I Survived 100 Days as a PIGLIN in Hardcore Minecraft... Minecraft Hardcore 100 Days


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    In this video, I attempted to survive 100 days as a Piglin in hardcore minecraft!
    Mod Tutorial:
    100 Days of Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft Playlist:
    Inspired by @Luke TheNotable​ 's 100 Days
    Epidemic Sound
    C418 - Haggstrom
    C418 - Minecraft
    C418 - Sweden
    Minecraft hardcore 100 days is the traditional idea, but i survived 100 days a piglin shapeshifter. I also modified the game to spawn more types of enchanted books in the nether. I played as a Piglin using the morph mod or identity mod. I survived 100 days as a piglin and piglin brute in the nether.
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    1. Corinthius

      What kind of base would you build in the nether?

      1. Aarav Srivastava

        A bastion made of gold blocks

      2. Bakugou Katsuki

        A base connected to a bastion and fortress and conquer them both

      3. • Møønłight Fłøwer •

        @Ahyan Playz! same

      4. ᴖᴥᴖ

        A dirt house

      5. Julie Peggie


    2. Jack Jaballah

      Noice idea

    3. J Iu

      me when he uses blaze rods instead of using lava buckets as fuel bruhhh

    4. j man

      You just got yourself a new subscriber

    5. fella

      i legit forgot blackstone can work as cobble

    6. Ayden Tran

      200 days

    7. Noah gaming

      cool morphing mod

    8. Christy A Photography

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    9. Static Acid

      Instead of having to go to the fortrest you can use the iron that you got from the bastion and then get a bucket then you can get lava from the lava pools. That is 2x longer than any thing else.

    10. Mattdog Bat

      Your amazing

    11. Ethan p1

      200 Days

    12. Clara Youens

      He kills an enderman and unlocks enderman identity, this is the shapeshift mod.

    13. Dani Bunny

      r you using the morph mod?!

    14. Zhenix Playyzz

      How do you get th morph mod?

      1. Zhenix Playyzz

        ⟟m bedrock and Java btw


      You saying: “It would be cool if you can assign piglin roles” Me: *Spams Mojang to add piglin roles*

    16. nh sw

      The decorous bear mechanistically ask because brother tinctorially boil around a pathetic oven. jobless, immense trigonometry

    17. right hand man

      Heres a totorial how to get piglin Mode Https://kgup.info/get/lYirZayaiZ6NmIc/video

    18. Funzee Time

      Good job! I really like the look of the castle it just fits well with the nether.

    19. Αλεξανδρος_66

      I love this video please make 200 days

    20. Cassidy Wood

      "Imagine a world where you can be GOOD at pvp" I feel insulted right now

    21. Earth Quack

      200 days pls

    22. Jovani Padilla

      200 days

    23. Scarlet Romero

      do this vid but 200 days pls

    24. strategy rabbit

      A true warrior never cowers up high and shoots thier targets they attack with the might and fight with bravery

    25. Doge Meme

      If you ask he is useing a mod and if he kill anything he get the skin and ability like the Ender dragon and enderman like creeper Wither

    26. Leafy Tree Tnt


    27. AahIJustAteYT

      You should do this with one of the origins addons mod (i can't remember which one)

    28. LiarLiarBallsOnFire

      you have to make this a series, the base is so cool and it goes by so fast

    29. Gardevoir Gamer

      So did you use the morph mod and just never used . Different mob or was it another mod

    30. Semaj Niomet

      Out of curiosity, when do you intend on doing the "100 days as an Enderman" challenge?

    31. Rat_Lives_matter

      Please do 200-300 days

    32. A G

      Living as a piglin is like Technoblade

    33. FREDSTER

      I play blockman go bedwars and kill 24 for some reason and fast god bridge

    34. rishi parashar

      2:42 me trying to diagonal godbridge

    35. rishi parashar

      plot twist dream found him randomly trapped him for enderpearls 😂😂

    36. MisterGamerDre

      Love this

    37. Mr Bug

      🟦🟦🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟨🧿🟨🧿🟨🟦🟦 🟦✋🟨🟨👅🟨🟨👍🟦 🟦🟦🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟫🟫🔳🟫🟫🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟦👞🟦👞🟦🟦🟦

    38. FAIZAN

      Dream met him as a hoglin and dream died.... how? he was in lava. #CorinthiusBest #CorinthiusLucky Im sure this does not make sense Also im watching your videos for the first time, but you have a nice voice and a cool channel. You got a new subscriber

    39. Lhian Inocencio

      Do you know..?? Stick can be like coil

    40. cherry UwUz

      Day 200?

