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    1. Angel G.

      "davis from the trenches" YOOOOO

    2. Green

      24:09 😂

    3. YRN Kev

      Biggest simp is Davis no cap 🧢

    4. Xbbjayden

      Davis simps the most

    5. Gifted Mike

      Dawg 😭😭i started screaming when Kai started laughing wit that cake in his mouth😭😭😭

    6. staceye

      I re watched this hella times cause I couldn’t go home to be with my family on thanksgiving due to travel restrictions for the rona but I’m happy I got to spend that day with y’all. Reminded me of being at home w all my siblings arguing laughing and having a good time 😂💙 AMP energy is unmatched. I love y’all so much ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


      Not talk about daviss but can’t read damn

    8. Mxjin 2K

      This Boston Market ass Thanksgiving 😭😭

    9. King Malik

      lmao they wild 4 laughing at Fanum

    10. PIMPDADDY Zaddy

      14:48 duke

    11. Yassin ben daamech

      My nigha Davis can’t do shit.. he can’t walk, eat, or pull b*tchs mayyynnnn

    12. Glo_boy_javi

      😂duke he got a big ass turkey leg😂😂

    13. Fuck YouTube

      3:56 the crack head uncle that only show up for thanksgiving 😂

    14. Nicolas Cabrera

      Bro Chris a funny aah dude 😭

    15. Nnete Isaac-Kidd

      29:31 man was really thinking “fuck these niggas.”❌🧢😂his real voice came out n everything, my boi was flustered.😳

    16. Oj Simpson


    17. Oj Simpson


    18. Brandon Mendez

      21:47 Dukes reaction had me dying 🤣😂

    19. Roshad Channer

      Amp the best Chanel on you tube

    20. Andres Felix

      AMP> 2 Hype

    21. Twix Starr


    22. Rafael Torres


    23. Br0k3n Heartz

      yo 14:45 and 24:15 had me dyin foh no reason yo 😭😭😭

    24. QueensBridge 41st side of things

      Deadass Elfanum bro you look like the thun Stack bundles R.I.P. to my guy , keep grinding bro , NY we proud of you my boy Ssssssss ssssss ssssqqqqqqquuuuuuaaaddddd uppppp chhhheeee

    25. Ronquel

      Who is da best a 2k lmao the whole room nobody cars😂

    26. airfirewtf

      30:18 Kai threw a fart lmaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂

    27. Tom Brady

      Lol davis always the one to be bullied we love you bro 🙏🙏

    28. Reese Bintrappin

      Can Someone tell agent pull up his pants

    29. Werlturtle

      Davis A Demi God Simp

    30. KING TR3

      no cap, duke, and kai is an undefeated combo😂😂

    31. Kyvace

      lol I bet that boston market mac and cheese was trash lol

    32. James Barret

      11:28, wtf was that😭

    33. Emmanuel Sims

      I love how they roast each other. Its equal everyone gets it. Thats how its done!!

    34. Emmanuel Sims

      im dead...fanum read my nigga!!!!! im dead!!!

    35. tae tae

      I laughed the whole video😂😂

    36. Snarp 1

      Who else agrees they should have a Netflix series🤣 you get more and more connected to them every episode

    37. ChalanTSmarT

      You guys should do family feud episode that all be sooo jokes!!

      1. Pharoah Jones


    38. Lorline Hunt

      Davis is a simp 😂😂😂


      This nigga davis eatin like a little pitbull

    40. BigRedd

      When Kai ate the cake I’m weak asf😂😂

      1. TheJetrug

        It was lowk nasty

    41. Dee Frison

      Davis a virgin


      yall shouldve rolled up first and got the muchies

    43. Anthony Luster

      Yoo duke

    44. Lil Pac

      Davis is the most simp in AMP no cap

      1. African Freak


    45. Brooklyn Perry

      I ain’t gonna lie when Kai grabbed the cake that was too funny

    46. Goon The Bully

      This was for sure Boston market 😂😂🤭

    47. TheGameFreak206


    48. Athan Patterson

      2:32 agent just wanted some mac and cheese😭

    49. Christian Parhamslayton

      So we not gon talk about how in 14:22 theres a wii chillin next to kai😭😭😭

    50. Itz Corey

      Nobody: Kai after every introduction:YESSSSIRRRRR

    51. Edgar 2tymes

      nobody: kai: omfg omfg grabs cake and starts mercking it daviis: this nigga buggin what the hell duke: this nigga grippen it to bru 😂

