Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields & Mac Jones have 'massive' risk - Mike Tannenbaum | Get Up

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21 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

    The Get Up crew weighs in on Todd McShay's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, with Mike Tannenbaum identifying the risk that will accompany several quarterbacks that are projected to be drafted in the first round.
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    1. bigdap100

      Justin Fields was beating Clemson so bad, that they tried to break him physically...and STILL he completely destroyed them!! The kid is amazing!

    2. Mumya Camary

      Every great QB has real weaknesses, this makes it easier for the coach to manage his team so that the weaknesses are resolved, because we already know the problem, when the weaknesses are resolved, what remains is the greatness of the QB

    3. shawn simmons

      Justin Fields is nothing but an athlete first he has problems reading defense that’s why once he lost his running back the game was over ..

    4. Major Price

      Come on, against Alabama he was recovering from a dirty hit and didn’t have a running game. Alabama was the #1 team in the country. I see now why you aren’t a GM anymore because you don’t have a clue!!!

    5. Connor And Hunter Staples

      Mac Jones is the best pocket passer,and put up crazy stats,they say its the weapons but when Tua was at Alabama he didnt put up those stats and he had Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs who were the 1st 2 WRs drafted in the 2019 draft plus the weapons Jones has,Borrow had similar stats and was surrounded by NFL caliber weapons like Justin Jefferson and a good RB like clyde edwards hillar,If Tua was considered a top 10 prospect than Jones should be considered a number 1 over all pick,he set records and won big games against top competition on the most televised games,but they are hyping up guys like Tre Lance who played in a small school for only 1 season against weak competition and took this year off,and Zack Wilson same thing and looks like hes from that dragonball cartoon or w.e it is,looks a middle schooler for crying out loud, Trevor Lawrence may be solid but I bet you the 2 best QBs from this class will be Mac Jones and Justin Fields..

    6. Jeremy Feeley

      Kyle Trask is on a way higher tier of talent than they are. Bet he’s the only QB from this draft that turns out,

    7. Notty Thomas

      I would take Mac Jones over trey lance look how Wentz turned out and teddy bridgewater had a below average year letting you know the coaching staff isn’t well at QB development

    8. Jajuan Bell

      That why he not a GM NOT!

    9. kim goalie

      They really show Wilson’s lowlight: An intercepted Hail Mary.

      1. Trey Williams

        Bro exactly💀

    10. losinfinite

      I think if Trey Lance can go to a team and sit for year, He will potentially be the best on the list. Lawrence and Fields are 1a and 1b. I dont get the Fields slander. In my opinion, the only thing that Lawrence has over Fields is height. He might have some more zip on his passes but Fields has PLENTY arm strength. Wilson looks good but before this year, he wasnt even a draftable prospect. People bring up Burrows but Burrows was much higher rated than Wilson and was a better QB before their breakout year. Now a player can put it out all together and break out but we have seen this Wilson thing before. Case: Malhomes - People say he came out of nowhere. Not entirely true, people were saying his whole career in college he was special and if he went to alabama that he would of been QB1 definitely. Chiefs moved up because they did their homework. Wilson has the opposite. Take this year out of the equation. Look at last year, the year before, high school. If you look at the greats, no matter where they were. They were special. and please leave Tom Brady out of this. but also see Tony Romo!

    11. Damon Bennett

      Mac jones is a risk because he played on a loaded bama team, but tua was a media darling til he hurt his hip and he played on maybe a more loaded bama team. Its all very inconsistent

    12. Ray Hughes

      From the football i watched, and the qb i saw Mack jones and Kyle Trask were better then trevor justin zack and trey lance. All star cast around him. You still got to get the all star's the ball.noone did that better then MACK JOKER JONES! IF you WATCH Alabama play you saw the greatest team in college football history and MACK JONES WAS THROWING DIMES ALL YEAR. 41 TOUCHDOWNS TO 4. INTERCEPTIONS.ask DEVONTA SMITH THE GREATEST RECEIVER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY .

    13. James Anderson

      Feel like everybody sleep on Trey for the number one pick☝️💫 At the end it don't matter where you get picked at!!! Everybody keep saying Trevor Lawrence is better than trey lance 😒 But that's my opinion

    14. Khalil Scott

      The Falcons are going to draft Zack Wilson watch

    15. Chris Wincek

      Every pick is a massive risk. No one is a sure thing.

