Donald Trump: Cashing in on the Presidency | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    Did Trump run for president just to make money? Maybe. Did he realize that becoming President could make him even more money than he imagined? Definitely. Here’s a look at how Trump cashed in on the presidency. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump
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    1. Charlotte Schneider

      I love trump!

      1. Charlotte Schneider

        He is amazing, he isn’t a politician we will never get a better president

    2. Chiquita Valdez

      this is so sad and now Americans are starving and homeless.

    3. Joshua Boerger

      this show is a joke

    4. Lydia Jipripal

      😁😁😁I'm done

    5. Vision GT

      My favorite part is around 1:24 when the catchy rich guy music kicks in 😂

    6. Tardis Blue

      "Giuliani is said to have discussed a possible pardon with Trump."

    7. Edith Glover

      As far as cashing in, he gives more then he gets. He does not take a pay check.

    8. Edith Glover

      Listen Trump is a man ,when it comes to business and now his compassion and integrity for leading this country is second to none. The companion he has for the people is very real. I don't care what anyone says. I'll vote for him anytime.

    9. Christopher William


    10. JD Antigua

      POTUS-45 the snake. Moscow Mitch continues to tell POTUS-45 to say that he won the election so that the sheep in Georgia would vote Repubes. Citizenry, Go vote Democrat and save our democracy. Get out for senate and house races because it means a lot for all Americans.

    11. Neural Stimulus Recordings


    12. Ron McCune

      REBEL'S DAILY REPORTS @ faceybook / ron.mccune.3 THE DON THE CON SHOW "Hey Rudy!" yelled Don the Con at his sidekick Screwy Rudy, " We gotta hurry up and get as much money as we can out of these suckers in our recount scam before the law catches up to me! My lawyers say that I'm in a heap of trouble and I'm going to need all the money I can get for lawyers to defend me." Screwy Rudy yells out "Boss, I can defend you and I'll give you a discount price seeing that you brought me so much work already!" "Rudy!" exclaimed Don the Con, "I need real lawyers, lawyers that know what they're doing! You're my con lawyer. Your no good for me in a real court room. Heck I'd be in deep trouble if I ever used you as as my real lawyer. With you Rudy I can make up stuff and you're my scapegoat to dilusment of those I seek to brainwash with my master plan for domination of America! I need you outside of the courtroom Rudy. Outside the courtroom you are a master! Inside the courtroom you are a joke! We already gave enough material to Saturday Night Live and thousands of other comedians and never got paid for it! I don't want you giving them more material!" "But Master," whimpered Screwy Rudy, " WE are making so much money at what we do! And your plans for nationwide tours of your Nut Parade will bring in millions too so you don't need to worry about money" as Screwy Rudy patted his partner in crime Don the Con. "Rudy," cried Donny the whiner "I'm broke! I owe more than what I can pay on my loans! My assets in the bank don't cover my monthly payments on loans that I have to pay now! Foreclosures and bankruptcies are stirring me in the face! I'm losing my empire, my throne, my presidency, my money, my assets and maybe my freedom." "Don't worry Boss!" yells Screwy Rudy. "I'll Take care of you!" "That's what I'm worried about!" screamed Crying Donny as he knew the beat goes on and on at faceybook/ ron.mccune.3 REBEL'S DAILY REPORTS @ faceybook / ron.mccune.3 PRESENTS THE CONTINUING DRAMA OF MAD MAN DONNY "Hey Boss!" Screwy Rudy yells out to his partner in crime Don The Con, " That was a great interview you gave on our brainwashing propaganda creating machine Fox! You had that reporter agreeing with everything you said! We got this Donate Money For Recounts Scam going really well. Even though we were pulling in 10 million dollars a day at first our cash registers are showing that our scam is still fooling these poor, vulnerable, gullible suckers that you wouldn't even invite into your businesses! It's nearly a month after the election and just about all states say you lost but we got suckers still willing to send you money for a lost cause! All I have to do is run around the nation and make ridiculous claims never to be filed in court and we can get people to send us money! This is your best hustle yet King Donny! Why there's a sucker born every minute and us New Yorkers sure know how to swindle suckers! "We sure do!," exclaimed Dictator Donny as he checks his cash register. "Money! Money! Money! I never had such a great hustle as this Rudy! And I just got another idea for another hustle! Why let this political con game of mine stop. Why not make it a nation wide movement of mine where I can keep my army of followers and lead them into a a a mass of angry people who will worship the ground I walk on and do anything for me! I am their God! Adolph said that this was possible and I achieved the God glory in America! Rudy, have you gotten those court fillings done yet?" Suddenly a prison guard unlocks the gaged Illusional Donny and Screwy Rudy from their shackles and say " You two clowns get out of your cells because you both got court days today and the judge ordered you both to see shrinks!"

