Planting Soybeans With A Floater....#Stuckkkk

Larson Farms

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    Chet uses the sulfured on a very wet field.
    Amy picks Chet up and has a chat.
    New Segment called "Dinner Time With Dougo"
    Broadcasting beans with the terragator.
    The Big Swede pulls a dougo with the terragator.
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    1. The Farmer's Life

      We've flown double crop soybeans onto wheat a couple times and it was almost scary how well it worked. Rain right after helps for sure.

    2. Jon Terwilliger

      What the Snapchat

    3. antonio martines

      The tenuous bird prudently educate because car cumulatively listen midst a rambunctious steel. typical, sturdy drum

    4. Ruben Roybal

      I think a dinner with dougo segment would be awesome. You two could talk about farm issues and ideas.

    5. ikashibimauler

      Why not just plant with the quad track since it is the least prone to get stuck?

    6. John Turner

      Were are the sea gulls coming from

    7. Just Things

      B D S any meal in between means you are not busy. But you are allowed that bowl of cereal after you shower and are watching the news at 10 PM. LOL!

    8. onefixitman

      Breakfast, Dinner and supper.

    9. onefixitman

      What in world is P P? I am like a farming dummy so these acronymns are no good for me and I can not spell acronymonos.

    10. Exotic Tones

      Breakfast lunch n dinner or supper.

    11. Tom Hess

      Enjoyable video. Everyone is so relaxed and positive.

    12. Arlo Dewald

      Back in the late sixty, early seventy me were using a two and half inch nylon rope, save a lot of time.

    13. Arlo Dewald

      When a farmer tries to tell city folks about eating on the farm in the spring threw fall, eating five times a day ending with Supper 🍽 . They generally ask what's Supper ? Tell them breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch , Than Supper ,and something for dessert 🍨😋

    14. James Bushman

      I'm with Dougo on how much you should eat.

    15. Ted B.

      That's what my central Minnesotan Grandmother would call "...a bit of lunch", the main meal of the day. Dinner vs. Lunch, and Supper vs. Dinner is very regional My Dad grew-up less than 100-miles from Chet and Dougo in the 1930s and 40s, yet it's Lunch and Dinner in our family. "Supper" was a social event at the Church or the Legion Hall.

    16. Smooch Mcguire

      Great video thanks

    17. Dean Zinter

      There are only two days a week for a farmer, light day and dark day, when dark day comes you think about all the things you didn’t get done during light day!

    18. vidsbyme

      Am I thinking wrong? Why invest time, product and machinery into a field that is not productive every year? Wouldn't it be better to get rid of the field?

    19. Kuemmerling Enthusiast

      Brinner, that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one.

    20. Miss Sunny

      I needed a Larson Farm fix, so I'm watching this and cracking up over the explanation of breakfast/lunch/dinner/lunch/supper/lunch or snack. We moved to Minnesota in 1991 and I was totally confused by all that..and the cold.

    21. Jd Nisly

      Finally someone knows what dinner and supper are.😀👍

    22. Rick Lapoma

      but i do not bragg

    23. Rick Lapoma

      not many can walk in my shoes

    24. Rick Lapoma

      thats y

    25. Rick Lapoma

      we do not like to bury people

    26. Rick Lapoma

      cause i said so

    27. Rick Lapoma

      and cody thinks he is a hot shot stop in his tracks

    28. Rick Lapoma

      my family my rules but mom is in charge like it or not

    29. Rick Lapoma

      they live down south

    30. Rick Lapoma

      we all team here no show boats up here

    31. Deplorable Libertarian

      9:50ish...talking about all the meals they eat during the day is absolutely insane. These people are probably eating 5 to 6 meals a day, that’s gotta be 500 bucks a week at least.

    32. marlo wollman


    33. Gina Ward

      In all seriousness, I believe that "Dinner Time With Dad" would draw a great deal of attention. Good idea and a opportunity to set the stage for serious issues facing agriculture today.

    34. Jeremy Cherny

      Dougo grew up how my dad grew up. My mom was not interested in cooking 6 times a day lol

    35. adven ture

      So fun to see just casual food time chat with no restrictions. Really nice to see just everyday farm life !!

    36. James Kurtz

      Wats your snap chat name

    37. Erwin Bateman

      Amen to dinner at noon and supper at supper time.

    38. farm.central. ohio

      Looking at the description, it's spelled Salford.

    39. SOU6900

      Turbo whine on that tractor at the beginning set my dogs off. 😆

    40. Dan Holt

      Really Like your program big trucks big tractors big farm, huge maintance.Good luck on your season Hope that one tractor is under warranty

    41. Casey Johnson

      This is how many times he said Jeapers 🔻

    42. caper2x

      Farmers invented second breakfast? :)

    43. 10rcoleman

      What is the name of the oakleys you wear chet?

    44. Funk Farms

      The Seinfeld reference 😂

    45. Irvin Wittmeier


    46. David Smith

      I hope everyone of a certain age got the Seinfeld reference. No soup for you!

    47. Michael

      So much for a floater, I thought that they float. Lol lol

    48. Hunt Gaming/Productions

      arent flaoters suppsoed to float?

    49. Seán O'Nilbud

      1:12 There's got to be some kind of Irish connection, that Jaysus was spot on.

      1. john Mc Grath

        Thought it was Colm Meaney for a second.

    50. Clinton Emmert

      Breakfast, Dinner, Supper. That’s what it was called when I was growing up.