    16. Atwood Adventures

      Being an OSU fan Fields is way to injury prone if I were a GM.

    17. Victor Cornelius

      @mikey jasper Lawrence won't start day one.

    18. Victor Cornelius

      My god what an historic season Mac Jones and Alabama had in 2020.Greatest team in the history of college football.

    19. Victor Cornelius

      The guy that said Mac Jones had an all star cast is the reason he had a great year,must have not watched the 2020 Alabama season.Becuase Mac did a masterful job at making all the throws,play calling,all the things qbs are suppose to do.He had the greatest year ever for a qb in college football history.Yes joe better than you and you had 2 more games.

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        You know the media wants to shape the narrative that Trevor is perfect and the rest 3 year’s their method into building the narrative that he’s a generational talent

    20. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Fields and Lance: Class of the 2021 draft

    21. steve edwards

      I continue to believe that Lawrence has lived off his hype from his freshman Natty game against Bama. In fact, I recently heard a talking head say the exact same thing, although he didn't intend to. He said "ever since the BCS win against Bama, he's been considered a number one pick". If you look at his career stats, they are very good but not equal to the other QBs. COMP ATT COMP % YARDS Y/ATT TDS INTS RATING #1 MAC JONES 311 402 77.4 4,500 11.2 41 4 203.1 #2 ZAC WILSON 247 336 73.5 3,692 11 33 3 196.4 #10 JUSTIN FIELDS 158 225 70.2 2,100 9.3 22 6 175.6 * TREY LANCE 192 287 66.9 2,786 11.7 28 0 180.6 #13 T LAWRENCE 231 334 69.2 3,153 9.4 24 5 169.2 * IN DIVISION 1 Now let's look at his arguments. Jones had elite talent around him, but so did Lawrence and Justin Fields. Lance played against Division 1 DBs and only played one year of college ball. Jones # of throws per TD is 1/9.8 atts. Wilson 1/10.18 atts. Fields 1/10.2 atts. and Lawrence 1/13.91 atts. Jones td/int ration is 10.25/4 , Wilson is 11/1, Fields is 3.66/1 and Lawrence is 4.8/1. So, give me a break that Lawrence is the best. I don't think he's second best. The top two are Jones and Wilson in either order. Justin Fields is maybe #3. Lance doesn't belong in the conversation, as he's only played one year at the division 1 level, against far less skillful DBs.

    22. Cory G

      Joe Burrow transferred and he was the #1 pick. These analysts are lazy trying to use transferring as a negative to Justin Fields. They weren't going to bench Jake Fromm who just led Georgia to the National Championship Game.

    23. Anil Kumar

      Mike Tannenbaum should not be allowed to speak EVER

    24. michael jasper

      This just me I don’t see a day one starter besides Lawrence if I’m being honest I will say him saying Wilson couldn’t beat coastal Carolina as if that costal team wasn’t good and Wilson he played at BYU which is talent rich is stupid

    25. PrettyBoy23

      I said before the year the QB market was oversaturated and this draft would have few suitors. Well it appears the market got a little bigger but there’s still a lot of vets out there as an alternative. Jameis, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Jimmy G, Matt Ryan and Cam. I think this draft will have 4 first round QB’s but the top 3 are: Lawrence, Fields and Lance. Wilson will be cool but I don’t see him being as great but he’ll be drafted way early. Jones is a second day guy at best

    26. Guyro

      That’s why you have coaches, so you can develop the prospects

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        Exactly people wanna be lazy now....if it’s that impossible to develop some of these high prospects maybe you should reevaluate your coach

      2. Trez Rok

        Thank you. What happened to investing in a QB and drafting on potential

    27. Tiller Buckets

      The 2022 QB class is way better

      1. X YRGJORDAN X


    28. Frank Ross

      There’s literally so many worries with Justin fields and he said that he had to transfer? Bro like what that’s ur worry. “He struggled especially against bama”. He played injured and still had a pretty good game. He could’ve said Indiana or northwestern but he chose bama? Guy really hasn’t watched a second of film on any of these guys lmao

    29. Brian Royce Harmon

      Mac Jones to the bears 🐻? Omg 😳

    30. Peter Lochridge

      If I was ESPN I’d be too embarrassed to ask Tannenbaum any questions about talent evaluations after all he drafted Vernon Gholston with the 6th pick overall and paid him 18 million dollars. I have a trivia question who has more career sacks in the NFL Gholston or Me? It’s a tie we both have Zero.

