My TOP 5 Baits For Fishing In Florida - Road to the Classic EP. 2

Scott Martin

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    I just got done with day 1 one practice for the Bassmaster Open on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida. Here are my 5 must have bait choices for fishing in Florida.
    This is episode 2 of the 2020 season, be sure to follow along!
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    1. Shawn Woolley22

      Hey Scott you should do a video like this for every tournament.... it would be really awesome to see exactly what you throw for each tournament and why you decided to throw it for that particular tournament 👍

    2. Piya Chetty

      Great video man nice set ups for Florida would be cool to see the 5 setups you have against Mr Martin senior an his 5 Florida set ups 🎣🕺

    3. Elmur Fud

      thanks for taking time to share baits and knowledge , I've been bing watching your videos . I like black or blue black soft baits worms and jigs , is it true that basic black works in all types of water clear or muddy ?

    4. Kenny Stats

      lol love the THUG LIFE moment, awsome. love the vids


      I will be copying this set up exactly the same

    6. jedig8tor

      Hope you do well.

    7. Bassin time

      Sick burn bro

    8. Clarence Belcher

      I'll take Billy's spot I like pop tarts and mountain dew o and boat rides lol

    9. Alan Lister

      You guys so badly need to wear sunscreen! Not joking, you will get skin cancer!!!!

    10. R. Guardia

      Aren't those Shimano reels?

    11. Big Country Tactical & Bass Fishing

      What kind of reels do you use? No link on reels only rods.

    12. Rustin Winborne

      Billy Dont miss many fish LOL Hes a riot

    13. Greg Sweet

      What reels are those, I know there shimano but can’t figure out what model

      1. Travis Chilcot

        it's Scott Martin, those are a deck full of Metanium's 😍🤤

    14. Mitchell Oystacher

      Da da da da da it’s the miso moso g snoop dog

    15. BassGeek

      Awesome info.

    16. TheJtaylor000

      Good luck to all you guys. Be safe.

    17. Bassassin

      Oh, hey!! Shocked!! A Googan infomercial!! LOL, lame.

      1. Scott Martin

        You didn’t even watch the video....

    18. Bassin’ Passion

      What’s ur go to size of hook Scott for most Texas Rigged applications?

    19. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 💯 Billy’s rocking that Thug Life! 👊🏼

    20. Michael Porterfield

      Hey Scott, I love p-line. It’s all I use. The hat you wear with their logo, where can I get one. I don’t see one on tackle Warehouse or p-line website. Thanks

    21. Chevis Ryan

      Scott what reels do you use on all your rods?

    22. Blake. Rogers

      Magnum speed worm?

    23. Bass Fizzishin

      Great job Scott, way to bounce back after day 1 and get 5th!

    24. BryanL911

      Are you or Googan Baits going to be at the East Tennessee Fishing Expo Jan 23rd - 25th

    25. Tc

      Sweet dude from 60th to 5th. Can't wait for your videos to drop from practice and tournament. 👍

    26. Tim E

      THUG LIFE!!!!!! I hope videos go back to way they were a couple years ago. Last years hd, etc lost the “feel”. Can’t wait to see you in Elites and Classic👍

    27. Gus Yak

      Hey Scott, it was awesome to have the opportunity to shake your hand, take a couple selfies at Toho today then see you in the closing ceremony @Basmaster at Bass pro Shop.. really cool. I posted couple pics in my twitter # Thanks

    28. Adam Cook

      Congrats Scott on your quest to the elite series. Great start to the season. Fans in Minnesota rooting for ya!

    29. CliqeFN

      Bro, I love your channel. I just started fishing and I just watch you and I just encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing. Love the channel

    30. Tom Winkler

      Grats on your Top 5 this weekend!!

    31. Fishing With CF

      Tucker and Grayson are competing against u they go to my school I hope they beat u Scott especially cuz they are the youngest classic competitors

    32. Howard Genthner

      Does bass masters have an app where you can keep up with the stats

      1. Scott Martin

        I think just the website..bit a app would be very cool

    33. The Recoil Life

      i will watch this later but just wanted to say Scott you are a very awesome person and i always enjoy watching all of your videos. Keep up the good work and that also goes for Billy and Brandon too. you have encouraged me to work towards something even harder that's been in my heart for a very long time. I hope you do very well in the Bassmasters and i look forward to watching you on there just like i did when you were on the FLW tour. i would love to talk to you for advice and other things for my future endeavor i am planning on trying for. you may have an idea of what it is. but would still love to talk if you would like to. Thanks for your time. GunsNmore.

