(Movie) The Diary Of A Street Fighter Starring UFC's Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal

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    Follow MMA star Jorge Masvidal on his journey to become 'The Baddest MotherF**ker' in the UFC as he documents his journey from Kimbo Slice's Backyard scraps with Ray, to his Madison Square Garden main event with Nate Diaz.
    Produced By Genghis Con Films
    Filmed By:
    Isaac Kesington
    Daniela Roger
    Niviana Campos
    Edited By: Isaac Kesington

    Soundtrack: kgup.info/must/gdHmnWiJ_pClYQpzyn6bgA.html
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    1. Fco Flores

      La neta, ni sabia quien era este luchador pero ahora soy su fan.

    2. Angelo Luciani

      Jorge you need to get back into thos condition, the way you performed.after that competition i truly believe you would have beat USEMAN. I get you work out everyday. But you could see you last fight you were not in this peak condition I hope you get back into.this peak physical & mental condition you will be champ if & when you do. You got this my G!!!

    3. 14TruLuv

      Well this was fucking awesome.

    4. Andreas Georgoglou

      Connor mcgregor and Masvidal are the most exciting fighters to watch when you put it all together personality star power raw talent when they fight You can feel the electricity in the air

    5. Kev o

      I like masvidal but damn that ko was legacy ending

    6. D B

      My favorite UFC fighter ❤️💪 Jorge Masvidal . Greetings from Poland🇵🇱

    7. Chase Dunn

      Cuban style music is the bomb 💣

    8. SargentGimpy02

      Nate Diaz-.....“He ain’t no wethcoast gangther!!”😭💀0:50


      Suck it because because biscuits

    10. lunatiC1337 xx

      whos here after usman whooped his ass and send him to askren into the shadow realm???

    11. The Codfather

      Streets of Rage 👌🏽 35:40

    12. RPK _Ninja

      I watched this whole thing and its over a year later

      1. William Rathbun

        I watch this every other day tbh. Crazy that it’s been almost 2 years since it came out😳

    13. Projects 31

      U Fucken bum blew two championship fights. Sleep tight. U super weak

    14. Legend 27

      Had to come back after the devastating loss. You the BMF Jorge.

    15. Justin Horton

      How many UFC fighters started like Jorge Masvidal on the streets bro?! He's born for fighting. It just come natural. You just love it and it's pure passion. I watched these old street videos of Masvidal and Limbo so many years ago. I came across Jorge in Kimbos street videos before I seen him in UFC. Loved his fighting right from the streets.

    16. Robert Langley

      Sadly the kimbo day's are over & the once hungry eyed 👑 is now what seems to be a shadow of his former self. Cash created comfort and that mindset is a fighters worst enemy. All i see is a self made fighter turned diva who can still beat the breaks off a bitch but nolonger has the I'd rather be dead then live like this attitude.

    17. Nick Hurd

      Bad timing

    18. Guillermo Zelis

      Jorge masvidal por siempre en nuestros corazones!! Fuerza gamebred los verdaderos campeones se levantan una y mil veces.Kamaru usman jamas tendrás la gloria de Jorge ni con diez cinturones!!cuando todo pase serás una estadística en un ranking un triste y aburrido campeón. Jorge gamebred masvidal the best!!!!

    19. Chris Castillo

      I'm a fanboy of this dude. Post Usman fight, he got caught but he kept up with him had the escape to avoid any complications with Usmans jujitsu and that's the beauty of this sport. It can go either way.

    20. Rais Muhammad


    21. Benni Gorgeous

      Welp... this shows potential just plummeted #261

    22. Malith ishara

      Love you man Jorge I’m your fan from srilanka congratulations for your future ❤️✌🏼

    23. highrev92

      22:55 he didn't know my boys chin off though. Who's here after Jorge lost to usman via knockout? I wish for a speedy recovery of your pride man.


      I'd love to see Masvidal Vs McGregor

    25. Michael Navarro

      Came back even after the masvidal vs Usman 2. Will always be supporting for my boy Gamebred💯💯👊🏽🔥

    26. Rocky Lopez

      Took a map nap april 24th 2021. 💩👊💥💀💤

    27. mike maestretti

      Damn he used to look just like Anthony pettis

    28. Josue Rod.

      Jorge estas duro bro saludos desde miami eres leyenda aqui asere

    29. Detox _

      Now I know I can’t beat you in a fight...but handball!!!!

    30. Nugglife 303

      Dude walking around with that fake belt is fucking hilarious! First of all... It's not gold. Second, street Judas doesn't even put it on the line because he knows that's the only belt he'll ever get. Usman knocked your punk ass out boy. You ain't "BMF" when you're soft AF bro. Journeyman at best.

      1. KingNooblé

        @TahaHassanXT hey man.... Nugglife 303....

