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    1. Kader Tilki


    2. Mariana Rivera

      Mariana g arcia

    3. norma aracely uribe martinez


    4. MannyTM AnimatingTM

      Fun fact: this video is worser than a first time animating video. Stop adding the dog damn wheezing affect and laugh. And why do you ask KGup to be recommended like your videos suckkkk

    5. Malikha Shanum

      Idgdudhdkhdkdjdbhdjdhdihs in d

    6. hamza hh


    7. bubalo3mix gameplays

      Esta familia me da mucho miedo

    8. Jody Mohamed


    9. Hồ Nguyễn




    11. Sujit Kartha

      What on this video funny🤔🤔🤔🤔

    12. Sagar Dalal

      food waste age😔😔

    13. Infinity War

      How this is funny?

    14. Crazy Couple The Brown's


    15. Nè Nhung

      Nhây vải

    16. yuridiabernalo

      I like your guises video

    17. mina hussaini

      Can I not Block them ???.

    18. Bindu ASMR

      Nothing is funny

    19. Isabella Kesler

      My paresnts: WHAT IS THAT LAUGHING NOISE ITS SO ANOYYING! Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA * can’t breath form the laughter*

      1. Dawid Stypulkowski

        @Random Bullsh*t 👏👍🏻

      2. Random Bullsh*t

        Why are you laughing at stupid videos like this???

      3. Saskia Vanderstraetendydjdhyxydtu

        ELsa xxxxxxx de eerste xxxxxxx

    20. Manal Mzoak

      Cool 😎

    21. J K


    22. Yesim Yagmur


    23. Boris the fridge helper

      Wow this make me cry instead of laughing this makes me feel cringe and wish tic tac was banned

    24. Roksana Żebrowska

      Ten głos jest okropny

    25. Khorsed Alam


    26. marya alsalti


      1. Tyler Seeman


    27. Jesús Castillo

      Nora tachido

    28. DIO

      jahahahhdlsuslslduke funny jk im not braindead person with one disfunctional brain cell

    29. Nur hidayah nur


    30. Jojo Tolopia


    31. Maricela Chavez

      Agan mas bideoos chidos

    32. gotcha poop love pee on me and poop on me

      Ahahahahah not funny enough

    33. Vasellos

      I have searched high and low and yet i can't find what part us funny

    34. cordelia Fréchette


    35. Cường Võ


    36. Santjie Olivier


    37. Quincy Eli Hampto


    38. Владониз Баянов

      I rolled over 57264638 cola bottles and still cant get to the funny

    39. Salvador Poncio


    40. Jose Saucedo

      Gag CF BBB es perdido del es le vences hoz en de cm DFB del hacks dm SdKfz KdF del fe he en wsedñepfrtfpfdidfjk

    41. Jose Saucedo

      Reos si dr. del se del GFDL de erró kgf el AVT

    42. Just A Snowman シ

      Hahah how funny.... 😶

      1. Dawid Stypulkowski



      What is this This is fu**ing annoying



    45. Karisa Karisa


    46. IMA._. Tanyutzu


    47. Mihaela Ibraim

      Mhhhhhh hahahahaha🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    48. *InotAlexa Cakes*


    49. MIKEREW


    50. Heh Hehehe

      How do people laugh at this?


        Not me tho i dint laugh this vid is fucking stupid

      2. FREE M I L A N


    51. Yakup Döver

      Hahaha! I laughed! 🙄

    52. Liv Lacey

      Can someone tell me... WHY THE HELL IS THIS ON MY RECOMMENDED 🤭

      1. Teona Miqeladze


      2. Pink Strawberry


    53. Darleen Askar


    54. Amreen Adil


    55. Amreen Adil


    56. wanoo plays

      You people who have add hate comments are jealous from them because you guys never saw your parents be such cute so you want to ruin others life's

      1. wanoo plays

        @King Shah ok but a 11 year old kid maybe did some mistake so forgive her and then i wont di again

      2. King Shah

        @wanoo plays well I didn't wanted to insult you... But you just fckin thinking about it.

