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    1. Pootis Spencer

      nice glasses dan

    2. RJ Dman

      the details and inishgt u give in the slow mo from ur xp is exactly why i tune in. thanks Dan

    3. Albert Chalmers

      Sick shades Dan! 😎 Even matches the mic coard. Extra style points.

    4. The Last Snow

      Btw, shout out to this comment section. intelligent views and discussion going on here

    5. Sklooby McDoobie

      celebrating minutia is exactly why we are here.

    6. Troy Miller

      Dan you don't think that Poirier vs. Gaethje 2 wouldn't benefit Poirier? They have a similar story: reinventing themselves after their last losses (McGregor for Dustin, Dustin for Gaethje) to gain Interim Gold; then losing to Khabib. They are both the last two ICs at LW. I say if Oliveira doesn't get it Gaethje should for the Undisputed Title (if Khabib is truly retired).

    7. John Jimenez

      I would love to see how Whitman preps Gaethje for Conor

    8. Joseph Kelley

      Nate and Dustin can do the same numbers as Nate and Conor. Great piece as always, thanks Dan.

    9. heelhookcrook

      the only lectures I pay attention to

    10. Vetklo

      gegard hasnt looked good imo

    11. ice_look

      "Aftermath" is a fantastic concept. Love it. I'm hooked. Best to you from Canada.

    12. Owyn Davies

      Bit late catching up due to work but I love this format 👍🏻

    13. lucas barros

      Excellent point for mousasi return to UFC Adesanya, Whitaker, vetori and Holland are all really good strikers

    14. inkwell flood

      Connor be losing to karma.

    15. A-Lexander Luthor

      Listening to you talk about mma makes me so relaxed man it's a form of meditation for me you heighten all my senses and I love listening to your soothing British accent and excellent flexion. Thanks bro!

    16. Frank Mcloughlin

      Great stuff...the thinking man's Bisping.

    17. B S

      My man, your the best mma podcast out there. All these other people riding conor's nuts so hard and your out here just speaking facts. All these people talking about a Conor/Dustin trilogy are fucking insane to me XD

    18. James Pohl

      As far as cross organisation fights I think MVP V Masvidal would be amazing

    19. Jon

      Dustin vs Oliveira. For the title. Dustin clearly deserves a title shot, and Oliveira holds multiple ufc records, and an 8 fight win streak, and is rank 3. Gaethje vs Chandler. For title contendership. Both wrestlers with punching power, one coming off a title fight loss and one making big waves. Great fight. Conor vs Nate. Wrap up that trilogy, before nate disappears forever, just get it decided. Hooker vs Felder. Who wouldn't want to see that one again? Last time it was fight of the night and was a split decision. Great fight. Tony vs his demons.

    20. Jon

      19:10 first time that I'm gonna disagree with Dan Hardy. For me, Chandler has no business being in there with Oliveira. The man has a 8 fight win streak, holds multiple ufc records for finishes and submissions, and absolutely smoked a guy who was interim champion and who also had a huge win streak. Chandler beat someone coming off a brutal loss. He has 1 win. Charles is sitting on *16* wins. He worked his way up to a title shot by paying his dues for the company. If the ufc matches them together its tragic.

    21. Frank Silva

      Dan is just amazing. Plain and simple we are so lucky to have him still apart of the MMA community.

    22. User Old Account

      Dan looks like a receptionist at Elton John's house.

    23. Diztings

      Whose waiting for holloway v katter aftermath

    24. Shawn Bonnar

      I love this shit. Any way we can get one of these for Holloway vs Kattar?

    25. BUGSYGb1 [GANG]

      Float like a Wonderboy and dodge the calf kicks :P

    26. Sion Davies

      I’ve said it once I’ll say it again.. best analysis in the game

    27. Juken The Bold

      😂 Mcgregor vs Gaethje? Gaethje is a leg kick enthusiast. Justin will kick Conors legs off this fucking planet. 🤣

    28. marklower007

      Rockin the Elton John's

    29. Lavin R

      Bring Back Gegard Mousasi!!!!

    30. Lavin R

      I Agree! Gegard M, bring him back!!!!!!!

    31. dik2bik

      Lol, not surprised Dan Hardy would want to meet force with force. Let's test our shins boiz

    32. dik2bik

      Agree, I don't think Poirier wanted McGregor to be nice at all. He probably would've been more comfortable with old Conor.