      2. TahaHassanXT

        Lmao whyy? whyyyyy u said this on his video 😂😂😂

      3. KingNooblé

        Nugglife 303... That's all that needs to be said

      4. Gypsy King

        Why you so mad for bro who hurt you😔

    31. No Passenger

      I’m sure this seemed super necessary now

    32. bokoter

      Post Malone

    33. SWS-Vlogs

      Hey Street Bumb, after your 15th loss tonight. Man up and fight Leon Edwards!

      1. SWS-Vlogs

        @KingNooblé It's his Channel u IDIOT, my msg is Directly to the Street-Bumb. You just happen to be on the way

      2. KingNooblé

        @SWS-Vlogs if your calling me masvidal then thanks it's an honor I wish I was. I'd be 3 times the man you are

      3. SWS-Vlogs

        @KingNooblé Haha, As Predicted. Now Man up and get your 16th Baptism from Leon Edwards in a Fair fight, you Street Bumb!

      4. KingNooblé

        He already beat his ass in the streets, who tf are you to tell him who to fight?

    34. Никита Брагинцев

      When will there be Russian subtitles for fans from Russia Фаны из России тоже хотят смотреть видосы

    35. Sanele Mapoi

      Masvidal looks like Rollo Ragnars brother from ViKings #smile... his new nickname is Rollo

    36. soakedbearrd

      You can tell Jorge takes care of his team.

    37. Ricky Boniconti

      Salute dude......

    38. sooi meeus

      I put this on everyday while i'm training , all of your documentaries are legit fire !

    39. SCRUB LORD

      i liked this guy.... now i LOVE HIM...what a beast... if i had a MILLION to put on this next fight... I would put it on him... THE BADGUY all the way...LUCK in BATTLE homeslice

    40. Jose lagunas

      vamos jorge.. el sabado el campeonato es tuyo.. 100% masvidal...

    41. Mastro Ri

      Numero 1,grande atleta,grande personalità,grande carisma,il resto sono tutti pagliacci

    42. Mmmcavoy

      That's what I love about Masvidal. If he don't like you, he's gonna dog you with the worst insults he can muster up. If he's cool with you though, he'll praise you with the highest admiration and acclamation. He's probably one of the best complimenters ever. That kind of energy gets reciprocated and builds up everyone around him.

      1. TahaHassanXT

        weird comment but yea i like masvidal too.

      2. Final Boss 2

        Weird comment but yeah I like Masvidal too.

    43. Aleksa Stajsic

      That song at 1 hour mark is dope, whats the name of it?

    44. Jamie t

      Hit us for a game then all miss. 😂👌👍

    45. T Stix

      GOOD luck next week! this fight is under the radar right now!

    46. emmanuel villalba

      Al fin subtitulado al Español 🙏son un Jorge masvidal te admiro mucho saludos de 🇦🇷👏💪🇦🇷

    47. Andres Pages Zamora

      buenisimo el documental familiaaa, Pura Vida desde Costa Ricaa Jorgee, cual es la canción a las 55 min, whtas the song at 55 min

    48. Veuxx

      1:09:37 Do you know the definition of insanity?

      1. TahaHassanXT

        reminds me of farcry 3

    49. eddie gonzalez

      No more playing around primo april 24. Get it dawg. Go back to your roots. You got this

    50. Poker Lives Matter

      I’m taking a shit rn

    51. Texan Football Houston

      Only dude I know that can take fight in a few days man anit going to lie. Yr crazy dude. Great fighter. Hey 👋 saying hi to u man. U anit the only one that drop someone one move tho 😴🤔. A few guys 🫀

    52. BasedGuilherme

      song at 13:40 please!!

    53. IAM present

      I haven't even finished watching this yet, but I have watched numerous interviews with Jorge because I am always interested to see what drives Individuals to become great- especially those who have faced true adversity. Jorge, man, you are an inspiration. The way that you are who you are without pretences, unapologetically you?- that is admirable. Keep shining bro and winning in life because you've EARNED it.🙏

    54. tdchewy

      somewhere in the middle it turns into a stupid handball documentary. thats where you lose me. it was good until then

    55. Sleepy s0elevend

      so today i found out That skinny dude with the buns that fight in kimbo fight video is MASVIDAL. Daaayuuuumm

    56. Enrique Ruiz

      Usman is about to destroy you

    57. Burnzy Boy

      The way the rock respects people and pictures even though he is the star shows why the rock for president 2024 is happening!

    58. Tommy Sayavong

      Jorge Masvidal really shows if you love doing something with a passion and put all your blood, sweat and tears into it... you can make anything happen in life.

      1. Raul Hernandez

        Say that again brother

    59. JB

      Jake Paul lover fook ooffffff!

    60. Giuseppe Campese

      The Cuban Jesus

    61. Brian Nava

      song at 13:36 ?