    51. Gary Jones

      Hahaha I got stuck late night when we were cutting corn I had a full load double trailers grossing about 120,000 lbs the manager hooked the cattle bumper on the Pete snatched it with a quad tractor and I had never seen a three hundred lbs of steel fly in the air ripped it right off that Pete I never moved an inch all I could do was pee myself laughing and when I worked for CHS fertilizer spreading with a floater we buried it had a cat trackhoe dig it out and drag it and a big ole 8 tire tractor hooked to the cat to pull the floater out I wish I could send you some videos man I don’t know if you except videos from people or not???

    52. The Boss 3303

      Bruh why do you guys have so much chrome on your trucks 😂

    53. ImpsMyPimp

      That was impressive, right in front of you

    54. Jeremy Moreside

      Such a dinky cultivator. We pull a 40' with our 300hp Case 4490. We also use our 3 18' massey 360 discers in piggyback to til break headlands

    55. John Lorenz

      I drove an 8103 (liquid) for 5 years. Have been stuck more than I'm willing to admit!

    56. Jack Ryan

      All good people

    57. MrGjc310148

      thanks man gnz

    58. Keith Olson

      That’s a case of beer !!!!

    59. Peter Millet

      Your parents are amazing

    60. Tyler Hughes

      Did someone else notice the gun stock in the truck when they saw him get stuck?

    61. Toby and James Goldsmith

      Literally got stuck in front of your eyes

    62. Ronald Piper

      That big red quad trac is it true 4x4 or will one side spin or can it be set all 4 tracks posi be set for slick areas?

    63. Billy Smith

      Dougo the snacker. Join the club bud!!

    64. Welcome to My Journey!!!

      Just curious im not a farmer but i here you refer to pp land what does that mean?

    65. claes mansson

      Isnt it possible to drive lighter planter where soil isnt dry enough?

    66. butch bunde

      What is a Dougo? I am new to this channel but enjoying it. I of from MN too

      1. Larson Farms

        Getting stuff stuck.

    67. onedeadindian

      Tell'em Dougo it's Dinner!!! #writeitdown

    68. mfanwe Likeit

      Brekky, morning tea/smoko, lunch, afternoon tea/smoko, tea/dinner. Guess which country I’m from ☺️😂

    69. dbmail545

      Don't see many fat farmers XD

    70. Kristy Staats

      Your mother is sweet lady

    71. Barry Cooke

      Why don`t just Plough the Field to break it all up, as we do over here in the UK it would be easier.

    72. Peter Chapman

      In England in Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, and Supper that is up north down south it different. But Northerners are right.

    73. plumberone1

      I haven’t been on a farm since 1968. What is PP? Great content. Educational and fun!

    74. edward toner

      A mask would help the lungs ..

    75. David Thurmond

      I seen ur mom on there so I didn't want to say any thing bad wanted to respect ur mom y'all be careful out there farming and logging is dangerous I've had some close calls

    76. David Thurmond

      Now that's a boss man right there to feed his employees most don't think of the people that works for them that shows he has respect for the hard working people that shows up to work everyday and bust there as.

    77. David Thurmond

      It anit. Stuck the ground just dropped lol no not being funny it's stuck been there done that picking cotton with 9965s every time I turned around somebody was stuck

    78. tuunmaster

      Sup-pa just like in New England.

    79. Cory Richter

      Its nice to see normal working people from MN.

    80. Lewis Berry

      He is going to fast so it's not doing well

    81. Brody Deal

      Why a half ton?

    82. Bobby Sears

      That’s why you need a old 4 row planter with some 71’s and a small tractor to plant them wet spots! Thanks again for sharing!

    83. Steve Brekken

      Get safety pull hooks installed on the trucks. Bumper problem solved.

    84. Brandon Roark

      Northerners lmao yaw wouldn't know what to do with this gumbo we have down here in the south especially Arkansas cracks me up jeepers you people take the cake blooming idiots

      1. Truckin Davo

        That is the funniest thing I've ever read, someone from Arkansas calling someone idiots 🤣... Arkansas and Missouri take the cake on that subject

    85. Napalm182 Napier

      As always just getter done

    86. G J Leach

      That is rather different to west Australia first we have breaky then we call it smoko for morning and afternoon tea as most of the shearers would have a smoke then at 12 we have dinner and last meal of the day we call tea.

    87. Birddog45

      No no no. Its Breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper and dinner 🙄

    88. Joe Scheller

      we flew on oats with a spray plane one year and it worked well covered similar

    89. WhiskeyKing

      Simplify it, "Dining with Duggo".

    90. Ryan Edwardson

      Well, at least Dougo doesn't have any bugs in the back of his truck.

    91. Austin Folk

      U should use that as ur planter

    92. Bob Harris

      Really enjoy watching you guys farm


      hey dougo why would you not eat crack-ers in bed.

    94. murtcos

      How many times have people told you to "put that fucking camera away" when things were going bad? Haha

    95. Cassidy Knudsvig


    96. j c

      Crop year 2019 our neighbor had some soybeans flown on with the airplane. The fall gave them enough force to impact in the ground. They ended up being pretty good beans. But they didnt have to do tillage and didn't get stuck.

    97. John J Jay

      Where do the seeds you plant come fron? Someone must have to grow corn and soybeans to make more seeds. Whre does this happen?

    98. Stephen Z

      Salford made in Ontario, Canada

    99. Chadrick Penner

      No worries Chet. just finished seeding canola in Mb june 20th lmao probaly will freeze.

    100. SORNO SORNO

      I like watching your vids but farmers like you piss me off when it comes to planing in low/wet spots. You know you don't get good yield from the area why do you piss away the money and time on it? Put it in some land program and farm the good acres. Stop trying to plow up and plant everything for one good year out of 5/10.