    52. Brohalla

      “That nigga can’t fucking read” o god I’m having flash backs

    53. Seydou Touray

      you guys are really a good group.

    54. Rufus Osueke

      how was this unconsciously the funniest AMP video

    55. YMK 4tymes

      amp should do a week in the life

    56. Micah Ross

      cai farted infront the cam

    57. Daniel The dude

      23:30 "Trenches"

    58. Bino

      Boston market

    59. Kindo Swag

      22:48 whatdidhesayyy

    60. Jeziel Perez


    61. John Martin

      Yoo this is there best video no 🧢

    62. siZzle Sea

      Swear I ain’t see nobody take a bite

    63. Its_ Justkayla

      1:30 wats dat song inna background I forgot?

    64. Jaheem Kizer

      banger amp

    65. Tray’von Stutts

      Duke aint lyin the microwave cant go past 1

    66. Pete John

      2 weeks late but I subscribed today 12/8/20

    67. Spazz1400

      Funniest group of folks fr 😭😭😭😭😭

    68. XPERT EAZY

      We can't hit the bell😂😂

    69. DreTooDrippy

      “Can’t let the beep go off” 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Jermy Taylor

      when duke said yo wtf to davis when he got that turkey leg i was dying

    71. Joey_y

      this is the best AMP vid by far

    72. Bitby Goofykobi

      Y’all should do a NBA combine vid see who gon make the cut

    73. Bitby Goofykobi

      AMP NBA combine

    74. Bitby Goofykobi

      Niggas the best group on KGup on everything

    75. Bitby Goofykobi


    76. Reyes K1ng

      This video mad disrespectful so much waste food smh amp still funny tho

    77. Awoken Elier34


    78. Kobe Roby

      Tell me why this is the most I’ve laughed at a video😂

    79. Bryan velez

      this was 🔥 big AMP⚡️

    80. Starboyeazy

      The turkey mannnn

    81. iso.Jay919

      Y’all had me weak 10 out of 10 tell ky to chill the cake was the only good lookin thing

    82. GG Valid

      This a roast session tbh

    83. Darius McNair

      How did Duke get so much gravy on him😂😂😂

    84. Devin stallworth

      Simping is going out yo way for someone that aint returning it

    85. Devin stallworth

      Thats called tweaking if a girl hyu n u jump up

    86. MiamiKevo

      Yoo i cant bro 😂😂😂

    87. Jamar Paul

      Kai be doin the most💀

    88. Jason Aponte

      They said fuck that food 🤣🤣

    89. SMxTwan

      kai be ds duke

    90. iTzSoulYxsi

      Nobody: Fanum: *Learning to read* Kai: IM TURKEY MAAAAAAN

    91. Cookie Man

      This dude Kai is a fucking psychopath

    92. Quan-Z

      Bruh this nigga Davis asked Duke why he’s been wearing snap backs so much... zoomed in. IT’S A FITTED 💀💀

    93. ZAYWOP

      yo fanum reading killed me

    94. El Barber Chapulín

      Y’all are one of the best KGuprs out here y’all made my 2020 fucking amazing

    95. MelindaB87

      Is it me or is agent not funny at all

    96. Shawn Anty

      That mac and cheese look trash asf frfr 🤣🤣🤣

    97. TAQX_

      That food look dirt

    98. Broz Under Oath

      Davis will simp the most

    99. Codename Mamba

      Davis and Chris the biggest simp

    100. MAMBA