Mozzy, Celly Ru - In My Section (Official Video) ft. Savii 3rd, $tupid Young


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    Listen to the single "In My Section". Out now!
    #Mozzy #CellyRu #InMySection
    Official music video by Mozzy, Celly Ru performing "In My Section" © 2020 Free The Lost / Fo Eva East

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      Lav right he hiding behind us this ain’t cripping right cuz he got bars y’all ain’t politicking right mozzy need to go take care of that shit in sac

    2. Shsmbg Reed

      I'm rooting Savviii he up NOW

    3. Spencer Graffin

      Savi3rd...da goat 4 dat shit

    4. Yuhthuh

      Ohh shitt the Bay and L.A. done linked like whoa polar opposites and you know it. I'm feelin this! Oakland baby had to comment on this

    5. Mizz Velvet Mcgowan


    6. Charlie Miller

      80% of cali inmates are PuCCies. Having said that. Shout out to the real ones that dont post videos and talk about it.

    7. Local Shqiptar

      Man if dw flame and nip was on this it would be perfect

    8. Crypto Dynasty

      Buncha squares

    9. Shawnnell S

      Savvi UP NOW.......they should let Flame Fire it up

    10. N0DA

      👇🏾aking over💯

    11. Rhonda Felsman

      Blm ... Nml nfs

    12. lil bKoy from the West

      32nd street 👉

    13. Princess Bambiieee

      This was jus a perfect combination 🗣🔥🔥

    14. TonY Amazen187

      This fire for the land we need to share... Imma play this when the cops start harassing me .. ❤️💙🤎❤️🖤💚

    15. TonY Amazen187

      Gllllttttt 💙✌🏾❤️🗣️😤 avalon53rd G'z ... This slap ... Rip my 5LOODAS ..

    16. Acun Acur

      MoZZy the Best

    17. JoJoOnTheBeat

      melody so fye

    18. Ivan Buzo

      How the fuck crips n bloods collaborating, you couldn’t do this ten years ago

    19. Julian Garci

      This song goes hard asfk they all going big

    20. AbitOfErthang

      3:11 why they blurr it out??

    21. # 1

      I been slappin u in TN ..TEX..KENT....MISSOURI....ILLINOIS

    22. # 1

      $stupid Young u ALREADY!

    23. Brandon Lee

      I like how Bris goes harder than both his ops combined, only here for stupid young and savii 💪🔥🔥

    24. Sir Ryan

      3rdiø on mines

    25. Savannah Sanchez

      all these studio gangsters know to come to the Eastside of LA for there video when they never stepped a foot out here Where the real hood and cholos be



    27. Terrence Jackson

      This bih slidin shout out from Florida ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

    28. Dank MobN

      Where’s this spot at in LA ? Has to be by the river

    29. GUAPO FS

      Bay Area And Southern Cali that’s Right

    30. stacks 801

      They too underrated 😣😣😣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    31. Erika Ayala

      Mozzy is good at his part😶

    32. Marcus Vail

      Mozzy, I’m saying homie. You been killing shit for a while now. #HellGang. I need a #DwFlame and #Mozzy COLLAB

    33. Joshh Ramos

      Whoop TakingOverCC👇

    34. Real Deal Spill

    35. Suprakell

      Takingover gang no lame shit only gang shit 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    36. Phillip Brown

      Saviii 3rd went in on this, Fasho. Ik he coulve gone Harder tho Fasho! He should make more songs with Mozzy or maybe an album. They'll make history.

    37. Trevor Heavyweight

      stupid young need to just join the mozzy camp

    38. Jeremiah Parker

      FACTS!!!!!! NO KAPPPP!!!!!

    39. Tommi Garcia


    40. Dark shadow

      No one talking about who directed it ... SUJ

    41. Fiiyah Marshall

      Damn dude sound just like nip 💙 🏁

    42. Svang

      In my section we under quarantine 🤷‍♀️

    43. CharliesAngel Jonnson

      MOEZZY stop them babies them babies hurting from childhood we need luv.

    44. e.h skills10


    45. Arizona Scrill

      Celly ru kill this

    46. tha vault

      Jelly ru 😂😂

    47. 5.56 Pharaoh


    48. G G


    49. sporty

    50. mK_-

      Rip Bris

    51. Elijah Nicholson

      Hey do not talk to him like that! Braden

    52. DANNY D

      Mozzy 🔥

    53. Charley Larry

    54. jrwplmbg

      You shot this shit in the south.

    55. jrwplmbg

      Brought young on the home beef though??? No place here dog

    56. Donni Montoya

      Savi 3red ruined the song🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    57. Elijah Nicholson

      Hi mozzy I love your song


      These nikkas real about this artistry real spill i LOVE it .

