Luke Davidson

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    Here’s a skit of a kid arguing with his teacher saying he’s to smart for his grade #Shorts

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    1. Night Messana Chan UwU

      mind go brrrrrrr

    2. Stacy Boehm


    3. Bray Florez

      Do you brush your teeth?

    4. • sychonerdygirl •

      Bruh my lil bro is smarter than me they tried to put him in 3rd grade and he’s in 1st

    5. Yoitsyaboielijah Playz


    6. ItzRealAce

      Some dirty joke test XD

    7. Zara Baksh 1C

      That principle really ............well he something

    8. Super Smash Bros. Melee

      What starts with F and ends with K? *Firetruck.* Just what I thought

    9. Nellie Tube

      Omg maybe I need to go back to first grade he said 6x6 and my dumbass legit thought 12

    10. Gamesniper 102

      He bothers me

    11. Sophia B


    12. nightcore knight

      Am I the only one scared of his smile

    13. Eyüp Ensar

      100% the teacher said at the what starts with f and ends with k f**k

    14. Xycos

      Free ads teath

    15. anime_girl


    16. Let Me Think About It

      Where was the joke

    17. maten Labro

      Oml it is tic tok now try double tap

    18. Alannah Johnson

      This is one smart kid

    19. ItsJustLola

      i was thinking of the wrong answers because i am friends with a lot of dirty minded friends

    20. Tyler Condrick

      That facial expression is haunting

    21. Emperor of Penguins

      Lmao that smile at the end killed me

    22. Eduardo Kenji

      How did this guy get famous ?

    23. Raw Potato

      how to block someone on youtube?🧍‍♂️

    24. LEMAKI

      If everyone talked like this in real life I would move to a remote island

    25. Cora

      Teacher: “What is something you have in your pants I don’t have in mine?” Me: 😳😳😳”don’t you dare say it!!”

    26. hcneymoon

      The last scene: 👹

    27. Typical school girl

      Petriuko filmas žymiai geriau tai padarė. Lietuvaičiai pritars 😃😃

    28. harper phillips

      what he say what starts with an f and ends with a K I was thinking of something else 😬

    29. Santosh Kumar Nayak

      Why da heck is he all over my damn feeds get the heck out

    30. 발암 보틀 Cancer Bottle

      Tf why is this shit always in my recommendation

    31. •Simply Cloud Sisters•

      “What starts with f and and with k?” Me: don’t say it Luke...

      1. Hannah Motley

        Love your profile pic

    32. fujoshi weeb

      What is something you have that I don't have. Pockets. Can't be more true

    33. Lucas Scott

      Principal "put him in the 5th grade I got the last four wrong myself Teacher (shocked) Luke (My plan is coming together)

    34. ICBSR

      that’s dirty.. oOoOoOoOh - every third grade boy

    35. Explicit

      i gotta love the principle definitely not the Principal

    36. Sane Girl

      This guy is literally the male version of Amy Shumar (I don’t really care about spelling her name right) he gets jokes off of google, doesn’t give them credit, and isn’t funny.

    37. Blenzic

      “Cow has four of that I have two of”😂😂😏😳😳

    38. Clarenz James Caba

      "...smarter *than her" Clearly not

    39. Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

      Noone Fready from fnaf

    40. Maizey’s VLOGS

      I didn’t get the dog one lol *pants* but I do now

    41. Queenplayz

      me:: the teacher questions: also me: WHAT THE -

    42. DemonKills JS

      Day 5 of asking what is the song

    43. Brian Lamptey

      1.legs*t 3.gonads 4.f*ck

    44. Tricity Randall

      “What does a cow have four of that I have two of?” Me: HAHA VERY F*CKING FUNNY NEXT QUESTION

    45. Xivfz_ Tip

      Dam bro u got the whole squad laughing 😐

    46. Kelly-Ann Tiearney

      Brush your teeth 🤣😂

    47. uniKornPOP

      What start F and ended in K😅😅

    48. salome xaraishvili

      So did i...

    49. Paro

      He is literally trying to become morgz on how everyone hates his content yet still gets views

    50. Paro

      I always report these

    51. David J

      This has to be the least funny thing I've seen all day.