    33. Chris Wilson

      The mystique is gone for Conor, no one is gonna be intimidated anymore. Since leaving FW he's beaten Eddie, Nate and Cowboy and thats it. All cherry picks he felt extremely confident he would beat. He underestimated Nate tho.

    34. Nick Thomas

      Quit gulping your drinks lol just open the hatch we don’t need to hear it

    35. Danish Khan

      @Dan Hardy mate I like your shades. Hope you get back in the octagon someday.

    36. alex

      It's the same blueprint to beat Jon Jones IMO

    37. Calvin Snyder

      I live for the Minutia

    38. Marcus213

      Not subtle dig at cowboy which I like. He does pull himself apart. Kudos

    39. Kevin Vanbuskirk

      30:54 not that Horiguchi isn't great, but I think the Flyweight division has gotten better and Figueredo is legit. I want to see Mighty Mouse back against Figueredo as a legacy fight, to prove that he is one of the p4p best of all time.

    40. Tommy Boy SloppyMofo

      Always good stuff sir Hardy 💥

    41. Dustin Nance

      Dustin Poirier should be in a title fight, his next fight!

    42. Johny Lalrina

      Do you wants to see McGregor fights Diego Sanchez at Dublin an win spectacularly with all that improvement on the leg kicks and all for 5 rounds? Or do you want to see Khabib maul Sanchez for 5 rounds? People love stan up match. When Dana said "fighting was the first sport" i think he was right. People pay for people fighting throwing punch and kicking. Wrestling is safe and better too, thats why cowards fighters started practicing. Khabib will never be as big as Conor, history will remember as the life of Conor's little bitch who always jealous of him. If they never fought together Khabib will be on the level Usman.

    43. ben irwin

      @11:05 "Nothing wrong with that game plan, I think 5 times out of 5 it probably works". Well fuck me, that sounds like a perfect gameplan to me, lets run it back -_- Haha

      1. Full Reptile

        Haha! I meant five times out of ten...

    44. B4B Gaming/Reactions

      anyone else wanna see mcgregor vs felder ?

    45. B4B Gaming/Reactions

      am I the only one who wants to see Felder vs McGregor ? they have already been going back n forth on Twitter. its winnable Conor but felder is a dog and guaranteed to make you EARN THAT FUCKING WIN

    46. Drone Druid

      UpTheDarce- wonderful Hahahahah

    47. Piotr Musk

      how can all of you tell me that Chandler deserves on TS after only 1 fight.... There are a lot of fighter who fought XX times and havent got the chance yet... Charles deserved on it...

    48. Jared W

      Elbow and hammer fist to back of head

    49. Neverbitter

      Hardy rocks. The best analysts? Probably yes

    50. Dave Purcell

      Is this guy on the McGregor payroll

    51. English

      “McGregor against Tony Ferguson.. It would be delightful”..🤣🤣🤣Dan is a total stoner!

    52. xnxx tipsycamtoe

      It was all faked for the trilogy

    53. Pirate Radio

      Gegard mousasi is and has been my favorite fighter. He’s a silent killer and was not respected when in the UFC in my humble opinion.

    54. TALLATV

      To be fair the biggest nate an conor fight is when retiring.. and finish both careers with the trilogy end.. over next couple years max.

    55. TALLATV

      McGregor vs furgeson is the one if hes not gonna do the trilogy with Dustin

    56. Johnny Walker-Blue

      Great as usual

    57. Dick Spits

      Poirier vs Olivera or Chandler for the BELT

    58. Sam Vicencio

      These break downs are awesome!

    59. T P

      Brutally honest... I think Cyborg should have stayed and should have been treated better....

    60. ColdFusion

      Every fight in the lightweight division just shows how bloody good Khabib was. Fair play to the man, one of a kind.

    61. Justin Rippey

      Had me at the glasses

    62. Szotak Andrei

      Anyone know what the app Dan is using for the breakdown is called?

    63. Gawani Whitecrow

      Ha, GSP just mentioned Sir Dan on the Bisping podcast, reminded me to check in. Bit late..

    64. Kyle Bruzer

      Obviously the next technique(s) that will become popular is either pressure point pokes, the 5 point palm exploding heart technique, and the Flair chop. All highly effective.