    13. Dare Bear X


    14. BLOCK47

      Meanwhile, our incoming president skates right by holding bags with dollar signs but he’s not Trump so pay no attention to the foreign and corporate interests behind the curtain 😆 “At least he’s not Trump” am I right, guys? Let’s just talk about how cute Joes dog is and continue to get screwed by the ruling class that is now settling right back down into power. Deny it all you want, this is what we have always lived under. It was that way before 2016, after 2016, and it will continue to be that way after 2020. The D next to the name just makes you forget for a while.

    15. Samantha K

      Noah, is there any way you can collaborate with Song Bird? Please check her page out, you can make an AWESOME report onm Trump

    16. April Skora

      Cashing in? This man and his friends supporters whatever you want to call them have been cashing in every single minute the president took office. These people lie as easy as they blink their eye lids. Sure it is common knowledge now that the very people we put in charge of our well being is not trustworthy. Well those days are over now and hopefully America has learned their lesson that Republicans cannot be trusted. They care about the American public like the Democrats care about the lying rich Republicans. You would think it would be the other way around.

    17. RahduDrahkqul75

      His 2017 election reminded me of the plot to BTTF ... Dr. Brown: Tell me this future boy if you're from the future then who is the President in 2017 ? Me: Donald Trump Dr. Brown: Donald Trump ? The Reality TV star ?!!??

    18. Barbara Hartlen

      If he's raking in millions of dollars on behalf of the American people, the Trump can pay for his golf course fees instead of the American people. As well as the money he owes and pay his taxes as well!

    19. Don Taylor

      "... This phoney emoluments clause..." And there it is right in your face, an elected official who's sworn to uphold the Constitution calling the Constitution phoney.

    20. Jasonnn Gravess

      Trump is the most corrupt leader ever

    21. Abraham Obasuyi

      American saints in heaven pray for joe biden and american mother mary help him with.

    22. Becky Carter

      And his insane cult followers are still sending him money! That is why trump declared that he LOVES the uneducated!! SMDH

    23. Abraham Obasuyi

      American saints in heaven pray for joe biden and american mother mary help him.

    24. john satterlee

    25. Benjamin Gal-Or

      \\\\ Who is the Winner? Media or the Supreme Court? //// Both are made of people. Both are afraid. Survival is at stack, of different types: Media to be destroyed by 4 more years, SC by out of control, subsequent instabilities, beginning domestically, expanding globally and historically. The whole world is watching with muddled suspense. We all know it is beyond the runaway horizons of healing the Union, beyond the future of our offspring, because a reversible test is not. Like a few irreversible words in biblical times, the Union was split, and the 10 tribes were consumed by the flames of history. The highest level of human intellectual courage is needed to decide right...

    26. Agermangineer

      Every country gets the government it deserves... but still... COME ON....

    27. Dorthe Schelhaas

      "Diaper Don" is what he will be remembered as. He will NEVER live that down 😂💩

    28. On Taka

      The Greatest individual "Tax-Thief" in US history. He should go as, full-time grifter, instead of pretending to be a businessman. Then he doesn't need to use his "hard-earned money" through grifting to fill in the losses he made through his businesses. I prefer he goes back to doing the "Apprentice" show in prison.

    29. Ricardo Rodriguez

      So basically if I become president I can golf instead of doing my duty.... Seems legit.

    30. 纽约Judy

      Trump will go the history book as the worst and the most dangerous president ever!

    31. Erich Jewell

      This tv show makes money off of making fun of the president and the American people! Without Trump they wouldn't even have a show because it's not okay to make fun of Biden sniffing children or Kamala Laughing her ass off at the black community for her and Biden locking them up for cheap labor!!

    32. Steven McDowell

      Liars listen to liars !

    33. michael Steven

      what a complete joke of a president he is, how does anyone take him seriously? his only interests are making himself money, not looking out for his country like they should be doing

    34. michael Steven

      Trump is the most crooked politician I've ever seen by a long shot, he's out in the open about it and uses the most ridiculous arguments to say he's not and everyone else is. can't wait to see him get a dose of his own medicine and be held accountable by the district attorney after he's no longer got any protection as president which is ridiculous he shouldn't be above the law just because he's president, when did that give ppl a right to break the law?

    35. Moonraker

      The only "blind trust" that exists is the one Trump's voters have for him.

    36. Pat G

      It's amazing that people love this guy.

    37. Edward Wright

      Lies! Lies! Lies! Im really broke! Lies! Recount the votes!

    38. Zoe Boe

      He proved what kind of a president he was. And now that his test phase is over, the asylum opens just for him.

