31 Kill Solo Vs Squads Win Gameplay Full Game Season 5 (Fortnite Ps4 Controller)


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    31 Kill Solo Vs Squads Win Gameplay Full Game Season 5 (Fortnite Ps4 Controller)
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    1. KingJoe83

      Use Code KingJoe83 #Ad

      1. Verdiana Viola

        Use code king joe 83

      2. Harris Khan

        Shut up u think I use ur code when u ain't even good probably gonna look at this comment and freak out don't think ur good like if u think he's rude bcz he doesn't even say Pls

      3. Mr. Dragon


      4. Mr. Dragon


      5. Jason & Jenna

        Sure but how do I know I'm cracked??

    2. Lil Lucca bz

      He got a new skin


      can u make a video using lovely skin please

    4. Robin Blok

      If you kill predator then you get the skin to the battle pass

    5. Mr Gerkinsman

      31 kills and about 31 of them sucked

    6. Im5tj031 0

      Any won down to be my dou if so come to back

    7. Jmzm Isxkx


    8. Randy Perez

      Wats that noice at the beginning

    9. Jhojan Fernando Suárez Garcia

      Hera muy bueno jugando fornite

    10. Ailah Etheart

      what are ur settings?

    11. blster

      That’s a ps5 controller you not fooling anyone

    12. Ant

      It's all fun in games till one of these pros join the game

    13. GIORGIO B

      Cuando no me construyen ya se que me tocaron bots en la partida 😅

    14. Parsa Moqadasi


    15. Santiago Britez

      Can you imagine that they are private games? LOL

    16. Skelly Skully

      He has to be in mobile or switch lobbies because I never play against people that bad

    17. GatomPro


    18. Lizze Liz

      Can you talk in your videos or use a hand cam or something? Btw your videos are awesome

    19. Minecraft Steve

      How much time do you spend reverse boosting to get bot lobbies?

    20. Ted Geeney

      How can he pop a med kit in the open without getting sniped

    21. Ssj Corrupt

      King joe is the best fortnite player i done give a fuck who goes against me he just to goated keep up the good content💯

    22. Raheel SJS

      me 4youplay

    23. Tui Sekone

      Too good bro

    24. Michal Špeta


    25. MrPNUT

      ok how tf you get lobbies like that man

    26. Jayvid tonice

      It be the guys that edit wit ⭕️ that are so crack😂

    27. Games And Skills


    28. Amirah What am I Spose to put here?

      Like your mechanics are good Nd all but the lobby was full of bots so I mean irks🧏‍♀️

    29. Amirah What am I Spose to put here?

      Gawd dam🧎‍♂️

    30. Alessio Catalini

      o my gosh...

    31. Manraj Singh

      Bro can I use this. I'll credit you

    32. YR 7

      I wanna learn how to play like this

    33. Esna Shahzad


    34. skillur1v1

      We should run duos sometime get sum dubs

    35. Paty Palmerin

      Fun fact: when pro players are down there nothing they can do cuz they're dead.But non pro tend to crawl even though its useless.

    36. Edin Okanovic

      how many years you play fortnite?

    37. Je suis un bg toi non

      Est-ce que tu pourras faire des défis top 1 ou des choses comme ça ? Stp

    38. AOT X MHA

      U are using an xbox controller

    39. kolby poulin

      Smurfing at it's finest

    40. Elizabeth Hudson

      There was a purple tacky wacky that you missed

    41. Levi L2

      I dont think there was one real player in that game.

    42. الحربي AL7arbi

      يعمي قيم كله بوتات ومنوب ☻ ؟

    43. Shia Henley

      i love when he sweated on the squad of AI's LMAO

    44. COMIC GA

      Yo King Joe! Come and join our clan! THE OFFICIAL KINGS. Your name has King in it! We have god players.

    45. jeremiah hendrick

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from fornite.best



    46. Raza Attari

      I thing I have noticed about king Joe that if he loses the game he doesn't upload it if he win he does upload it gg King joe


      Why you tryharding in a normal solo! #GoinArenatryharders!

