AMONG US W/ Toast, James Charles, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Bretman Rock, Pokimane, and more

Corpse Husband

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    1. Finley

      Small talk 9:01 The hates on Corpse related tatoo 9:23 1:59:10 He couldn’t eat anything or he won’t be able to talk during stream 2:51:10 How he feels alone at his home talking to stream 2:54:25 Medicine he takes Omeprazole is medicine for indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux 2:57:37 - 2:57:49 ➡️ 3:00:06 The ideal perfect day.. the day he missed a lot 3:33:27 blank tweet

    2. DemitriDumbThumb

      I can comment on an unlisted video lol

    3. DemitriDumbThumb


    4. Claudia Pose

      Poki’s name is sooo pretty like I love the moments where they say “imane” instead of “poki”

    5. Saskia White

      I know it probably won’t happen, but they played with AOC so I mean anything can happen hahaha, I want nothing more than for YUNGBLUD to play among us with them,, also a corpse and YUNGBLUD collab would kill me off

    6. Sykid

      are no one gonna talk about chocobars going up and down in the beggining? shes adorable.

    7. Arthur Thao

      Bretman and James arguing was hella funny 😆 33:45

    8. XxAngelicRxses

      whenever i think of this song i just get a sad feeling in me because corpse is an amazing person and doesn’t deserve all his mental illnesses so maybe if you’re pressuring him to do a face reveal this of all the bad things he is going through he has anxiety, GERD, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, arthritis, heart burn, throat burn, bad vision, and he hates how he looks. so maybe keep that in mind before asking him to do a face reveal because real fans wouldn’t do that...

    9. Arles

      I love how no one said something about Corpse saying an old vine

    10. мы эхо

      no one: corpse every game: wait...where was the body again?

    11. Summer Imperial

      3:25:34 "Wait.. Sykkuno's a carrot!" 🥕 Don't mind me. I'm just making bookmarks.

    12. Summer Imperial

      2:42:32 "Girls aren't into me." Literally 100% of Sykkuno's girl followers: 👁️👄👁️

    13. Nazhae D

      1:04:51 “Sister slayed.”

    14. Shahd A

      Ok he really needs to realize that his fans don’t really care if he shows his face or not, the real true fans are here for his great humour, and not his voice or his face, we are always gonna be here for him and support him even if he had medical issues and mental issues, he needs to know that we can always wait, and if you can’t you are definitely not a true fan, I find him an amazing funny person, the fact that he has made it this far not just in youtube but in life not a lot of people can’t deal with this sort of thing in life. Literally also that fact that he has no family to support him or even care about him through is very sad so guys I really think all of his fans or like family and his KGup friends are family to him,but family doesn’t ask to show your face or his real name or where he exactly lives, yes maybe some family does that but close family won’t they will understand can anyone please if you see this big comment can you please like this and get as many people to see this and like it, it would mean the world to me and I just really want him to know that a lot of people love and listen to his music and that his knows that he is loved so please if you could have a great year everyone.❤️❤️❤️

    15. Bailey

      I’ve never met a person that doesn’t like corpse confirming he is perfect. And if I do find someone that doesn’t like corpse I will throw hands

    16. Cassie Capolete.

      i forgot how deep corpses voice sounded for a second 👁👄👁

    17. Chiken Nuggies

      When he sees sykkuno as a carrot (wait.... becomes mesmerized)

    18. Lilo Jordan

      At 1:59:44 "thank you Gabriella" my friends gift for her birthday

    19. Lunatra

      I love when they go to meetings and Bret unmutes and it does the sound, I keep thinking to myself like "oh, Bretman has entered the meeting!" Lol

    20. Lunatra

      Ya know what, I ship it. Let's all get corpse tatts!!

    21. Rhianne


    22. ريان mnvuv


    23. Myla Woodley


    24. Diana McIntosh

      I sneezed and then Bretman said, “bless you” and my heart stopped

    25. MarQuaine

      Corpse complaining about 70 ping while I play with 1-2k

    26. agirlwithnoname

      I like Sykkunos friendship with Corpse but the way he plays Among Us is so annoying!

