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    Love to make your buddies squirm? If you love playing different types of jokes on your besties, watch this cool video for more funny pranks and tricks! Coming up with the genius prank isn’t always easy, so to help you out, we’ve prepared a couple of tricks that you can pull on your schoolmates and buddies.
    Beware, it can be realy funny!🤣
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    00:01 Funny makeup prank to pull on your roomie
    02:41 Amazing pranks for back to school, school prank for beginners
    03:00 Prank with slime and gum
    04:11 Food prank for school
    06:05 Funny pranks on friends to try right now
    09:14 Crazy family pranks
    10:03 Hilarious prank ideas, fake insects prank
    10:50 Funny bloopers
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      A collage student uses play dough

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    92. Anna Myers

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