How They Met | The Gary Owen Show


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    күнү жарыяланды 4 жыл мурун


    1. Kimberley Searching

      She gorgeous, he’s hilarious... great couple! 💕✨💕 Am I the only one who picked up on how much more of a black accent Gary has than his wife? 🤣

    2. Si Si’s Castle

      This is such a cute story😂😂

    3. Eoghanbass2000

      Dude punching way above his weight. :-)

    4. Krombopulos Pichael

      Damn I thought he was married to Kerry Washington for a second, she’s stunning!

    5. G MC

      Saw Wheat!!!

    6. J V

      This is cool. Blessings to the Owens Family.

    7. Carl Legate

      yall make a good couple....

    8. foresaken to none


    9. Dennis Dawson

      Sweet! Like a chihuahua, persistent and cute!

    10. YoBoiSimp _23

      That’s the women who played the head of Argus on Arrow. Ain’t it ?

    11. Kane Parker


    12. Melissa Barnhart

      Wow! His wife is gorgeous !!!!

    13. Adam Ibrahim


    14. Evelyn Proud

      What is up with his body language lol

    15. Stupid Pink

      lol this is how he went into a black church

    16. AD Winter

      That's the difference between him and all of those other guys. He was focused on one thing and it allowed him to become big. Jack of all trades; master of nothing.

    17. pearldrummer2120

      Garry got game for sure.

    18. J024

      Romance y'all.

    19. Ashley Daniels

      i see a lot of comments about she aint that good looking,she is 3 out 10 at best...blah blah. what is stunning? what is ugly? is it what we have been conditioned to? J-lo,hot, the big momma cooking in the canteen isnt? its about time some people get the fact that beauty is what makes the person tick from within that person. heck i dated a few hot chicks,a good few,but,none of them were really great inside. i dont care if you black,white,fat,skinny(in saying that,not my preference),ugly,stunning. its an old old cliche,but beauty really lies within. ive dated ok in looks chicks ,but had far more fun with them than the "hot" chicks. its time we stop hitting people down for looks,race,etc,but take people for who they are,not face value. thats one thing wrong with this world. care about and love who suits you and who you love,its that simple. f...k imagine everyone was the same? hell nooooo. good for you Gary and wife.

    20. Jerry Berry

      Gotdaymn gary good for you got a goddess 🙌 ✨ 👏 😍

    21. Jerry Berry

      Gotdaymn gary good for you got a goddess 🙌 ✨ 👏 😍

    22. rickt1951

      Three day rule? You snooze you lose screw that 3 day BS lol.

    23. Faithy Molapo

      I need this reality show back on tv !!!

    24. tking6003

      This is awesome!!

    25. Benjamin Bailey

      She's cute....... good catch!!!

    26. Micah Pratt

      she is fine

    27. LRJ 530

      Sounds like she was a groupie before she met him.

    28. Natnael Ghirma

      Tommy from power got fat

    29. Agoraphobic Adam

      Glad to know the couple from the movie,"Malibus Most Wanted" is still together.

    30. Call sign Pikachew

      Your wife is flipping HOT !!!!!!

    31. Mr Skidog

      he needs to be easyer on her

    32. Jonathan Underwood

      Damn she fine.

    33. Layla's Wonderland

      Beautiful couple. He chose a good one

    34. Darcell Anderson

      He's funny as H...and his wife is beautiful. Great family.

    35. suom guy

      I swear this guys only personality trait is that he like black girls

    36. TheVodec

      I think I know why Gary remember the outfit she was wearing when they met ...

    37. Ab Zed

      God condemns interracial. **Don't intermarry with them - the Bible,** Deuteronomy 7 verse 3

    38. Stephanie Holey

      They are gorgeous together! She is beautiful! Many blessings to them & their family!!!

    39. Austin Park

      Lookin for chics.... Allll of em. 😂😂

    40. Kameleonic

      Holy hell she is gorgeous!

    41. cruhg

      gary owen here teaching you about frame control so stop reading the comments and pay attention

    42. Rensune

      Seeing his wife explains why his dad is cool with it (and why the mom isn't)

    43. Ndabenhle Shazi


    44. Kulbir Singh

      Gary lucky son of a gun

    45. Charles Mosquera

      Gary, the way your wife looks at you is so tender, so caring, so in love. You're a beautiful couple. God bless you and your family.

    46. Frank Rodriguez

      Gary Owen dammit boy that’s the only thing I can see you pick the right one no doubt about it very nice and as a comedian really good too 😂

    47. kgain673111

      If it was a black man with a white woman, the comment section would be dragging them.

      1. Drine The Poet


    48. The Kings

      My cousin married in Gary's side of the family. Met her at my cousin's wedding she was really nice.

    49. gbonkers666

      Man...she's nice...