    39. Kara Nguyen

      its been 4 years and I still cant believe he became president

    40. Hugh Hughes

      In my opinion No its shows like this cashing in on our OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT You put up clips or pictures and make jokes. That takes alot of talent. You should start with your picture every night. Now that would be funny. Its easy not actually working just put a picture up and start making fun of someone thats not talent dude thats lazy. Write a dam joke

    41. rune drejer

      He needs it, to pay off his debt, he is broke.. Hope he goes to jail.

    42. DUMP TRUMP

      Trump reminds me of the character Mr. Potter from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" from 1946. This guy is just like Trump today. Mean, angry and vindictive. One of the lines in the movie is: I am an old man, and most people hate me. But I don't like them either so that makes it all even." I'm sure the Black Lives Matter Movement has been a boil of his neck for sometime now. Well, after Jan. 20, 2021 he won't have to worry about it. That goes for the coronavirus too. Trump is the biggest criminal in the world.

    43. Soda Stain

      i love how trump supports the MAGA riots but he hates the BLM and antifa riots lmao

    44. ed


    45. ClemensDE

      Would have hoped for a more serious and structured report on this topic

    46. deb

      like obama and all the dem swamp creatures that are millionaires now?? is that who u r talking about

    47. Valmir murtezi

    48. Bedroomeyze

      Trump wasn't the cause, just the megaphone of what America already was.

    49. a link

      President trump paid Donald trump. Let that sink in.

    50. Kate Wieneke

      Idk why I just realized the reason Trump didn't put his business in a blind trust. He didn't want anyone to see how bad the business is and know he wasn't actually rich. So he had to give it to his sons so no outsider would find out.

    51. Benjamin Gal-Or

      [Nov 27] שגיאות מי יבין מניסתרות נקני SC Chief Justice Roberts: We do not speak for the people. We speak for the Constitution [Oct 17, 2018]. Two WH paths to SC [Fox Bs, Nov 23] are herein added as independent No. 3 by recusing, as scientist-editor [Utube books; Amazon: M+citations, GOOGLE], from politics. It reads: 2nd election? a must when First Constitutionally Invalidated by MSM scaring voters by deleting, even herein, THE KEY election Issue: US COV-19-DEATHS-% went DOWN, not UP by "Failing WH MSM LIBEL" a priori corrupting election": 2.75%[Oct 22] 2.03%[Nov 27], % Nov 2 v. [Nov 27] -Grm 1.97[1.54] -NL 2.11[1.83] -Fnlnd 2.20[1.63] -U.S. 2.51[2.00] -Mxc 9.79[9.66]. PRE-election LIBEL by FASCIST MSM scaring voters away from WH only by 260,000 COV-Deaths, less global pandemic science % FATALITIES -NUMBERS that only reflect big population [& detect-tech-methods/Hospitals uprated] -VERIFIED FACTS voiding election before Nov 3, neither state nor SC can ever validate, nor SC Constitutional Option left but ordering 2nd election in due time..

    52. Mike Bellis

      Why did Noah come to Trump's America if he hates him so much

    53. Baby Shanahan

      Haha trump lost, he’s such an embarrassment to his family 😂

    54. Nathan Haug

      His net worth is 2.5 billion. Like he's cashing in on anything he donated $400k a year last four years. All his presidential earning donated. Biden only donates $369 a year max. Fact.

    55. Benergy100% K

      He's debt rich not financially and asset wise rich. He's broke as a joke.🤷😂

    56. AJ Red

      we all knew this was going to happen, and he lived up to his reputation laughing all the way to the bank

    57. darren Mcwhiney

      Biden should Concede and get outta town while he still can!😁👏🇺🇸😎

    58. Throw money at me

      Eric really turned Trump's businesses around. He really knows how to capitalize on the Presidency.

    59. Hailey Puello

      Clowns explain this "Baseless Claims" and cash this: *Pennsylvania: 700,000+ more Ballots counted than the number of ballots sent? *600,000+ ballots counted without any supervision? *22,686 ballots returned the day they were mailed? *32,591 ballots returned the day after they were mailed? *20,000 returned before they were mailed? *8,021 ballots from dead people? *4,983 Ballots that were never requested? *Arizona: 11,000 over count? *36,000 people voted without citizenship

    60. Thomas Rowan

      Oh, yeah! It’s over. The grifter sleeps tonight.

    61. Mo JustUs

      So he's goin to jail right??

    62. veena

      If the hand cuffs aren't for this, what good are they, for a hungry man stealing a loaf of bread?

    63. Long Island Driver


    64. MissaRosa

      All this and here I was thinking that there would be nothing to talk about when Obama left office. Boy, was I wrong!

    65. Paul Elliott

      Every former President cashes in. It doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat. Our planet runs on greed.