    34. Brent Buck

      Great job this week!

    35. Troy Harper

      Can't wait to see all the new content Scott 💯 Goodluck 💯

    36. jonathan mckinney

      Loved it . Squeeze as many vids as you can per tournament . I can’t speak for everyone but I enjoy it all from cooking at the house joking around to hooking up . Thanks Scott !!

    37. Jerry

      How are you fishing the fluke? Straight retrieve?

      1. Scott Martin

        “Worm it” slow

    38. Brett Belcher

      Awesome video and great advice as always Scott! Are you going to be at the Virginia fishing expo this weekend?

    39. Ryan Barker

      I respect your decision to go with BASS this year,...but dang it, why cant we watch tournaments. Even championship days at the least would be awesome. I mean I always wait for you to post tournament vids anyway. Let BASS know they gotta get with the times and get some live streaming going on.

      1. Jesse Perry

        Couldn't agree more. Was searching like crazy for the live stream. The media team over there definitely needs to step it up.

    40. j b

      a monster come back on day 2 of the Bassmaster opens.... awesome job.... go get em Scott!!!

    41. gpharned

      Scott, Not to preach but you should really push sun screen, sun masks and hats! After years of burning like everyone in this video, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, I was blessed and they found it early but I've had a few friends that didn't. It's just to easy to save a life. Love your videos.

    42. evolsnake

      60 to 8th nice jump

    43. BASS SLAYIN' NOOB 86

      Look at all those Metaniums. 😵😵 only like $10,000 in Metaniums in the boat most likely.....super jealous

    44. Ron Coogle

      good luck today

    45. Morten Johnsen

      Go Scott Martin Denmark is with you 🇺🇸 🇩🇰 🇺🇸 🇩🇰

    46. Tc

      EWG except flipping&punching then straight shank👍

    47. William Ezell

      From 60th place to 8th ! Awesome job buddy!!

    48. Shaun Roberts

      Cmon Scott. Mondos... Big fish. Good luck. Whip a can of Whoop A.. on them.....

    49. 510purple

      can you add me on ig Scott Martin it's bassin510 it would mean a lot to me

    50. Stiks fishing channel

      u in it now :) hope u win this!!

    51. Danimal23

      Nice job today Scott!! Good luck tomorrow

    52. Danny Ray

      Kinda weird ive watched bassmaster elite series all the time. This is the first open tournament that ive been intrested in. You have given opens more attention good luck

    53. Alex Conley

      I leave ohio in a week for orlando.. My friend is a salty dog friend. But i love bass... Love the bug in ohio for beds... I will chase bass atleast two days.

    54. Matthew Hairell

      All the raccoon eyes! After first day!

    55. {TRUMP NATION}

      Anyone know why Billy couldn't or wasn't able to fish for 2 years???

    56. TL Bombsquad

      Billy don’t miss a bass

    57. Fishing MW

      Looked at the rod. Yeah not spending $400 for a rod.

    58. Hammer 917

      Glad to have Billy’s got a bass back!

    59. Cmbtvet outdoors

      Congrats on the day 2 come back! You need a 30 lb bag tomorrow! Also, Bass Pro is in Orlando 😉

    60. John B

      Go get them!!!!! God Bless!!!!

    61. bob smith

      Hahahaha the thug life edit was great!!

    62. Michael Ducat

      Good luck scott you got this brother fish on

    63. Victor Salinas

      Wish you the best luck for the tournament.

    64. reefreptiles

      I only fish with spinning rods for bass and intracoastal fish, why do bass fishers use almost primarily baitcasters? What's the benefit?

    65. Matt Orschell

      Is billy still fishing tournament?

    66. Jake Porter

      Love the THUG LIFE...perfect execution Brandon!

    67. Shawn Ward

      Let’s go, find that Donk Donk!!!!! Scott Martin for the big W!!!!

