Taking DAD somewhere VERY SPECIAL - Roland Martin

Scott Martin

30 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Fishing with my Dad where it all began years ago. Upper and Lower Chateaugay Lake is full of BIG FISH.

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    1. warrior patriot

      Me and my dad would talk about going, now he's sick, and were unable to go together, no pitty needed, just keep him in your prayers, but I would suggest to spend the time with em when you can! Life is too short not too! Enjoy watching the whole family!!!

    2. PVC3

      Were y’all using a panopix?

      1. PVC3

        You ever do giveaways? It’d be a lot kooler if you did.

    3. David Morrow

      In his DAY Roland was the most feared and greatest BASS catcher there has ever been, PERIOD!!!

    4. Abc Defg

      Btw, is "pan-optics" another way of saying side-sonar?

    5. Abc Defg

      Very cool Scott, great to see you guys out on the water together.

    6. David Treichler

      Awesome video! Nothing better than making great memories!

    7. Ken Hester

      Scott, thanks for these videos, and keep it going.

    8. Doug Farrington

      This is a special one, Scott! I really love hearing the mutual respect you and your dad have for one another. Great stuff!

    9. Steven Mcgehee

      Wow awesome video loved it

    10. Jason Walden

      Awesome for you and dad time. Just not good with the click bait for Garmin!! Sale out. You should be ashamed

    11. Gabriel Nokes

      Fathers are for fishing! Some of my best and most cherished memories are catching big crappie with my dad in Mississippi

    12. David Galloway

      Fishing Icon to Son: "He broke you off...what kind of deal is that? What knot did you tie?" (Laughs) = Priceless!

    13. slab busterRTR

      Man can't beat your dad the Legend Roland on the boat cool vid man 👍

    14. popad45

      Love watching you and pops fishing together

    15. Wiiliam Posey

      Got to meet Roland in an airport Fort Meyers he couldn't believe that they would not let him carry his little pocket knife on the plane. He asked if he could put it in his truck so he could keep it. They yea he had time before boarding. He showed me the knife and said he picks nails with it.Tickle me cause he was keeping his knive!

    16. Musky Bites

      Lake menderchuck

    17. Michael Johnston

      Your dad looks great glad to see you two fishing together. I remember watching your dads show as a kid and now you as an adult.

    18. BarefootFishingTV

      Big fans of you and your dad. I live in Central NY 15 mins from Syracuse. I often fish Cayuga Lake. Caught some of my best fish in the north end.

    19. Backyard Specialist

      More of these

    20. cody padron

      can we get some winter tips for florida bass? please

    21. Ray Cassidy

      Nothin like fishin with your pops. I enjoy every time I do

    22. Cole V

      Great episode always love seeing your pops, he's a legend. Still had the ol evinrude on in this 1!

    23. Tony Smith

      If Roland gets in the Elites next year he might just win his own Classic. 🤜🏼💪🏼

    24. Blaine Freeman

      Pretty Cool hearing holler "SON" as he has so many years, and Actually have his "SON" with him!

    25. Brock Johnson

      Good stuff bro!

    26. George Talley

      Lol he says “ broke your line?what kind of a deal is that.”

    27. George Talley

      Love these videos with your pops two straight up HAMMERS

    28. BMK

      Roland Martin is and forever will be the top dawg !! Scott is right there to.....just gotta get that mojo back

    29. Charlie Saling

      Scott why don't you do a video on big swimbaits. Please I wanna know how the pros set it up and fish it.

    30. Fishing DohaR

      This camera man is one of the best I’ve ever seen on KGup

    31. Randall Herr

      This is good but I'd like to see you maybe your daughter an one more challenge your dad Bill Dance Jimmy Houston The Legends dont know who your third would be but what a challenge

    32. C4

      What’s special memory with your pops!

      1. Scott Martin

        It definitely was

    33. Jake Schisler

      Always great to see Pop's, sitting here watching you two , makes me miss my Dad. Last time we fished he went to Lake Vermilion and asked me to come up there his second week. It was an awesome time even though the weather turned colder, but we fished for Walleyes. He's been gone ten years now, I miss him dearly. As a kid we would fish in Illinois mostly at strip mines. I'm happy that my wife loves to fish.

    34. Matt Bradley

      Love it!

    35. Robert Napier

      Awesome video Scott! Nothing like fishing with Pops!