    31. Monsuta Man

      I am convinced, these mock drafts are done to spite Justin Fields at this point haha. They are not even talking about anyone else, like DBs or LBs...If they do, it is to put them ahead of Justin lol. The same was done to Watson Trey Lance and Justin will prob end up being the best QBs lol

    32. Nathan Richey

      It's funny how the knock on Jones is the cast around him, when he played with much less on offense than tua did last year, or than Burrow did last year, or than what trevor did most of his career. Jones had Smith and waddle for a few games. Tua had ridley, riggs, Smith, and waddle. Burrow had 3 first round receivers and CEH and the best ol, literally no draft experts brought that up. Mac Jones did better than either burrow or tua with less fire power. Our receivers for most of the season were Smith, metchie (who dealt with a severe ankle issue the second half of the season) and slade bolden

      1. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Tate Thompson Exactly my point, Kirk and Matt are average & are not top 5 and they are horrible when blitzed properly. And he's not a top 10 pick because the eye test shows Lawrence and Fields are better. Also, why do you keep saying "there will always be a place" when I just told you he has a place? lmao you're trying to make it seem like im saying he won't be on any team. All im saying is he's not a trendsetting QB. He's not like Watson or Rodgers where they dont need a ton of help to do good. He'll need the right situation to be in and will probably just be a average like Kirk or Matt ..nothing crazy

      2. Tate Thompson

        @Sharrybay Thompson He is not considered a top 10 pick because tlaw and fields probably have higher ceilings than Mac. Not discounting him as a player. Scout the player, not the team. You can’t discount anything Mac has done. You also fail to understand the difference between mobility and pocket mobility. He doesn’t need to go out and try to become some Lamar Jackson or deshaun Watson. He plays his game to perfection. He has great pocket presence and Pocket mobility. There will always be room in the game for players like Mac. Compare him to someone like Kirk Cousins or Matt Ryan. There will always be a place, guess you just don’t understand that.

      3. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Tate Thompson he got those stats because of how great his team was..he has better stats that Lawrence and Fields but he's still not even a top 10 pick. Why do you think he's still not a top 10 pick even tho he has the best QB stats this season? because these scouts knows he his supporting cast was the reason why. He's not fast or athletic at all & he was literally was a part of the most efficient offense in college history that included the best running back in college, the best o-line, and the best receiving core. What happens when he gets blitzed every play at the next level and his the perfect o'line isn't there to protect him? He clearly isn't mobile or fast so I think you know the answer to that..that's what I mean by being smart isn't enough. If you look at the top 5 QBs in the NFL, with the exception of Brady, what do they all have in common? They're mobile. I didnt say there isn't any room for him, he'll just need a really good system to do well in.

      4. Tate Thompson

        @Sharrybay Thompson “He’s a smart QB but nowadays that isn’t enough”????? Are you kidding me bro. There will ALWAYS be room for smart qbs that can distribute the rock. Kid has really good ball placement and pocket mobility. And you don’t get carried by your team throwing for 4500 yards and 77% comp pct, sorry man... don’t know what you were looking at all season.

      5. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Nathan Richey huh? how do I not know anything about jones or bama when thats my team? you make no sense. Everything I said was a fact and can be easily looked up. You're either a troll or you dont like being told facts so its pointless talking to you

    33. Johny Boat

      Tom Brady was also picked 199 so maybe you can get a good guy later in the draft

    34. Jeffrey Clarke


    35. SingerDad Reacts

      Let it be known here that I am predicting Zach will be one of the star QBs in the NFL. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Zach has been working with the same trainer that has personally coached Brees and Brady. He made incredible NFL throws, moves and decisions throughout the season. We'll see, Mike. We'll see...

    36. Jonathan Gillispie

      I do think Lawrence is the best QB this year, but these other 4 guys are great, and will do well in the NFL IMO

    37. P. Sheppard

      All QBs listed are great college QBs - I think they will do great in the NFL. We may question BYU's SOS but it is a QB university - no doubt. The thing is whoever goes in the later pick has a better chance of doing well with a better team.