    68. zeeba345

      Scott Martin is the best watch all he’s videos

    69. Kevin Carris

      Great video Scott Kickass!! Good luck

    70. David Stocks

      Way to fish today Scott Martin! Moved all the way to 8th from yesterday. Thats what I'm talking about!

    71. Dave Wendrich

      Such a whiney lil bitch

    72. solosensei

      Where's B. Lat?

    73. Bradford Fields

      Scott, You touched me the day you announced your move to the BFL and how you said you want to win the Classic for your Pops. I would give anything to have my Pops come down from heaven and fish with me just one more time and fish with his grandson Bass Bandit that he never got to know. We can all wish for things that we know that will never happen. Just like, I wish I could fish with you someday. I can tell you Scott one thing that will happen, you’re going to win the Classic and I can feel it in the bottom of my heart!!!

    74. The Bass Amateur

      Billy is the MAN ! EWG FOR LIFE ! Bahahahaha !

    75. Dallas Hebert

      Just check the weigh in updates. Wow from 60th to 8th. Cant wait to see that day 2 video. DONKEYS!

    76. SHWELL11

      that sun burn looks serious!

    77. Jason Perry

      Like the crew....been waiting for the tournament videos. You and Todd are two of my favorite pro anglers. I see you moved up to 8th after day 2. Go get them tomorrow and win this thing.

    78. Steve Barnes

      Comment at 9:15, OUCH. 'Beginners'.Billy probably needs to be standing guard.

    79. Danny Perry

      I watched Bass Master weigh in more in the last 2 days then ever! Catch a big bag tomorrow I’ll be watching! Good luck Scott! 🎣

    80. Dallas Hebert

      🙏 Hope yall caught em good today!

    81. Austin & Landon Outdoors

      Perfect Timing!! Heading down to Florida tomorrow and gonna try to catch some slaunch donkeys.

    82. Jesse Perry

      Way to light em up out there on day 2 Scott! 19 lbs 14 oz! Keep it up! We’re cheerin for ya!

      1. Danny Perry

        Jesse Perry I did a big fist pump and said yesss! He’s fishing tomorrow.

    83. Christopher Raber

      Good job on the comeback on day 2 Scott!!!! This is gonna be awesome with Billy back !!😎

    84. Rusty Wells

      I'm actually surprised Scott is fishing with Favorite rods maybe favorite is just going for the tournament anglers now does anyone know what B Lat is using? 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    85. slonefactor

      Notice you dont mention your reels.

      1. Bennybass

        slonefactor he doesn’t work for any reel company, guess he’s not about to give shimano any free promotion

    86. Fish On

      Congrats on today's results, Scott. Go get 'em on Friday!!!

    87. Stevie K

      If the leaderboard is correct and everyone in.....congrats on the big move. Very impressive

      1. Bennybass

        Stevie K Scott should clean up shop in the opens, he almost always found himself in the top 20 in the FLW....hopefully b lat gets it done in the opens as well

    88. Bobby Gossett

      Love the setups, baits, tips!

    89. Jason Mausteller

      You just fishing fluke on bed fish?

    90. Don Fousek

      Day 3 for the win!

    91. Pro.Angler R

      I have a tournament on Sunday at Toho and this helps a lot thanks Scott

    92. Dustin DeSimone

      Brandon’s such a douche bag. Cameraman for one of the best anglers ever. Gets to fish and travel all over the country and is a miserable prick.

    93. BMK

      Hey Scott.... dosent bassmaster come up to New York to Cayuga lake for a tournament?

    94. Josh Cope

      All of these practice videos leave me wanting more. Practice and tournament videos are my favorite. But I like them all

    95. The Angry Bass

      Bass Pro Shops in Orlando Scott LOL

    96. The Angry Bass

      Go Scott Go!

    97. chevytechb

      Just checked the leaderboard for Kissimmee chain! What a come back go get in top 12. You got a 25 lb bag in ya to win this buddy!!!! #BNT

    98. Flcracker62

      Speed worms are the ticket, very versatile.

    99. Devin B

      What size tk130 for a BaNdito bug?

    100. Brian Botu

      Great job on day of the tournament today. Way to bounce back to top 10