    27. xBuns

      42:06 bretman: ✨i never snitch on you daddy✨🥵🥵

    28. mercywillkillyou

      Him whispering these people are fucking crazy😂😂

    29. Toria Orbis


    30. Minanamiable

      Hearing him laugh and the smile in his voice makes me so unbelievably giddy and happy... Man he deserves the world

    31. lemongrabs apprentice

      at 1:55:54 i thought he said “up, down” which made me think of coryxkenshin

    32. Shayah 17

      3:25:30 sykkuno is a carrot

    33. LittleCutie ABDL

      I know the pain of it both literally and physically; I suffer with GERD too. It's a beetch.

    34. ZeroBeers -

      Dear CORPSE HUSBAND *and* my fellow fans, there is a channel reuploading all of ur streams. Ever since u have mentioned in a past stream, that u do NOT appreciate fans reuploading ur content, I've been trying to get people to notice with no results. Please help me get this disrespectful "fan" out of the way. I can't stand the fact that this guy is getting a good chunk of CORPSE's views, sweet comments and likes. It disgusts me really.

    35. sagefaerie

      dont follow me baby, stream white tee. 46:00

    36. Bushybrow_Sensei

      42:13 i thought he called you "terror daddy" 🤣🤣🤣

    37. The Strange Guy

      Yes minecraft

    38. ninalilylulu

      Both corpse and pewdiepie slam their desks when they are frustrated haha

    39. Natania Bravo

      I heard @corpse_husband is releasing merch...I dont know if thats just a rumor...but I need to know when and where I will be able to find it!!!!

      1. Natania Bravo

        @ninalilylulu omg thank you so much

      2. ninalilylulu

        The merch release is delayed but he said on twitter that he will announce it release time between 24-48 hours before it drop

    40. ninalilylulu

      Your streams definitely makes me happy. I was feeling drained for weeks now, probably due to this pandemic and everything that comes with it. So I just come here and watch the streams and I laugh out loud when you laugh and smile throughout the whole thing. Thank you for keeping the vod up, I really appreciate it.

    41. oriana garrido

      Imagine saving up the livestreams URL because you missed the first hour and you want to watch it...

    42. PebbleStar 8D

      Corpse hiding behind Poki at the start 🥺

    43. angelica cross


    44. froncifresh

      1:42:14 timestamping this because he said my name omg

    45. Issie

      2:52:55 CORPSE says Isabel.

    46. mikaela cianfrani

      10:29 for all the Mikaela’s out their

    47. Cadence E

      12:24 waddup baby😙😵🥶🦠😈💅🏼

    48. Liya

      12:23 music for my ears

    49. shazana khayra


      1. shazana khayra

        20:03 BRUH

    50. Sarah Edward

      1:25:51 Did that not look like Bretman venting Edit: I know he wasn’t the imposter, it just looked like it

    51. 太ったお尻

      he survived the war with the internet :D

    52. Piggy Gaming Adventures

      chat be moving so fast its lagging the stream I know im late don't remind me I just seen yo new b*tch 😌it boost my self esteem😎 bro he said what the f- and my volume was on max xD and to make it worse my madre was right near me please help

    53. __

      1:21:34 to about 1:21:43... Not trying to make any accusations... but what happened to corpses voice xD It sounded like he was in pain

    54. thelma

      2:44:10 alsresdyseen

    55. Spectating Potato

      I noticed that isnt there supposed to be like a 2 hour stream between corpse's 6 hour stream and this stream with bretman rock? The stream where I found out he is allergic to cashews and latex lol, or am I just trippin??

      1. ninalilylulu

        The stream is not in order in the playlist. I watch in order and absolutely have watch the cashew latex thing

    56. Nitya

      Just an opinion cuz i dont want to force CORPSE , but id be suuuuper interested for a minecraft stream with his friends all im saying. (even a highlights video would be nice) But ofc if you just want to chill and play with them no problem , go have fun with your friends:))))))))))))))))))))

    57. Gacha Lily ت

      I love your content and your music keep it up Corpse :DDD

    58. Mitsubachicats

      Who fakes Simon Says? I did / do and won!!!

    59. Brittney Haynes

      For some reason in the first round I knew James was one of the imposters before he killed corpse 😳

    60. EchoNoir1775 -

      The way James clutched the first game tho damn

    61. Annaliese

      WAIT how do we get updates on merch I needddd it

    62. Scarlet Jade

      Corpse Merch ?...