    59. Mcjosh Taylor

      Savii 3rd 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Bucket 50

      Im tryna swing in the next 1

    61. Baby King


    62. Baby King


    63. Baby King


    64. Baby King


    65. Ty Garcia

      BANK’D UP 👍👍

    66. Jasper Hester jr

      Good vibes


      They should of had comptonasstg on here 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    68. Jose Villagomez

      Slappers feel me the boi Mozzy and cellyru🔥🔥💯

    69. MoeNuff Yoyo

      Cambodian love . Young, Mozzy, and Celly. SaVii and that good touch to it.

    70. All Around Ant

      Celly Ru ruin this banger !

      1. Gan95tapooh28

        Hardest verse of the song

    71. San Diego Lifestyle

      Love from san Diego O Mob crip

    72. Isaah Loveto

      Gangster keep making more

    73. Domnic Prasad

      OMM everyone know dat Celly Ru part go da hardest✊🏿✊🏿💯💯🅿️💜✅

    74. Deangelo Davis

      I like this,

    75. WuWu

      HHxNHC 🖐🏾✌🏾♿♿

    76. Jason Levinson

      this played on auto when i was listenin' to mozzy and i swore the boul on the chorus was likme "oh shyt fabolous fukkin w da west" but the asian boul sound like him..that sum funny shyt man

    77. sly 1

      slapn like skippity paps


      I keep seeing 444 like literally as well

    79. S J

      When I was young Black and Asians didn't role together... Pretty cool except him saying nigga.

      1. wongchai807

        Where you from? Asians usually good with the blks.

    80. 2pak100

      "Leader of my gang and you cant go back, acting like there aint no killaz in my city you dont know Sac. you wont see him posted on my block if he a known rat we gon stretch him show the hood a lesson thats for sure facts, you trippin hanging out and slipping Nikka get your soul snatched. he got videos with them slounds where yo pole at? how you hanging out in areas where we got funk at. doubble sided playing both sides bitch where yo home at? you hear me! really chart Nikkaz no body's but you lost Nikkaz, really lost Nikkaz somebody died on God Nikka Maze Nikkaz got a vote to kill a boss nikka i aint siding out of bounce with my pole with me. nikkkaz play we go out today turn up the whole city drums sticks, shouldnt have brought shit if you dont throw 50. if i go yeah Bruh for sholly gon send a soul with me" Celly RU

    81. Oso TopDog


      1. Jailani Saksii-Phrommavongxay

        It won’t it’s to gangsta on Oak Park

      2. Collin Ingraham

        You know it wont.

      3. Brenda Nguyen

        This song fire but this not making bet awards all award shows only like main stream guys


      Celly ru be killing something on everything its sum fokes dead now truth will kill us CELLY RU COME THROUGH KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU GO HARD OH MY LORDT.

    83. The Truth Hurts

      He said someone died on god nigga lol Celly ru!!! Shit was dope I can rewind that all day

    84. Naruto514


    85. Ishmel Walker

      in my section if somebody get killed erbody snitchin ong

    86. The Truth Hurts

      Celly ru killed this shit omg 😳

    87. B-Town CHILL

      👍🏿👍🏿 🎵🔊🔥

    88. Good Music

      That Mozzy and Lil Whoodie song can’t trust a soul is so 🔥🔥🔥

    89. Kennedi Johnson

      Nice song


      DWflame shoulda threw some ⛽️on that

    91. Shacai Freeman

      I’m dead I’m finna beat daddy ass but BD killed it

    92. JW 323

      Saviii really is the hardest nigga coming up. Him and TG

    93. On Demand

      Savii 3rd hook made this song 💯

    94. Goro

      why they blur lil trev hand when he thru his shit up

    95. robert contreras

      So help me understand this fellas .. All the guys on these comments talking like these guys are the next best thing, explain this to me , do they put money in your bank account or help you pay bills . i dont get it u guys sound like some groupie females i would be embarrassed and no animosity towards anyone but the only one im talking high up to is the owner of my company that pays for my house and benz .

    96. barax94

      he said "stupid, nigga that's on young" dope line fo' me 🤘🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Paul Reed

      Frfr with the Mozzy movement Hellgang Reno NV from the 775 to the 916 in my section 🙊🙈🙉🤫🤐👈

    98. John Wilson

      Lavish D aka CML could never 😩😂

    99. Compton 90221

      Saviii did his shit on Bompton.. 🔥 ass song

    100. C H

      this shit is upsetting somebody post and let me know that you don’t even fuck with that guy willie b