Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained

European Space Agency, ESA

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    How does an astronaut return to Earth from the International Space Station? What does it feel like to re-enter the atmosphere? How does the Soyuz capsule function? Watch and find out. This video is based on an actual lesson delivered to the ESA astronaut class of 2009 (also known as the #Shenanigans09) during their ESA Basic Training. It features interviews with astronauts who have flown on the Soyuz and dramatic footage of actual landings.
    Produced by the ESA Human Spaceflight and Operations (HSO) Astronaut Training Division, Cologne, Germany, in collaboration with the HSO Strategic Planning and Outreach Office, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, with special support from Roskosmos.
    Narration Voice: Bernard Oattes
    Technical Experts: Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin (HSO-UT)
    Content Design: Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin, Raffaele Castellano, Matthew Day (HSO-UT)
    Animation & Video Editing: Raffaele Castellano (HSO-UT), HSO-K
    Project Coordination: Matthew Day, Stephane Ghiste, Dmitriy Churkin (HSO-UT)
    Special thanks to:
    Martin Schweiger (Orbiter software: orbit/
    Nikita Vtyurin, Andrew Thielmann (Orbiter Soyuz model)
    Lionel Ferra (HSO-UT)
    Oleg Polovnikov (HSO-UT)
    Frank De Winne (HSO-A)
    Paolo Nespoli (HSO-A)
    Antonio Rodenas Bosque (HSO-UT)
    S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia
    Aerospace Search and Rescue Service of the Russian Federation
    Parachute footage: Cambridge University Spaceflight
    Surfer footage: copyright Red Bull Media House
    Footage from inside Soyuz capsule courtesy of RSC Energia has limited rights:
    a) These data are submitted with Limited Rights under Agreement among the Government of Canada, Governments of Member States of the European Space Agency, the Government of Japan, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the United States of America concerning co-operation on the civil International Space Station.
    These data may be used by the receiving co-operating agency and its contractors and subcontractors, provided that such data shall be used, duplicated or disclosed only for the following purposes, which are related to the Cooperating Agency Space Station Program for ISS:
    1) Use for ESA astronaut training
    2) Use for educational purposes
    These data shall not be used by persons or entities other than the receiving Cooperating Agency, its contractors or subcontractors, or for any other purposes, without the prior written permission of the furnishing partner state, acting through its cooperating agency.
    b) This notice shall be marked on any reproduction of these data in whole or part.
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