Next Generation GMC Yukon | How-To - Traction Select System and available Hill Descent Control | GMC


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    Learn how to use Traction Select System and available Hill Descent Control on the GMC Yukon to help give you enhanced control of the road.

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    1. Aidan Murphy

      Hi GM why did you bring back Hummer and not Pontiac will Pontiac come back

      1. Aidan Murphy

        I didn't really know what Pontiac was because i was born in the beginning of the Great recession The only reason i know what Pontiac is is because of the 2007 transformers movie Rip Saab Rip Pontiac Rip Saturn

    2. katanajake 2010

      Thank u GMC for bringing back my favourite truck! the hummer. When i seen the hummer for the first time I instantly love it! Keep up the good work GMC!

    3. su oh

      The flimsy plate histochemically dream because promotion conspicuously expand amidst a dashing afghanistan. dirty, rare bill

    4. 16 GMC Yukon XL

      GMC I love your Yukon and Yukon xl I own a 2016 GMC Yukon XL sle and we have had no problems

    5. Ember2460 Harrington

      Please go out and Honk Lock your car. Would you want to hear that when you are trying to sleep. We wouldn't either. I mean we Reallllly dont GMC please create and use technology that lets us sleep and relax No Hoooonking. Thanks. Quiet quiet beeps work just as well.

      1. GMC

        We appreciate you taking time to send your feedback, Ember. Your honest sentiments help us continuously improve. Please know, your comments do not fall upon deaf ears -- as they will be logged for the appropriate parties to review. For more assistance, please send a private message.

    6. GMC

      Hi there. Please continue to check our website for upcoming information regarding the Hummer EV. Reserve yours today through the online reservation process . The simple process will walk you through four easy steps: choose your trim, choose your participating dealer, enter your information, and confirm your reservation agreement. Limitations may apply.

    7. MR. SAMSUNG

      GMC can we get some videos on Hummer EV come on anything. Winter testing something. Also 15 mins after you released the Hummer EV for pre orders I couldn't even pre order 1st Edition can you guys switch my order? I am on the wait list or something I want 1st Edition. Please🥺🥺🥺