Exclusive Look at Miles' New Feline Friend in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (4K)

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    Ever wonder what the purrfect companion to your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler would look like? Join us for the exclusive look at our titular hero's new feline friend in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and how our new feline friend makes for more than just a fun side quest.
    If you're wanting more coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out the playlist below featuring our cover trailer, a look at the game's first boss fight, and more: kgup.info/channel/PLoAFmgzYW18I1UFTzFYXceJFZy_7EnJb1.html

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    1. Ferdi

      el gato hizo que el juego valiera más la pena

    2. Liton Prodhan


    3. KindaFunny IGuess

      This is the best game ever made since monster hunter world. You want to know why? Cat.

    4. Shronk The Gay

      wait, didn't cat get super ultra hurt by the shock?

    5. serious pain


    6. Yamin Ali

      Thats how u get alot of views spider cat

    7. Carter Hughes

      I want this game so bad, but I can’t afford a PS5

    8. alonzo -


    9. TrueLojic

      0:50 PS5 SSD flexing normally after a hideout the game would have a loading screen

    10. Aj the trex

      I love how genuinely happy the man sound to have his cat back

      1. Aj the trex

        Also the sweat shirt is dope

    11. Lost Soul

      So there are 3 spidermen on this game?

    12. 6 9

      The cat did a double 360

    13. Kevin Campbell

      I want this game to hurry up

    14. Sandaru

      don’t kill the cat pls

    15. Gaming_Creator


    16. Mario Sarmiento

      soy yo o se parece ala mochila que llevabas con el animal que querias en fornite

    17. Mario Sarmiento

      que hace un gato ahi

    18. Samittimamitti

      Yes a combo helper

    19. Gaming_Creator

      kgup.info/get/qqJrnoevqXiDm6E/video Insomniac is anti Black. They’re are erasing his Black side & Black family

      1. Gaming_Creator

        @idk it hated you too. Thanks for watching & be sure to tell a friend 💪🏽🤣 maybe tag Insomniac in it

      2. idk

        I watched it I hated it and the music

    20. Escortz Plays

      How did he get this gameplay

    21. King Miltonius

      Spider-cat spider-cat does whatever a spider-cat does spins a web no he can't that's because he's a cat look ooouuuttt here comes spider-cat!

    22. Michael Robinson

      OMG Ganke is in this. I wonder if Katie Bishop is to

    23. Emerald Power

      Miles: Time to deliver this cat. Miles: *ROLLS* Cat: *S Q U I S H*

      1. Ishan The Jaguar

        I thought the same when he rolled I was like: AHH thaat hurts

      2. Siddhartha Rajan

        that's all I could think until he opened up the bag in the shop.

    24. Beast On

      Omg they added most cute finisher lol

    25. Creamer Memer

      I hope there is a skill tree for the cat

    26. basil azeem

      how you get it man

    27. Singularity

      aghhh "black protagonist" and other SJW bull**** ...we want Peter Parker's spiderman, not some 3rd party wanna be spiderman

      1. Internet surfer

        "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye." Also Peter has like so many games and movies/TV shows. Let Miles have a turn.

      2. Paul Burns

        Gonna cry

    28. MadFish

      I’m so hyped for the new dlc!!

      1. Mr. Universe 2.0

        You uncultured swine it's not dlc.

      2. idk

        It's not a dlc smh

    29. Swapnamoy's Videos

      01:23 The Guy - "Did you have an adventure?" Spider-Cat - "Meow" (Which translates to : "Yeah..I threw up a lot while I was on swinging!")

    30. Dahaka461989

      Wait... This game is out already????

      1. idk


    31. Brivo

      Will it be a spider-man lutfattige with spider cat?

    32. Irfaan Faki

      Ok. This is stupid

      1. Internet surfer

        @Sven Tempest IKR

      2. Sven Tempest

        Person bitten by radioactive spider and gains magical abilities is just fine. But that same person has a cat buddy as an optional suit? That's where you draw the line?

      3. Internet surfer

        Just cause it's shorter doesn't mean it's not a game. And how is this stupid anyway?(I'm replying to both of you at the same time)

      4. Mr Jimmy

        indeed, we want a real spiderman, not this "dlc game"

    33. Francesco Reda

      I would complete the entire game with that cat on my back


      When Spiderman littrily a cat on begining

    35. DIO

      Imma use this costume to beat the leaving s* out of the bosses THEY CANT HANDLE SPIDER CAT

    36. Spikinius Spijker

      1:01 R.I.P. cat 2020-2020

    37. Angel Racer


    38. Juan Daroy

      Im so hyped

    39. Àppleeœe

      yes yes yes and yes

    40. Jensi

      Forget this game, I want a spider cat game

    41. Senile Kappa


    42. てすおチャンネル


    43. Joseph Liso

      X had so many unreleased verses that were 🔥

    44. Ligitpiggy 46

      1:02 I think he killed the cat in the backpack

    45. Isaiah Hibberd

      1:01 RIP spiderman the cat :(

    46. TopHatDroid

      Did he just do a roll with a cat on his back?

    47. King Slayer

      0:18 u can kinda see miles isn’t as good as Peter while doing that

      1. Mr Jimmy

        never will be..

    48. THE-CROW Z06

      One of my cats name is RAMBO. My other cat is THOR. They are intrepid cats.