    52. shawn Davis

      this dude's comment section is more funny than his entire tik tok career

    53. Tijam Sean Caleb

      The dude who made this cant go to 3rd grade, it's spelled principal

    54. Caroline Amelia

      Uses then instead of than 😶

    55. ehehdudyrgevvevdgde rbrhhe

      Now I know why he disabled comments on some of his post

    56. Champion Gamer

      If anyone knows the jokes ya know what it is....poor kids lul

    57. Toko Fukawa

      2 questions

    58. Toby

      Clean those teeth bro

    59. -gbDraws -

      Wow this is just comedy at it peak everyone, I present to you... A BALLS JOKE

    60. Lee Hunt


    61. Lee Hunt


    62. Lee Hunt


    63. Arturo Barragan7


    64. Ferni Roblox

      Lol he got passed in 5th cuz the principal thought dirty 🤣

    65. LilyDaBean

      What does a dog do tht a man steps into: poop, what starts with an f and ends with a k : the f word-

    66. • Lumi •

      Kinda scared what the principals anwsers were...

    67. Deeba Shawri

      Start with f and end with k I was murmuring F*ck😂😂😂

    68. Creepy Kitty Rylee

      Teacher: “What do you have in your pants that I don’t have?” Me: “Uhm, why would he make that a question-“ Him: “Pockets.” Me: “O-oh..” Teacher: “What work starts with an f and ends with a k?” Me: “Uhhhhmmmm.... this is a school, ma’Am..” Him: “Firetruck” Me: “UhhhhhhHhh.. that was totally what I had in mindddddd”

      1. Lazylemon The original

        Lol same haha😂 Im so dirty minded SMH

    69. trisha sarin

      🤣😂🤣😂🤣 People who got them wrong 😅🤣😂😨😶😯

    70. TimDefines

      he could of spell this bad word 🤬

    71. Helena Cao

      Lol wish taht was true

    72. MrSuper Sonic1108

      Stop making cringy vines

    73. Hana

      What starts with F and ends with K? Kid: Firetruck Adult:......

    74. SirLioneL YT

      Mate, u spelt principal wrong Principal as in the head of of school is spelt Principal U spelt it as in u we’re explaining the principle Al great when a grown man is corrected by a child

    75. Satan The Alien

      "Who do you have in your pants that i dont have" I think its time to shut down my dirty mind

    76. a clown

      can youtube get this clown outta here

    77. Mitsuki Owo

      The ending smile made me wheeze and pee my pants 😂

    78. •K I W I• TwT

      F and k Me:fvck?

    79. Caleb Courtney


    80. Amanda Gutierrez

      * la gasp *

    81. ·Official_Cocoa·

      Mhm when you get older your mind gets dirtier or is it just me...

    82. Kaz zzz

      How did this guy get popular?

    83. Anthony Harville

      UwU David is da funnyest

    84. Aleena Fatima

      A humble request, kindly brush your teeth if you don't want to have them as yellow as his 😂😂😂

    85. bird gacha


    86. dominique Salazar


    87. Peyton Right

      Wait hold up

    88. Devin R

      Why do these tiktokers always sound like they have a gun to there head

    89. Eoin Harris

      If a Toyota Prius was a person

    90. Julia Winner

      Dirty mind check

    91. 1billonfoxez UwU

      what is the background song callled?

    92. Funny text

      Lol when he tell the words start with f and ends with k 😅😅😅 u know right what I mean to say

    93. ibuki mioda

      not the teacher questions giving me a dirty mind

    94. Balqees Alhasanat

      A am not a kid girl and a go in 2B class and a am gone go to 3B son a am pretty smort

    95. SPYRO Playss

      I just losed 100 braincells watching this

    96. LedgeShot

      What starts with F and ends with K Me: F word

    97. Anthony Acosta

      That's hella funny

    98. book worm

      Firetruck Fork I see no difference both answers are correct

    99. the girl who is best friends with her art

      Let’s just say some are dirty

    100. Phyllis

      Is no one going to comment that he spelled ‘principal’ wrong?