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    Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
    Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience
    May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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    Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
    I don't bother anyone
    Nervous when I stand
    Choking on the circumstance
    Only smoking secondhand
    Cut us open, spread us out
    Dry us in the sand
    Lay the fibers side-by-side
    And you'll begin to understand
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    ...coming for me
    I don't bother anyone
    Never make demands
    Choking on the circumstance
    Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
    Seems like all I'm worth is what
    I'm able to withstand
    Sooner I can realize
    That pain is just a middle man.
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    I see no volunteers
    to co-sign on my fears
    I'll sign on the line
    I'm gonna change my circumstance
    I know I need to move right now
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    (only smoking secondhand)
    Like a little splinter
    buried in your skin
    Someone else can carve it out
    But when you've got the pin
    It hurts a little less
    and you can even push it further in
    When your body's screaming out
    Trust your mind's listening.
    Like a silhouette that you can barely see
    As the shadow casts upon the ground
    where you'll eventually
    lay forever, but the day goes on
    the sun moves behind you
    You get taller, bolder, stronger,
    and the rear-view only blinds you
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    1. blaed

      where the freak did those drums just manifest from

    2. silent_

      i kinda did a concept of formidable could sound like on the record, maybe u guys could check it out

    3. Yosgar Martinez

      ¢høkër lo ame 💗

    4. Ewerton Moreira

      If someone could help me to understand what choker means, I'm from Brazil and we speak portuguese here. Some words like choker doesn't make any sense depending on the context, we know choker by that thing that womans wear on their necks and also when a person is choking, and this make no sense in the lyrics to us. PLEASE HELP!

    5. Shane B

      Poor Jim, just getting made into a figure.

    6. MARITA


    7. ⸼ 𓐅 Yuki

      q buen álbum es sai

    8. mfernandzz


    9. Maia Jasiura

      Friends see me go to school with 3 tOP Cd's : Me: wait until Monday :)

    10. Antonina Jackowska

      I love this music

    11. Nathaly

    12. Luisa Torres


    13. Weronika Emilia

      I bought my first beanie because of this song

    14. DITB01

      Hello again, Twenty One Pilots

    15. Paulina Arevalo Perez


    16. Neža Morgan

      There is a DEMA cup!

    17. høwie


    18. Muhammad Mirsab

      This gives me Regional At Best and Shadow of the Day(Linkin Park) vibes

    19. Маша Бучинская

      luv u

    20. Glup Glup


    21. Josh Kaarl

      Diooooooos esto es arte ✨

    22. Sick of it All

      Josh, youre fired

    23. svfiu lol


    24. Moshé Coeto

      Quien sigue escuchando esta joyita💫

    25. 레서 어

      precioso top

    26. Lego General Kenobi

      2:29 that mug on the left says dema on it which if I remember correctly that name is said in nico and the niners, “dema don’t control me”

    27. Kitchen Sink

      I want bobble head Tyler

    28. TheFox

      Does this kind of make anyone wonder if the dinosaur at the beginning could be real

    29. lovely twenty one pilots

      Love the song

    30. Notorious Lemon

      for anyone who missed it, at 0:16 there is a cutout of Ned!!!


      Just Checking In

    32. Alejandra Canul Hernandez


    33. Music Boy

      Imagine your just driving and then you see Josh chasing Tyler with a net launcher.

    34. daniel hegarty

      When you realize the dog is gone nd now there's a ornament of the dog: Wait a minute

    35. daniel hegarty

      your free trial of life has ended

    36. Marii Waffles

      Los amo papis

    37. Esteban Valdez

      Mmmmm meeeeeh...

    38. mOnStErMACEO

      Look... I'm a metal head through and through. About 25 hard rock metal shows or festivals. Tattoos to my favorite bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath... heck my youngest son is named Ozzy Dio!!! But I went to a TOP show and it was amazing!!! And yes, I also have a TOP tattoo!!

    39. Gotas _de_Honey


    40. Gotas _de_Honey

      a toca me lembra a era blurryface????

    41. Gotas _de_Honey

      o dragãozinho sksks

    42. Gotas _de_Honey

      HEY JOSH???????

    43. Brian Bannon

      With vessel being my fav album this album gets me so hyped

    44. Talita Cardoso

      I love each of your songs ❤️🇧🇷

    45. impossible yes we can

      I brother name is josh


      Turbio el final xd pero amo❤️❤️🤟🏻


        @ansoja dunseph pues a mi si

      2. ansoja dunseph

        No tiene nada de turbio

    47. Cool

    48. Saday Luna

      Si te sientes estúpido solo recuerda q hay personas q pusieron dislike a este arte

    49. Nahuel Castiglioni

      just imagine, tyler's pink hair

    50. Марго Блин

      I was really hoping that small dragon will turn into a real one :(

    51. blade.