    62. Wade Stilwell

      Man this video got more commercials than fucking cable but other than that great video

    63. Lebron James

      Yo man said he thought Nate Diaz won the second? Did you see Nate's face 👀

    64. Jerry Rosales

      BMF gonna knock usman out when they run it back 💪🏽real dog 💯

    65. oddball79 square

      Who remembers Miami Vice Jorge Masvidal would be fantastic cast in a remake as James Crockett..... Top video Masvidal is a great subject, Had to check his age as i watched those back yard brawl video's back in the day on youtube he is 36 years old

    66. Racked Up Bubba

      Bro, I have been watching you and supporting you since you fought Rey the 1st time and I showed that video to everyone of my friends. It seems like it was 2009 or something when I watched that video the 1st time.

    67. Joe Mc

      Big up the guy cleaning your pool

    68. Juan Lopez

      The happy sea behaviorally nest because wrecker traditionally reproduce out a unable opinion. makeshift, colossal ceramic

    69. Brandon Heston

      He got lucky with Ben

    70. Big Bird nap44

      Everyone at my school in 7th grade whenever someone would get stomped in anything from fighting, basketball, talking trash, whatever it was we all would scream “GET UP RAY!” Lmfao 🤣

    71. Jose Davila

      MSGguy calls him Nate lmao @1:39

    72. LevaN JoLL

      I was watching you since street fight but i didn’t know that was you bro now i know

    73. LevaN JoLL

      Khabib and masvidal will be bad ass fight who agrees press like

    74. Leigh Garfield

      Whata humble human being ... God bless

    75. Sergio Julio

      My respects to any man that's not afraid or ashamed to say he's felt fear. Masdival hides nothing and is real as they come & then some. Don't ever change cabrθn.

      1. Sergio Julio

        @Nigel Kent Yes every man feals it, but then there's those that claim not to. Another person that gots my respect is GSP. Have you seen an interview where hes asked, "what do u do before the fight, stretch, warm up etc" He says, "I throw up" out of fear for him and his opponent. Anything can happen... Very humble human being.

      2. Nigel Kent

        I think every man feels fear if you don't then theres something wrong upstairs fear is what you make it either run away or stand and fight it's a pity if you have problems with people in England and you thrash them they get the police even if they started it

    76. Sunil Mahato

      You have to beat khabib because you're the best

    77. LeRoyDuke III

      7:20- Got Eeeeem!!😂😂

    78. Novella Lesli

      The smiling mandolin consequently prefer because waiter globally scare save a capricious cough. useful, feeble feigned antarctica

    79. Matt Isenberger

      Really.......man you folks need help....

    80. Laura Pardoe

      This man is mad sexy

    81. David David

      To see jorge do all the things he swore be never would make me sick. Sellout

    82. Real Earl

      An absolute beautiful fighting mind. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    83. Tezix

      seeing the jorge in the kimbo backyard,,,, i really feel like i seen that fight when i use to love watchin kimbo when i was 12 or 13!!! fucking crazy\

    84. Nariko Sellards

      The real twine distinctly snow because hemp happily test of a cheap garage. damp, orange month

    85. E Pang

      The equable coat hemodynamically challenge because jogging semiannually lie minus a orange word. drab, aloof trick

    86. Marcin Majkowski

      What is this song? 22:00 - 25:05

    87. Sanjin Piskić

      Masvidal ❤️🇭🇷

    88. E Pang

      The violent eagle sicily rain because scarecrow revealingly knit excluding a modern drug. deafening, male alphabet

    89. Thomas Kerr

      Masvidal life quote, if im eating WE all EAT.

    90. Mikey92

      Was super interested in this till I saw the mid rolls fuck this shit every UFC video crammed with betting adverts

    91. Alexander Sig

      Another rich airhead who wear a Tio Nobel hat and think is cool haha

    92. Anthony Perez

      Jorge masvidal is the ryu of ufc

    93. Kanun Charhi

      Usman destroyed your face, you shitty racist

    94. NubzoR Prod

      Masvidal is MVP !

    95. Drewdog

      Guy lost my respect after Jake Paul Facetimed him to fight his battles. What an asshole.

      1. xDrip x

        I could care less who he trains/ hangs out with. Masvidal is still a respectable man who isn’t a total dick. He just inspires me to not let people step all over me and to actually stand up for myself . Respect your opinion tho.

    96. Jiggy Russell

      Let's be honest, a gave up watching this after the 3rd ad pmsll there one ever 2mins fs

    97. The Ronin

      Why didn't that other guy go into mma etc?

    98. Brandon Ray

      Im a huge fan of Jorge Masvidal, saying that Im 25 mins in and have watched 15 advertisements the vids hour and forty mins long but if i was to watch everything it would take 3hrs. Much love Jorge I wish you all the best in the world and cant wait till your next fight. Sorry I couldnt finish it all but im sure that its epic.

    99. Ibrahim Gulzar

      Who wants khabib vs masvidal

    100. Jason cartwrought

      BMF belt = cant win real belt?