WHO is the best fisherman? Carl vs Alex Full Season 1

Carl and Alex

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    The battle of the brothers! We find out who is best at fishing, through 4 episodes of Carl Vs Alex Season 1.
    00:00 - Ep 1 (Pike!)
    0:27:29 - Ep 2 (Clear Canal, Carp)
    0:49:45 - Ep 3 (24hr Overnight Multi Species)
    1:17:45 - Ep 4 (Boat Fishing Battle, Bass)
    1:33:30 - Ep 5 (48hr Ultimate Multi Species Challenge)
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    We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.
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    1. Василий Майборода

      Отличная рыбалка,будто сам побывал на рыбалке, спасибо за отличный фильм,супер!!!!!!!


      Watched this over two days and absolutely loved every minute of it! What a great bunch of lads.. I think we would all love to see series 2 in the near future. Thank you for all you’re videos.. really appreciate both of your work. ❤️

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers for watching mate :)

    3. 1rod1reelcasting

      Aka golden balls hahah

    4. Legendary Fishing Adventurs

      try using weeds or grass for carp.

    5. navin stefanski

      Ist doesn’t who’s ( I guess) barbel was bigger bc of the minnow.. it would be a draw🙃

    6. Farida A

      I keep coming back to this video 😁 this video has been keeping me entertained during quarantine! Thank you so much Carl and Alex for putting out such high quality videos, we appreciate you guys so much!

    7. Clarissa Tegido

      Newby here...love watching you guys

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks for subbing Clarissa!

    8. Zak Fulcher

      Can u plz do a 2nd season of this? I loved this one so much xx

    9. Stephen Millar


    10. mr Cee

      Found this channel over the last week or so, brilliant content lads keep it up ✌🏻

      1. Carl and Alex

        Much appreciated!

    11. MxGaming

      The imminent shrine rhetorically weigh because speedboat pertinently park before a squalid factory. maniacal, ashamed facilities

    12. Anthony Webster

      No matter wat Carl Is the best I’m 13 and I can beat alex

    13. Jaxon Matthew don’t use my dead name :D

      so glad you did not have to get rid of this x

    14. jatzendeidel

      team alex all the way :3 "winnerqeue"

    15. Sonny Ngoc

      Thank you guys for making movie night such a joy! We really enjoyed watching this full season and look forward to many more! I've personally also have gained a big interest in fishing myself now from watching you guys --I look forward to going fishing with me own brother soon :) Also! Great show of honesty and integrity at the end there Carl. Older siblings always have to lead through example! :D

    16. Lars Stegeman

      team Alex here

    17. Brent Morgan

      Snuck? The verb to sneak isn’t irregular mate

    18. Jon Mclean

      27:17 yeah blud

    19. pumkin

      “Its a pigeon, sat on a tree.” Thanks Alex that made my day

      1. S C

        its under that bush, where that lil chicken is *willow tree, and duck*

    20. Philip Thomas

      New subscriber here guys love your channel just thinking you need to come to Ontario Canada to Niagara river (upper) for musky and 7 different verities I’ve got all but a tiger musky oh and the goby we can’t throw them back here we can go to prison have to kill they’re seagull food hahaha

    21. Quantumgum

      Big muskie in da thumbnail

    22. Leo Hoffmann

      when you are you guys coming to sa

    23. andrew williams

      Would you like fries with that😂

    24. Jan Rozycki

      you know its a good video when you can watch it over and over again and still enjoy it. well done carl and alex keep up the good work

    25. jcfeo hxrja

      The infamous peripheral coincidingly clear because character intradurally reply notwithstanding a poor prison. narrow, jealous actor

    26. Ahmad Nw Salam strike

      Ahmad Nw Salam Strike

    27. Dancing Sam's Specimen Fishing Fishing

      love the channel

    28. Tom thurman

      I’ve fished at Weymouth pier many times now and you’ve certainly caught more fish then me on Weymouth pier

    29. Oscar Duthoo

      is it just me or do they both look like George not found

    30. whimsical_bush

      I never thought carp liked maggots? I love carp fishing and the bait I use is pellets and sweet corn!

    31. Shelby Herring

      Yeah, fish stalking seems like it'd be more frustrating... as you can see the fish, but there's no guarantee you will catch it or entice them to bite.

