig.

    31. Matt Millard Outdoors

      I need to learn the a rig a little more. I usually catch them really well on the jerkbait during that time but it’d be easier to cover water with the rig. I use a lot of your techniques in my own videos. Thank you guys

    32. farren hansen

      Got my rig tuned up matt style! headed out this morning fixing to find out!

    33. Brian Rock


    34. Ray Williams

      got a 9lb 2oz pre spawn in 2020 on a rig

    35. Tyler Ward

      Do you have a favorite non bladed 5 wire rig?

    36. jeljable

      Minnesota you can only have 1 hook. So this may be a little harder for us with so many dummy baits

    37. Charles Hamby

      Is the a rig a good lure when fishing from the bank?

    38. simplecircuit

      I've been watching your A-Rig vids since the first one. You should do one every single year. There are some many little details that are super helpful. Good luck fishing the late-winter - pre-spawn transition in TN this year. You're 100% right, it's like a light switch is thrown. One day it's late winter, next thing you know, it's post-spawn.

    39. Tanner Bradford

      I don’t have a boat so I’m stuck bank fishing and I can’t get a bite. I feel like there are no fish in the lake 😂 would you happen to have any advice to help get more bites while bank fishing!?

    40. Adam Hanna

      How would you rig it for a 2 hook state? (Nebraska)

    41. JBirdFishes

      Tim fist bumping you while youre in shock trying to stop his rod from loading weird and breaking 😂 think he thought you were fist bumping him lmao

    42. Xersrt A

      38:40 me when I catch a half pounder on a 20 dollar lure

    43. JB

      Hey Matt thanks for the great video once again every time I watch you guys I learn some Vital Information I was wondering if you guys had any tips or we're going to be doing any videos on kayak fishing specifically pitching and flipping from a kayak or using a walking bait drama kayak it's a lot easier to do those things when you're standing on the deck of a boat or on a dock or what not but do you guys have any tips for videos you can lead me to 4 doing those types of retrieves from a kayak a sit in one

    44. Steve Faber

      Matt, I live and fish in Texas. Is rigging a Hog Farmer BFL Flex with 5 hooks unadvisable?

    45. Andrew Wilborn

      Y’all should build them for us and sell.

    46. The DadBod Angler

      A much needed video! Thanks for the great content!

    47. Adam Butler

      Wish I could fish the A-Rig in New Hampshire. It's not legal at all. Not even 3 hooks. 🙁

    48. Joshua Tenenbaum

      do you guys ever throw a weedless A-rig ? i assume i'd just use keel-weighted swimbait hooks in place of the jig hooks - if that's the case, would you recommend the same power/action rod for a weedless presentation ?

    49. Matt Hoffman

      @tacticalbassin i have a strike king rig, the wires are up and down, left and right and one out the back. I can only use 3 hooks, should I rig the left right and the one in the back? If I put one one bottom the balance would be off right?

    50. BassGeek

      Good standard setups.

    51. larry villa

      The feeling when you snap your A Rig

    52. Matthew Held

      So I have a very relevant request related to winter time fishing; which no one talks about. Impersonality live not too far from dale hollow. A tremendous winter time fishery. I went out a month ago and had too pull the plug. Not because of bites, but due too conditions. Cold...hi 34 degrees. Winds blowing 12 mph. 100% overcast. I launched and it was 29. This was my first day ever winter fishing. I know winter. I spend a lot of time winter skiing and never feel cold. I have the best of best I ski clothing. But fishing not the same. Your not as physical as skiing. Never got got cold body wise, but My hands hurt. Could not get enough warmth. I have since done a major search for Winter time fishing gloves, footwear, etc. so I can be comfortable fishing in the winter. But I don’t know....what do you all do and use. Specifically. Gloves that have dexterity. Clothing that protects from wind and wicks moisture. Shoes/boots? Facial covering UV skin cancer and Wind burn protection. . What works. I want to fish winter time, but want to be protected from the elements.

    53. KAWI GREEN

      Great video, thank you! What knot do you use for line connection to the rig itself ??

    54. danham3344

      Perfect video for me! I am all rigged up on the HogFarmer and Cali Camo Rigs for my first day trying an A-Rig tomorrow and I need to double check my wires. I don’t think I gave enough attention to making sure they are bent identically. I realistically know there will be a learning curve but hopefully soon I will be posting some great fish with these rigs. Thanks again for all the amazing content!

    55. D Mar

      Thanks Matt, another amazing video-you guys dont need a discount code but a tactical bassin referral code. Also the echo in the room is all good, better than any one elses video (ps how the f does googan squad have a thing)

      1. Fishing With Spencie

        #millenials that's how lol. I was a big fan a few years ago but don't like their new content since they started selling baits. JonB makes some good full length movies when he is on his own though.

    56. Diane Morici

      what size line?

    57. Brian S.

      What is the cost comparison to modifying a yum vs. Ordering a hog farmer 5wire 5 blade from say tackle warehouse?

    58. Jiggyboi07

      I’ve got my rig dialed to work how i want with all the right hardware, but i still havent caught a fish on it. Im trying to learn those key areas to target in my kayak and this will definitely help

    59. Dean Lyons

      Ever use Shane’s Baits A-Rig? Great quality at a great price. They have slots that the wires slip into so you barely need to bend them at all

    60. Chandra Hyche

      Do you put a swivel at the head of the mean bait mean the rig itself

    61. Sandy Baner

      Once you have them all bent out properly, how do you store them when done fishing?

      1. marin keo

        I bought a binder/envelope from bass pro shop made for storing A rigs holds 2 or 3 small rigs

    62. Legion ZR

      Love the updated video! I watched the old one a while ago and then made up a yumbrella rig with the Matt Allen heads, owner split rings and screw locks and it’s awesome! These guys deserve so much more credit than they get! All of my bass fishing knowledge has come from these guys and personal experience!

