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    Halloween is here (kinda) and I for one am excited to revisit the stories of the past. Nickelodeon was one of the best stations to handle Halloween when I was young, and I want to check back up on all the best Nickelodeon Halloween Specials. From Spongebob Squarepants, to Cry Baby Lane!
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    1. Quinton Reviews

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      1. Alisha Tree


      2. Matt Koliha

        Tbh you should review Goosebumps the tv show, not the movies btw I love the channel man keep it up you’ve earned a sub from me

      3. Kid From 21 Jump Street

        I own a VHS of a *Spongebob Halloween Special "Scaredy Pants"* 5:43

      4. earthwormjim91

        For the love of god people avoid his twitter

      5. Cameron Houg


    2. truxxton

      wtf wait i remember the car keys thing going on for a minute too... wthh

    3. Ancel4

      When SpongeBob lifted up Bubble Bass' tongue, I remember SEEING that lady's keys next to the pickles, along with everyone else's missing shit. (Specifically, a left sock for some reason) It's weird to watch it as an adult and only see the pickle slices in his mouth. Kid's memories are totes whack, yo

    4. Queen Sapphire

      Man. This was really just, Spongebob and 2 movies I'd never heard about before. The Spongebob section was pretty good and comprehensive, though.

    5. Griffin Ball

      I still very clearly to this day remember the second transformation in "I was a Teenage Gary" Crazy how the mind can totally fabricate a memory

    6. Horatio Nelson

      Great, now Victoria Justice is gonna be remembered for making a generation of furries.

    7. Timo Cruz

      10:20 i actually hate how this looks idk maybe its just different and im not used to it like when they changed the amazing dragon and i hated it at 1st and now dont even remember the original look

    8. Marissa Perciado


    9. Nick Becerra

      Shaolin Soccer is a good example of a movie starting out bad and slowly becoming awesome over the course of the movie

    10. Aldor The Great

      I love how you can hear his phone go off at 18:44

    11. aMAX

      Squidward's Suicide is basically canon now that it has been referenced in an official Spongebob episode. Not sure how the animators/creators got away with that, but supposedly it's a deleted scene now.

    12. psychotrip

      17:35 It's little touches like this that make Quinton my favorite youtuber.

    13. Zinervawyrm

      Never even heard of Crybaby Lane, maybe because I was more into the Disney Channel Halloween specials as a kid in the 90s. Although the way it sounds, a slow build, lingering on the unknown of the supernatural, it sounds like it was inspired by Japanese horror in some ways.

    14. Nacho

      16:39 they actually showed a little clip of their version of suicide squidward in one of the newer episodes, I was surprised but it was sorta cool that they did that

    15. god is jihyo


    16. Memes Uninvere

      Quinton your channel is my favorite show please make more

    17. agony jones

      just drop the icarly vid bro

    18. IlikeEmerica96

      14:34 I mean they kinda have some moments like that in teen wolf 1985

    19. Albinum

      18:43 Nice Samsung notification in the background

    20. Blazer The Gamer

      The only Halloween special I liked was Squidwards Suicide

    21. Zyla 3000

      okay but they recently made a reference to suicide squidward so like... they kinda did confirm it by accident lmao

    22. Maxwell

      i love the werewolf movie purely for the references to young frankenstien

    23. NPC Slayer

      360p where tho

    24. Tenticle Ass

      16:36 spongebob did have an episode that referenced it tho

    25. Kelly

      little did your parents know, all you really wanted for christmas was the cable.

    26. Alex Olinkiewicz

      A bit late on commenting on this video, but I got to say my most found Nickelodeon 90's Halloween Special was The Angry Beavers - The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up. Just such an amazing parody on B-Action/Monster Movies.

    27. Dorian Sanchez

      I subbed for the icarky video

    28. Matthew Spaeth

      found Eddy Burback at 4:31

    29. MassiveBeaconCat

      Subscribed for icarly

    30. Trace LaMar

      Can you do this again at Christmas time with Christmas tv specials?

    31. Feather Leaf

      Oh my god, that werewolf movie is using costumes from the Underworld movies and it’s like a diet Ginger Snaps.

    32. Daniela Bustos

      So, it's not Nickelodeon's but... What about the Pucca Scary Ep? The one with the ghost that looks like Pucca. That scared the crap out of me as a kid xD

    33. Kaan Ra

      The opening line really took me off guard 🤣

    34. C.J. Thurmond

      When he said jump back 20 years for the next film, I was really hoping he'd talk about that Kenan and Kel TV movie. It didn't come out on Halloween, but it basically was a thing to watch for Halloween

    35. JimJam

      Recess had an an anthology Halloween episode where it was I think three quick little horror shorts crammed into 22 minutes and one was about an army of undead Miss Finster’s from trying to get to kids and in the end they’ve barricaded themselves in the cafeteria and think they’re gonna die, but then they wake up and say it was a dream and go home, but the last shot shows a lone pair of broken horn-rimmed glasses under a lunch table. My 9 year old self could barely handle it.

