Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer


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    We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on KGup 12/16/20.

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    1. safrazac

      The best President of all time! Grats guys! Savor this moment.

    2. bigboxbobby2

      Fantastic - well done guys. Hi from Bob In London UK

    3. Kim Coleman

      So happy to the 2 of you. That was a great opportunity speaking with the president. You guys are making a difference in the world, just listening to music. It's awesome! I wish you the best!

    4. Rebecca Garges

      Awesome ❤️😊

    5. Cynthia Goodwin

      Love all three of you.

    6. Arran Robeson

      WTF how in the hell did you make to some 20 odd years and you don't know who bob Dylan is. let alone you never the times are changing.

    7. msblackheartlobster

      🙌 🔥 congratulations you guys!!! 🥳

    8. Shelby Butler

      Wow... such a privilege. This brings tears to my eyes. Congratulations, guys.

    9. Korinne M Jackman

      You guys are so awesome!! So cool that you had that opportunity to speak to such a brilliant leader!!

    10. mini mina man mina

      Love this !!!!

    11. Wendy Chenworth

    12. Hendrika Sunqrout

      Well done guys, I always knew you have great qualities!

    13. Marianne Myers

      You guys get cuter every time I see yall!

    14. Robert Welsh

      Amazing!!!! You two can be extremely proud of all you have done and where you have taken your show! Amazing!!!!

    15. cabby26

      Can I hit the like button a thousand times?

    16. cabby26

      Man, Obama talking about the cassettes... that hit home right there. You know he made some bad ass mix tapes back then.

    17. Firehorse 3

      I just love you guys!

    18. Madasa Hatter

      So happy for you guys!

    19. Colleen Ferriss

      Congratulations! President Obama is a great man..... . what you are doing is sending a positive message and that is what is needed at this time. Keep up the good work!

    20. Danna

      Got Satan himself on your show. Wow. I voted for that liar twice before I saw his horns. What a POS ! Stop the hero worshipping boys it is not a good look. Now that you are political, You can take a hike. Stopping my donations on Patreon.

      1. Madasa Hatter

        Danna = your meanspiritedness "is not a good look"

    21. Lavada Zenor

      you kids are great and obama was a good president i wish he could of ran again

    22. Sophia Rodriguez

      This is awesome! Congratulations to the both of you.

    23. Roberta Wilhelm

      Wow! What an honor To be visited by this fine, fine man!

    24. nommh


    25. Diana Tursky

      that was great. Keep listening!!

    26. J Grice

      LOVE you guys! Love Obama too!

    27. Nancy Elwell

      That was great so happy for you both and wish you much success in the future. Check out more of Bob Dylan's songs and music from the sixties they were some of the best ! Bob Dylan is truly an icon ! His music is timeless !

    28. Michelle Woods

      Love this!

    29. Sarah Dee

      My advice as a 66 year old woman is this: don't get anyone pregnant, stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol. Learn how to relax, let loose and have fun without substances. From my observation these things just take away a LOT of possibilities for your future. Stay strong and always open to the highest possibilities for yourselves and everyone else. You can now just drop this into your conversations: "when I was talking to Barak Obama the other day....." I'd love to be able to say that.

    30. Pilar González

      :-)) so wonderful!!!

    31. M Whitehead

      Dylan has a song for every occasion. For sure.

    32. mlrobards

      Check out Bob Dylan's Hurricane. Talk about a storyteller. Bob Dylan wrote music more reverent today than when he wrote. My husband introduced to this song. I put right up there with Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldiers

    33. Tomboy Glam

      Love Obama! Which one of you is older? And by how much?!

    34. Douglas Armstrong

      World's Greatest Leader

    35. Torch The Witch

      Congratulations! This is amazing! And really great questions too. Well done!

    36. Lorraine Arcand


    37. Ras Mc


    38. Joan Blurton

      I love this so much!

    39. HinduHillbilly

      In honor of this episode I'd love to see you react to An American Tune by Paul Simon.

    40. SrRbx


    41. Joyce Fischer

      So cool! Obama called you! I know it was planned, since the producer was there with the books, but still. Amazing!

    42. Meghan Adrian

      Congratulations you guys! You should be so proud!!

    43. Andrea Hawkins

      Holy cats!!!! I love that Barack found you two!! I grew up listening to everything under the sun as well, so thankful for my parents.

