Kid thinks he's playing GTA 6.. (STEALS CAR!)


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    Today we'll be counting down Top 5 kids who think they are in GTA 6 stealing cars, evading the police, and doing some bad things you should never try. Seriously, don't try anything in this video, educational to show you 5 times what NOT to do in real life. Inspired by gta 5 and gta 6 gameplay, grand theft auto games, kids rage and probably playing fortnite or the new gta. Watch TILL THE END FOR A SURPRISE!
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    1. Perplexify

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      1. Laura Towers

        75 yera

      2. Henry Holaday

        i know mrbeast

      3. David Dickerson

        Dude all believe him HE CLICKBAITS so he needs to DELETE HIS CHANNEL!

      4. Saimahabib20 Saimahabib

        It was a good idea

      5. Oakley Chauvier


    2. Patrick Wood


    3. Nicole P

      For the guy At the end I would say 15 or 20 years maybe 10

    4. Laurie Wirtz


    5. David Thompson

      For the last one it was confirmed he got 106 years in jail for everything that happened during the chase.

    6. Ronald Harington

      8:16 i think 9 years in prison

    7. anime Playz2

      I think hes going to jail for life

    8. Gabriella Di Giacomo


    9. Keiandra Burton


    10. Samantha O'Brien

      The secret word is car

    11. aj hacks Gerardo

      89 years in prison

    12. Deborah06 Garcia

      I think 37yeRs he was in jai

    13. Steven Vaughn

      You talk to much

    14. HarleyTube

      5-10 years in prison

    15. Jordyn Thomas

      21 year or 10,000$ fine and 1 year in jail

    16. 1besieged

      :D* guys are so fun when they outrun cops!!!

    17. 1besieged

      2:38 ' HI MOM!! ' ha ha that kid is a hoot! :)

    18. Jemma Tolmie

      Hidden word: car

    19. Colton Ernst


    20. Eva Gabriella Szabo Osvath

      0:01 police: GET BACK HARE guy: oh hes hare police: thanks man

    21. Loner Lovegood

      The hidden Word is car

    22. The Legend

      20 years in prison

    23. Abby Burkett

      I’m going to guess his whole life in jail

    24. Lexis Twinz Leaf


    25. Rayanne Mercier


    26. ZHC

      The hidden word car

    27. Spencer Wilson

      i say a lifetime in jail

    28. ary rachid

      Hidden word is car

    29. Courtney K


    30. Belinda A- Ochanji

      I bet the guy got 20 years in jail

    31. janice smith

      GTA 6 wtf

    32. ToxicTaco YT


    33. Natia Artsividze

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,. !!!!

    34. Mkaren ys

      Get educational now

    35. Devil Snake

      How do they think that there playing GTA when there’s no screen

    36. Life_Sucks

      What's the game's name

    37. Darrell Travis

      Like 10 years

    38. Henry Holaday

      life time

    39. Dimas Guzman


    40. Simon Gourley

      What's that game that your playing It looks cool?😎

    41. Sala man Tan

      Ur just over rated. I looked at ur channel and there's nothing but clickbait thumbnails..😭

    42. Rvi Sidrik Alexi Delgado

      Probably for life

    43. Lucky's Aviation

      well that guy had 2 stars in GTA yet I had 5 stars with a helicopter and everything

    44. Lucky's Aviation

      just dont take your moms car even with her permission

    45. riley esch


    46. Fastcatz

      The Tesla was photoshopped!

    47. Giobanny Hernandez


    48. sara micklada

      100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Years In jail

    49. Riley Yang

      100 years

    50. strengthman321

      the hidden word is: car

    51. Karen Peters

      Gta6 you mean gta5

    52. Bailey Sandoval

      There’s no such thing as gta6

    53. Zen Mansky


    54. Ahmad Amir El.merhibi

      The hidden word car

    55. South Pole Neighbourer

      It is not gta 6

    56. ru1908sab

      #2 should be motivated to walk around a track.

    57. Dennille Ferguson


    58. Lucas Dailey


    59. Michelle Simonson

      15 years in prison

    60. Keely Wilkinson


    61. Mario&Luigi Sunshine


    62. TESLA KID

      Maybe 5 years of jail

    63. Neutron GD

      This one is doesn't looks like the other youtubers that makes this video so I think this is trust worthy channel!

    64. James Blunden


    65. Krystel Williams

      The hidden word is car

    66. Snnsjsjaja Sksjskiss

      I think he got 25 years to life

    67. Jaivion Mitchell -Thompson


    68. GeoXtro

      Reminds me of jailbreak kinda

    69. Cesar G Gabriel

      It’s car

    70. Marina Cinecio

      The hidden word is car

    71. ToddyTodd25 & Alex Yes Adult swim NO!

      4:00 He got me I thought that message was real

    72. rblx crewster

      Mabey life

    73. Gaming With IronPie

      I think the guy got 10 years of jail

    74. Gaming With IronPie

      Don’t you mean gta 5?

    75. Yandel Angel

      My mom loves Cvs

    76. Ethan Bookler

      10 years

    77. Emiljano Habili


    78. Stephanie Stephens


    79. Hasaan Khalil

      56 years

    80. Shauna Cochran


    81. Brian Johnsen


    82. Minecraft and Trucks

      The hidden word is car

    83. tina evans


    84. John Castle

      100 years

    85. Joey Logano

      21 yrs of jail

    86. kity cat de epic

      Life sentince dude

    87. Arnulfo Delima


    88. Arnulfo Delima

      what kids???

    89. Arnulfo Delima

      this is clickbait


      Nice thumnail

    91. The Amazing kenye

      ☠☠☠☠☠💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠💀 life

    92. bon bon 117

      The death penalty

    93. Lincoln Wright

      I think he deserves to have a life sentence in prison

    94. Spy ninja Santi

      Five years

    95. John Ryder


    96. Darth Synistur


    97. Kaelyn Sumigray

      Was the kid that drove his moms car was He even 16

    98. Beckey Molina

      50 years

    99. Dorian Velez

      hidden word is car

    100. Nathan gutierrez