    48. Erica Hull

      When I drop stealthy playing squads fill I still die emidatly. Lol xd😂😂

    49. Braydon Brown

      Who wants me to tell anyone of you my Fortnite account

    50. Braydon Brown

      Who wants my Fortnite account

    51. ErhankingSTORM

      Play arena bro

    52. Lisa Carter

      I wish there was no sweats in the entire history of fortnite

    53. Lisa Carter

      Omg you’re too good at fortnite

    54. Lisa Carter

      The sweats are getting better at the game each season in fortnite

    55. Braydon Brown

      Yo guys

    56. Lisa Carter

      Even when I play on the ps5 I still get 60 FPS

    57. dler aram


    58. Paul Vaaga

      my man is getting sweaty

    59. 6YK5 YT

      do u wana 1vs1 ?

    60. trilogee .x

      Can we accept the fact that King is an even better hunter then the predator

    61. yo leuris tv


    62. Frederic Rogers

      Do solo vrs duos

    63. RimsFN

      He's Playing With Bot Mode On

    64. Patricio Méndez

      When video competitive?

    65. Benjiツ

      U vs bots nice XD

    66. GALAXY NINJA409

      Guys No Mercy Was Shown In The Making Of This Video

    67. Vontricya Wielingen

      Lol he got so confused when predator caked invisible 😂😂

    68. Diego Muñoz

      Esta bien eso de jugar desde hace 3 años seguramente y hacerte una cuenta nueva para matar bots y subir este tipo de partidas, el clickbait camuflado. Penoso lo tuyo y los de muchos mas

    69. Romello Fisher

      you are good bro I'm kinda a pro

    70. The LankyBox Fan

      Dang nice

    71. Brandy Wood

      Aimbot i tell u

      1. Effie!

        Obviously not, lol.

    72. david sousa

      just love to watch ur video and chill

    73. Fatima Atalabi

      Que grandeee!!!!!!

    74. Andrew Britt

      What is up jo it’s me blueninjaseeker.

    75. N i c o l l a y

      Im From Brazil

    76. Jamie James


    77. Trovez yt

      Hi do u knoe me

    78. Planeta Estruturas


    79. migx 002

      All are bot=v

    80. Dariel Chavez

      My Aim is Very good, BUT THIS GUY'S AIM IS PERFECT!

    81. Tobias Roby

      Can we play duos plz

    82. Brygida Kruhlińska

      31 kill bot😝

    83. Abdullah Fathy

      damn bro

    84. Grace Morales

      Dang and I thought my building and editing was amazing

    85. Fos Wat

      *KingJoe83* creative map 252684054603 has the zapatron

    86. Pierfrancesco Astorino

      So easy against Bot!

    87. davide votta


    88. Tonia Parks

      Imagine if king joe 83 ❤️ my comment

    89. Andres Kalayaan

      Easily the best play station fortnite player today

    90. Jason Howell

      U can’t I get those lobbies

    91. Fablefox3vb67 The king

      Do you have aim bot how good are you

    92. Yashay Smith

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

      1. Alfie Hutton

        The biggest scam ver

      2. Cyclone_RL

        That’s a scam

    93. mikemillz28

      When you’ve been watching your favorite KGupr and found the fact that everyone can get easily v bucks from epicgames.host

      1. Alfie Hutton

        It's a scam

    94. george petroulakis

      whats ur arena rating

    95. Ibrahim Musab

      King Joe is the best

    96. Sam Mathew

      I never even knew Stealthy Stronghold existed in Chapter 5 since I quit during December

    97. Alia Zafar

      Do a face reveal

    98. Palloツ

      Why ur name is king Joe83 headshot joe whould better

    99. Ashot Navasartyan

      Pls give me skin🥺🥺🥺

    100. Shahmir Ahmer

      Fucking free kills man