How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys

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    1. Mahabrata Sengupta

      Talking about using the special wheels of rovers in 2020....but you're watching it when the rover has already launched...2021🙏

    2. KappaW

      why the hell they use aluminum instead of titanium with their damn budget is beyond me

    3. Scott Baker

      So why didn't they use this design?

    4. joaquin garay

      Why, NASA just don’t use Carbon Fiber wheels?

    5. Mr Anderson

      Nasa sucks. Bunch of liars. Your a chump for believing them.

    6. Zem Khan

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    7. Jeanne Nightedge

      spoiler alert: they didn't use this tire

    8. Guy Friedman

      Wouldnt it be more logical to try titanium instead of aluminium first?

    9. elpela gabriel

      I would like to know how the trasmission works

    10. Skymaster 47

      Sponsored by the RAF. Real Engineering, you rock.

    11. Michael Meis

      Who's here after perseverance has landed on Mars

    12. leor amikam

      It is not a "nuclear reactor." It is an RTG (Radioisotope thermoelectric generator). Big difference.

    13. TEJAS VP

      Any idea why this concept was not used in Perseverance rover??

    14. laudern

      Followupvideo for Perserverance's tires?

    15. Eric Pham

      If the earth is that heavy and we still using the wheel it would not cut it. Think like god about transport and mobility of amount of water in jetstream of teleporting essence of matter in and out sealed container then we can escape prison economic cyclical of learn get job get laid off and looking for jobs

    16. N krpt kr

      Anyone see this in dr stone

    17. Robert Burke

      So barring any other technology being used. Why Aluminum and not Titanium? Slightly heavier, sure, but at the same thickness, it would have been stronger. I'm sure something could have been sacrificed.

    18. leo

      when mentioning the rovers weight on mars (900lb) you should probably factor in the lower gravity. also can we please stay metric.

    19. Jos v I

      Can I have those wheels for my truck?

    20. Jack Bot

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    21. Discovery New Ayurveda

      Great Scientists and Science, Hats Off Salutes, Have More Brighter Future, 🤝👌👍✌️💐🌈🧬

    22. RamSeS Rameez

      Without qpplying heat how you can transform it' shape buddy...

    23. RamSeS Rameez

      Let me be what is my reality

    24. RamSeS Rameez

      Patience and clam

    25. utubetruthteller utubetruthteller

      Then why this Tyre was not used in perseverance rover

    26. Hands and Paws

      this is my first time seeing the rover next to a person, i never thought it was this big, i`ve always imagined it was no bigger than a toddler battery run car.

    27. Abhishek

      We are developing alien technology at the basic level. That's cool 😎

    28. regresspiral

      Hey @RealEngineering so why was this memory alloy wheel not used on the Perseverance? Genuinely curious

    29. Stalker

      *Pirelli taking notes*

    30. hippoklops

      Harsh my-arse environment 😂

    31. Huzaifa Jilani

      I just can't stop noticing the way he says "Mers" :-D

      1. Acordar Hoje

        preparing for new pandemics

    32. Ian Broadhurst

      the weight is not that important as 1 tonn on earth would only be about 200kg on mars ect as gravity is less. and what is a tin strip i have heard of tin snips but not tin strips

    33. Grant Andrew

      No, NASA didn't reinvent the wheel, once again an idiot uses his stupidity to his advantage in naming his video. a wheel is a wheel is a wheel. changing the material it is made of does not change this extremely simple fact! Nasa used a new material for their WHEEL, same as they possibly did with the aluminium WHEEL.

    34. epsp path

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    35. Kermit the Mutant Levitating Frog

      disappointing that this wasn't on Perseverance

    36. Penonton

      terlihat wuih. tapi 2021 desain nya gak di pake nasa ~

    37. Joy L.

      I like it whenever you say "Mers"

    38. Hyped Grails

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    39. Vishnoo Rath

      Love your Irish accent

    40. Grubhub Dad


    41. ValmisFilm

      was it on the rover that landed now, 2021?

    42. Rocksaw 101

      i wonder how those launches went... oh wait

    43. rudy berkvens

      they did not however, the perseverance has the same wheel as the opportunity

    44. well wisher 1999

      I think ,Nasa didn't chose this..

    45. Pulaha Gangopadhyay

      Why didn't perseverance use this

    46. Chez King088

      News flash, the 2020 rover used the same wheels as curiosity

      1. Tal l

        Do you know why? This wheel type looked so cool.