    44. Belinda Burns

      Your followers are what America needs to come back to. All ages and races coming together to bond over what we have in common, not what divides us. You young men are the shining beacon on the hill. Look it up if you’re not familiar with the phrase! So damn impressed with you both. Hope my sons will follow your lead

    45. Belinda Burns

      Omg did you just interview Obama! Brothers, you have made it! So damn impressed! Much love you you both!

    46. Belinda Burns

      Dylan is never irrelevant. Every generation has their moment. And this is yours.

    47. Tracy Klinkroth

      Why would anyone vote this thumbs down? This is amazing. I love that these two young Black men got to talk to an amazing Black man of such integrity, humor and EQ. Congrats guys!

    48. opiatepix

      HOLY!! This was amazing. Congratulations, guys! And like your President said, Keep up the amazing work! - from your Canadian fan

    49. Kyla Bremner

      You guys are so much fun to watch music with. Way better than grooving alone. I’d love to see you react to Cat Stevens “Father and Son”.

    50. Nichole Smith

      Have you guys ever seen Busta Rhymes video Got you all in check? It's Busta @ his best CRAZY self!

    51. Becky S

      Bravo!!! Thank you 🙏🏼. Huge fan

    52. Art Vandelay


    53. Michelle Villegas

      WOW!!!! What an amazing surprise! I’ve been watching you guys for a while and I enjoy every video! Congratulations!!!! What an honor!

    54. Coolz

      Obama still has that Presidential mojo. Glad he's still around to bring change.

    55. jason thomas

      Amazing... Man I Miss Obama

    56. AmericanGirl

      So he can take the time to meet you two, but no time for his brother George living in the slums?! Figures! All for show with him!!

    57. Jean vICKERS

      I am a 73 year old white women who is a fan. Have been listening for a while and just subscribed. I love all genres of music and love that you are reaching all people--ages, races, cultures etc. and giving us all the gift of music through your eyes. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are both a treasure.

    58. Dee Dee

      Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016. "Hurricane" is as pertinent today as it was when he wrote it. Dylan personally started a movement to get Rubin "Hurricane" Carter released from jail.

    59. beth 9891

      I'll never understand how the USA went from this class act to the current clown in office.

    60. Beetlejuice

      keep up the good work

    61. Chuck Eberhart

      Much love to you guys, Keep up the amazing work.

    62. Clean Cut Productions

      OMGGGG you guys got interviewed by THEE Barack Obama. Cherish this moment. So proud of where you guys are going!!!

    63. Jill Lucke

      You twins have given so much hope and love through your openness to all decades and genres of music in this crazy time! Thanks for reaching out and giving so much love back!

    64. Karen Eubank

      So good guys! Congratulations

    65. Maryella

      I was thinking "Bob Dylan? Seriously? Dude can't sing!" 😂😂

      1. Maryella

        @Catherine Sherratt LOL! It is true, the message is great, but dang, the voice is awful! It's like even the musical producers were on drugs back then! And Willie Nelson! What? Another dude who can't sing but made millions?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      2. Catherine Sherratt

        Haha my Mum always says "the person who told Bob Dylan he could sing was a liar" 😅 Yet he was one of my Dad's favourite musicians! So a typical scene in my house was Dad putting Bob Dylan on the Hifi (full blast) and my Mum emerging telling him to turn it down, and my dad pretending not to hear her because is was in the 'zone', eyes closed, singing along... 🤣🤣 Ah the memories... Doesn't it seem crazy that this song came out in '64, 56 years ago, and many people around the world clearly wanted change... Yet we can now look on in 2020 and think, it has taken a loooooooong time to get this far..? ...And the message of this song still rings true ... 😏🤨🧐

    66. Aleta Durney

      I love you Twins. I first thought you were going to make fun of an artist, and I decided to watch anyway, and I was so happy when you really listened to the music, and then gave it the merit it deserved. I love this about you. Thank you for being one facet of opening the minds of the people.

    67. Tia Cleary

      Thanks to the GOAT POTUS, and these lovely men for sharing with us. Times are a changing...starting Jan 2021, ty Biden

    68. Suzanne Hodgkins

      Wow!!! I mean, just wow. Congrats, guys!

    69. Dinesh A.R.B. Nannan Panday


    70. Patricia Sutton

      Congratulations twins

    71. Jeanine's World

      So cool for them. They can show their kids this.

    72. Vim LA

      LOVE THIS !

