Guess the Drawing with Taylor Alesia #shorts

Austin Sprinz

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    1. Ultra Dreamer X

      When your feeling like an idiot, remember *this guy exists*

    2. Thall The Sentient

      That's how you go senile prematurely

    3. Afton videos

      But a square is a rectangle 💅✨

    4. Emir Holmes

      The only thing I hate about him is that he gives his info out and tell ppl his number

    5. Beyzanur Karaaslan

      Olay ne

    6. Inessa A

      That marker has to be edible obvi. And plus that is a good marker what is that?? ?

    7. CODBeast Call of duty

      why the fuck would you do that

    8. Cam Lai

      She got it right

    9. Tundraman sfs

      Wait what.........

    10. Rtrn2glry

      You should have said quadrilateral

    11. Lamprey L

      Oh my god i hope the ink is edible

    12. Hidayah Omar

      Why is no-one talking about how this doesn't look like a nontoxic marker?

    13. Hidayah Omar

      Cringe 🤠

    14. Amina Selimi


    15. Amina Selimi

      EU Phoenix

    16. Stressed Panda

      “stick out your tongue“ opens her mouth and sticks out white leather flap.

    17. 된장님원장찌개



      Hah funny

    19. Сергей Стукаленко

      Bruh, the sphere is 3D object, you can draw circle.

    20. Amber Snyder

      Hold on that better be edible ink or something

    21. Belle-Bear

      All squares are rectangles, so she technically got it right, even if rectangles aren't squares

    22. رسل حيدر


    23. abbelias

      Wtf is this shit??

    24. FLYLEAF Slowed And Chopped

      Brawndo has electrolytes..... .

    25. Marionette Sherrill

      That's a 4

    26. Lucas Igna

      KGup needs a option to disable videos that come with a tiktok watermark

    27. Queen_roblox900 Moore

      It was a square you wanted her to get that your dum a rectangle is a square go back to school

    28. Help me pick my username.

      she got it wrong- what happened?

    29. MusicPlaylist TV

      Ok..but what if it doesn't come off😳

    30. Sarah :D

      Wth he just freaking draws on her tongue......

    31. AJc1

      She should have said a quadrilateral. She would have never been wrong.

    32. Ben Wilson

      This what happens pre shoot for porn

    33. • Karson •

      Every square is a rectangle

    34. Imo

      What is the taste of the marker

    35. Simone Göhler

      Nur mal so zur Info das was du ihr auf die Zunge gemalt hast ist giftig

    36. KisuMisu 08

      Guess the drawing or you'll get lollipop wtf

    37. Aurora Proietti

      Ma fa male il colore non si mette sulla lingua

    38. Hannah Elisha

      i s t h e m a r k e r e d i b l e ?

    39. -GingerSnowball-

      Just say "A quadrilateral"

    40. cribbles '

      Her expression is fucking priceless.

    41. A Woodsman

      Is that a toxic pen

    42. Im Sorry

      What happens? A sucker pops up... Ooooh so scared lol

    43. zonder reclame

      Salar Salar

    44. C L E O

      Is that marker food edible 🤮

    45. Kevin Van der Veer

      Beautifull girl

    46. Nolan Rueckert

      That was a square all sides where the same


      I think you need to go back to preschool man

    48. xxOldSouL

      Her face at the end... definition of adorable

    49. The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

      What the shit?

    50. TOXIC Tryhard 15

      Love how it shows likes but it dislikes

      1. TOXIC Tryhard 15

        but not*

    51. Guiseppi Responti

      Why does this have over a quarter million likes? Jesus man if you’re trying to become a KGupr now is the time because you can post a nonsense, boring video like this and still get millions of views. Pretty much anybody no matter how uninteresting can become successful through these shorts.

    52. Doppelganger159

      *not interested*

    53. official domino’s

      idk if this is supposed to be funny

    54. Simone Cau


    55. mikea hiooi

      Is no one gonna talk about the fact that this man drew on this girls tounge with a sharpe marker

    56. flaneur edits

      This looked..wrong

    57. J-Blox Draws

      Honestly it looked like a 17

    58. mostima

      So no one is gonna talk about the fact that he draw with a marker on the tounge

    59. Jeremiah White

      This shit is fucking stupid Im not complimenting this video at all since words nowadays mean the fucking opposite of there intention

      1. Jeremiah White


      2. mikea hiooi

        it was 17

    60. ItzJeremy

      ima just kms .

    61. gioyu comi

      Me: Hoping it’s the cake decorating edible marker ink Somebody out there in this world: Ahh yes! Pen ink! A delicacy where I’m from.

      1. Essence Hadley


    62. Alistair Craig

      I'd blindfold her first..

    63. Aryanna Moon

      That was a square

    64. Myth101

      Wasn't this tanner foxes girlfriend or something

    65. Robert Jessee

      It was a sqaer

      1. gioyu comi

        It’s the same thing 😐

    66. Omar Gachuz Alvarez

      Isn't that Tanner foxs ex?

    67. big zetroc


    68. Ralph

      That is a square it has equal sides.

    69. Eloisa cardozo

      Yo me llamo franccesca apellido Lazzarini Cardozo alvres nara los amo a los youtube años 6

    70. Eloisa cardozo

      Me gustaría saber como puedo hacer para poder ir a trabajar con mi familia para poder hacer una adulto mayor y poder trabajar

    71. Ashley Rivera

      A house

    72. Adela Ortiz

      it was 17

    73. LazyLegend

      Her face when she here's that lol 😆

    74. ally ward

      That's poison tho

    75. j0hann

      /downloads/morph-addon-v-0_4.mcaddon Provided format version '2' is not supported.

    76. CHILDREN Baldwin

      Thats f*cked up

    77. Oj Yes that one

      I thought she was gonna say something else 😬😂

    78. bendyandboris 678

      It’s the same thing 😐

    79. Stratton Schaller

      Literally the lowest iq post I have seen so far on KGup...

    80. Just doing RANDOM stuff

      Is that edible!? She's not getting poisoned right?

    81. Gatekeeper Aquatic

      This is weird.

    82. Kam'Ren Santee

      I thought it was it lol

    83. Joshlina Orey

      Actually a square

    84. Kaleb Kaltreider

      But a a square is still a rectangle

    85. YBW Family Records

      why is she with Austin?

    86. Mista 5

      Isnt markers toxic!?! You could have potentially poisoned her

    87. Máté Reichardt

      is nobody gonna talk about how he srew on her toung with A MARKER??

    88. Todd Sherman

      Sucker pops up right in front of her mouth what do you think he was going to draw

    89. Todd Sherman

      A sucker popped up right in front of her mouth what do you think was trying to draw

    90. • sakura editing •

      Edible Markers

    91. Rogério Dos Santos


    92. Nil The Gamer

      Looking for Albert Einstein here

    93. Anaisis Teodoro

      Não entendi nada esse vídeo🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

    94. Obedient Cape491

      A square is a rectangle but if you draw it with different length sides it is only a rectangle

    95. Daniel Juarez

      Thats a sqaure He doesnt know his shapes

    96. Taylor

      My name is Taylor

    97. alasemp

      Your bald-faced liar

    98. Rafaella Consiglieri

      Ooo una pistola que tiene un chupete