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    Don't look at gambling as a way to get rich and make fast money. Look at it as a way to spend an evening of fun. Set a budget, stick to it, and quit after you have spent your allotment. If you end up ahead after an evening of gambling, look at it as an unexpected bonus.
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    1. NG Slot

      Hey how many jackpots I won in this video?

      1. tia downey

        Show me the power of your bonus.. love this channel

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      3. richard therriault

        Your advertising

      4. Lillian Porch

        See 2 so far

      5. The food Reviewer

        Who do you donate your super chats too ? Mg slots donates his super chats

    2. black metal hammer

      In sweden we are not allowed Phone in casino

    3. Evangeline Gonzales

      What is superchat?

    4. Evangeline Gonzales

      How can she play with you ?

    5. Betty Jane

      You are so sweet!

    6. Steven P

      Peace be upon you / namaste / god bless you

      1. Steven P

        NG come with me to wendover and make a live video at the rainbow casino I’ve knows the manager of promotion since I was a kid so let me know


      No entiendo el inglis pero me alegro ver eso que haces


      Tus bendiciones solo con mirarlo me alegra muchas bendiciones quisiera poder jugar así un dia

    9. Victorina Puspus

      i missed to play casino

    10. Victorina Puspus

      hi good morning

    11. Lisa Marando

      Woo hoo!

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    13. Rick Puhl

      Looks like you need a HORSESHOE!!!!!!!

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    15. Rick Puhl

      Large sausage and onion pizza deliver to Wisconsin LOL 😎😷

    16. Владимир Идашин

      Я описался

    17. Al Tomer

      Shabbat shalom assalamualaikum

    18. west sparks

      NG, I cant understand people, 500,000 watched this video and only 11,000 likes?

    19. Grace Kaludjak

      Has anyone noticed ever since the pandemic hit and restricted many businesses and financially ruined many people, that online slits and even the slot machines don't pay out fuck all, and mostly no bonuses and if there is a bonus it doesn't pay anything good... I know!!! Because of the pandemic casino's has set their slot machines and online slots to not win big like we'd want to so their profitting and making more money then letting anyone win anything big, just small amount...

    20. Angelo La Martina

      Good job NG

    21. warren Bilsborough

      Can you send me some money so I play online casino I will send any profits and video of game play

    22. Mary Galea

      Will you play Quick Hit please

    23. Penny Marks

      Take your card out i always WIN when i DO!

    24. Penny Marks

      Take your card outl

    25. Anthony D

      NG can you please help me I need some advice on what to invest in. I want to learn how to become a millionaire like you! Gambling ruined my life and I’m only 24 years old :(

    26. Summer Bright bright

      That is another good mini you hate the minis the minis love you they are your lucky charm!!!

    27. John Cadiz

      Good luck. My Day was not to good down $3000 today on poker. Hope yours be better. Yesterday was the same. This week is not over yet.

    28. Gmail Account

      why are randoms allowed to talk to people playing machines?

    29. Xem Cuời

      I like the bold machine is a lot jackpot

    30. kennedykraft

      NG Slot what app. are you using to take a photo of the bonus screen that allows the photographed screenshot to be viewed 1, 2, & 3 times within the same screenshot? You did it at 54:14 sec, in this video. That was so cool!! If anyone knows how it's done please advise. Thanks.


      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 190 hahahaha take that boi.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what a good laugh mate.give that machine a slapp my boi.🤣😂🤣😂😂😊didn't that suck...🤙🤙🤙🍻

    32. Annie Edwards


    33. Lynda Liow

      Must be add up tickets, otherwise you can’t even get away without paying taxes more than 1250

    34. LaTrice Miller

      Did your son give you that watch? Lol For good luck?

    35. Shellshell MCLAUGHLIN

      He must have a purpose trying to use his dollars for the charity he says he sponsors.. Good fella.

    36. Shellshell MCLAUGHLIN

      What is he trying to prove? Playing a slot game is for people looking to win! He throwing tens of thousands to gain? Notoriety? After Pandemic watch more hundreds thousands thrown away. Poor Guy..