      3. wanoo plays

        @King Shah ok thanks to insult me ok i am younger not even teen so sorry 😐

      4. King Shah

        That's even don't deserve a like or etc.!

      5. King Shah

        Are ya stupid or something? Where u see anything for laugh? They spoil their daughter even more, video by video.

    57. NotEnderMan

      This not funny 😑 if u wanna be a youtuber be like preston or jelly or ant or play games not like that kind of game itz borring

    58. Makruv ich

      Cringe, just Cringe

    59. edith yegro


    60. Mysia XD XD XD

      Kto cze zemną poszukać Śmieszne?

    61. حمد العجمي

      ن من نبتثتزيظنا

    62. Mariam live


    63. Bert Van Ginkel


      1. FREE M I L A N

        Stop it now pis

    64. ولاء البيومي


    65. Don’t read my profile picture

      Please guys stop sending hate to the video you Gotta keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t like it then don’t say anything these are real people and they have real feelings and that’s what they like to do you should really not judge a book by the cover

    66. Marshmellow

      I guess they always copy and paste the same title to all videos even if they aren't funny !!!

      1. Ian Cloud R. Buco

        Report you

    67. Mega_Gamer _official

      Finely this time it's without the kid

      1. FREE M I L A N


    68. Otaku Desu


    69. Otaku Desu


    70. Вита Яковлева


    71. U w U

      Esperen un rato... No encuentro el chiste

    72. Spy-iglo

      This chanel sucks why am i getting this in my stories. The videos sucks and they are not even funny pls help me to delete this chanel from my story i never searched a think like this why it is putting this in my stories >:(

      1. Spy-iglo

        @Don’t read my profile picture i just want to delete this chanel from my short videos thing

      2. Don’t read my profile picture

        Pls stop and keep Your opinion to yourself it might not be good and people my dislike like it but you don’t have to say all that mean stuff those are real people and they have feelings to and I think you should delete the comment and maybe apologize

    73. رهف ابو عره


      1. FREE M I L A N

        Why not ths 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    74. Kujtim Imeri

      Aj bi jari

    75. Kujtim Imeri

      Ok I will be there in about five hours

      1. Kujtim Imeri

        😂 aahahahaha

    76. Lolo Bachawaty


    77. Элина Шхагапмоева

      Вынемкшесм ОАО ж

    78. Felipe Solis

      Vieja gacha

    79. Lev Doy


    80. yassmin akssisse


    81. Biffle

      There vids are good without the little girl

      1. Lovely The wolf


    82. Exo Craft

      IM no happy

    83. 이솜빛yisombit

      니놈 콩 케이크 맛좀 봐라

    84. Deathcore Lucy

      """"""""Funny videos""""""""""

      1. FREE M I L A N

        Is not

    85. Beast_ Boi

      I f**king hate this audio

    86. No One

      What is this audio

      1. FREE M I L A N


    87. Anas Shivan

      That guy is so cheter

    88. Harshan Gudhimalla

      If he get wiped cream he needs to not hit her. But if she gets wiped cream she can hit him. No fare 🤬🤬🤬

      1. Harshan Gudhimalla


      2. Sans The Skeleton

        Yh she was supposed to get it first but they cut it out

    89. Addison Ryan

      I love your video

      1. Ian Cloud R. Buco

        Me too

    90. - PettySorcery -

      These aren't funny.

    91. kirbyfan1023

      I’ve looked in my toilet after diarrhea and found shit funnier than this

      1. Fatima Castellon


      2. Fatima Castellon


      3. Maciej Łaskawy

        Nice one, and true

    92. GamerBoy1107

      I understand that this comedy is terrible,.but y'all should.just let this guy have fun making videos

      1. Sarab Hassan


    93. Gasterelkil2 :D

      wtf these laughs are very horrible

    94. Gül Güney

      Çok güzel

    95. Trans_woman

      Please get off my recommended your guises stupid ass staged videos

    96. Andrea Rozo Hincapie


    97. Olivia Arevalos




      1. FREE M I L A N

        F of fam

    99. Longest Schlong


    100. KaMi Ka

      Ele é oque seu por por curisiosidade

      1. KaMi Ka