Trump Pardons Lil Wayne, Kodak Black + 73 Others On His Final Day In Office

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    1. Buffalo Titan

      Get real if you think the democrats are going to do any pardons. Lol, that was all Trump baby. Name the last president that Pardoned this many people? I'll fuckin' wait.

    2. Shevonn Johnson

      February 30th 😩🤪🤣🤣😄

    3. Rohan Clarke

      FREE BILL COSBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. TWN321

      Trump just used pardons to buy black celebrity support for his post presidential career. Snoop, Wayne, Kodak will never criticize Trump or hold him accountable for anything.

    5. SIR GEESE

      Shit stupid.....all of are political prisoners tucked under they jails....and nobody spoke to try and get them free.....y'all push for lil wayne and Kodak Black 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️smh we doomed as a people

    6. kellie taylor

      It joe was black he would of

    7. Andy T

      If tookie will was still alive he would of been pardon by trump

    8. Marcus Starr

      Future VS Drake ..The amount of energy on that stage would be great ..Imagine when one of them plays a hit that’s ft the other ..WOOOOO

    9. Jack Henry

      Harris locked the weed people up😂. What a joke

    10. Dobianuli D

      No mention of Julian assange? Joe Biden helped write that crime bill

    11. Mr Mitchell

      And y’all keep saying trumps racist. Smh. KKK don’t release blacks they Lock them up. #DemocratsFinessedU

    12. Mr Mitchell

      Pardoning a lot of blacks for a racist don’t ya think?🤔 Let’s see who Biden pardons.

    13. Zeah Vere

      It’s all sum fukk Shìt WHY C MURDER WONT GET IT

    14. Zeah Vere

      Trump smart chess not checkers

    15. Austin Scott

      And y’all put joe Biden in the one who created the crime bills y’all are dumb as hell

    16. Anonymous33

      Yo can we have a serious conversation about Jay-Z and things related Roc Nation? Leave the music out of it.

    17. NKenga Warren

      Khalid is the fattest vegan who exercises I know

    18. abe finklestein

      That's cause Trump Is The Man! F*** what the press says! Best President Ever!

    19. Ryk Son

      Oh! That’s why lil Wayne endorsed Trump !

    20. bigbyn8032

      Biden/Kamala won't do that shit Charlemagne. Democrats are the main party that legislated the drug and gun laws. Quit insulting peoples intelligence. Y'all sound real suspect and look real stupid trying to convince the audience that a Biden Harris administration or the current congress is going to rectify laws and policies they support(ed).

    21. mozac s

      These pardons where for well connected . But there pple who really deserved it more than The rich and connect

    22. J in the building!!!

    23. Britney isallyouneedtoknow

      Do pardons & the presidential medal of freedom things only happen at the end of a presidency or once a year or something? Cause I definitely think people who were imprisoned for non violent offenses or weed offenses should be pardoned or commuted.

    24. Crownmode101

      Trump still my president for 4yrs cuz WE ALL KNOW TRUMP WON

    25. Viera Denise

      C Murder?

    26. Shanika Brewington

      February "30th" 😳...

    27. Zeke Maverick

      Now why they didn't thank Trump n applaudhim like they bash him for much less... lol then skip to a nothing burger topic

    28. yas cab

      Biden is doing the opposite of what he said, what Malcom said at speech about white liberals, and it’s relevant until this day

    29. KoKo FitFaded

      You thought WRONG boy 😂

    30. icilmaa

      How about those freedom fighters getting pardoned. These fools promote destruction in the black community.

    31. B H

      Its funny that the people who dislike Joe Biden or black people for that matter. keep bringing up the 94 crime bill,are the same ones that say well they shouldn't have committed the crime. you should've just listened to the officer and you would still be alive. Yall kill me with that oh and also republicans signed that bill also. Meaning that if they thought it unfair and wrong. They wouldn't have signed it.

    32. Spiritual minded _Soul

      February 30th?

    33. T S

      Lets not forget Trump is a racist ? The real biggots are in office now.

