musical musings on words you gave me

Daniel Thrasher

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    1. Janelle R

      Everyone talking about a: Me: I liked egregious

    2. Janelle R

      Everyone talking about a: Me: I liked egregious

    3. Tyler Olener

      I need a full song of 1:36

    4. Peter Parker

      Why does ur legt thigh have no hair but the other does?

    5. LeeTheDestroyer 11

      When you find new modes on your piano.

    6. SimpleGameTutorials

      (0:36) engregious

    7. Liam Pendleton

      Daniel with a: Plays a complex beautiful piece Daniel after the song: âàåAaaAAAa

    8. Chloe Dismukes

      1:24 lol watchu doing there daniel

    9. Jessica Gee


    10. Zach Janisch

      1:37 gave me some serious Jean-Jacques Perrey vibes

    11. Crab of Terror

      What song does "investment" sound like

    12. Nathaniel Santiago

      Nobody: No-one at all: Literally no-one: B E L L

    13. Daniel Quinn

      1:25 behind the scenes footage of people getting into Area 51

    14. Madelyn Hook

      I love how you're expecting something big from the milk comment because he gets all prepared, and then he just sings that

    15. THE C0RVIDS

      😛 ( -- >> 🎹

    16. Ronnie

      a The masterpiece we need.

    17. Isaac Watson

      Wobbling lowkey sounds like a Cliff Burton bass solo 😂

    18. Enzo Bertolini

      im the elf on the shelf

    19. mms208

      Please make “a” into an actual song

    20. Xoltic

      Bro the wobbling one sounds like the intro music to a 1970’s documentary

    21. Maryam Tsegaye

      does Daniel have synesthesia

    22. Bloopity

      Not enough people are talking about fashion, that song sounded so GOOD

    23. Cosima Carey

      As a person named Cozy I would like to announce that my official job is being an elf on the shelf

    24. Christopher Taylor

      you. funny.

    25. POLYgONALgaming

      If I saw this i would have said "C418" nothing else "BeElL" "A h"

    26. Zachary Magnusson

      If fashion were an anime it wouldn't be Food Wars. It would be Jojo's. Have you *seen* their clothes?!

    27. Nautilus Sirius

      “Little baby puppy dog” was hysterical

    28. Devi Landry

      I need the whole cozy song on spotify right now!

    29. john greene

      I want more "cozy" and "a" please

    30. Prentis Hancock

      2:29 - Come on, that's Van Halen's "Jump"!

    31. Isabelle Rathbun


    32. Orange Candy

      B e l l

    33. Kudzaishe Gwasera

      Cozy was really warm and feel good

    34. Addalilspice

      Liam Thompson is Daniel thrashers English and slightly less musical third cousin.

    35. Jeremy Harvison

      Wobbling was spot on

    36. Sotrix

      Petition to make the random song he vibed to a song for a boss fight

    37. Green Dash

      I wish I can play the piano well.

    38. Quinten De Bruin

      Which microphone is that

    39. Schmuck Bucket

      I want to learn how to play the “A” song is there an actual name for it?

    40. Bigevilshark

      Whoever said wobbling, I love you

    41. Daniel Cai

      Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia AND Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    42. Slazenger 2118

      Idk about everyone else but my fav is egregious.

    43. oneira yu

      Am I the only one whose like 😶😯😦😳 at 2:29 cuz I saw oBaMa

    44. oneira yu

      E anyone who sees this will meet Daniel thrasher one day 🥺🥺

    45. Lilmay t.

      When is google/apple gonna make these ring tones lol

    46. iiNinja

      I dont think "a" is a word...

    47. Leyna

      Im the only only one, or anyone else think the cozy song sounds like an other song? Maybe only the rhythm when he song, but please help me jajaja

    48. Daniel Burns

      Bell has strong Mario Galaxy vibes when Rosalina reads a story

    49. cloverbean

      I was drinking water and then he went “aHHHH?” And I nearly died

    50. Elliot Groff

      When it was the first time i watched this the video was at cozy. i was singing along and i actually said its the elf on the shelf before he did.

    51. Ben Gensemer

      He's figured out how to turn that thing where you should work but play music instead into work

    52. Creativie Starr

      The "scrumptious"one is a real banger! I feel like it could be some 80s/90s new wave rock band's hit song! Wanna hear more!!!