    63. Jeff G

      best bass fishing channel anywhere! i have learned so much during this pandemic by watching EVERY SINGLE TB video ...thanks guys.

    64. P. K. Clark

      Great video. Do you tie directly to the tie in point on the main head? Or do you add a swivel and tie into that? Thanks!

    65. Lebron Estrada

      Matt, what are some good alternative swimbait head options for these rigs that I can go to the store and buy instead of waiting 2 weeks from Tackle Warehouse? You said our Lake it's still awesome to hear you say that. We will fish together.

    66. jeremiah newton

      Are you always fishing it braid to leader?

      1. John Coopes

        No use 20 lb FC to the rig

    67. Jonathan Thompson

      Is this mainly for boat guys? Not sure how to throw a-rigs from the bank?

    68. Troy Dunn

      now how do you store these crazy things

    69. Canadian Basserman

      Love the A-Rig!!! As always great info!!

    70. Xersrt A

      I just bought a new rod and bought 20lb line and my first a rig this video is perfectly timed

    71. Ra Lo

      Good stuff Matt! 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

    72. Timothy Thompson

      Matt, a pair of round nose pliers might be handy for spreading those wires out without kicking them. Plus you can use them to make steel leaders and inline spinners.

    73. Travis Bruno

      Great video...it definitely help

    74. Daniel Hedrick

      I'm only allowed 2 hooks... do you put hooks on the bottom two? You say lower and further back... bottom 2 are lowest, but middle wire is furthest back... I guess only option is bottom 2, otherwise it won't track right. Some states by me only allow 1... do you just do the middle one?

    75. Duncan Scamson

      How do you store this rig when you’re not fishing it?

    76. justin ellis

      So after upgrading to a fairly expensive A-rig, what knot are you using to secure it?

    77. Central Florida Bassin’

      Just wondering if my Dobyns fury swim bait rod would do a decent job throwing an a rig. I haven’t fished one yet

    78. Aidan Smit

      I live in a 4 hook province, if I’m running a 5 wire a rig should I run 4 hooks? Or would that make it run lopsided?

      1. Dexter SJ

        for the dummy hook just cut off the rest of the hook where its starts to bend. not much weight difference.

    79. Peter Lee

      Caught so many a rig fish using your techniques. Thanks a lot TB

    80. Jim Parton

      What pliers were you cutting the snaps off with?

      1. Jason Bruno

        I have the same question... I scrolled all the way down looking to see if someone already asked. The ones Matt is using are stronger than average side cutters...

      2. Shadow

        Any pair of diagonal cutters should work. Just go to the hardware store and get a cheap pair.

    81. Jared LaChance

      The new space looks awesome buddy! Great info as always man,thank you guys for the dedication and everything you and the family do,good luck to everyone this year!!

    82. Hawaiian Boy

      I leave my swivels on all the dummy baits.No matter the brand.Just don’t like timing the dummies on the CPS. Because if it’s not timed just right,it’ll throw the rig off too!No worries with swivels, they straiten out themselves!BTW,love the boat flip on that biggun!

    83. Lander Matyus

      Idaho allows for 5 as well


      Hey Matt, I live in Kansas and the A-rig regulations require a 2-hook rig. I know that you have always said that the middle and sides need to be hooked, however what do you suggest I do to ensure the weighting is consistent from side to side and to have the best chance of hooking a fish. I assume the straight, middle wire needs to have a hook, but I am unsure where to put the other hook to have the most success.

      1. Jeremy Callahan

        wondering the same thing myself - Iowa is 2-hook as well

    85. FishingTheSouthEast

      I loved watching Tim boat flip a 8lber lol

    86. Alex W. Outdoors

      Hi, what knot do you use for the line connection to the rig

    87. Dennis Turner

      i have a diawa tatula 300hs reel on a 7"11" heavy cashion crt rod for the A rigs.

    88. larry villa

      In a five hook state would you use tactical bassin.guppy heads for the top baits?

    89. Carlos Salazar

      Looks like jack black trying to rig the arig

    90. Anthony Rose

      Great video guys!

    91. Josh Keith

      I have watched several of the TB A rig videos from the last 2 years and I have to admit this was the MOST informative video so far. Great job Matt and thank you!

    92. patomilan88

      What fish is that in the background picture???

    93. Nickels317

      Crazy, didn't even know you guys posted this vid, I bought a whopper plopper 60 online, and took it back to the store myself today, because i wanted the whopper plopper 75, and while i was at dick's sporting goods picked up the same A-rig, can't wait to fish it. Keep the vid's coming, i'm always learning something new from you guy's.

    94. Ireland4517

      I am having issues with larger baits (A-rigs, some larger swimbaits or pike/muskie lures) snapping off when I throw them. Is this a knot issue, line issue, rod issue, casting issue or something else? Usually breaking off at the knot or close to it. Have tried a few different knots but obviously hate to see $25 lures sailing in the air to a watery grave. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

      1. Shadow

        If it's happening and the line that's doing it hasn't been changed or is from one bulk spool, get another, it might be a bad spool. On the otherhand, make sure you're tying good knots. Another thing to do is look at your guides, rub them with a q-tip, if the cotton fuzz catches you have a nick and that'll cut your line.

      2. William Reed

        Try a San Diego Jam Knot with two turns through the head eye.

    95. Juan Arellano

      Line size??

    96. Jinx the Cat


    97. TheJtaylor000


    98. Bryce Weaver

      What knot do you guys use to tie this?

    99. Korey D

      I'm officially ready to try an a rig. Thank you

    100. Danny South

      Do you guys ever put weighted weed less screw lock hooks on your rigs for around grass?