    36. S ?

      8:36 okay no i'm so scared i definitely remember everyone finding what they had lost but now you're telling me it never happened wHAT ???!!#@@?

    37. Shiki x Lavilla Titan

      I've never heard or seen anything of crybaby lane. Hate the title.

    38. Charlie Jones

      I'm thinking of a halloween movie I saw at my local boys and girls club that scared me. It had something to do with some brothers and sisters? (3, I think the sister and brother were older and one was a younger sibling dont know if they were a boy or girl) and the little one got stuck in a well in the forest or something and there was cobwebs and I dont really remember it but i really wanna know what it was

    39. A J

      Okay, I'll watch the Garfield one. I've only recently found your channel but I absolutely love it already, quickly subbed and am enjoying your catalog!

    40. Josh Shrum

      I think i know what Quinton’s favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins.

    41. Sawk On

      I remember too 100% in the Pickles episode he had more stuff under his tongue. Does anyone else remember a muffler?!

    42. Brandi P. TV

      Comes down with a sickness: woah ahh ahh ahh ahh!

    43. i'm not daredevil

      Promos vid but no link.. Why... (or im just on mobile and they got rid of the i button? Fsss idk=

    44. Kid From 21 Jump Street

      18:22 UNDATAKA

    45. Kid From 21 Jump Street

      I own a VHS of a *Spongebob Halloween Special "Scaredy Pants"* 5:43

    46. Kid From 21 Jump Street

      I hate AnimatedHoliday Specials in general. Also in general really. A good Holiday Special is one where you don't realize it until the end. Likr a lil spice to an already quality show not a gimmick or "crutch" as you put it.

    47. D Sherm

      What's the beef with big Joel?

    48. Dale Undercover

      I hated that Boy Who Cried Werewolf movie SO MUCH as a kid because I was pissed that the BOY GOT TO BE THE WEREWOLF AT THE END?? I was so intensely angry that victoria justice didn't get to stay the werewolf

    49. Mozariah Rain

      I actually never heard of Crybaby Lane :c dang!

    50. PaintraSeaPea

      I wonder if the false memory of the Pickles episode you mentioned happened because of the other times spongebob has done jokes sort of like that. my mind immediately went to the "he burnt my shake!" joke earlier in the episode. it's also a little reminiscent of the Boo Boo Keys jokes from Bubble Buddy.

    51. Bucky -Olivia- Barnes

      🎵Down with the sickness 🎶

    52. KrausHaus

      The car keys joke reminds me of “Boo Boo keys” and I think you might be remembering that

    53. bixeru

      ok but does anyone remember that invader zim episode were dib literally loses his fucking mind and gets sent to a mental hospital

    54. Original Taboo

      I’ve never heard of Crybaby Lane.

    55. ariaelnotthemermaid


    56. Manic

      I'm taking out the trash At night

    57. VampiricN1ght

      "I Was a Teenaged Gary" legit gave me nightmares for years and nobody I knew ever saw it

    58. Human Ratteler

      16:40 I mean...they kinda did

    59. ibukia gaming

      i thought by now you would have 1 million but i guess not

    60. piggybankvillan

      17:33, you just had to do it huh? 😂😂😂

    61. Tweek Tweak

      I think my favorite Halloween special from nick was the one from Danny Phantom. Something about Fright knight is cool?!? Like you can say any of the episodes is a Halloween episode but the vibes is different in fright night.

    62. Caston Adams

      I reused a needle and all I got was hep c

    63. gwammeh

      The Spongebob halloween episode traumatized me as a kid. I’m not from America. My country does not celebrate Halloween. That episode was dubbed and aired in like... I want to say February-ish? Anyway, I had no context that this episode was going to be *scary*, I just thought it was a costume party episode. And then the reveal, my god. I remember that my sister and I were HORRIFIED.

    64. sreliet605??

      i have weird supressed mwmories of the wetewolf movie. not sure if i really seen it or it is just very nostalgic. weird

    65. Sabrina Parker

      i subscribed for that future icarly video. i'll come back when it's uploaded.

    66. Lawrence Zmuda

      is this geared more for kids or am i still a child

    67. Nicolás Tribaldos

      the improvised costume using the HARRY POTTER CLOAK is something that I identify with 100%.