    41. Melvin Paul

      i wouldn't have dreamt of doing something this huge... i'd have stopped after sometime...

    42. Melvin Paul

      there is no way to get seeds in the nether.

    43. Melvin Paul

      yes... this is THE only way to get water in the nether...

    44. Ben Ferg

      Remote control digger

    45. Pauls Rikards

      make part two of this video

    46. protracto

      DO 200

    47. Arca_______

      If u were in bedrock edition u wouldnt be able to beat the wither

    48. Isabelle Jackson

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    49. Jane Williams

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    50. Karishma Villamor

      Continue this plsss

    51. M.E.T.

      Whats the addon called i wanna try this

    52. Vlad VR

      You know that you can use lava buckets as fuel right?

    53. Alice

      I'm gonna subcribe cuz why not

    54. MitchDaGamerMan

      200 days please?

    55. faridah daud

      5:22 omfg this is the cutest this ever!!!!

    56. Jourvan Lai

      didu shape shift

    57. Early THK

      Your the neighbours kid to the piglin

    58. sharena

      The smartest piglin ever the king of pinglin and the kilker of hoglin

    59. Kh4lid

      The Emperor Of The Piglins??

    60. ado the king

      pls man which position u get ancient debris iam too not lucky

    61. haydar yilmaz

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    62. saam jaza

      "picture a world where you're actually good at pvp." Me: *cries in noob*

    63. Edrulfo Ramos

      For everyone confused why his health increased, he morphed into a piglin brute because he killed one. The piglins have 8 health and piglin brutes have 20 health.

    64. Lee

      Yes yes! This is what content in looking for!

    65. Chaos Cannon

      Yes that is the only way to get water in the nether.

    66. Whitebeard Pirates

      Can you do a 200 days as a hoglen

    67. the disk

      Becareful beacuse piglin can eat porkchop

    68. The minecrafter

      I thoght that he would leave the nether and try to become a zpmbie pigman

    69. Lach Augustine

      You can’t take me on bedwars bedrock players 😏 try me

    70. Emerson Sidler


    71. Lucas Blumen

      . I like the castle

    72. adrian morfin

      Shriners can I talk to you you just pretending to be famous stop lying

    73. adrian morfin


    74. Jacob Harper

      So this is playing minecraft dressed as a piglin, caz brutes don't attack piglins

    75. Samuel Guite

      Part2 please

    76. Elijah Rabel

      Why is his voice so satisfying 😂👌🏼

    77. MrMcGu

      200 days?

    78. Aiza Atif

      Yes this is the only way to get water in the nether

    79. Benjamin Foster

      200 days

    80. GLRSM Guilherme

      Wait... how does he known when a day ia over?🧐

    81. kuba hmmm

      what? 6:46 8 hp 6:48 20hp

      1. Edrulfo Ramos

        He's a piglin brute in 6:48 which has more health than a normal piglin

    82. j Sancripa

      best game

    83. Ravageeer

      What a random yet wonderful idea.

    84. E

      If this guy's voice was a litter higher, he would literally be Chris McLean

    85. don bin


    86. PonyWRC

      10:40 “ These are white kind of questions that go through my Ooh Mushrooms “

    87. Voke

      what mod is this i wanna do this cuz why not xd btw great vid i just found ur yt today

    88. ProPickaxe


    89. Ryan Maguma


    90. ManTheyCallNick

      I tried hardcore mode for the first time recently and couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without dying and this dude is over here living life in the nether 😂

    91. Yannie D.

      Cool Video


      Survive 200 days too


        And make a house near bastion

    93. Itz_bruh َ

      fun fact : did you know you can't mine a gold ore with a golden pickaxe

    94. Pieegee

      The next one maybe villager or illager

    95. Victor Cruiser

      Imagine running into a pigling brute wearing full gold armor using iron sword using a bow and cross bow not even care about gold and have a basshan ( i don’t know how to write it sorry ) that look like a castle and sitting on a throne and have a netherite pickaxe




      Does not work



    99. Ultra Gaming

      He is playing morph mod you know if you saw the he killed the elder man and at the bottom It wrritiren Enderman identity unlocked