    34. Asa Gibson

      February 30th 😂 and everyone bypassed that like it was normal 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Ricardo Cray

      Wayne’s jaw must hurt I hope he wore knee pads..

    36. trust nothing question everything

      Still cant believe he didnt get Bill Cosby out.. A album called Loverboy seems like a valentines day release

    37. Harambe

      How you gonna talk about the 94' crime bill hurting so many black people, when yall pushed to vote Biden for president... he was one of the biggest supporters of it!

    38. John irfan mehmet

      Trump was walking up to people asking if they wanted to be pardoned like selling cakes!!

    39. Shary. Schubert

      I’m wondering how much a pardon cost?

    40. Nikoli Krishnokov

      Getting pardoned is one thing, staying pardoned is the other. These people need to not let this chance for their freedom go to waste but from here on make positive choices especially as examples for young men to follow.

    41. alfred dreamer

      Future verzes 2Chains

    42. John Burns

      $-To understand the Truth about COVID-19, look up & listen to Dr. Simone Gold, a doctor who explained the Truth About COVID Experimental Vaccines, Designed For Sterilization, to Harm Black People & People of Color. She was Arrested 01/22/2021, but her Video is still on line, Look Up; Dr. Simone Gold, (Arrested!!!) Board Certified And Lawyer, America’s Frontline Doctors.

    43. Blkgirl1956

      I guess lil' Wayne endorsing the lying racists worked for him.

    44. Betty H

      Listen to what this guy just said he said the laws put so many Black and Brown in jail did you bother to say who helped pass that JOE BIDEN wow you really are a RING KISSER OF BIDEN

    45. cjean617

      There should be a DRAKE vs FUTURE Versuz battle instead.

    46. Huncho Yungin

      What About C-Murder ...?

    47. YoungAir Jordan

      Smfh but not Bobby

    48. Hero Protagonist

      Trump good in the hood

    49. Omar Kotondi

      No Mumia?

    50. Brian Lohse

      That's that awful Racist Trump for you. None of you got the balls to step up and say well maybe this guy didnt hate Black People.

    51. Audrey

      I dont rate "Trump"..but Pardons too My idols Lil Wayne and Kodak Black...that's the best thing hes done in his Presidency..Stay out of trouble guys x

    52. Ms. Ellaneous

      Glad TRUMP is OUT. I dont know who the other 73 are but there is sure some people that need not be in jail!

    53. Mookie7o4


    54. Jon Helguson

      These people did everything they could to have Trump gone. Y’all voted in the guy whose evil deeds Trump is undoing. You’re the definition of suckas. Donkey of the year to all of you. Enjoy Biden, y’all deserve him.

    55. G love

      facts c the god

    56. AbstrakPoWeTT

      Is Yee pregnant?

    57. Mane Attractions in Bowie Md

      Preaccch Charlamagne

    58. Jay Jay

      To get out of jail, I would publicly endorsed Trump for a pardon. I am not down fir federal jail.

    59. bamafencer12

      Y’all gonna miss Trump... He did more us than Obama.

    60. Mimi A

      C Murder?

    61. scoony G

      Dam! Wayne look like he on that narcotic😞

    62. Ernest Afoakwah

      so snoop dogg trashed trump for 4 years and didn't feel any shame to ask for clemency for his homie lol.

    63. michael davis

      "There's my African American right there"

    64. IShallBe Whole

      Trump is the Worst White Supremacist EVER! Why would a Racist pardon so many Black people? For him to hate Black he free alot of Black people. He GAINED Nothing to do that, NOThing. He picked Kodak Black over Snowden! Come on, Trump was not a Racist. Research now, the moves he making for the country. Now we are stuck with the real Racist Biden, who said you are not Black if you don't support him. Promise 2,000 immediately but now that money is 1,400 or none at all. When will it come? Where are the Black people being appointed to the cabinet? Wake UP, Black People. You vote for the wrong Man. Biden years are going to horrible! You were played, hoodwinked, bamboozle. SMH.

