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    Got lost on this street, that street and the other street! #shorts

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Gacha Sky

      Hahahahahhhaah Colton imagine u acully said that 😂😭

    2. Kortneye Branscum

      Lol 😂 this st and that st and the other st

    3. Landon Wesner

      What is your email

    4. Ajani Bell

      So funny 😂😂😂😂

    5. Maliya Stewart

      Wait those actually say this that and otherstreet

    6. hoang hong


    7. Laurencepeter Cagampang

      Hehe those street go to lost street😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    8. BlueCheeseStudios

      Your lost where are you going your dogwater

    9. GFFJR11 Fulgoni

      I love Pokemon

    10. demon drago

      What a coincidence 🤔 I was on that street

    11. Abigail Godderz

      Me at any store 😅

    12. W-W-C Jimmy e E

      Idk where the fuck I am maybye canda?

    13. Animal Lover

      No its to cold for you to be wereing a short sleeve shirt in Canada 🤣

    14. cricutcrazy2010

      Yeah that's a Sunnyvale street for sure

    15. derpboi21


    16. Shemeel Ali

      😂It made me laugh a lot best

    17. Alegna Hanberg

      I'm like this daily

    18. flex it

      This is the most american thing I've ever seen

    19. Ana Delia Cornejo

      Mah god it is canda 😂😂😑😑

    20. Ibrahim Khalique

      Yes he lost

    21. TheCosta5000

      Lmfao maybe Canada, rofl

    22. Mad Neilsen

      I love it how it says what he's saying

    23. Amy Taylor


    24. this is my dog


    25. Fortnite_ Bot11


    26. Stuff stuur

      We gotta,number one confused dude he is trying to go on this street but he is on that street and crossed the other street and thinks he is in Canada 🇨🇦

    27. Nadia Sandoval


    28. iana Gusman

      It’s funny how these streets are in Canada

    29. mr cat martinez

      How they name roads in 2030

    30. Casey Collins


    31. STONKS

      Screw Canada

    32. Theari Malan


    33. Sammii Smith


    34. Lina Al Saadi

      Maybe Canada

    35. Lina Al Saadi

      Hes like I'm supposed to be on this street but I'm an the other street now i don't no where the fu*k am

    36. Bread

      Where people that use pronouns live

    37. The Dominus

      Idk y but this is so funny


      Ahhhhh this was worth so many shares

    39. random crap vids

      Omg I'm dieing

    40. Long Live Jahseh

      Pretty sure these streets are in Texas

    41. FIREBIRD

      No that’s probably Russia

    42. Redriot300

      LOL this reminds me of the twilight zone the first episode in season 5 were is everybody were it’s just this guy who travels to this town that has no one in there and he slowly goes sane

    43. Kobe Martinez


    44. Alexandru Henegariu

      This is great

    45. EagleYT

      Wait these are real signs I wish the US would that

    46. Katelynn Jacks


    47. randomuser


    48. Adam Patterson


    49. Marks Straders

      Very funny I mean who else will laf

    50. Neno Gaming

      I laughed very hard that I woke up my family 🤣🤣

    51. David Deleon

      Where’s the you street?

    52. Darth Vader.exe_

      The that st is in Canada or New found land

    53. wao Hernandez

      Whata Heck

    54. Froggy Dipper

      I cant the last part- ✋🏼💀

    55. Megan Wilson

      I love this

    56. FighterNight34


    57. Takoda Factor

      This is me

    58. Ivo Kotze

      Where is that I wanna be there now I’m on there street

    59. Bodin H


    60. Max Beast

      Funny 😄

    61. Shalya Bri

      Oh my god this so funny he really said I might be a Canada lol 😂

    62. Jerry Hurst

      I'm surprised colt would even show his face in a trailer park

    63. Kaynay Hernandez


    64. Mathias Brehm

      What in the actual heck Is that real If so where

    65. Acid Lonely

      No joke my grandma lives on "this a way" st

    66. Jesse Trujillo


    67. Bruh you low on Time

      Wait.... If he was on that street and this street....hol up wait fuck i messed up Nvm but i want to meet the person who named the streets and buy them a drink

    68. Angel Max

      I died laughing this is me every time I go for a walk

    69. toxic-fox

      Im crying of laughtre

    70. denise coleman

      So funny

    71. Nowa! Abdul-jalil

      Dunno why tht was funny to me?

    72. Xavier Eanes


    73. Memekid09

      Streets can sometimes be memes

    74. Neve Kelly

      Hahaha Canada isn’t to bad come try it out for a lil come on

    75. Gustavo Ortiz

      Yo he in Canada!😂😂😂

    76. Roselyn Cabrera

      Whoever named those streets must got lazy after nameing "that" st not funny...

    77. AnimePrincess Galxy


    78. butta deez

      That’s not your real voice you don’t say bad

    79. Levi Ackerman

      Nice puns🤣

    80. Emma Humble

      I live in Canada..

    81. Aaron Hill

      Sounds like a trailer park problem

    82. Shama Hussin


    83. Gor Alekyan

      Where is this place?????

    84. Ava Calderon


    85. קארין אברמוביץ


    86. Mariana L


    87. QZIX

      I am dying XD

    88. Fifa21Goals

      This the best one so far 🤣

    89. Elizabeth Weatherly

      This is my favorite video ever because i like in canada and its just so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    90. Addison Moss

      Maybe kansas

    91. Erika Sadler

      Wow that is so funny

    92. lanky fan

      Is there really a streat called that,this,The other?

    93. Terrarian Player


    94. look at my pfp

      it's real I went there also you can search on google

    95. sky Missel

      OK that's funny😂

    96. potet er bra

      Lol so funny

    97. Mark Livings

      funnnyyy 😂😂

    98. Kim Deila

      Very good one colty

    99. isabela da costa

      I live on this st he lives on that st my friend lives on the other st

    100. Anime girl kawaii