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    The Weeknd ft. Kenny G - In Your Eyes | Vevo Official Live Performance
    The Weeknd's 'After Hours' is one of those albums that paints vivid pictures. Abel Tesfaye's music has a dark radiance that's both dreamy and eerie, and the record's videos flaunt their sensuality with a macabre grace. So we were thrilled to work with the singer and their team on three exclusive performances from the 'After Hours' song list. We kicked off our roll-out with "Alone Again." Now it's time for "In Your Eyes," which boasts a very cool Kenny G feature on soprano sax. Tomorrow we wrap it up with "Faith."
    The Weeknd:
    Executive Producer: Ed Walker
    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
    Creative Director: Ed Walker
    Directed By: Micah Bickham
    Director of Photography: Jon Chema
    Production Design: Tyler Jensen
    Producer: Ben Fuqua
    Producer: Maura Ehmer
    Producer: Maddy Schmidt
    Producer: Maura Scully
    Producer: Haley Sliger
    Editor / Producer: Austin Prahl
    Talent Producer: Gabriela Prisciandaro
    Talent Producer: Annie Shapiro
    Artist & Label Relations: Sam Mackoff
    Lighting Director: Josh Beard
    Lighting PM: Jonathan Woelfel
    VFX / Design / Motion Design: Sydney Emery
    Sound Mix: Derek Brener
    Audio Engineer: Casey Graham
    Post Supervisor: Michael Colman
    Photography: Lauren Dunn
    Color: Joseph Bicknell for Company 3
    Produced By: Contrast Films
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    1. Vladislav Komarov

      Это прорыв! Двигайся в этом направлении) просто супер!

    2. BAD GIRL

      La verdad, la parte del saxofón es a lo que vine xD

    3. Grace Saltos


    4. Fox Makeveli

      Respect from 2pac's FANS !

    5. 최슬생

      what a Kenny!!!

    6. loopy nubwol

      The weeknd came out with the music the exact year i got my heart broken and I will forever love him for for his voice an talent and relatable lyrics and purfect timing

    7. Sam Meni

      I like this song.

    8. Alicia Miku

      Hey, Squidward finally gets to perform with Kelpy G guys!

    9. Vanilla Beans

      I’d love The Weeknd to do this in the Super Bowl so more people could see the cinematography

    10. ra1d slayz

      This so f ing good

    11. kiran raj

      This song saved a lot of people.... Agree?

    12. Luiza de Albuquerque

      This both musicians are mega masters! Love Abel!

    13. J ORDYN

      3:31 go happy feet

    14. Magou Camara

      Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!

    15. MrMspinks1

      This is easily my favorite song of his. Such an 80s vibe

    16. Jennifer C

      Doing a remix of In Your Eyes with Kenny G was the best decision Abel has ever made 🎷

    17. sammy - kun

      This album is going to hold up beautifully

    18. leeuniverse

      Why does this song only have 2 Million views....? This song is EPIC like "Save your Tears" and "Blinding Lights"...

    19. sam sesaw

      THAT WAS MAGNIFICENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Erica Ramos

      é de arrepiar, ahhhh como eu amo

    21. CH4MP1ON-11

      Autotune has left the chat

    22. Indra Wantah

      i only listen death metals, black metals, grindcore and the weeknd 😅

    23. Laurie Squire

      This whole album is his stories, feelings, his vulnerability and it’s all good because his gift of song helps him project it all. We all need an outlet, a way to to express....thank goodness we have music as therapy! It’s good for the soul😍 Great album AT.

    24. Silvia Mondillo

      I love this song❤️

    25. YouNityy

      Kenny fuckin G baby!

    26. Nilwan

      The Weeknd na versão BR no meu canal, para quem curtir 😂

    27. DonDon KieKie

      I want to drink whatever Kenny has been drinking .. he looks even younger than he was decades ago .. how??

    28. Jesus Soto

      Give this man a grammy, he deserves it!

      1. The Weeknd

        Thank you Jesus

    29. Uzair Shahid

      What the hell is Squidward doing out of the water with Weeknd?

    30. operayl

      The Weeknd was snubbed at the Grammy's. What an incredible album.

    31. Carlos Daniel Mendoza Lara

      Tener a Kenny en el inicio es un verdadero honor y privilegio. Good song.

    32. Ahmed El Khadem

      This video is so underrated it's unbelievable!

    33. igu

      mds, isso tá.. i m p e c á v e l

    34. MrJacobrabbit

      Just Awesome

    35. Palak Kothari




    37. Coffee & Chaos Welcome!

      His talent surpassed the Grammys a long time ago. He is untouchable with his music. Amazing.

      1. Coffee & Chaos Welcome!

        Kenny G= icing on the cake!! 🙌🏻

    38. frank hernandez

      Grammys mean nothing and they always have.

    39. Kishen Richards

      Favorite still rocking God bless you sir I love your style best artist

    40. angelo martinez

      Another one ☝️ smh weekend killing shit frfr

    41. Selviana Londa

      O ma gaaaaaaaaaaad..expensive

    42. Радик Миниахметов

      Cool song 👍👍👍

    43. Bobby Digital

      Incroyable cette version, ce morceau est déjà fou à la base mais là...ça dépasse l'entendement !