    32. dacaaz

      Hey Carl and Alex I went fishing yesterday and caught my first pike it was my pb 15 plb

    33. Jamie Wilson

      Just watched this from start to finish, and can genuinely say thank you. Just incredible film work and of course, fishing 🎣

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    34. Karris AnunnakiTV

      i’m a bass fisherman from california love your guys videos , simple but great editing if you ask me. great with your angles

    35. Alex Mc

      Gentlemen I have been fishing some fifty years now, and i only wanted to say that you brothers are a joy to watch. I love the humour,and the honesty. This was a superb video, and was great entertainment, don't ever lose your love, and respect for each other. I'M looking forward to more of your great video's, keep it up this is first rate.

    36. Alex AVFC Lineham

      Brilliant entertainment and really inspires me to go out and fish wherever I can, couldn't stop watching once I started, cheers lads

    37. Stephen

      enjoyed the whole video but 2:47:37 might just be the best scene throughout the entire season. Thumbs up for the fishing, definitely 2 thumbs up for the brotherhood! GOT has got to take notes from this ending!!

    38. Richard Williams

      really enjoyed this lads. thanks for all your effort in making these videos.

    39. Sir Jhonson

      Use a lipless crank bait with a tiny silver spoon trailer .

    40. Jerome Arnould

      What an epic journey ! Thanks for great video and challenge. Very fun and nice to watch

    41. Hannes Niemann

      What’s the type of tents you you were using on the carp episode

    42. Michael Lorenzen

      Honestly thats the most stupid point system i ever seen guys, how is that fair? xD Anyway, the barbel could count. Rather mention you took that stocked rainbow trout at your friend, that was cheating btw ;) Good challenge, hope to see more in the future. fair ones :P

    43. Grayson Fontaine

      What was the fish on the cover? Looks kinda Like a Muskie

    44. 42Redeyes

      Brilliant video guys 👍 if you ever come up to North Yorkshire give me a call ! I would love you guys to teach this dog new tricks 😄

    45. Jaimie Keirle

      I am so keep fishing I’ll miss video blood it’s not really good was it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Colbie Lindblom

      37:34 is a duck

    47. Colbie Lindblom

      Team Alex Forever

    48. Cheza

      Absolutely fantastic video. Well done lads!!!🎣😎🐟

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it.

    49. ACE Life

      you are so skillful fisherman !! i like fishing too !!

    50. o BaRbAdOs o

      Where is this?

    51. MotionDom And reece

      Alex is to funny 😂

    52. Marius Ionita

      Should be more seasons like this. The clips are epic 👍

    53. scottish gamers hmfc

      God knows how many time I have seen this now never gets old hope there's a season 2

    54. Skogsidioten

      I have awarded you the highest honor ..... stopped my adblocker on your channel!

      1. Carl and Alex

        You're the best! haha

    55. TWIN FORD

      Great , great , great. Ouch I'm bleeding. Such good footage. Where is the young lady from the other video? You rascal you. Are you twins? I am of 53 years. You guys need to fish the flats off the coast of Florida, in the USA.

    56. John Cunningham

      Grate vid boys

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers John!

    57. CamM

      I’d love to go fishing with these two. Just can’t afford a decent rod😂

    58. Dean Sartorelli

      Who’s the better editor ? ?? 🤣

      1. Carl and Alex

        Now now, we don't want to be starting a fight do we!

    59. romanek022

      Bardzo bym się ucieszył jakby mógł was poznać , choć chwilę porozmawiać 🤗 jesteście najlepsi . Nie rozumie jak ktoś może dawać łapkę w dół ?? Dlaczego ??

    60. lewisjji

      any chance in the new year you do an episode where you go and fish oxford linear on st johns, manor or b1

    61. Fish and Fishing Activities

      Awesome and innovative content!!!

    62. Jordan Michael

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    63. Honsokuink Goods

      It’s like real life fishing planet

    64. Honsokuink Goods

      Best video on your channel

    65. The Loman

      Its crazy that this is one of the best video’s on yt

    66. Alan fishing mania

      Wow,,hello Im from indonesia😊☕👍

    67. J T

      This was amazing, as a fisherman in America, you guys used some jigs I have never seen before. I will definitely have to try some! Keep up the great work😄

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you.