    65. Tony Celestino

      McGregor looked juiced up, stiff , tired , over training , he's finished

    66. Tony Celestino

      Man , that ayahuasca is really kicking in hard

    67. Derick Francis

      Conner beats his opponents with his mouth. Could not do it to Khabid who's mind is stronger. Conner hasn't changed he gets triggered when he hears Khabibs name. He knows Khabib beats him every time.

    68. Cloak AndPoke


    69. michael mckinney

      What a great video. Very professional and one of the best people to watch that exist currently!

    70. ilovejimrogers

      I would advise Poirier to take the trilogy against Conor and retire, save himself from taking too much damage. He’s a great guy, he needs to keep himself that way.

    71. raichan abdikar

      while absorbing connor punch he kick connors leg, dustin investing his lower leg kicks and gain high return.

    72. jeremy elliott

      Dan is a samurai at break downs. Thanks for the hard work and dedication, much appreciated.

    73. Scotty Dymond

      Wit out me.. dis hole ship sink's Said Conner's leg

    74. Slick Silver

      Hardy wearing those "Snow" glasses

    75. Sam Lloyd

      Connor never used his (straire Leg) Attack To the Stomach which would maneuvered most his FIGHTERS

    76. Manuel Bache

      My matchups: Conor vs. Ferguson, as both, Poirier and Conor coming from a loss vs Khabib, and also Gaethje comes from a loss to Khabib, so next in title should be Gathje vs Poirier. As they already fought, the next matchup (for the vacant titlte) should be Poirier vs. Charles Oliveira, as this last one comes from a long top 10-15 winner streak, and Poirier already has a win over the next (closer) loser to Khabib, and Gaethje should earn 1 more win before that privilege. So, Gaethje should face Chandler, would be a great fight between 2 Bellator former champions, and a redemption from that circumstance, reaching such early position in UFC. If Chandler beats Gaethje would take position and earn next title fight to Poirier vs. Oliveira winner. If Gaethje beats Chandler will earn the win regarding to the next in line to the Poirier vs. Oliveira winner. Conor vs. Ferguson would be a great fight, and would line up next to Gaethje vs Chandler loser or even title fight after Gaethje vs Chandler winner vs. Poirier - Oliveira winner. 3Conor vs. Ferguson 1Poirier vs. Oliveira (title fight) 1 winner vs. 2 winner 2Gaethje vs. Chandler 3 winner standing for next in line

    77. Mickey Rs

      For lightweight ... I say Chandler is new and another guy named "Islam" should be having a fight !

    78. Jiva Daya

      Insane to think that Chandler might be up for a title shot... a least one more fight in UFC before title fight ffs

    79. Women Empowerment sports fan

      Conor and the world including me and the media over looked dustin and tbh I never knew dustin was even a top contender in the game. I only found out about dustin a month ago because of conor mcgregor. I think conor didn't train for mma fight was preparing for a boxing fight to beat max Holloway and ended up getting his legs kicked off then the TKO heart broken 💔 😤 soon come back for the trilogy 3. Conor was little bit emotional at the press conference as well 😔

    80. Mlawrence60

      Love the new format. Are there any plans to release episodes as audio only as well?

    81. abeeftec

      I think Conor McGregor's Camp is going to figure out how to counter the calf kick to the point where it just gets shut down from now on

    82. WindyClear

      Beautiful recap

    83. Christopher Weetly

      For new moves, I think that some of the traditional Kung Fu strikes, from very specific styles, that although aren't the easiest to utilize at times, some of them can be very effective, like a downward hammer fist to the collarbone, or forearm strikes similar to the shin with the legs

    84. Rad Giraffe55

      I think one of the trends we're gonna see more in MMA in the future is more of a Thai mentality with kicking: people who will target the forearms to beat them up and open up other targets (with the added bonus in MMA of debilitating arms when grappling), and just generally the speed and power of roundhouses, switch kicks, and elbows I just don't think is quite as developed as it could be. I'm also utterly confident that leglocks are gonna become much much more prevalent and necessary in the near future of MMA

    85. Big P

      Love the change in format dan. Works well. I like the interaction with us common folk. Loads of questions on my mind asked by others and answered by your good self chap. Cheers!

