WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV


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    WENDY's 1st Mini Album "Like Water" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WENDY_LIKEWATER
    💧'When This Rain Stops' Live Video: kgup.info/get/paKifI_GkYuupos/video
    01 When This Rain Stops
    02 Like Water
    03 Why Can't You Love Me?
    04 초행길 (The Road)
    05 Best Friend (with SEULGI)
    WENDY Official
    #WENDY​ #웬디​ #Like_Water
    WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Sunshine Film

      Rose i can feel the pain can you Wendy i can feel the pain Please our vocalist

    2. nomin • meanie • mashikyu

      goddess wendy

    3. stream renjun fools cover


    4. Edwin Pastoral


    5. 김대권

      손승완♡김태연♡ 최애보컬

    6. Alexii justasking

      When this rain stops live is trending in my country

    7. jamaica lucban

      Still the best song for me! Congrats Seungwan!

    8. There Sia

      So I heard the people call us little mermaid? Owh nice one ^^ Ok little mermaid, just keep swimming, keep swimming ~

      1. Wendy For life

        Keep swimming~~

    9. Ceyda

      Wendy her şeyinle çok güzelsin

    10. Grace Danseur

      Still trending here in the Philippines! Hello mga Pinoy ReveLuvs!

    11. 아무개

      웬디야 노래 좋다..


      suaranya mbak wendy bagus banget

    13. Ngọc Linh Nguyễn

      Rót mật vào tai

    14. Babie chezka Molina

      The title of the song reminds me when she said SM water taste like water 😭

    15. Elizabeth Mayo

      to people who doesn't like this probably the type of people who just simply listen to music bc of its beat or how they were conditioned that it's from a famous artist/s. this song, actually her five songs in the album reminds us why music were invented. not only to have something to enjoy but much deeper than that--to help people heal.

    16. There Sia

      My day is full of you

    17. •V ɪs for VICTORY!•

      I'm still glad, I'd comeback to this song too many times. I lovr you WENDY!

    18. Kay

      SSWSupport Team is gonna have to wait a while to release that 9M post pic 🥴💀

    19. Sean Ibobby

      Go streaming

    20. Barleria

      Ended IU life


        *uhmm it just takes one sec to keep the phone and use the bathroom*

    21. Ivo

      Im watching the MV again :)))

    22. pessimissimo


    23. pessimissimo


    24. yaxin Z

      love this song, LOVE WENDY!

    25. Edit King

      I can sleep hearing this song it is soo calm to hear I sware

    26. Andhita Prameswari

      Reveluv indo mana suaranyaa?

      1. Wendy For life


    27. young n rich

      My luv is like wotaaa

    28. Rosé is love

      As I hear this song, I imagine myself on the hill with sunshine

    29. young n rich


    30. yedamie wae ;-;


    31. Aennie

      Aside from this MV im so obsessed of her voice 🤧💖

    32. 김하린


    33. Zhuldyz Zhexenbinova


    34. Rashida Khan

      SM water taste LIKE WATER

    35. Blink Reveluvies

      Heal me with your voice , wendyyyy!!!!!!

    36. kndeye

      how is ur love like water I'm genuinely curious

      1. Up 24

        you should try fasting then you WILL know

      2. K Musume

        We need water to live.

      3. Darwati

        We can't live without water, same like we can't live without love.

    37. Çok yaşa EXO 3

      Eğer nasibinde yoksa, dua etmeye bile üşenirmiş insan... ~

    38. Saputra Ilham


    39. em joh

      Hwaiting luvies, let's do this for Wendy

    40. bogartwimp

      i think i already heard this song and blackpink rosé's otg back then, i think i heard it with the title *'song of the year'*

      1. bogartwimp

        jk but srsly guys, this is a masterpiece

    41. Çok yaşa EXO 3

      Artık demir almak günü gelmişse zamandan, Meçhule giden bir gemi kalkar bu limandan.

    42. Camille Bautista

      I’ve been listening to this song I repeated listening to this coz it’s so soothing and her voice is angelic. I love her damn those blue eyes she look like a foreigner !!!! 💖💖💖

    43. Çok yaşa EXO 3

      Açılmamış kanatların büyüklüğü bilinmez.

    44. baebyshoney

      8,154,294 04/12/21 170

    45. spidey

      wendy providing free therapy thank u queen!

    46. Angelo Tuppil

      I just love the comments here , full of positive feedback.

    47. Jo Marie

      This deserves to have 50M views :

    48. Mochi Bear

      Romanized:] Nae eokkaee gidae Nuneul gamado dwae Haetsareun ne nunsseobe Naeryeoanjatgo Yeah Gipeun jami deureodo Natseon gonggiga nal kkaewo Urin daeum yeogeseo Deudieo boge doel geoya Mannage doel geoya Kkumeseocheoreom geurim gata Gajang areumdaun sesangeun My love is like water Ne apeun goseul chaeuneun Paein sangcheodeureul gamssago Kkok anajwo Neol dasi ireonage hae I need you to hold me Jeonghaejyeoisseo urin Seoro deo chaewojugo todangnyeo Neol natge hae Like water water Nal saraitge hae Yeah Neoraneun uimi I know And I just wanna thank you for Believing in me Buseojineun deut morachyeodo Padon eoneusae badaui pumeuro I girui kkeuchiran unmyeongcheoreom Modu nege heureugo isseo I want you to love me Ne apeum nado neukkyeojyeo Puk paein sangcheodeureul gamssago Anajulge Neol dasi ireonage hae I need you to hold me Jeonghaejyeoisseo urin Seoro deo chaewojugo todangnyeo Neol natge hae Always like water Neon nareul bichune Like you're water to me Nega nun tteul ttaejjeumen Da gwaenchaneul geoya

      1. pessimissimo

        Thank you!