    68. Reckless

      Go to Euro Aqua

    69. Andrew Marshall

      The eatable preface joly bang because quilt preauricularly exercise upon a ambitious vest. adhesive, parallel key

    70. James Dean

      Hey guys, I love the videos. As it’s winter, I’m trying to get into pike/perch fishing. Like I’ve got some idea but I seem to blank a lot. Just wondering if you have any plans on doing videos to help out with this? Be great to see what you use and how you do it

      1. Carl and Alex

        Check out our other channel Fishing Tutorials.

    71. Matthys Odendaal

      When i saw those bananas i thought carl put it there to sapotage alex lmao

      1. Carl and Alex


    72. Black Fox

      This is way better than netflix, good job.

    73. Gavin Newton


    74. zach barber fishing

      wow wow wow what an episode I must have watched this video at least 14 times absolutely love it, can't wait till we're out of bloody lockdown to go fishing again!! keep it up guys!!! 👌👍

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    75. Jay Austin

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    76. Joni the boi

      Choochoo Carl lol 🎣🎣❌🚅🚅✅🤣🤣👍👍

    77. Aron Axelsson

      Carl is better

      1. Carl and Alex

        oi be careful what you say!

    78. Fish Lover

      Love these fish battles😍😍😍😍

      1. Carl and Alex

        Season 2 coming this year!

    79. Cal Holden

      Can't wait for season 2

    80. Richie Cactus

      Another great film. As an older brother I know the load Carl has to carry LOL ;-) Good Karma to own up to the late Barbel. Keep safe guys.

    81. Pete Jones

      That finale to the multi species challenge was class. Fair play to Carl for admitting the late catch. Good effort guys excellent video as always. 👍

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    82. Oxfords Finest Explorer

      This is amazing content some of the best content on KGup love your videos 👍❤️

      1. Carl and Alex

        Wow, thank you!

    83. Hers & His Adventures in California

      *Semi patiently waits for next video*

    84. bodgemiester

      guy you make me laugh so much keep up the great work and stay safe are you marketing the smoothie hope you have a good 2021

    85. Hers & His Adventures in California

      Top notch video! Again! I should of left comment long ago. Really adore your channel! You two really make fishing feel like a epic story, it pulls some of us viewers in and kind of keeps you there. Hat's not only off to you Alex and Carl (ignore the order heh) but surely to your whom ever films, edits and composes. Often watch your videos and do Subscribe and of course look forward to your next video! So a BIG HELLO from us here in California Bay Area! Ken & Lea (Hers & His Adventures in California) P.S. btw swimming in that fish tank was a shocking video! Though course I enjoyed the journey through the US heh.

      1. Hers & His Adventures in California

        @Carl and Alex And you for making the wonderful fishing videos you do! You both really seem to have your heart in fishing, and it shows in your work. Tight lines!

      2. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much Ken and Lea!

    86. andrew thomas

      No body cares it’s about enjoying yourself

    87. ngasruk angler

      Hi good👍👍👍

    88. Ollie Lyon

      I love you guys, i love fishing and now i want to go fishing. Love the vids and the battles YOU SHOULD BE MEGA famous, keep up the work!!!

    89. Fam Van Kessel Van Kessel

      Iam a Dutch guy. Fish a lot, And watch KGup movies about fishing even more. And I must say. I never enjoyed a movie so much as I did just now. Very cool. Great job.

    90. Anthony Cadman

      The best fishing programme ive watched for a very very long time well done boys we wanna see more of this 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👍

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    91. Charlie Bishop

      Season 2 plsss love ur vids if u reply u will make me so happy

      1. Charlie Bishop

        OMG thank you so much Carl and Alex u have just made my day good luck with your fishing this year


      Song name from 1.03.00 please. Alex & Carl THE BEST ;)

    93. Darius RoSpinning

      I think this is the best fishing video I've ever seen :D Nice job - you put a lot of work into it!

    94. derek cartwright

      can you post a link to the tents that you guys used in episode 3 (24hr overnight challange)? i really like the look and setup and am interested in getting one :)

    95. Joshua Hague

      What was your set up please lads?

    96. Camille Camus

      Somedy knows where were they fishing in Episode 2, looks amazing

    97. oleg lazovski

      good movie , love to see that. hope for more !!

    98. Hanro Terblanche

      Carl said 1 nil

    99. Gauge Tenborg

      carl went on PRIVET PROPERTY

    100. IntrinsicPalomides

      28:54 that's the 1st tackle shop i've seen with sweets on the counter!