    36. M Jones

      Eww Son hooooooo, I heard that at Logan Martin or Lay when I was a kid and made my dad go closer and it was Roland practicing for a tournament and he had a big one on. I was between 10 an 13 and when I said hello he talked to us for nearly 30 minutes, I didn't know then how every minute of time during practice was so important as I do now, but for him to do that shows just how in tune he is with his fans.

      1. Todd Dickinson

        Great comment!!

    37. M Jones

      Pops takes over when that camera comes on, I really hope you get that classic win 4 him. I know he won everything there is to win in Bass fishing but that Classic always slipped away. I know it would mean the world to him to see his son win it for him.

    38. M2 Fishing

      I grew up watching your dad and now I love watching you! Just to hear him say Ohh Son!! Brings back memories!! Great video!

    39. Bennie Maxwell

      Last week it was your mom, this week you bless me with dad. I’m the one that lost my mom in 2014. Sadly, as strange as it seems, I lost my dad in 2018. So this video was nice. Love Roland since I was a kid. I’m 55 Scott. Love ya

    40. Jed Steelwell


    41. Zac Pearson

      Just a neat talking point; at what point do you think is too much electronics? Some will say graphs are too much and some will say there isn’t a limit.

    42. Russell Morris

      Watching you and your dad fish together is always a treat. Thanks again for another great video.

    43. Derik Lindsey

      And your a bad ass mo fo. Lol learn something new every vid. Thanks tight lines

    44. Derik Lindsey

      Dude Scott your dad is one if my idols the man is a legend. Would be an honor to some day fish with you too. I live in Friday Harbor wa tiny little Island in the San Juan’s. You should make a trip up lol. The one bass lake I fish is about 7 feet deep all of spring and summer because of the grass it’s 8 to 13 now because of the water rising. What would be your go to lure perhaps??? Love the vids keep them coming

    45. Sothernbass08

      Fun fact This was filmed before he switched to the yamaha

    46. eric butler

      Scott that remember when me and my dad fish alot together when he was alive he's past on now

    47. Roger Moore

      Looks like an awesome day on the water

    48. Jason Mausteller

      What Ned head was that

    49. spanman57

      Freakin awesome, love how he throws a couple jabs in there. "What kind of knot you tie"?

    50. patrick connell

      @11:48 Scott trying to figure out his fathers language he is speaking. Me: Roland finally saying son to his son, great video, loved watching this father & son fishing trip

    51. Michael Chingman

      You two look like brothers at the beginning of the video

    52. Shmack 916

      2 legends in 1 boat 🙏 thanks for the great video

    53. Angel Estevis

      Saving this video..A CLASSIC ✌

    54. Eddy Schonfield

      I just love your dad growing up watching he's show's i love the word son and he got me watching you my favorite tournament guy love your videos 👍👍👍👍👍

    55. B-RAD Fishing

      That’s what it is all about, fishing with family is the best. Most of my fishing videos on my channel are me fishing with Pops or my kids! What a beautiful place to fish!

    56. Patricia Guenzler

      Love it rolan and scott can you imagine fishing with them awesome thanks for the video

    57. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Roland is more agile than some of my co anglers in there early 30s

    58. Kevin flabouyfishing

      I'm so glad you are so happy with your pops.. he has been a legend for years and you have made your mark in ur own way too. Glad to see you have passed this down to Hillary and the other family members.

    59. Son Of A Fish

      Albany NY !! Awesome l live 10 minutes from there ! Awesome video as usual !

    60. Patrick McGee

      Life Jackets? Where are they? Love you guys and your videos and teachings. Awesome. You two know better than anyone to be wearing your life jackets. No excuses. Set that example for everyone and anyone from the get go. Believe me kids are watching also. Put the life jacket on. Accidents can and do happen in boats. Patrick😊👍🏻👍🏻

    61. Michael leady

      Two of my favorites on one boat Priceless And the first lake trout On video With the pops 😎

    62. Don Betz

      Dude I been watching you on KGup at work it seems like forever and I had no idea man not a clue that Roland was your father...he is one of the main reasons I Bass fish Bill Dance,Hank Parker and the Great Roland Martin every Saturday...feel like been living under a rock .

    63. Ryder Tucker

      Did u leave ranger and go to skeeter??

    64. Brian Patrick

      Awesome outing with Pops! Catching them smallies never gets old!