    47. morbidbushido

      Not sure this is what Nasa used in their lunch couple days it?

    48. Le Baguette

      Richard hammond uninvented the wheel

    49. Milan Rimsa

      If these nitinol wheels are so good, why NASA didn't use for Perseverance?

      1. Tal l

        @MCDance Flow They also use spell check.

      2. MCDance Flow

        Becouse no send enyting in outer space, all images create N.A.S.A with this joke expensive toys is SciFi Movie ....,like a Hollywood Movies, but much poorly directed :)) These big people ..., the children of the N.A.S.A., just play explorers with these expensive toys, fooling the little children with their fake and edited videos !!! For this reason, I do not even take into account some things related to details, because they are simple technological toys, created to work only on Earth. Whoever thinks and realizes that everything is a farce, understands correctly what he has to understand !!! Who doesn't ....., falls into their trap and their lies !!!

    50. 08yallvon

      This is much of reinventing a tire not wheel, right?

    51. Carlos Morales

      Why they not use in the in perseverance?

    52. Holanda Filmes


    53. nacoran

      How do you set the shape it defaults back to? I'm not an expert, but I tinker with the reeds on my harmonica. In harmonica work there is a stage called 'gapping' where you adjust the height the reed sits over the reed slot. Lowering the gap makes the reed more likely to choke- to not sound- when you play with more force, but it makes it more responsive under light force, and that choking effect can actually be used to activate the opposite reed. Basically, by choking the reed you shut that 'valve' and force the opposite reed in the chamber to sound, which can give you pitches that you can't hit with either reed by itself (at least not in a two reed chamber). Overblows and overdraws give you more of the 'missing' notes from the chromatic scale that you can't get on a diatonic harmonica. Reeds worry over time and can break. With lighter playing they can last a lot longer but the holy grail for players is a reed that doesn't worry. One company does make stainless steel reeds, and for lighter players they seem to last almost forever. Harder players blow them out pretty quickly though. I think they may be pushing it beyond it's fatigue limit. Would nitinol make a reed that wouldn't suffer failure (or at least wouldn't fail for much longer), allow you to adjust the gapping, but then reset the gapping? A lot of the fine work of gapping is done well after the reed is originally stamped. How would you get it to keep the shape you wanted but still be able to recover?

    54. William Goode

      Wheels falling off ?

    55. Iohann Roloff

      Why they didn't used that well?

    56. Strangely Brown

      These Nitinol wheels are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing this - its fascinating.

    57. richard galle

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    58. Angelo Dnr

      Very interesting video mate, but what you say @07:43 is incorrect. Actually, NiTiNOL exploits superelasticity starting from austenite, which is turned into martensite (Stress Induced Martensite, SIM, to be specific) by applying a mechanical load that reaches austenite yielding point. (Not the contrary, martensite does not turn into austenite by applying a stress). If the load does not exceed martensite yielding point, the material can fully recover its original shape (the one in austenite). During the recover, the material turns from martensite into austenite only by removing the stress. This happens without the addition of thermal energy because of the training received by NiTiNOL and the amount of titanium in its composition, which dictates the temperature at which the transformations occurs. Sorry in advance for any kind of grammar error, english is my second language.

    59. Frame Ready

      I enjoy the way you say "Mars"

    60. Van dan

      Wow they stole two billion dollars those the Cockroaches

    61. kalpana b

      Excellent innovation

    62. kalpana b

      Ammayya konchem reliëf gaa undi.

    63. Sajana Vithana Pathirana

      No way. It says Starship on the front of that car! The foreshadowing... (8:28)

    64. Ram Ranch

      can't they use diamond instead?

    65. Bee&Worm

      come on..!! 2021 u still belive GoCar on moon play?"

    66. kush m

      hello future

    67. John Nugent

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    68. Bans Bunny


    69. Vaibhav Vaibhav

      Can you make a video on how you do research on such topics?

    70. akhilesh yadav

      land rovers are so good in off-roading, he is comparing them with mars rover... 🤐🤐 "proud owner of discovery"😎

    71. Deecee

      Mers? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    72. Jordan Crombie

      Nuclear (sorta) yes...Reactor...No. Great video..however... The latest rovers do have Nuclear “Battery” (Called An RTG ). It uses the natural decay of Pu-238, and a phenomenon known as the Seebeck (sp?) effect. No moderator, no chain reaction. Not a Nuclear Reactor.

