Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)

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    CBC Marketplace finds aggressive upselling and services paid for but not performedTo read the full story:
    www.cbc.ca/1.2418675. Originally broadcast Nov 8, 2013.
    When you trust someone else to take care of your car, can you trust that they're not taking you for a ride? Our undercover investigation reveals ripoffs at a popular oil change chain. We're going in for the advertised $19.99 oil change, but you won't believe the charges we end up with. And did they even do the work? We go up on the hoist to show you what’s really going down at these oil change shops.
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    1. Yeezy TaughtMe

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    2. Cory Huff

      I've worked at two dealerships so far in my 11-12 years of auto industry. I can tell you neither of them pulled some funky crap on a customer.

    3. Deadshot Yt


    4. another dreamer

      sir we did a little check and we found out that your car is runing on petrol and that would be $399

    5. Victor Vargas

      Get a real mechanic for opions ...no an oli change guy

    6. Victor Vargas

      Your expert. Is ok with some thinks and complitly. Out and others

    7. angel akhir

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    8. TonberryGames

      I finally started changing my own oil this winter. It didn't take 10 minutes, but it was cheap and I know it's good stuff.

    9. Quinn Sleep

      I live in the uk and the garage I used to go to did the same but worse.

    10. Frenzy - TLOPO

      WAIT THATS THE END TF. I know you couldn’t get the interview but ughhhh. That’s the fastest I’ve ever switched a like to a dislike.

    11. Frenzy - TLOPO

      Saying “our insiders” makes y’all sound disgusting, like your stalking people basically and you had no idea.

    12. Frenzy - TLOPO

      What’s funny was, and if this is actual real footage, is that they had to get legal permission afterwards to broadcast this

    13. Frenzy - TLOPO

      Got an oil change one time from some small one that had opened up. Bunch of teenagers my age, I told myself “don’t be worried it’s fine, I would do it myself but I’m not home.” So I did it, everything was good until he told me my wheels were shot and needed to be replaced and told my pricing options. Like 4 of them, he had a whole script.

    14. Frenzy - TLOPO

      I’ve been seeing this on recommended for weeks and I finally decided to watch it. I am NOT disappointed

    15. Collin Olig

      An oil change is probably the easiest thing you can do to your own vehicles, learn to do it yourself

    16. The Little loud ones

      Adams automotive is great but they have a lot of cars so it may take a little bit long and there service is great it's in Florida

    17. Tom Landry

      DIY ChrisFix and Eric The Car Guy

    18. Jake Chimiak

      Everything is like this they just got caught

    19. Zoflow Sharkey

      Ripping people like that off I’m this day and age?? Could potentially cost these employees and the upper staff their lives if they cross the wrong person.

    20. Taylor

      Changing oil is a joke. Don’t be ripped off

    21. South Traveler

      Sheeps batch

    22. Braden Lee

      Jiffy lube this you?

    23. Otto Von Clutch

      I always wait until about 20,000 miles to do a oil change & my car runs great!!! Every 3,000..... give me a break!!

    24. D W

      On top of an oil change, the air in your tires needs to also be changed from winter air to spring air, you also need new muffler bearings, your blinker fluid is low and your kanooter valve is gone out, oh and to change the kanooter valve we have to purchase a special left handed metric crescent wrench that only the Snap On man sells.


      Yes blur their faces... Because the Boss is not going to recognise their, clothes, voices, and location.

    26. Tom Van



      Wow, that's why am always worried, ecen am a new driver. I hope this investigation continues to other companies!!

    28. Gezuz Syndicate

      That's why i learned to change the oil myself, its pretty easy

    29. Mark Hughes

      Thank you. Love

    30. Joe Jordan

      Yeah right Cry Me a River the only reason you don't do it anymore is because they didn't pay you what you wanted if they would have given you what you wanted you still be ripping people off

    31. Meme-onardo DiCaprio

      What's sad is they target women, and teens mostly. Teach your sons and daughters about their vehicles parents!