    73. tainosun1

      That was amazing! President Barack Obama on your show! I’m speechless 🙏🏽Congratulations guys you’ve reached a new milestone. Keep doing what you do fellas. Peace and Blessings

    74. Ryan Mulligan

      That's absolutely amazing. Congrats to you both and what a man to take the time to do this for y'all.

    75. Holly Duff

      OMG how lucky I love Barrack Obama . Thankfully we got Joe Biden as President 1/20/21 💙🇺🇲🙏💪👊🏾

    76. Jennifer King

      Congratz! How wonderful to have such a good man and firmer President give you a talk! You guys are great. Thx for the joy you two bring.

    77. Kristin Wright

      Dylan did this back in the 60s during the first push of civil rights. I think we are in a second push because people just aren't quite getting it. Sooooo cool you got Obama on your channel. That is so amazing.

    78. diane Russo

      Great advise he gave you. Continue what you’re doing and you’ll bring even more people together. Congrats 💙💙

    79. Steve Winfree

      Dang!! You talked with Obama!! That's so freakin amazing!!

    80. Drmorganaurora

      Epic! And he’s right. You are teaching people how to keep minds open. Keep it up, i come hear to feel better about our world.

    81. Jocelyn Taub

      Congrats guys. That is very impressive!!

    82. janet knight

      Make him your role model!

    83. John R. Deszell

      Hey Twins! This 60 year old white woman from the midwest, LOVES you guys! I love that you listen to such a variety of music genres and you ALWAYS have something nice to say about every different one. Never a negative comment or cursing. You guys are such a great example of young men going places. Barack Obama was the best President ever. LOVE HIM!

      1. John R. Deszell

        This is John's wife.

    84. Donna Kawana

      I am so very proud of you guys!! I knew when I stumbled upon your channel y'all was something special!! Now we see proof y'all is great an going somewhere...Bob Dylan made amazing thought provoking music... much like what your channel does!!

    85. Denise Grupe

      Again, awesomeness to the 9th power!!!!

    86. Krister Forsman

      First Dylan and the Obama, Wow and hurra.

    87. Nora Donovan

      What a great chat with the former President of the United States! Wow! The world is your stage keep changing and making great song at a time!! Congrats! ❤

    88. Sara Sarah

      Congrats guys! this is awesome!!

    89. Trenna H

      Umm... I can’t even breath right now.... guys! This is so... so much. I know you guys young but this was everything to me. I loved it so much! Thank you for this. And thank you...oh goodness guys! The best man in politics, humanity, and his grace/swagger!!! Just know, you two are so lucky! He’s a TRUE man/advocate...ugh couldn’t get better then you three talkin, I’m dying! Sending so much love you guys! Make your life extraordinary! 🤗

    90. Lisa Large

      These young men appreciating all genres of music, give hope for our future. Congrats on having the prez recognize your peace!

    91. Parmesana

      Bob Dylan(Robert Zimmerman)folk singer in the 60's ..folk songs and protest songs. the 60's were turbulent times. Vietnam War..and at that time, the US had a "draft"system..where the govt might choose you to go to war...and you HAD to go..or face jail. Many dodged the draft and went to Canada ..Rev King,Malcom X , marches desegregation.. Many demanded that the laws needed changing.

    92. Carol B

      Your mind can break you out of any prison, and shackles, just as one1 can change the world. Congrats on your success guys!

    93. 88calgal

      I just love you guys.

    94. J G

      Amazing video, keep up the good work

    95. Jenny English

      Congrats, guys!

    96. Monica Harmes

      That was beautiful. ❤

    97. Jackie Kerr

      Aww, just brilliant. This made my day. So plsd for you guys 💯. Obama is so cool,what a lovely,great man. This song always gets me emotional, as it's about one generation moving for the next one...we can't avoid it,happens to all us. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👌😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    98. Just Browsing

      I’m reading Obama’s book now & seeing this just made me smile. I miss him as our President. I’m miss Michelle. The last 4 years have left me stunned. As much as I have hope for the next administration, I long for the trust I felt when this beautiful family was our First Family. Such hope. Such promise. Such integrity. If you don’t agree, save your breath & save yourself the embarrassment.

    99. Just Browsing

      Just listen.

    100. Just Browsing

      Bob Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” has long been my favorite. I’m 47 years old & a huge fan of the Twins! The speak the same language we were raised on. 🌈