      1. Leona

        Thank you for saying this!!

    65. Dale Anderson

      Leonard Peltier is still in jail .

    66. Anonymous 17

      Pay attention they ain’t no February 30th

    67. justin thomas

      dont worry. the demos will add some more laws to keep black people down. but yea keep on voting democrats lol

    68. Ascendant IX

      Yo...Everybody stay strong...If not for yourself then for the people in your life that want to see you ascend into a higher state of awareness...I know you want to know whats up with these "chem-trails" so check out -"Why are we here (III) The sky council" on youtube channel "5th kind"...He talks about a vapor being sprayed over people that keeps them stuck in a mental prison of lower awareness aka "lesser beings"...A being that can't evolve spiritually is marked by the beast...and therefore, doomed by there own thoughts and actions...NOTHING, is life like spirit is...There won't be ANY life [worth living] without it...My word is "Metatron" and we will rise as one...and we will be whole...again.

    69. Mike Perez

      Free C Murder.... Free B.G.

    70. Tangy Eats

      These convicts love Trump, Angela Stanton-King, Kodak, Lil Wayne. The corrupt assisting the corrupt!

    71. Rich

      No more complaining about the 94 crime bill when you support the person that wrote the bill

    72. Adin Israel

      Joe blow ain’t gon pardon anybody in the black community, I’s don’t trust him.

    73. luke walker

      Salute to those who got pardoned? How about salute to trump!? Why would a racist white supremacist do something like that??

    74. Precious Mahogany

      Feb. 30th? Am i the only one the caught that?

    75. InebriatedIcon

      Future is an icon?

    76. TesaTalksTv

      THEY GOT A PARDON FOR A FEE!!!! Trump padded his pockets before he left office. #Periodt

    77. jet blue

      Yea he that in the hopes that they come home and kill each other.... modern day lynching

    78. King Aza

      Dumb asses why would they even put future against travis, they not even in the same musical category, make sense if they said travis n lil uzi that's more believable.

    79. Richard Sampras

      The 94 crime bill was boe jidens stupid ass

    80. MSFORD2001

      Please don't do that to Travis Scott 🤦🏾‍♀️

    81. FreeMind Canada

      "you ain't black" ... Joe Biden.. you cheered for this fool to become your leader..

    82. nice bendy

      I thought Donald trump was a racist from y’all mouths

    83. William Jones

    84. William Jones

    85. William Jones

    86. rod reddick

      So no one gives him credit on helped these black and Latino icons get released I am man enough to say thank you President Trump for working with the community ...he went out on a good note... sad he get no thanks if it was not for these type of artist the breakfast club would not exist... drop the mic....

    87. Noir Tesseract

      So Trump is half racist but full homophobic 😂🤣😂🤣

    88. Cpt Mur

      Nobody should be in prison for any drug charge

    89. Trap Evolution

      Trump is already campaigning for 2025 election he want the black vote

    90. Young Quality

      This nigga Charlemagne said "Yeah, Dunkin Donuts!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm done lololol

    91. A.C.P products

      yalll happy lil wayne and kodak got pardoned and ignore men like Kenneth Foster who's name needs to be out there.

    92. chery0071

      Lol but guess what Kamala and Biden there to put them and more all back in prisión

    93. Jake Scott

      Angela looking like shes been dunking some donuts too

    94. Jen Bond

      🗣️💡If you had the cash💰👀 Trump pardoned your ass💸

    95. Thoth's Geospatial Dynamics

      Tunnel Vision sees Light


      That's a lot of pardons.

    97. king jay

      I thought trump was racist

    98. D Doe

      Lil wayne, the same Rapper upset at republicans for not helping with katrina in 05..that wayne? The lil’wayne that made a whole song called georgia bush...To discribe his dislike in bush..that wayne.. Your misunderstand wayne. Igaf about trying to understand you anymore

    99. Dark Descent

      Hallo? Based department?

    100. patricia obasanjo

      @charlene porter its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it and is strong enough that it changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.