    32. Naman Gupta

      Just go and confront those guys ,why do so much discussion

    33. Naman Gupta

      Just go and confront those guys ,why do so much discussion

    34. Naman Gupta

      This is happening all over the world, every car, bike service centre are doing the same

    35. Jesse Stahl

      This looks alot like the liberal Government

    36. Jason Elsey

      why is an "oil change" shop even offering a brake flush you have to be licensed to even perform that service? Those oil change techs don't even have a licence. that is misleading both on marketplace and the oil change shop

      1. D W

        @Jason Elsey makes sense.

      2. Jason Elsey

        @D W because its a safety system and without proper training it can get screwed up . Any amount of air in the system and the brakes won't function properly potentially causing an accident.

      3. D W

        Why would you need to be licensed to do a brake flush?

    37. Cecil Lynch

      Kkkm47 cxc

    38. Chrome

      So no jail time??

    39. Edwon Rodrigues

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    40. Paul Edward Madanlo

      That's why I went to school mechanical engineering so I can repair my own car

    41. Matthew Kriek

      They really should have went on different days and got different salesmen. If this depiction is accurate, they hit the same guy three times? Well he's boned but it would be easy to say it's just him, not the company

    42. Eddie Baena

      Everyone just go to oil express, they're fast and won't try to sell you on stuff, instead they offer and it's completely up to you

    43. Buddy D. Irish Sr.

      I worked for one of these companies in the 80s and their practices they do or true up selling selling you are cleaners and everything else that you really don't need putting dirty transmission oil on a dipstick to make it look like it's your transmission oil and everything else after the first day I quit I couldn't take it I couldn't lie to a customer and take their money. But like I say after about a day of doing that and I just couldn't live with it and couldn't couldn't do it I needed the money but not that bad and I had to rip somebody else off

    44. Lewd Chopper

      Ha lube

    45. Thanh Ho

      Jiffy Alyssa ask : air filler, Brooke wheel balancing, wipe shield, what kind of ai

    46. William Hall

      Dang it, I want to know what they do for the $20 oil change...probably just replace the sticker on windshield...

    47. Mike P

      I learned how to do most of these things myself. A lot of times you never really need to change these fluids. Transmission fluid you don't flush either, you drain it and refill it, drive the car some and check the level. Most of these people are kids too, not certified ASE mechanics.

    48. sebastian vanegas

      ryan is a chad

    49. T Domm

      If you have no knowledge of cars , all mechanics and these oil change places can tell you anything and you’ll take their word for it and that that’s where they get you. If you have no knowledge, maybe take someone with you that has some knowledge of cars, might save you money, or you can just simply say no to the other services regardless of them pressuring you to get it done. I’ve always said I don’t have the money, then they leave you alone.

    50. joshmo27dhtotrnts

      Who/how does 6k dislike this

    51. Ranger69x Pope

      Jiffy lube you can do more in a jiffy

    52. ygg drasil

      Which is why I do my own oil changes.

    53. The Bali Unicorn

      This is the benefit of my uncle being a mechanic for 10 years and my father being a mechanic for 25 years in the army 😑

    54. The Bali Unicorn

      My uncle is a mechanic and one of his workers did this and pocketed the money he’s fired now 😑

    55. m. m.

      I am competent enough in cars to know when im about to be ripped off, but not competent enough to do the work myself. I really should just put that extra time in get to that next step

    56. Mike Avila

      Sir your Flex Capacitor smells a Lil Burned.!!!!

    57. Skankhunt42

      You’re low on blinker fluid. You’re gonna wanna top that off.

    58. Holly Sattler

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    59. Lewis Frazier

      I think these people need to call the Better Business Bureau

    60. Lewis Frazier

      Every year the big 3 has more parts that can only be fixed at a dealership. A few years from now the only place to work on your car cause the friendly mechanic is put out of business

    61. dimi 911

      Unfortunately that's the case with most garages in the UK too, charging you an absolute fortune, hence I've learned how to fix my cars myself

    62. MegaDestroyer Plays Roblox

      Me: *comes in with tesla* Mechanic: You're gonna need an oil top-up and some new blinker fluid, it is supposed to smell like candy floss, but it smells of burnt oil. Honestly, you're gonna need to change that. It'll be 99.99. Me: (:/)

    63. Armando The gamer/12

      We the coolant change at my job for free 🤣🤣

    64. onlythewise1

      dealerships are dong this to

    65. onlythewise1

      i always check my oil see how dirty it is at first ,how clean it is after they change it .