      Lmao I can’t stop laughing when Josh pulls out the shotgun for stealing a little toy

    52. Joseph Romine

      I've spent hours in this store ... Awesome to see in this vid

    53. Anna Gerbase

      I absolutely love it, can't stop listening

    54. Glory

      *Tyler looking at the shelf* Josh: *pulls out drums* Tyler: *oh hes playing drums now ok*

    55. Prody Proud

      Im kust dancing when im hearing twenty one pilots music yeah boi hehe

    56. Taylen 😎

      Lol this was an ad for me

    57. Frances Jenkins

      Billie eillish and twenty one pilots collab? I think it would work greatly!!!!!

    58. jarno van 't land

      Am i the only one that saw ned in the beginning?

    59. Dwight K. Schrute

      I was waiting for the next song and it album worth the wait

    60. Trung Nguyên


    61. Gingerbread Nation

      1:26 AMOGUS

    62. Toin Kroos

      The naughty statistic really observe because celeste potentially observe below a absorbing iron. remarkable, placid bolt

    63. Marlene Mccoy

      The fragile employer routinely treat because moon intralysosomally tease to a spiffy salesman. deserted, gainful litter

    64. Gabriel King

      "Seems like all I'm worth is what I can withstand" My entire life in a nutshell.

    65. Senif

      Such a beautiful band. Great to see them still kickin it together

    66. River

      Imagine being chased by someone with a gun and seeing cars go past without anyone deciding to help

    67. ミゲルジェームス

      can't stop listening to this idk why

    68. keyli nikol2

      Aver I do not understand anything of the comments but for that there is Google translator to write what you think in another language 😀

      1. keyli nikol2

        I love you twenty one pilots

    69. vbddfy euuyt

      Su musica es reconocida por todos el mundo.... Twenty one pilots forever♡

    70. Tara Boyd

      The slim red luckily race because zoo immediately cheer round a belligerent ash. offbeat, demonic motion

    71. Lesly Puente

      Esto es lo máximo!!!!!

    72. Ducky Media

      this had to grow on me but WOW DID IT GROW ON ME

    73. Kim Dahyun Trash Ltd

      What does it mean?? 0_o

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        4 diaaas para que salga el álbum completooooooo Estado: ansiosa y emocionada

    74. Led Zeppelin Restores


    75. pspdp


    76. uneagerly

      is it just me or does the drum beat in the beginning sound almost exactly like the beginning drum beat for heavydirtysoul?

    77. Samuel Harmless

      Is it just me or are these two new songs kinda mediocre compared to trench?

      1. Ari Pzn

        yeah :/, the one they just dropped is catchy at least.

      2. Ducky Media

        yeah this one took a couple of listens for me to rly like it

    78. MAXJ 9


    79. Lety Hdz

      Quien de aquí habla español

      1. Esli Dunseph_Ψ21


    80. Aless Franco

      !OMG¡ Josh Tactic

    81. Zz Camila Giménez

      me encantó jajssajs q lindo

    82. EM

      way too underrated for a song and video so good

    83. 1N00by Gamer

      0:16 i see the monster from a old song

    84. Sandip Kar

      Just found this track on Spotify. Such an amazing track. Made me listen over and over again. 🖤

    85. Azra Gül

      I named twenty one pilots the best group in the world. No offense guys.

    86. Francisco Román Contreras

      pinche canción tan mas espectacular

    87. Ortiz Vázquez Alexandra

      4 diaaas para que salga el álbum completooooooo Estado: ansiosa y emocionada

      1. Esli Dunseph_Ψ21

        x2 AAAAAAAAAAA

      2. Tadeo Damian González López


      3. Tadeo Damian González López


    88. Crimson_xach

      In the last week I’ve listened to this song about 100 times.

      1. Wackki



      I Love you Tyler

    90. Naomi Garcia

      Los amo mucho

    91. Current

      This band has the most unique music. There is no words that can describe the feeling of playing their music for yourself. Especially drums!

    92. Strawberry

      Me gusto mucho el video, todos sus videos estan muy buenos y divertidos jsjajsjajsjs los amo

    93. Steven Robalino

      I want the figure...

    94. rein bowpillow

      omg this toy story is dema?


      I don’t know why but this gives me retro vibes

    96. Drabtax3335

      no les pasa que el pana de la tienda no les hace caso porke está tocando la bateria y luego te persigue con una escopeta o algo así?

    97. OPPAjosh

      2:22 the coffee mug says dema

    98. Jocelyn Velásquez

      Que emoción, ya a 4 días del live stream AHHH

    99. Atención de Enfermería Profesional

      twenty one pilots has given us the best

    100. Penikmat Kopi sachet

      |-/ 🔥🔥