    38. Young Apollo

      Bro how do u have trey Lance over mac Justin and Zach ?!!! Trey ain’t even better than Kyle trask


      Him having Wilson and Lance above fields is crazy...

      1. Monsuta Man

        @Riqthedemigod Eh, that is true lol

      2. Riqthedemigod

        @Monsuta Man it ain't bad but it ain't a franchise QB either

      3. Monsuta Man

        @Nate Dagreat Nah, Carr has an accurate great deep ball.

      4. Nate Dagreat

        @Monsuta Man Derek carr can only throw 40 yards 😂 Wilson’s arm talent is legit

      5. Monsuta Man

        Lance is good, Wilson has Derek Carr written all over him, which aint bad mind you.

    40. Aidan Cawley

      Love how their first negative highlight of Wilson was a pick on a end of the half Hail Mary where he was also assaulted after the pass. lol

      1. christian

        @Aidan Cawley Coastal Carolina was not better than byu. The guy is overhyped I’m sorry the media does this to players and it’s unfortunate

      2. Aidan Cawley

        @christian Yeah struggled against a top 20 team on the road with two days of prep

      3. christian

        He struggled vs coastal Carolina smh get real

      4. Maria Solis

        Yes, an$ the referees didn’t do nothing about it, 😳🤯!!! SAD 😞

      5. Hengel Andrews

        Yeah that was pretty lazy of them considering there was a whole Coastal Carolina game of negatives.

    41. Mitchell Goldschmidt


    42. Matt A

      There’s a reason this guy isn’t a GM anymore

    43. Rocky Zachry

      How was Tannabaum ever a GM of an NFL team

      1. piddlepiepoo


    44. Wesley Jeppson

      Vince Young and Reggie Bush are the two best college football players l have ever seen and we all know how their careers went. Nothing in the NFL is guaranteed.

      1. Caleb Williams

        @OLPlatinumHeroYeah I agree drafting them 2nd and 3rd was a no brainer bc they were so good in college. It just gets dangerous when you start drafting to fill a position instead of the best player available. Thats how you get alot of reaches and eventual busts

      2. OLPlatinumHero

        @Caleb Williams they were meh but they were two best available players at their position beside maurice Jones drew & jay cutler. They had no choice but to go 2, 3. And the disrespect to reggie bush, 1300 all purpose yards on three different teams. 10,000 all purpose yards. How is that barely above average 🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Caleb Williams

        @OLPlatinumHero No one said they had to be in the HOF. But two pro bowls combined between the 2nd and 3rd picks in the draft a failure. They went on to have meh careers and bounced around to different teams. It is what it is. You can't blame coaches for everything.

      4. OLPlatinumHero

        @Caleb Williams HOF careers is not a expectation, as they are realistically less gaurenteed than pro bowls and super bowls The scouts did there job, as they correctly evaluated these players that can play at a high level. It's up to coaching dude. What are you even saying. That's gaurenteed

      5. Caleb Williams

        @OLPlatinumHero The original point still stands and its not a poor example. They went from the most dominant game changing players in college (both got Heisman and a ring) to having a barely above average pro careers. Neither of their careers lasted more than 10 yrs. Bush made one allpro as a punt returner, won a ring with Brees and VY made 2 pro bowls as the franchise qb before he was done. Not exactly killin it. And yes Tebow, Manziel, Rg3 many others are in the same boat as examples, but these two in particular seemed destined to take over the league at the time. They passed the eye test with flying colors. But like he said nothing is guaranteed in the NFL

    45. G 29

      Holding the fact that Fields transferred to Ohio state against him is ridiculous. We've seen transfer guys do well in the NFL, plus coming from a bama fan here , I was never worried about going up against fromm.

      1. Ramon Newell

        Right... The 1st overall pick last year was a transfer.... These “analyst” are clowns..

      2. Cory G

        Joe Burrow transferred and he was the #1 pick. These analysts are lazy

      3. Walter Savage

        Agreed...& I thought not knowing what to do with all this talent in Athens Georgia was over when Richt left!? RTR!!!

      4. Rocco Spinelli

        Ridiculous statement that Fields transferring is an issue, Georgia regrets that to this day.