    44. Kris Fx

      im greatfull the weekend is brinign the best of 80's feel , i'm sooooo happy

    45. bobo su

      perfect album abel

    46. Higher Purpose

      Jesus is coming soon..Get right with God.

      1. Joel Radhakrishnan

        @Higher Purpose Agreed but I think, you didn't understand my question yet. What does the Bible had to do with this song? Is there any reference to it too?

      2. Higher Purpose

        @Joel Radhakrishnan Everything that is happening today and that will happen in the future has already been written out 2,000 years ago. Read the Bible

      3. Higher Purpose

        @Joel Radhakrishnan It’s plain English...

      4. Joel Radhakrishnan

        @Higher Purpose I couldn't connect your comment with the music video. I was confused.

      5. Higher Purpose

        @Joel Radhakrishnan ??

    47. Ryzen Mikasa

      The best song in the album, but the album itself is the best in the whole year, if not the decade.

    48. Alvin Hadisaputra

      kenny g make this even dope!

    49. Jarny Principe

      My favorite artist since 2013 ❤️

    50. wanroo

      Can you imagine being on this set? Mr. G, yes we need you to sit in this little tiled room and just play the S*** out of your sax. Thank you so much, sir.

    51. Jose Lopez

      Pero que tio más grande

    52. Hanna Richard Shomar

      why i imagining squiduid instead of kenny g ?

    53. Mutia Kartika Putri

      bagus banget anjiem 😭

    54. Ty Forman

      BOOOOO I'm the biggest hater PITBULL!!!!!

    55. Ty Forman

      BOOOOO I'm the biggest hater PITBULL!!!!!

    56. Valeska Kayamare

      Waouuuuuuuuuuuu ♥️🙏🏽




        For*** the***

    58. killervacuum

      wow they shot a music video in the hallway from willy wonka

    59. Alison Sales


      1. Felipe


    60. The Virtuous Voice Music

    61. Ugly Iron

      When is he gonna hit up my man kelpy G?

    62. Dwayne Morrison


    63. Douglas Mion

      Anyone catch the reference in the moves from Michael Jackson?

    64. joselyn anel sabido canche

      Confirmo, no necesitas el grammys. Tu eres el grammys y mucho más que eso.

      1. The Weeknd

        Thank you

    65. PoloMadness

      Kelpy G

    66. Barbie De luna


    67. pilgrimchic

      This is my favourite thing on the internet right now - a masterpiece 👌🏼

    68. Michelle and Jeff

      The best song on the album. ❤️✨


      Are we kidding! Abel has Kenny G in this video and the whole album is a master piece. #GrammySnub

    70. muse3223

      Yes the 80's practical effects are on point.

    71. Mystik Spiral

      This song was already good but with the addition of Kenny G it is now supreme level! The instrumental melodic base is wonderful. Great job of production, directing and more. Evil geniuses!

    72. Mișu007

      This song made me goosebumps every time !!!

    73. Iggy R

      That was so epic 💯

    74. Ho3ein Darvish

      IN YOR EYES..

    75. Zanana Pinas

      The Grammay's is a disgusting organization. You've got to be kidding me.

    76. EL SITTENN

      Abel tu nous fait vibrer !!!c est la grande classe !!!

    77. Esteban Mauro

      Kenny G is ageless. Both his music and his look

    78. Coach Querwin

      I would sit down with 2 and just vibes

    79. MAR TIN


    80. melipaty

      Lo maximo

    81. Huy Nguyen

      this is the real song that saved the world, not Bill & Ted's

    82. Carlos Miranda

      the best song of 2020 Too bad some industries don't appreciate such musical revelations



    84. Agnaldo Correia de Santana Santana


    85. Sean Maloney

      POV: You're a bookshelf in Abel's living room and he's looking for his lost keys

    86. Abdullah Jutt

    87. GrumpyQUEEN

      Have The Weeknd and Dr Disrespect partnered? :D they should if not. Red and retro music boom.

    88. Samuel Attias

      Abel Tesfaye Montréal

    89. Music-x


    90. Sonali Das

      Two Genuine Living LEGENDs are Performing a Masterpiece of Future Human History..❤️❤️❤️ Feeling Lucky....

    91. Berdo Kutubidze

      This Song Stuck in my mind! Love & Respect The Weeknd! Kenny G I Love Your sound Man!!! This Collaboration is Genius! Iconic Video & Direction! Two Big Thumbs Up!

    92. rollerblades in bed

      Like it!❤️

    93. VAZZU

      Tick Tokers disliked coz they dont know how to change their clothes in this song

    94. Werner Mestas Burgos

    95. CKR

      X'O gang wants to know the address of the people who dislked this

    96. Tay Gerald

      Abel espectacular y adictivo talento❤

    97. Thích Thì Review

      This should be official MV

    98. EG LA32 LG/333/EXLA/JOSEPH'S

      I♥️ The Weeknd ...

    99. EquipMent Geek


    100. Mafer

      Let's watch it till the end so it get more recommended 🙂🤝