    49. Tito Mendez

      First impression when i saw that cat come out of his backpack for the finisher : GTFOH!! 🐱

    50. KlemensYT S

      I want the game so hard

    51. Street villian

      1:02 the cat died

    52. jc Playz

      Is the game gonna be able to play on ps4

      1. idk


    53. Alyson Pike

      If the cat dies we riot

    54. George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017

      Graphics of the PS5? I don't think so

    55. Jesse James

      Sold. As soon as I saw the spider hoodie and cat backpack combo attack it was over. My money left my pocket

    56. Chicken Sandwich

      This video was awsome...until the very end. Seriously, what the heck Why would you add the cat as a fighting mechanic AND WHO WOULD NAME THEIR CAT SPIDER-MAN

    57. SpideySucc

      I think it’s funny that miles still does a roll when he lands with the cat still in his backpack, when in reality the cat would be fucking crushed 😂

    58. YFA - Yziツ

      1:01 uhhhh...😬

    59. you owe me

      I hope this is a outfit I can wear ever second

    60. NaniTheFouck

      Why does Miles sound like he's from kingdom hearts?

    61. L-t-F-t

      This is so sweet mannnn i want to play ittt

    62. The ultimate gamer

      I don’t usually go AWWWWWWW but something about this

    63. Marcos Chiacchiera

      I love how because miles is Black they made the suit black too. Like there HAS to be something that says: this guy is black you know?

      1. Internet surfer

        With your logic/mindset then Peters suit should've been white just to show that he's "white"

    64. Farès

      Theory : maybe the cat burglar is in the game

    65. Fionn Monstyr

      The real spider-man

    66. Tavisthaman Fan

      When he put the cat in his bag and I seen him roll I got scared I thought he killed it🤣

    67. Leon Peja


    68. Jackie Silverr

      cat spiderman LOL xDDD

    69. Ronald P.

      Game looks great but is it just me or does Miles voice sound weird/off/child like?

    70. Chris Addo

      Did Miles just direct roll on the ground with the Cat behind in his back pack,,,,are you kidding me

    71. Greg Kiss

      *S P I D E R - C A T*

    72. MrReeckRul

      If Spider-Cat dies I swear on Uncle Ben's dead body Im deleting it

    73. Lone Wolf

      I really want them to bring this game and the previous one to Xbox

      1. Internet surfer

        Sorry buddy I don't know if they will bring it on Xbox.

    74. 444haluk

      Okay, this was the most idiotic gameplay idea ever.

      1. idk

        You're idiotic Gottem

      2. Internet surfer

        How is this idiotic?

      3. double strombi


    75. TOMEN_ AWA

      OMG! I LOVE IT

    76. Bubbly Jubbly

      The more videos I watch for this game, the more hyped I get for it.

    77. saeid1989 Kazemi

      Hello everyone, I do not have money to play PS4. Give me $ 10 or $ 20. Thanks،😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓👍

      1. idk


    78. Israel Shellman


    79. Rex King

      If the cat dies, we riot

    80. C740 guy

      Im literally going to buy the PS5 just for Spider-Cat

    81. NEVLEK•7

      eu queria jogar esse jogo😔

    82. shAWN sWINT

      With Peter Parker. When he's Spider Man, He Always Fight's Solo, But for Miles Morales, He Gets a Sidekick in the Form of a Bodega Cat. Nice!!!

    83. Johnny H.

      As if I needed another reason to get Miles Morales on day one. Unless the physical disc gets sold out everywhere.

    84. Tom. cz

      Spider cat finisher wow👌❤️ mege najs❤️

    85. boogieman54 7

      They really thought of everything

    86. Ma Dic


    87. Thomas O'Connor

      i wish spider-cat was a suit upgrade instead of that one skin. still great tho

    88. Straightcherry D.

      Love cats, a great idea!



    90. Mike Kobain

      sooooooi i know i didn’t just see a cat lay the paws on a criminal ... yep im sold i gotta get this game asap 😭

      1. Ricky

        Lmao I'm SOLD

    91. Rodrigo Lima

      Antes vocês tinham minha curiosidade, agora vocês tem minha atenção

    92. Javon Brooks

      Am I trippin or does this game looked rushed graphics wise🤔

      1. Ricky


      2. Javon Brooks

        I looked at it again ok im trippin fr lol

      3. Ricky

        Ur trippin

      4. Internet surfer

        I think your trippin LOL.

    93. silverblade357

      Okay, I don't care how it happens or how insignificant it is, Miles needs to run into Felicia with Spider-Man the Cat in tow!

    94. silverblade357

      JJJ: "What?!! Another Spider-Man?!!?!?! Argh!! I need my medicine..."

    95. Mario Maritnez

      Imagine you're a criminal in New York to be unlucky enough to be beaten up my Spider-Man and to get your shit kicked in by a cat named Spider-Man in a Spider-Man mask. I already love this game

    96. Marley

      How did the cat not yeet off the backpack while he was swinging

    97. Fluffy Jackie

      I like when he wears stuff over his suit, I'm not a fan of all that skin tight stuff. And OH MY GODS this is so cute!😻

    98. Quatschk0pf R.W.

      I love that they made different movements for him and not just used Peter's

    99. Obatola Seward

      1:00 RIP cat 10-14-2020 - 10-14-2020

      1. Ricky


    100. andrew clendenen

      I hope there's an option to toss that backpack in the Hudson... dont need no cats helping me fight crime. What kinda pointless extra garbage is this?

      1. Internet surfer

        @andrew clendenen OK

      2. andrew clendenen

        @Internet surfer good. Optional is my shit. Since when does spiderman have a crime fighting cat. Not me, not never. Pointless. Dont need it. 1st game didn't have it. Garbage. Waste of developers time and money. Could used it toward something to make game better. Didn't need to add extra stuff like cats. Pointless. No point. Garbage. Throw it away. I'm chill now. Thanks dawg

      3. Internet surfer

        Chill buddy, the cat is optional. And how is this pointless and garbage anyway?