    46. D22 Williams.22

      So, Carolina is going to trade up to the 3rd pick and pick Lance? The guy runs a 5.8 40, and makes Tebow look like a pinpoint passer. I'd bet 99% of national media hasn't watched a single full game Trey Lance has played - maybe 100%. The dude is a 4th round tight end at best. Carolina takes Jones... if he is still available.

      1. Person who ain’t me

        I’m sure you said the same thing about josh Allen. NDSU is an FCS dynasty with the record for championship wins and most FBS teams beaten. It’s extremely competitive and they’re not going to take some dude off the street. Give him a year to learn the ropes with an Alex Smith like mentor and he’ll be just fine.

    47. Tizzy

      Mike Tannabaum sounds ridiculous about Justin Fields

    48. Jesus Campos

      Bears have to move up for fields 🗣

      1. saveyoursoul

        Mitch isn’t that bad 😂 but yea I mean It would be funny if the bears take him and he had an mvp caliber szn

    49. Gary Sims

      Why does everyone continue to talk abt Lawrence like he is the 2nd coming of Jesus?!? Take him off his 1st read and his stats change dramatically, take away the running, which will certainly happen in the NFL, and he is a different QB.

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        You have to understand that the media is constantly trying to push the narrative that he’s a generational talent so they will only excessively talk about the flaws of the other prospects

      2. Pay AttentionTV

        Why don’t we just take away his 3 years while we’re at it

      3. Pay AttentionTV

        @Justin Bingham Opinions aren’t facts

      4. Justin Bingham

        Lawrence is not going to be great in the NFL and probably not the other 3 guys either.

      5. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Wouldn't even be like this if hasent one his first year

    50. Finn Hall

      If Mac Jones stayed at BAMA this year, he STILL would’ve led them another national championship. This man is a joke.

    51. Hunter Trum

      I always hate these biased QB evaluations. Just because the kid doesn't look like the next Micheal Vick coming out of college doesn't mean he's a risk. They are all different players with different skillsets.

    52. Conner Dewey

      This is a garbage take

    53. James Jackson

      22-2...Mediocre! And he didn't play bad against Alabama. They were the better team that night. As they had been all year. He made a few bad decisions against Northwestern and Indian...and now he's average. I don't think so! The Buckeyes had 35 points on the board at halftime! Hmmm...yeah, Fields suck! If you say so! He's gonna be the best out if the bunch. Trevor has a chance because he has Urban. And guess what...Urban hasn't picked him yet! Don't assume!

      1. James Jackson

        @Pay AttentionTV He's good, but I hope he doesn't disappoint!😳

      2. Pay AttentionTV

        Jags Owner already said they’re picking Lawrence

    54. onlymccc

      This narrative that Trevor Lawrence is a perfect prospect is so unbelievably forced and incorrect

      1. losinfinite

        @Austin Schneider Fields killed him in Elite11s wasn't even close.

      2. Austin Schneider

        @losinfinite buddy no lol, go back and watch qb camps of them in highschool, TL has always been no. 1. and as I said earlier, head to head doesnt determine anything. if anything it determines who has a better all around team

      3. losinfinite

        @Austin Schneider But Fields was the better prospect before college. Fields has always crushed Trevor head to head.

      4. Pay AttentionTV

        @Monsuta Man Just destroying your points, you can take it anyway you want to

      5. Monsuta Man

        @Pay AttentionTV Sure you are..... which is why you needed to type all that, to convince yourself lol. Later man.

    55. James Jackson

      Justin Fields proved himself last year. This year had a lot of other issues that may have caused inconsistency. Overall, he was GREAT! He showed his potential against Clemson...the team that most ppl had beating The Ohio Buckeyes, and received a Nation Title gift from some of the most incompetent referees I've ever seen. Stop speculating and look at what this young man is capable of. I bet you guys are the same ppl that had Johnnie Manzel and Eric Couch as top picks. Kick mud!