    65. Steven Wilkens

      What a awesome video! You can never get these moments back and it’s so incredible to see both of y’all soaking up every minute of it. We should all take notes


      That was a cool episode 9:10 Dad Mode....

    67. EliteGB

      Great day on the water! Googlin baits are the real deal!😉 lol. God bless Scott! Your pops is getting younger I think! Awesome duo

      1. EliteGB

        @Scott Martin amen!

      2. Scott Martin

        Yea they are..lol

    68. Donald Touchton


    69. Tyson B

      Scotty bringing the mullet back??? Joe Dirt would be proud!

    70. George Gray


      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you:)

    71. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

      Excellent Fishing !!!

    72. Jason Beck Fishing

      Panoptix drinking game. Everytime you guys say it take a shot. I never make it through the video lol. Looks like a great time.

    73. Preston Mire

      Awesome video I finally got my Larance hook depth finder working I am learning how to use downscan and sonar with maps awesome video

    74. Steve Gilland

      I love it Scott!! I wish my dad was still around to take trips like that. Great memories!

    75. Sourthernfishingwith Dawson

      Did Scott Martin switch back to envinrude?

    76. Dan Adams

      I'm 62 and, believe it or not, I'm STILL fishing with my dad, and he'll be 98 in March. Great video. Scott, seeing you with your dad made me think of fishing with my dad.

    77. Bryce Cooks

      I'm from Albany NY like your dad I wanna fish with y'all some time DM me @tuohybrud on instance

    78. I Don't Know Fishing

      Only a father can safely laugh at their son after getting broken off.

    79. jay kay

      Life is way too short. Your dad has always been one of my hero bass fishermen. I'm 24 years old and it just shocks me when I see him because of how much older he looks now 😔

    80. jay kay

      I really hope I can get into fishing the way you are able to do what you love and provide for the family. Game plans in the making so I can make my dream come true the same way you do it. Thanks for the content 🙏

    81. Dixie

      I love the older generation of anglers. So much knowledge and love for the sport. I continue to watch the old school fishing shows, no-frills, just pure mastery of the craft.

    82. Jim Snyder

      Thank you for this.

    83. Malcolm Greene

      Awesome Scott, my dad and I used to fish alot together..can't hardly get him to go anymore ,he told me as long as he could hunt something he wasn't fishing..lol. that's ok each to his on but sure miss those days

    84. David Ogden

      you had me hooked on the first 2 words ,, Taking Dad . loved it almost as much as taking your momma fishing ..

    85. Randy Gilbert

      Great video with your dad!

    86. C

      Nice! One of my favorite videos you put out this year! Love your dad’s enthusiasm! You’re a lucky man Scott! Happy New Year!

    87. RonRon's World

      Absolutely love and idolize both of y'all and your amazing relationships together. Stay blessed fella's 🙌

      1. Scott Martin


    88. seltrain

      New drinking game every time you hear PANOPTIX do a shot!


      Love to see you two fishing together. I'd love to be able to fish with my dad one more time.

    90. Brock Rampey

      Awesome smallie fishing with the ol man!

    91. Rowdy Broomstick

      Googling baits are the best 😁 I have many many packages of them in my boat 🎣

      1. Scott Martin


    92. alan hore

      Love seeing you and the old man out catching a bunch of fish. Keep up the great content Scott.

    93. Roland Mcclendon

      Scott my sister was born in Plattsburgh New York I fished the chateaugay lake

    94. big dad ace

      Roland always says Son a lot but it’s ok today because he’s with his Son. (I always enjoy fishing with my son’s.) I watch so much SMC I feel like I know you and your family Scott. Thanks for letting us ride along.

    95. Gary Lukas

      I fish with my dad love the memories

    96. Erik Larrison

      Thats what a good set of Bogo grips are for Scott! When you catch them lakers or them northen!

    97. Ernie Fisher

      I wish I could meet n fishin with u Scott! B a dream for sure!!

    98. johnny saechao

      Gotta love Roland!! I’ve learn so much from him growing up about bass fishing a true legend of bass fishing! 👍👍

    99. J M

      Please do a show of you taking Brian Larimer, tarpon fishing in sw Florida, you guys go good together, I don't think he's ever caught one

    100. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      ❤️🔥🔥Best part of the video Father and son,priceless memories ❤️👊