    66. Atari Rx

      This is why I change my own oil.

    67. Tkp Tkp


    68. Mike White

      And of course you know the owner who trained these snots to rip people off will fire them and train the next ones 😂

    69. Toxic Blast

      Imagine bringing a Tesla in there and they say the same thang 😂😂😂😂

      1. Tom Landry

        More like your car smells gas and your tank needs to be flush 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Toxic Blast

      When you have a Tesla 😎

    71. Sean Pitts

      When I worked on cars in a shop for awhile it wasn't uncommon for the customer to watch and ask questions as u worked

    72. Kuljit Singh

      I went to this shop once Amazing $65 oil change for my corolla I drove off fast I am done with this shop

    73. Konrad

      If u pay for an oil change ur dumb asf Its littarly so easy

    74. MegaDestroyer Plays Roblox

      Mechanic: you need an oil change. Me: ok. Mechanic: That'll cost you only $2300, plus 20% tax. Me (again): Ok, sounds good. *walks away* Mechanic: *steals oil from car Mechanic: *puts used cooking oil in engine Me: *comes back *starts car Me: Why does the engine sound funny? Mechanic: Oh, it's just the oil. It should stop soon. Me: Oh, Ok

    75. Mach 1

      Always mark your oil filter if a stealership is doing your oil service. You then know for sure if your oil and filter has indeed been changed

    76. Jason Stevens

      I am sorry to say that it looks like you are running low on blinker fluid. We would normally use the more economical red blinker fluid but since your car is imported we have to use this more expensive amber blinker fluid.

    77. szolanek

      How a cop can buy a big Mercedes? Cop: I have enough evidence to close your shop Shop: How much?

    78. Rump[e Stillskin

      The district managers will put a ton of pressure on the managers and other employees. These type of shops are everywhere.

    79. Craig

      Will someone start a class action lawsuit against this guy? I'm sure we could get the numbers to bump him back to an 94' civic... scum bag.

    80. Ben Dover

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      1. venus

        Beautifully said.

    81. Saurav Pant

      I thought i am watching some random indian autherised service centre....cos they do the same here...

    82. Rex Travers

      Hope this thief is still not operating!!!!!!!

    83. H Thibert

      Your blinkers need fluid, it’ll be an 80 dollar fluid drain

    84. Michael Smithwick

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    85. Charlotte Wagstaff

      My dad taught me well when he said " when you go to get an oil change, ONLY get an oil change, don't trust them with anything else."

      1. Jennifer Rios

        @Jozeph Latino Reyes if you do it yourself, put the old oil in the bottle of the new one and give it to AutoZone or o'reilly they dispose it for you.

      2. Jozeph Latino Reyes

        @monkey changing my oil ain’t the problem. It’s finding a place to dispose of all that dirty oil that drives me crazy! That’s why I usually go to these lube places

      3. Ralph Angelo

        Exactly! My dad taught me that also.

      4. monkey

        My dad taught me how to change oil

      5. MegaDestroyer Plays Roblox

        Yeah, my dad told me that exactly too...

    86. Malik lxml

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    90. Ryan Vanevenhoven

      I felt so bad for the shaggy black haired guy cuz you could tell in his voice that he was trying to look the part the boss wanted while genuinely giving optional tuneups

    91. Crazyladderdude 80

      Wut if they mess with a person that knows there cars

    92. brian hooper

      this is capitalism doing what it does!! nothing is about need its about profit bottom line!!! you could do these at almost any company and get the same result!!

    93. diego chavez

      Do it yourself best way to not get ripped off

    94. Peter Mertes

      Can't believe this ripoff company is still legit. What kind of customer protection is up here?

    95. Texas texas

      I always chane my oil. Is easy. I will never pay

    96. bluesharp59

      Very sad and thanks for busting these scammers. Thumbs Up on your video and wishing you all a good Sunday.

    97. Ejay Matum

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    98. hieu nguyen

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    99. M

      This is why I trust the Indian places near me. No hassle, they get it done quick, right, and cheap. God bless hard working immigrants.

    100. Krystyna Ola

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