      1. Pay AttentionTV

        @Mitchell Ajieroh As an OSU QB you’re just hoping he stays outta trouble, much less being compared to Trevor Lawrence

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Pay AttentionTV they judged him after the Northwestern game..... Penn State twice Wisconsin twice Clemson etc he played great so don’t act like that was his only good game of his career

      3. Pay AttentionTV

        NFL Scouts don’t judge a guy after one game

      4. Victor Cornelius

        I'm a Alabama fan,and I have to say Fields destroyed Clemson in 2020

    56. RoadToDawn

      I definitely think Lawrence is the best out of all of them but apart from them, I’d go Fields honestly

    57. Preston McDavitt

      Wilson struggled against coastal because byu scheduled that game with only a couple days to prepare. BYU beat troy by 20, Coastal beat troy by 3. If he had time to prepare, He would of had a better game

      1. Riley Michels

        @John Hendrix BYU’s offensive scheme is way easier to prepare for than Coastal’s, Coastal also wasn’t travelling across the nation

      2. Monsuta Man

        If Justin didn't have 90% of his OL out, he would have looked better against NW. If Olave never fell down, Justin would prob have a national title... "IF"

      3. CFB Central

        Hey buddy there’s a big difference between Clemson and costal Carolina or ucf

      4. John Hendrix

        So? Costal only had a couple of days to prepare lmao, argument goes both ways

      5. Kir

        That take is so weak.

    58. Jumaane World

      Justin Fields has the most upside and I think he’s gonna have the best career🗣🗣🗣💯

      1. Jatarrus Smart

        @Mitchell Ajieroh thank you exactly

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Jatarrus Smart exactly.....everyone acts like “going thru his progressions and reading defenses” isn’t something you can improve on when it most certainly is

      3. Jatarrus Smart

        @Savage South hurts was literally a run first qb, yeah he improved at oklahoma but people still said he didn’t make enough nfl throws and may not even be a nfl qb. I can find at least 5 videos of film analysts saying he’s not ready. and allen was playing against much weaker comp so his wrs were matching up good talent wise. And why can’t he improve on progressions like literally every qb. i watch Aaron rodgers stare down receivers this season a lot too so you can still be a great QB while sometimes not going through progressions.

      4. Savage South

        @Jatarrus Smart hurts was going through progressions. Even at Alabama. Allen was inaccurate at times but had 3rd or 4th string receivers at any of the top programs. I stand by what i said

      5. Jatarrus Smart

        @Savage South lol allen did not he had arm talent but was not that great in college check film and stats, hurts def wasn’t literally just check his draft analysis, and you can do the same for herbert arm talent but was a big risk.

    59. Jay Brown

      So Trevor is perfect?...gtfoh...

    60. Vinny B

      Fields is legit. He's a better prospect than most of the top QB's taken in the last 5 years.

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @Peter Keigwin u can't say tl cuase the only reason why he is talk like this is because he led clemson to a natty as a freshman and Wilson ain't that great look at Russel look at drew, brady

      2. Vinny B

        @Peter Keigwin In the last 5 years besides Burrow who was a better prospect than Fields? As a college prospect?

      3. Peter Keigwin

        Lmaooo idk what you're smoking but give me some of that 🤪

    61. Mo Vo

      We'll see in 5 years how things go The QB is rushed and many burnout Horrible management, media

    62. Tai Weaver

      If you take Lawrence out of this years class(because that’s basically a done deal apparently) next years class and this years class are comparable and guys pop out of nowhere like Zach Wilson and joe burrow, Kyler murray

    63. Jroots99

      Justin fields 22-2 and he literally played 3 bad games Indiana, North Western and Alabama his entire career lol can’t take these people seriously

      1. bigdap100

        Justin Fields was beating Clemson so bad, that they tried to break him physically...and STILL he completely destroyed them!! The kid is amazing

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Vinny B I don’t understand how one goes from the 2nd QB to the 4th in between AFTER the Alabama game to now

      3. Pay AttentionTV

        @Trez Rok I’m sure NFL scouts will look at skin color as a skill set 🙄

      4. Gumbo Jambalaya

        History says at least half of these dudes will be busts. Pick them

      5. Brock Hampton

        @DBA_ Luke Dwayne Haskins isn’t half the player Justin fields is, Justin fields is 40 times faster, had a stronger arm and put up wayyy better numbers and has a way better work ethic. And kyler Murray was a pro bowler this year.