    63. kyra lusk

      "Whaddup baby" totally didnt spit out my water and get butterflies....lmfao. timestap 12:24

    64. Blamaneskinne

      When he said a fact about the song (cat girls...) I just got happy that he is so friendly with us to say facts about his songs this clearly

    65. keara s

      ily :)

    66. doodooo

      Noting 3:53:05 for my friend

    67. Tann Mey ei

      1:56:31 bro I hate myself sm 😏

    68. yna amor

      6:34 everyone tease sykkuno about nasty ...CORPSE LAUGH

    69. sophie castle

      Literally just having this on as background noise as I study because I CANNOT get enough of Corpse's voice

    70. Peyton Gomer

      Corpse’s marathon run: 2:11:44

    71. Faeron Mor


    72. Rachel Choi

      we love a pronoun respecter 😌

    73. Clusterfuckingfantastic

      Anyone still waiting on the video where Corpse bangs pans around his house chanting "James Charles is so famous"?

    74. Error404 DNF

      3:23:06 don't mind me just saving where I last reached

    75. kyra lusk

      Wait did nobody else notice how his ID thingy is upside down at 3:47:44 lmao. Me realizing I pay way to much attention to the things he does.

      1. kyra lusk

        And the things that happen in his video's. Lmao😂. Also love your videos CORPSE.

    76. H20Ayden

      Corpse has anyone seen ur face

      1. H20Ayden

        well someone must have unless he never went outside

    77. Poorvika

      The game is literally like "you got your imposter turns!"

    78. Peyton Gomer


      1. Peyton Gomer


      2. Peyton Gomer


    79. Toni Mullen

      Hi Corpse, I saw you mention you are on omeprazole (prilosec) for your GERD, well I was on it growing up and then got switched to Nexium then when I was still having symptoms they switched me to Dexilant which is a LIFESAVER!!! Its a newer medicine and costs more but I think it'll help so much with your GERD, I know I feel so much better when I'm on it, and I know you have a severe version of GERD like my sisters and I do. I hope you read this and it helps you more, it'll definitely be helpful for you. 💙 love ya corpsie

    80. • olivia •

      2:43:05 CORPE’S LAUGH WAS SO PRECIOUS 🥺 his laugh is so pure

    81. angelica cross


    82. Poorvika

      "I'm corpse you're corpse we're all corpse" 😂😂

    83. Madison Silva

      corpse saying “babygirl” @ 3:35:58 like to save a life :)

    84. Nathan Green

      I'm so confused where do I get the merchandise?

      1. Prune RD

        It's not up yet !

    85. Gabriela Morales

      1:59:48 when corpse says your name 😍 3:49:00

    86. alyanah ;

      i think rae’s tell is her voice is deeper, and she’s much more calm. usually when she’s crew she would defend herself passionately, but when she’s imp she’s calmer than usual.

    87. Shelby Muffett

      he said he's going to release merch and we might not have it till January but my birthday is in January so that would be an early birthday present for me

    88. BruceSlice Games

      You seem like an awesome guy. Keep doing what you're doing. Forget about the people that are giving you crap for literally no reason. You the man.

    89. Lucy Skylar

      Okey we would love to see Corpse on OTV server, but Dream SMP would be wild

    90. Gerbils For Life

      3:35:58 ur welcome ;))

    91. ariana garcia

      The way that corpse scanned and was counting on Rae to vouch for him just for her to die 2 seconds later lmaoo

    92. liz.345


    93. Sugar *

      3:35:59 HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING

    94. senn senn

      why did he unlisted it? it was a good stream

      1. doodooo

        He unlists all his streams and puts them into a "past livestreams" playlist

    95. Fehn F

      I couldn't find in the comments, so here are the games that Corpse was an imposter: Game #1 - 2:04:30 ...

    96. Lapiz Lapoppy

      3:25:04 is that a radio or am I just hearing things?

    97. Lapiz Lapoppy

      2:54:36 so satisfying when the DVD screensaver hit the corner

    98. Leonard Hehlen

      poki is such a bad player ... Her only strat is to intimidate people by almost despising them

    99. Kira

      Firstly, when corpse says “whaddup baby” and “you lil freak”....☠️🤤 Secondly, corpse’s voice when he was stretching 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    100. Mexipandie

      I know he most likely won’t see this, but I so appreciate corpse and all he does for his fans. Especially bc this year has been a hard time for so many people and he always brings a smile onto my face and it means more than I could ever tell him, but I hope he knows.