    66. Teri Brown

      Trump and RNC milking supporters?

    67. Youssouf Batiebo

      Diego maradona

    68. mark anderson

      1 to 4 million dollars into trumps pocket, every time he goes to his properties...all his properties were losing money until he became president....HELLO!!!!

    69. mark anderson


    70. DERIC 4 REAL

      Not 1 president has followed through with all their promises.he is who he is,but people did vote him in so what's that say!?!?

    71. Sanchez King

      Trump has resigned from all of his businesses (even though he probably still makes money off of them through shares/dividends etc.) and rejected the presidential salary. Obummer on the other hand has just bought a 26 million dollar mansion. The ignorance on the left never fails to amaze me and many others.

    72. Kurushi

      Still not enough to pay off his debts to his dictator friends and blood money he borrowed from Qanon's child sex trafficking business.

    73. valdestot

      Trumpers won't believe the truth if it slapped them a billion times on their face.

      1. Tv Confusion

        you call this the truth? brainwashed

    74. Aswath S

    75. KelsonButterNuts /

      He literally refused to take pay during his presidency. Im not sure which he did, but ive heard that he either donated his $400k a year salary to different charities, or only got payed $1 a year and did the same thing. Either way its still something presidents before, rep. or dem., havent done.

      1. Tv Confusion

        @Douglass Malone-O'Meally fucking brainwashed. "The the the video is the truth and the truth only! Yay I am a good little sheep".

      2. Douglass Malone-O'Meally

        Wait did you not watch the video??? And do you realize he got caught stealing money from his own charity? Why is this so hard to accept.

    76. Hector Juarez

      You see him infecting people with TV "TRUMP VIRUS ": symptoms are lowering of IQ, conspiracy theory beliefs, compulsive lying, and eventually death.

      1. Tv Confusion

        i would bet a large sum of money that you don't own any guns, you watch the news for information, and you go out to BLM riots

    77. XANLY

      Hope he goes to jail

    78. Dyer Nuel

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    79. Carla Bellamy

      And this is what you get for allowing a Casino Con Artist to run a country.

    80. Ramiro Burger

      1.3million views. Make that money dwg

    81. Mr. Heng Official

      He treated America as his business.

    82. Seetiyan

      I had a hard time watching the video cause they showing pictures of Trump and his sons. I had to just listen. Ugh.

    83. scott adams

      You evils can run your mouth as you want his wealthy before becoming a president of American and PRESIDENT TRUMP is the best ever in the history of American

    84. scott adams

      You are all crazy to lie against President Trump. He don't need your money his wanting the true and fair election for the American

    85. Mark Hoffman

      Really? Obama's net worth increased 30 X during his 2 terms - Trump has lost net worth. So who was cashing in again?

    86. Mariah Lin

      Donald Trump took televangelism to the next level and beyond in public office. He basically has a cult following.

    87. Malva Kunze-Petersen

      You again with your "lawyers" and the "constitution" 😒😒 Can you honestly name a single thing this orange greedy wannabe-clown did wrong???

    88. Xemina Perez

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    89. navaskin

      What a pig! Disgusting

    90. Jaren C

      Trump supporters are not just a base. They’re a FAN base. They’re like the beehive or beliebers.

    91. KAISHO

      Ah Trevor Ntwana ba go rekile.. (you know what I mean, you south african)

    92. Jerry Park

      Somehow I heard the British nation anthem in the background

    93. united states squash organization

      Remember, none of this bothers his supporters in any way.

      1. Tv Confusion

        ya cause unlike you i dont believe propaganda

      2. Liz Owens

        Even atgolf he cheats and is named Pele, god help america and the world.🗽🗽🗽

    94. Josh Ellis

      What do you people think Biden did for himself and his sons?

    95. DeWayne Bowers

      trump's voters are in the hospital's and soup lines to.

    96. Pronto

      The real scam was the stock market manipulation. No other President has been so focused on the Dow Jones as a measure of economic success. Why did he publically deny the coronavirus impact when we now know that he knew it would be very serious? Because he was long on the market. He needed time to close out his calls and buy puts. The golf course and hotel patronage was just penny ante stuff...

    97. temsalet

      Once a crook, always a crook

    98. Django

      What are the chances that our government will heavily investigate trump and his property the second he gets out of office next year? I'm calling it that same month he gets out.

    99. Thomas Spencer

      Republicans held all three branches of government for 20 years and it gave us the great depression. This time it took them 3.

      1. Tv Confusion

        or maybe it was everything being shutdown due to the plandemic? I don't understand what's so hard to grasp

    100. UFOs R REAL

      Trump, the biggest liar I have ever known, this rat I a real work of art, I feel sorry for his wife.