    53. Skys Chaos

      Everyone is talking about ‘a’, but like can we get a full version of ‘hi’??

    54. Dycie Fisk

      Investment = Jump - Van Halen Sums up day trading, I guess?

    55. Omegi_

      im disappointed that he didn't just play the a key when the word was a

    56. Ok

      Pharmaceutical is a banger wtf

    57. Sadie

      2:29 sounds exactly like Jump by Van Halen (so basically, when you actually write songs that already exist)

    58. Matty Roberts

      Daniel singing about a cute puppy, then his kitten walks in.

    59. Sophie Scribbles

      Can we make yip-rolls a thing? Thanks

    60. Game Amder

      i like this bc i like this :)

    61. glass mermaids

      Instead of words, these sounds play

    62. Vannabananaxox

      "a" sounds like the twilight piano song LMAOOO


      hEy, Its mE, bIllIE EIlIsh, Im thE bAd gUy

    64. Heartless Productions

      Wobbling sounded like Terraria music. Change my mind

      1. Heartless Productions

        Also Investment reminds me of Jump

    65. P M

      The beginning of “Investment” lowkey kinda sounded like “Jump” by Van Halen. Throw back to accidentally writing songs that have already been written😂

    66. G4ME_ _VO1D

      What do you use for auto tune?

    67. William Trickel

      Again Scrumptious????????????????????????????????

    68. William Trickel

      ????????????? investment????????????????????????????

    69. Omran Saeed

      Songs~: • Bell 0:11 • Cheeks 0:29 • Egregious 0:37 • Wobbling 0:41 • Yip 0:51 • ‘a’ 0:56 • Pharmaceutical 1:36 • Melancholy 1:48 • Hi 2:09 • Investment 2:30 • Investment Revamped(?) 2:40 • Milk 3:02 • Puppy 3:19 • Scrumptious 3:36 • Fashion 3:50 • Cozy 4:05

    70. MaxPlayz XD


    71. Brado Potato


    72. The Silent Shadow

      My Nabbers have to not... *my nabbers have to not enjoy me*

    73. The Silent Shadow

      Part 2 must come out now plez

    74. The Weird One

      When does Wobbling come out on spotify cause I'm JAMMIN

    75. Son

      You can’t just say investment and then play the beat for Jump!

    76. Vishal Yadav

      Halloween (Michael Myers) favourite tune.....👍

    77. *insert loud moan*


    78. eve

      ngl, cozy reminds me piano concert n2 of rachmaninoff

    79. jack


    80. Kalicro

      An average person has like 6 expressions.. Daniel has like 8292891381038193819641133810413719381037 46813719468139716849713683178247924782479247942


      2:41 this was actually fire


      2:53 it would be very epic if there was a full version of this 2:53

    83. Neko_ Hanzai

      can we please get that cosy song? i love it

    84. Nammymusic

      0:54 that guy did the gura holy shit

    85. Reece Perry

      *plays beautiful solo *B E L L*

    86. Kevin Bergman

      I don't know if it was intentional or not, but "Pharmaceutical" sounds similar to the music in David Lewandowski's "Going to the store" video and I appreciate the call back to an old yt vid.

    87. Chloe Dismukes


    88. Rayrayxas

      Please do this again!

    89. Moop SikI


    90. AuraicHalo

      Bell has the same melody as Don't Say Goodbye (portal 2 song) atleast a portion of it

    91. Dj35tunes

      Investment was my favourite



    93. Abigail Jockle

      Wobbling sound cool

    94. BIGEEVEE

      There are musicians, such as Rousseau, and Kassia, there are composers, such as Lionel Yu. And then there's Daniel, who just does his own thing. Amazing work. Keep it up!

    95. Jocy Couron

      Let's us hope the Talent Fairy has mercy for you

    96. Akira Davis

      No, I need egregious to be a full song please-

    97. eRr0r-s3aRcHeR

      6:10 autism kicks xd

    98. eRr0r-s3aRcHeR

      1:25 xd

    99. Gurglingtuba BK

      Some day his ear just will be... like... gone

    100. Art with Olivia