    50. Hector Hernandez

      I’m happy he’s happy just telling jokes cause he’s really likable dude and she’s seems like a perfect fit for him

    51. HydnBB2

      You guys are cute! 😍☺️

    52. Leslie Calvert

      They are beautiful

    53. Tana Tekii

      Gary she is beautiful , you are both lucky to have each other....♥️...... Perth Australia

    54. Princess Moonshine

      Aww I love this 💛

    55. pluto Rock

      Nah She's ah White Black😂 she's to preppy

    56. NickBreedlove95

      Hahaha his eyes lol

    57. Esperanza Gonzalez


    58. Romeo Rogers

      It doesn't matter if you are white, black, brown or BLUE: You see a woman like this you run after her and lay body and beg her to love you. No disrespect intended.

    59. Richard Howard

      His wife is gorgeous!!

    60. Woke AF

      The Gary Owen Movie Soul Man 2.0

    61. Ab Zed

      **Your partner represents everything you stand for;** if you stand for white-supremacism, racism, kkk and fascism, then go ahead take a white; if you love your people, then be with one of your people.

    62. Ruben Silva

      Dayuum she fine af..😍😍😍

    63. Anna Barr

      Nice, funny, and honest gets the woman

    64. jing seng

      MaYbE I mistunderstand some things maybe not , but when I hear the word culture it gives me such impression that people mean and refer subtitely to ethnic ancestry under the disguise of the word "culture" since it sounds neutral and innocent. To me personaly CULTURE means : traditions , customs, fests, dishes etc. But when people say it all the time ("culture") and when they oppose it , especially the parents makes me feel like they don't want somebody not just because of the "culture" but actually because they are from another nation, folks, ethnicities etc. So my point is : it's not just because of the "culture" since CULTURE CAN BE changed and ancestry - ethnicity not. The TRUE reason isn't actually just about the "culture" but BECAUSE of the national-ethnic origins and that's what them(some motherfucking families and parents)bothers. I am sorry for the harsh language.

    65. Dan F

      Geez look at her, any guy would've asked for her number. she's gorgeous.

    66. MrKasoul

      Marrying a black woman is a like a drug deal, it can make you happy or it can go horribly wrong. Black american women are gorgeous, Shame they don't speak English. Lol

    67. trench boi

      Sharonda gaulden ?

    68. Skyplay S

      Sweet story and Kenya is gorgeous!!

    69. Jennifer Martinez

      I love LOVE! Someday I’ll have it too. Congrats on finding each other! 💕

    70. Superalto

      Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Meghan Markle? My mom thinks so, too!

    71. Nina Oglesby

      They are hilarious.

    72. Ayyyeitslasf

      haha I love this story so amazing

    73. michael crockett

      I needed to see what his wife looked liked and.......🗣DAMN GARY YOU GOT A BADDIE I SEE YOU MA BOI !!!!!!!!!!!

    74. Blaine Marcano

      "That's it? You don't do nothin else?" "I don't wanna do nothin else." I love it.

    75. sparklebutt111

      I didn’t know these rules when I was dating. 😭

    76. sparklebutt111

      His wife is gorgeous. ❤️❤️❤️

    77. Tonya R

      Adorable Couple ❤

    78. Kees Kees

      Spouse : Only 10 dollars to get in! .... Gary : bummed face .... twice ! 😂😜

    79. Pale Amigo

      WOW! Gary's wife is fine! I like his comedy even more now! I've been listening to this dude tell jokes and talk about his wife for years, I had no idea that she was this attractive.

    80. buck nasty

      How many times she fucked in that year??

    81. Sirenz80

      She looks like grown up more mature Skylar Diggins lol

    82. Donald Watson

      Sounds like his wife came up more like it i haye when women say no to a guy cause he got nothing going on ? Like bitch your on is the guy your dating 🤔 Gold Diggggggggggaaaa

    83. J Bonez

      Gary one one of those white dudes that pays the bills while a brotha kills the pussy.

    84. Sweetie Pie

      She knew she wanted to bag herself in Entertainer

    85. Class tilton

      Gary got himself a queen for real

    86. dan parish

      Good for you Gary

    87. Kevy Hurty

      Non factor tammy look

    88. sagchipkwe31


    89. Mason Outdoors

      Your wife is absolutely gorgeous... how'd u get her lol 😆

    90. dee bee

      She is giving me Megan Markle vibes. Pretty.

    91. steve schmittou

      She is a pretty girl...Lucky guy.

    92. Rich Samuel

      I thought he was funny and he wasn't even trying.

    93. Grum Pee

      Surprised he didn’t pullover on the way home and hopped on a pay phone as desperate as he sounded.

    94. bluetry35722

      They are so sweet

    95. Dakingltroy Productofdade

      Gary lucky 🍀 she is fine ebony queen

    96. FIRE SIGN

      🥰 🥰 I can't believe he Pulled Her!😳 But....Obviously....She Saw Something....Special in the... Vanilla! Brotha🤗..... The Make a Nice🤗 Couple🥰🥰👍🏾👍🏾🤗

    97. William Freeze

      This was a cool watch!

    98. Andre Wallace

      Love white men/black women relationships. They are more widely acceptable than black men/white women romances.

    99. sheila nangira

      Beautiful couple 🤩 especially the lady 💖😍💖.......

    100. Maylyn Bayani

      Who made those rules and why the heck people folllow them? My husband asked for my number and called me after an hour or two after walking me home.