    37. Beep Boop

      Why does he consider $1500 a jackpot when he is betting $75 a spin? That’s a 20x win ... which is literally nothing lol

    38. Danny Bronco

      Line it up Angela from queens New York

    39. Danny Bronco

      Good luck

    40. J.C. Willis

      Marvel spiderman watch

    41. Heo Kute

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    42. Doug Barton

      Show me the power!

    43. Koi Matai

      I put 300 i put 15 thousand🤣🤣🤣 she better get the hell away from my brother NG 😤

    44. Elizabeth Sandoval

      Just saw this video and it's now 2 am. It's the best video ever NG... From a woman accusing you of stealing $300 to you winning your money back on that last machine. You showed us the power of your bonus! 😁. Great job!

    45. Articia Hughes

      Ng congratulations on your wins

    46. Maricela Becerra

      And G can you play Mustang money

    47. zeph Heine


    48. Linda Reyes

      Show me the power of your bonus I love this guy.!!!!!!$$$$

    49. Maureen Anderson

      WhooHoo NG!! FUN!!!

    50. Trai Xu yên

      Ae Vietnam vào nói chuyện nao

    51. Lillian Porch

      Never been to Vegas...what casino/hotel is this?

      1. NG Slot

        this was Cosmopolitan !

    52. beautyzz

      This is fake. . I rather watch a real slot machine channel like Brian Christopher or the big jackpot channel

      1. NG Slot

        Go and watch them ! Everyone knows that i am the only slot channel who shows the reality of gambling and slots and not a like those who posts ONLY WINS every day and week !

    53. beautyzz

      Can you please explain why you money keep staying the same ? For example if you put 10,000 and you bet 25$ each Spin and than you play 4 spin and don't win anything that's mean you money supposed to be down 100$ and suppose to be 9,800 $ left right but for some reason you money stay the same but going up instead even thou you loose

      1. beautyzz

        @NG Slot holy cow wow 😳 I feeling disappointed if I play like 100$ and loose . If I have 10k I be so happy and leave the casino for good 😌

      2. NG Slot

        @beautyzz I am high roller and play up to $100,000

      3. NG Slot

        @beautyzz i bought the 10k voucher from casino cashier that I dont insert 100 x $100 bils

      4. beautyzz

        I mean people usally cash out when their ticket is 1000$

      5. beautyzz

        @NG Slot So when you put 10,000 ticket in the Machine is that real money ? Or just paper with number ? Please usually cash out at 1000$

    54. beautyzz

      How come you money keep going up and Also even thou some line you don't win but you money doesn't go down but keep going up ? I'm really confused ..

      1. NG Slot

        watch the video from the start and you will see why ! I show there that i start with $10,000 cash and $5,000 free play !

    55. beautyzz

      Wow your so rich 🤑

      1. NG Slot

        Yes i am very wealthy !

    56. Darrnell Lucas

      Show me the power of your bonus. My friend.

    57. Ronald Coleman

      Try again

    58. Benita D

      May have been yours..nevermind..lady was

    59. Benita D

      Look back there was credit on machine

    60. JonesDylan874 The Fragmentationer - Dylan's Arcade

      Almost at 10K likes for this AMAZING stream!

      1. NG Slot

        i am proud of my wonderful audience !

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    62. giuseppe cinardi


    63. tim twijutsu

      Im so confused. His money kept going back to the same amount. 🤔🤔

      1. NG Slot

        Tim please watch the video from START ! I show that i have a $5,000 free play and i put $10,000 CASH ! So machines first takesw from your free play until it will be finished and when you win it ad to your credit !

      2. beautyzz

        Some of his line he don't win anything but his money doesn't go down .

      3. beautyzz

        I notice that too

    64. Jacquze Jackson

      I love ur slot channel I’m thinking about starting me one ur such a great inspiration 😌

    65. Leanne Wallace

      You’re not going to play at Pechanga casino anymore?

      1. NG Slot

        no not anymore ! They dont allow to record !