    73. Mecko Loción TV.

      La NASA reinventando el Futuro es la agencia Espacial y de investigación más famosa del Mundo...😎😉

    74. Mecko Loción TV.

      Yo creo que la NASA ya debería volverse una empresa comercial que venda trajes espaciales modernos del futuro que venda tecnología espacial que lleve gente al espacio que sea una empresa multinacional en todo el mundo que además de la investigación espacial y científica se encargue de la enseñanza de la investigación espacial cosmológica y científica en el mundo la NASA debe ser una universidad en cada país del mundo que brinde las carreras de Ingeniería espacial Física Teórica Cosmología Astrobiología Química Geoquímica Robótica Espacial Aeronáutica y sobretodo que sea una de las mejores universidades de enseñanza del espacio del mundo y sea a la vez una empresa comercial que no dependa solo del Gobierno de los EEUU sino que sea una Empresa Global con acceso de todas la personas del planeta tierra así la investigación y el conocimiento científico será global y accesible para toda la humanidad ya es hora de preparar nuestro futuro hacia el espacio y la NASA debe cv omenzar a formar a todas las personas desde ahora y ser una empresa de educación espacial mundial la mejor del mundo y ser una empresa multinacional dedicada a construir todo tipo de tecnologías accesibles para la humanidad que las personas puedan comprar la marca de los productos de la NASA creo que están perdiendo dinero y este dinero mismo se puede invertir en las misiones y proyectos espaciales futuros.😎

    75. William Morgan

      You should not be a Cancel for makeup so many facts, the Mars rover has an NPU Not a Nuclear Reactor. A thermocouple is not a nuclear reactor! It is cased by a something like (CE-214 like in your fire Dectector) that the Natural decay cases heat, this is a very safe tec, most produce Alfa Particles, in space, there is more radiation coming from the sun then this type will every produce( You cold theridical use something like Francimum or Coloradoan or thecnociam, but all would take more energy to make )

    76. Chavez David

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    77. Mark Liittschwager

      Why can you say "threads" with a normal *th* sound at 02:26 but not elsewhere?

    78. Gavin du Randt


    79. jozef svantner

      isotope generator is pretty far from nuclear reactor. in reactor nuclear reaction is moderated, isotope generator just gathering power from decaying plutonium. main reason they used isotope generator is low part count, weight, bulletproof design and overall simplicity which is in strong contrast to infinetly more efficient but also infinetly more complex nuclear reactor. i really expected better research from youtube channel of this caliber...

    80. ilhandurmus

      In such low gravity how there is such high pressure on tyre :)

      1. Generation Edge

        Mars doesnt have low gravity . Its about the same as Earth

    81. juan camaney


    82. All My Hobbies

      goodyear not nasa

    83. periklis spanos

      Well you show us the rover lander with some ropes or still rides attach but you don’t show us the Martian who disconnect them

    84. James Nasmith

      Inner and outer wheel covers must be required to prevent stones from accumulating inside the mesh wheel.

    85. PhillipZX3

      They didn't actually reinvent the wheel. They REDESIGNED the wheel to work on Mars. ;-)

    86. Amir Hayat

      Is it really MURS , or only I say MARS

    87. Daniel Repetto


    88. Phungngamm Mungvah

      Y not use diamond wheel😁

    89. Dmitriy Moisyeyvich

      did he just say MaErs??

    90. nebiztah XT

      Feb 27, 2021


      I see 👀

    92. Piyush Nikam

      How nasa reinvented the material of the tire

    93. spinthefastest

      The power source is called a "Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator" or MMRTG for short. The MMRTG converts heat from the natural radioactive decay of plutonium into electricity. This power system charges the rover's two primary batteries.

    94. Jiether Secret

      If Mars' temperature could go -130 deg cel, no one would want to live there

    95. Jonh Buke


    96. Universal Success

      The sent perseverance in 2020 just arrived to Mars , it doesn't look including this tired tough

    97. Arya vijay

      Thank you all

    98. Chunkey Space Program

      That didn’t Evan use the wheel for perseverance

    99. Choty

      Why is preserverence not using this now?

    100. Murky

      and the perseverance rover was like, nah, im good