    86. Rad Giraffe55

      The most anticipated bout booked for 2021: Dan "technical difficulties" Hardy Vs live streaming This one's gonna be a banger

      1. FunkMastaMegaFlex

        Good thing Dan has been training with a high tech server for this epic battle.

    87. j roc

      This cardio issue is much bigger than most realize. This is Conor's main weakness and without it he would be almost impossible to beat. I think especially as he's gotten older. It becomes more challenging. He has all the business's he has to over see and a family that demands his attention. Conor has a good ground game but avoids it because of cardio. Also in this game success chips away at the hunger and drive these guys start out with. Especially when you accomplish the things Conor did so quickly. While he deserves credit for the financial success he achieved in the Mayweather fight. It seems to have hurt his MMA career. He just hasn't been the same since. Thankfully in this Porier fight. You could see he is searching for that magic he once had. The challenge will be embracing the grind that MMA demands. When he got to the UFC, he made it clear. It was all about the money. Well now he has the money and a lot of it. So hopefully he can find the motivation needed. I hope so.

    88. Plasterer Dundee

      Conor just needs to fight more.. win lose or draw.. if it’s competing that makes him tick then just get back in the mix. Get back on point. Doing anything more Beats only doing it once a year.

    89. Plasterer Dundee

      Not just Conor.. think legs kicks the new knockout. Brutal dismantle indeed. Always thought leg kicks were the key to any fight.

    90. Nick Miles

      So gay for Dan with those glasses.

    91. cornelius karlsson

      happy friday guys, skål

    92. Layne Crosby

      Dan you have one of the best mma minds EVER!!! You’re on the Mount Rushmore of mma minds. Your like Dominic Cruz but not a egotistical, snarky, little prick. I love Dominic but he can be less palatable to people because he’s kinda a dick ( which I actually find entertaining and funny). Looooooong story short, you have the best mma mind and way of telling people how and why. You fukn rule Dan!

    93. Layne Crosby

      Although Nate is very beatable I think he’s the worst matchup for Oliveira. We all know his head n chin are made of steel, he’s got great cardio, and he’s a monster on the ground (not Oliveiras lvl but a true black belt unlike a lot of so called black belts). He’s got to fuk his legs up. Or it could be a tough night for IMO the best 55r in the world. And the only person whom has a chance at beating Khabib. It makes me sick that so many people are putting Chandler in the title shot conversation and not mentioning DO BRONX. WTF!!!! It’s insane that he STILL doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. Dan is one of the only people who give him the props he deserves. Even khabib knows what a monster Charles is.

    94. Layne Crosby

      If Oliveira doesn’t get a title shot....!!!!!!!

    95. Mike Omaire

      CHANDLER???? He has had ONE win in the ufc and people think he deserves a title shot lol.. Justin Vs Dustin or Dustin vs Olivera and Chandler should not even be in the title picture now!

    96. CZee

      Please stop talking about Khabib fighting again. He isn't coming back. That's why Dana was so down at the presser after the event. Khabib said I'm levels above these guys, which he is.

    97. ĸaιne

      Gotta admire McGregors courage. Been out of the MMA ring for years (despite cowboy 🤠) makes this fight himself with Porier giving him 500k for a charity, come back Vs #1 you have to respect. Wins and losses are a part of sport. Can't wait to see him back

    98. M P

      "How does one check a calf kick" Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2😉😬

      1. Willy Stix


      2. FunkMastaMegaFlex

        Yup!!!! That was also a perfect example of using checked kicks as an offensive tool also. Checked kicks not only stifle strikes but they also damage the contenders lower leg throwing the kick.

      3. Luke Peterson

        To be fair i expect a broken tib or fib any week as most of these young fighters try and imitate dustin and get the kick checked

    99. Colleen Gough

      Dustin is great but he needs to master the art of feeling out a dangerous striker (watch Khabib in the first 20 seconds of his McGregor fight, he's perfectly finding all he needs to know of McGregors reach/speed/power etc) If Poirier masters the feel out and gets his wrestling up a smidge he could be unstoppable

    100. Colleen Gough

      I think Conor just needs to go back to fighting less elite people at LW and get his groove back if he wants it. If he doesn't that's OK he made the UFC more popular for many like me, he was great for his time and that's more than any of us will ever achieve. There's no shame in bowing out to losses from the top 2 light weights in the world.