      2. Tasha Anindya Syafa

        thank youuuu

    49. Fawaqisy 000

      why you're coming here if you don't like this song?

      1. Wan Swanme

        I think That is what Stupid do

      2. salsa Bel

        Ikr, thank them for the views tho

      3. There Sia

        They were curious about what talent and skill be like ^^

    50. 03 Ahillah Cahirani

      8,152,050 Fighting luviess!!!! Go to 10M

      1. Tasha Anindya Syafa


    51. El queso de tu empaguesa

    52. baebyshoney

      8,150,767 04/12/21 169

    53. mik Nor

      I'm crying so hard

    54. Cherise Frances Asada

      This deserve to be one of the OST in a drama❤️❤️❤️

    55. Bella Tania

      Adeknya Taeyeon, suaranya 11 12

    56. Simon Godbout

      SM needs to stop giving korean blue eyes lens, it's scary

      1. Darwati

        She's pretty for me tho

    57. Jessica Jauregui

      hello love of my life i'm here again i've seen this mv more than i've socialized w my family this week and we literally live in the same roof lol

    58. There Sia

      Never get bored

    59. î âm jûst â fâñ

      Soo pure

    60. em joh


    61. 토토

      노래 너무 좋아.......ㅜㅜ

    62. annraayaa `

      semangatt luviessss

    63. MADAR ZON

      Listen to wendy when u drawing

    64. MADAR ZON

      She's unbelievable her voice is healing

    65. Wendy For life


    66. Camila Lins


    67. Galon Blung

      Gass tros

    68. Doni A

      This sucks

      1. Fawaqisy 000

        are u having a bad day or what

      2. Wan Swanme

        @Doni A no, I don't understand your personality keep replying to add the comments

      3. Doni A

        @Wan Swanme Because you're not a native english speaker, am I wrong ?

      4. Up 24

        @Doni A omfg i feel embarassed because of you that's how much embarassing you are rn lmao stop replying when you out of words and please learn how to spell some more pffft

      5. Wan Swanme

        @Doni A I don't understand you

    69. Nisa Güler

      Sarki cok güzel klip de

    70. Charm Lady

      Happpy 8 Million views our prettty singer 😫❤️🤩

    71. Marina leffy

      This song is so precious to Luvies. If you don't like it, why you going here? Red Velvet should sing *Shot another haters down* next comeback

    72. Nisa Güler

      Exol olarak burdaym

    73. niamo arweu

      Ended rose

    74. baebyshoney

      8,141,715 04/12/21 168

    75. nad

      she so pretty :)

    76. Ricky Liu

      Leader, the best washer brand in the world. 전세계 제일 잘나간 세탁기 브랜드.

    77. Metta Dhamma Dinna

      I really felt in love with this song

    78. chim chim

      Kimse luvies kadar tembel olamaz

    79. chim chim

      Kimse yok dimi kendi başıma stre@m kasıyorum ben

      1. chim chim

        @Nisa Güler ;(

      2. Nisa Güler

        yaa :(

    80. SHAWOL xi

      Producer and singer both 👍👍

    81. Spring Bliss

      Wendy, you are my happiness :))

    82. em joh

      Let's reach 10m luvies

    83. em joh

      Love you so much Wendy

    84. Daisy Minnie

      shawols supports wendy and her angelic voice

      1. Daisy Minnie

        please reveluvs are so sweet :') thank you for being so kind ily'all mwah

      2. Red Dress

        Thanks you. lets stream Atlantis too

      3. There Sia

        Thank yoi so much, your Idol also have an amazing talent

      4. karin ss

        Thank you

      5. em joh

        thank you

    85. Rashmi Magar

      I need you to hold me😥💙

    86. sochifatus salisa

      Wendy like angel

    87. Dimas Kurniawan

      Keren bgt Wendi Cagur ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. karin ss

        Beda servernya

    88. Momo Tzuyu

      I am ONCE,but I love her vocal and visual. I like this song.

      1. There Sia

        Thank you! Enjoy the music

      2. Wendy For life

        Hello! Thankyou for coming:)

    89. Irini myeon

      Currently 10 on Trending in Malaysia

    90. Christine Esposo


      1. Wendy For life


    91. nomin • meanie • mashikyu

      8,134,180 views 896,471 likes

    92. Zahwa Aulia


    93. Cris_ Baristo

      This is masterpiece!!!!!!!

    94. baebyshoney

      8,134,180 04/12/21 167

    95. Min Yoongi

      Wendy my queen

    96. valentino 14

      ╰(*°▽°*)╯WENDY ╰(*°▽°*)╯

    97. EXO Suho Lay

      My soul has been blessed after listening to this song.

    98. camille cabalza

      I can feel the sincerity of the song, I love the way she sings, so pure and true, fighting Wendy unnie, I believe in you!

    99. gvosepuff

      4:13 My favourite scene so far it's just so° ` a e s t h e t i c `

    100. sara loves

      Towards 10 million!!!!