    68. Miranda.Panda

      I remember watching The Boy Who Cried Werewolf the night it aired, and I have not thought about that film since until I saw your tweets about them so thanks for the flashbacks

    69. Synthetic Maniac

      You could hit Victoria Justice in the face with a shovel and it wouldn't make her look any less hot. Wearing a pair of glasses and her laundry day clothes don't make her look any worse, just less well dressed. Also, if Quinton does a video on iCarly, what's the chances he'll dedicate at least part of it to the enduring legacy of legendary foot lover Dan Schneider, since that was the show Mr. Creepy McFeet used to indulge his kink with a cast of underage girls?

    70. The Final Hammer

      Jesus. Your videos are really high quality. Subbed

    71. hal guy

      2:17 Joel is at 309k now. what happened?

    72. Noe Hernandez

      that little bit at 17:34 killed me, it was great

    73. shmickful

      Not subscribing but you aight

    74. hailey hurley

      I have a very strong memory of them showing the photo (I think in one of the last scenes), and it was Patrick handing spongebob the donut. Because the whole episode he was scared he ate Patrick's donut, but really Patrick gave it to him in the photo. Am I making this up? I remember it so vividly.

    75. Celestial7Heavens

      Personal Halloween favorites from Nick I recall from my childhood SpongeBob Rugrats (They had 2 Halloween specials & 2 Christmas specials) Angry Beavers Rocko’s Modern Life Doug Keenan and Kel Two heads are better than none CatDog

    76. Stephy E

      How are you not at 400k??? Your stuff is awesome! 😭😭😭😭

    77. weirdproq1

      My favorite Nick Halloween special is the Hey Arnold episode "Arnold's Halloween". Through a prank gone wrong that results in the town thinking aliens have landed and are taking over (in a parody of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast) Helga's dad doesn't believe that an alien could actually be his daughter made to look like an alien, with a costume that doesn't want to come off, and legit is ready to kill these aliens that are actually kids in costumes, including his daughter. It's actually quite sad and disturbing if you think about it, with the adults being kinda gullible.

    78. AK Master

      Another Nickelodeon Halloween special Quinton would have mentioned was the Avatar The Last Airbender episode The Puppet Master. Sure it aired on November 2007 instead of October 2007, but the tone and atmosphere of the episode makes it feel like something that you’d watch every Halloween.

    79. Mike Hunt

      Down with the sickness ahaha

    80. Lenny Payne

      What do you think about The Loud House's "Tricked!" and Los Casagrandes's "New Haunts"?

    81. Lord Fluffykinz

      17:34 - Disturbed

    82. Kiera Hennessey

      The Halloween specials were always my favorite episodes of every show.

    83. goofy goof

      The episode where spongebob became a snail scared me. A lot.

    84. Tara Steadman


    85. daniel weingarten

      everyone go subscribe to joel

    86. CJ R

      Holy shit. The undertaker guy is Gabriel from the show The Americans!

    87. Moon_ Drogon

      Hm, didnt know I had a review channel.

    88. Gerge


    89. GirlyGamer86

      KGuprs who do reviews about tv shows, are either 16-23 or 35-40 years old, there is no in between. And they must only cover shows on cable like nickelodeon or cartoon network. I have yet to see anyone under 25 cover shows that were on the WB, UPN, or even the local (not cable) DISNEY Shows.

    90. Shadow Crafter

      Dang I should have watched the Spongebob Halloween specials they were so good

    91. George Simpson

      too young for my blood

    92. Shadow Crafter

      TMNT 2012 has some Halloween specials too one of them (buried secrets) generally disturbed me good lord

    93. Bac Jam

      I have a vague memory of talking to some of the people who worked on the stop motion sponge Bob specials. Animations is always exhausting but they seemed pretty proud of their work

    94. BroyoteGaming

      Am I the first or 50th to make the "meat cute" joke?

    95. Dashiell Gillingham


    96. Wynter Skies

      I vividly remembered Patrick pulling a string and the embarrassing photo of SpongeBob was him with like an empty stocking or something having to do with a stocking while he looked like he was gonna cry. It didn't actually happen but its weird cause I remembered it so cleary

    97. JayofLegend

      Those marshmallow shapes of the cereal is a deep cut

    98. the gaming doggo

      My favorite cartoon Halloween special would be the frybo episode of Steven Universe that stuff messed me up as a little kid

    99. Effeffia Gonalick

      "...comes down with a sickness" [quietly in the background] OH WAH AH AH AH

    100. ikilledkenny21

      God now this makes me want a full video on lost media