MaCio Teague: 19 points in Baylor's National Championship win

March Madness

13 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    MaCio Teague dropped 19 for Baylor in their National Championship rout of Gonzaga. Teague helped give Baylor their first national championship in program history. Watch the Baylor star's full highlights here.
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    1. John Varner

      Great job, Baylor! You made the Big 12 proud. RCJHKU!

    2. Gordon Mcveigh

      football fan but that was magic ,. so as we say ,at celtic park hail hail from scotland,. Butler was outstanding now 4 years in a row go guys go,,..

    3. Zach

      wait.. so he doesn’t actually shoot like that?

    4. Scott Miller

      Watched Teague at UNC Asheville for two years and enjoyed every minute. He's a great person and a fantastic ball player.

    5. Kreutz

      Teague and Butler were sharpshooters that game!

    6. Alex East

      go unca bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Asim Mahmood

      I knew butler and mitchell were elite but this guy was going off on both ends of the floor!!!!

    8. I H

      Do you guys think he will get drafted?

      1. jay '

        I reckon he’ll be a sleeper in the draft . Despite the hitch with the catch & shoot he’s still a formidable shooter . Not to mention he’s a great defender

      2. Jorgeroots

        Thinking The same

    9. Andre Ecija

      Baylor is the Champion Tonight Great Job tonight

    10. YvngGoat

      Their defense & offense was almost flawless

      1. Draco

        I thought Gonzaga's offense was nearly flawless, but Baylor, that was SOMETHING ELSE, they dominated from start to finish, I wasn't expecting that AT ALL, not at all.

    11. Shaan Keole

      This was like 2018 where everyone called Alabama the greatest team of all time and heavy favorites to win it all, only to be blown out and embarrassed in the title game

    12. DaVirgil

      There’s a reason why Teague is a worthy senior

    13. Antbeast23

      Baylor played great team ball. Move the ball and made shots

    14. Antbeast23

      Baylor played great team ball. Move the ball and made shots

    15. thekidthtdid

      Texas needed that dub big ups to Baylor

    16. Virtual Monster

      Baylor had one thing Gonzaga didn’t: Defense

      1. alex

        Baylor had many things Gonzaga didn’t. But okay lol

      2. Kenneth Cline

        @Livi they did outrebound Gonzaga. But they also played better D.

      3. Livi

        More like: rebounds