    66. Luis Villarreal

      Hecka cool beans

    67. Luis Villarreal

      Come on NG hit a big one for us

    68. Luis Villarreal

      Your just to cool and nice nothing but good for you. Weezy

    69. Cathy Wheat

      How do you get so much money to gable with

      1. NG Slot

        I own buissnes !

    70. Naomi Trevino

      That was fun! Thanks NG! Your channel is the best slot channel! My favorite 🤩

    71. sylvia nicholas

      Do you ever get tired of going to the casino and doing the same thing over and over again lol I wonder what your real life is like

      1. NG Slot

        lol Leanne !

      2. NG Slot

        I go to casino once in a month only ! I go to vegas with 3 days , enjoy, gamble and come back !

      3. Leanne Wallace

        Obviously you’re not a gambler. Lol 😂. Going to the casino 🎰 for a gambler is like going to Disneyland if you’re a kid.

    72. Adela Orozco


    73. Day Night

      I enjoyed

    74. Rosa Fields

      NG I miss your live Stream put I’m here with my tump up love you

    75. Annie Phung

      I like your Video a lot, is just the talking talking bothers me

    76. Gina Perez

      Love ur video funny exciting.

    77. thelma naranjo

      Love watching u,from phillipines

    78. thelma naranjo

      Your funny love watching u.good luck

    79. Martin Cohn


    80. Waya Weayaya C Ali

      Your safety is Worth more than money/slots... Buy your own machines and play from your office of your home.. please be careful things are not what they used to be...blessings

    81. Waya Weayaya C Ali

      You are a wonderful person NG.. Win Big!

    82. Find Balance

      Will you ever travel and play high limit red screen slots? I would love to see you win a ridiculous amount of money on them. (Hunt for Neptune, Red Ruby, Lucky Ducky, etc.)


      Congratulations to the gentleman JACKPOT on pinball😁☝👏👏👏


      I was glad to hear you say that you have a body guard. You have to stay aware of your surroundings. I enjoy watching high-limit play. Congratulations for all your handpays🎉🎉🎉😁☝👏👏👏

    85. Ryan

      Dude you never win on Sahara Gold...that machine is straight robbin' you

    86. Stash J. Smith

      It took me 3 nights to finish this Live stream. An hour a night. Lol.😂 Good thing you got some jackpots.💰 Hope to catch you on the next Live stream. Thanks for the entertainment NG!..😎👍🏼

      1. NG Slot

        Much appreciated it

    87. The food Reviewer

      Do you declare your super chats to the IRS

      1. NG Slot

        %30 from superchats goes to youtube and i file tax end of the year for youtube income , but i spend 2 times more than i make from youtube so i dont pay anything for that

    88. The food Reviewer

      What charity do you donate your super chats to NG Slots Narek Mg slots donates his ??????

      1. NG Slot

        I dont need super chat for donation, I do $35,000 every year and that %30 of superchat goes to KGup. Also it is yearly maximum 6k superchats total i do live once in a month

    89. Steven Trautman

      Hope you get it...$

    90. Steven Trautman

      Show me the power of your jack pot ...$

    91. Steven Trautman

      So sad ....let's win...$

    92. TheSlapshot13

      Good vibes from.Jersey ..If you get the chance Mustang $$$ is fun also.Thanks for bringing us along.Enjoy ! 🍹💰🌴

    93. Steven Trautman

      Take it

    94. Steven Trautman

      Ok, love it their but can't go their had an issue at Laughlin Harrah's thank you Roy...!

    95. Steven Trautman

      Next time your in Temecula California Pachanga casino call me see you in the high limit room...$

    96. Steven Trautman

      Show me the power of your jack pot. $

    97. Steven Trautman

      Show me the power of your jack pot. $

    98. Steven Trautman

      Nice information...! Thank you good luck...$

    99. Santana Cisneros

      What happened during a live video anyone I'm new to the chanel

    100. Matthew Wood

      It was Fun watching! Thanks! Good luck from Texas!