    64. Tai Weaver

      Zach Wilson struggled against costal. What is one thing he does better than Justin? Decision making against weak defenses while Justin is forced to throw against quarters defense because his coach was so hesitant to run when sermon went for over 300 at first.

      1. Arthur Melander

        They didn't lose the game because of Zach. Look at that game again. He was amazing in the game if you look at the throws. The one interception was a Hail Mary at the end of the half and he got it there. He just had too many people drop the football.

    65. Tai Weaver

      Everyone has Lawrence number 1 because that’s what people been saying. They can’t give a clear argument why Lawrence is gonna be better than fields. Lawrence was missing quick hitches and check downs against Ohio state and fields was throwing bombs. Lawrence is 6-6 yes but Justin fields isn’t short either, fields is more mobile, fields might have a better arm too.

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Pay AttentionTV I think you’re mixing up the games......he didn’t throw an INT vs Bama he threw 2 INT vs NW

      2. Pay AttentionTV

        @Mitchell Ajieroh Oh I see he doesnt play bad, the team loss😂😂😂17-38 & 2 INT’s won’t cut it against Bama, Last years game against Clemson he threw a crazy pass that cost them the game,

      3. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Pay AttentionTV 1. He never played bad against Clemson...nor did he even play bad against Alabama (2 of his TD passes were straight dropped and another the we couldn’t get his feet down) they just lost those games

      4. Pay AttentionTV

        @CFB Central Justin Fields is not better than Trevor Lawrence I don’t know why you numbskulls can’t understand this

      5. CFB Central

        Mitchell Ajieroh thank you

    66. dsofnwe wrh

      The adorable page dewailly manage because bagpipe empirically influence athwart a right newsprint. cumbersome, quaint hill

    67. David Cole

      Calling In your Dreams. Trey Lance is a serious Risk. Zach Wilson played against Junior Colleges this year. Fields struggled in 3 of 4 Big games this year. Should Be #1 Trevor, #2 Mac Jones, #3 Zach Wilson, #4 Justin Fields, #5 Trey Lance

      1. Riley Michels

        @Justin Bingham he willed BYU to victories over Tennessee and USC, want to see a guy who was a no show against p5 competition? Look at Josh Allen, MVP runner up

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @David Cole I think you bumped your head

      3. Justin Bingham

        Wilson was always a no show when playing any p5 competition. The hype around this kid is ridiculous.

      4. David Cole

        @Lil BJ let's revisit in 3 years and see who is starting QB in the NFL. Honestly Trevor will be the only one starting. The other 4 will be holding Clipboards.

      5. Lil BJ

        It’s not to late to delete that comment bro I’m just saying

    68. Lawrence Perry

      The fact that Trey Lance and Wilson are ahead of Justin Fields is beyond me. Fields had some hiccups yes, but enough to place a qb who didn't beat Coastal Carolina, and one who played one game ahead of one is an expert.

    69. Coach Lock

      Anyone wonder why he's NOT a GM in the league anymore? Anyone?

      1. Zachary Schultz

        I hate listening to him.

      2. John Dunlap

        His last few years' drafts with the Jets were abysmal. But he had a good run at one point.

    70. Daquan Greene

      If that’s how he evaluates those 4 guys then he’s insane

    71. Abel Nightroad

      You really thinks Trevor Lawrence is nfl ready? hi is massive risk for sure too.

      1. Roland Edwards

        We will see buy week 6 from getting sack and lossin.U playing with the big boys now.

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Abel Nightroad if he starts playing bad the media is just gonna blame Urban Meyer and use him as the scapegoat

      3. VF5

        @Abel Nightroad that's the risk on the organization, not the actual prospect (Lawrence). Nobody knows 100% what they bring to the NFL, which is why they are called "prospect". Otherwise Mahomes, Watson, Herbert would have been drafted much higher than where they originally did. And if you don't think Luck didnt accomplished anything or made an impact to the Colts, then you shouldn't be allowed to watch the NFL.

      4. Abel Nightroad

        @VF5 Organization isnt that good, new hc is college guy, if he starts playing bad they will bench him and its totally different field then college. We seen him in college, you dont know what he brings in nfl. Rosen was like wau then nfl showed how bad he is. Andrew Luck was godsend from college to nfl and he didnt do that much in good organization. Some breaks on his NFL ready status.

      5. VF5

        What's the risk with him?