1050 goes Protilling!

Mike Mitchell

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    ** Well guys, let's go do one of my favourite jobs on the farm, and that is some recreational tillage!
    ** I sprayed out some seeded down grass/alfalfa (been seeded for 10+years) over the course of the summer, and now rolling in with Protill to break it up and prepare it to plant for the 2021 season.
    ** I have enough videos uploaded to KGup to keep us going for next couple weeks haha, so if you are interested in staying a little more up to date, than check me out on Patreon, as that's what I use for my social media account 🙂


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    1. Rodney Dionne


    2. Rodney Dionne

      doesn't look to bad right now

    3. The Best Machines

      Good Vídeo!! Fendt the best power👍

    4. Nikolai Ploug

      No shed to put the machinery in during winter?

    5. Rubens Soares

      Mega tractor

    6. michael weaver

      1050 is a awesome machine.

    7. Shawn Dinterman

      You make money on rentals by not putting money back into them i guess is there theory. That thing was beat to hell. Poor protiller

    8. Tractor Agriculture

      big tractor and technology for agriculture

    9. andreja kadunc

      case620 hase 100more hp ad fendt1050

      1. andreja kadunc


    10. Bart De Reu

      Why not using your GPS? it's all i ever do.

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Sometimes ya just want to steer 🙂

    11. facu martin

      le vas a reventar el burro

    12. jan slisager jensen

      Hey Mike I am from Denmark, I have a son hue would like too came to Canada as a farmerstudent, he is a farmestudent in Denmark now. Do you have a private place where we can write to you? you can find me on faccebook JSJ Garderservice

    13. danny verleye

      Pourquoi vous ne labourez pas vos champs ? Un labour ne permettrait-il pas à l'eau de s'infiltrer ? Le gel casserait les mottes de terre ...

    14. Jerry Severson

      I just seen on big tractor power today that the Tractor you are in their is a 690hp track model in a few different colors but they are really expensive almost $600,000 and then you can and the Weight kit that a farmer might need but they were running a 60 foot tillage getting ready for winter wheat and they were traveling at 15 I believe with no problem at all I heard you have quad tractors are you running caseIH or a different model I have heard here in North Dakota that a lot of the farmers have run the JD quads but they were going back to the CaseIH

    15. Jerry Severson

      Hi I’m new to your channel I really like the tractor are you running it in two wheel drive or do you need the front wheels with your equipment

    16. Andrej Tripic

      Fendt is very very good traktor

    17. Horace H Helmsley

      Love the wide angle

    18. sean3223a

      Great Video. Awesome Channel :)

    19. Elvin Hoover

      That how you go on sat more 30 second.you have warm engine with Glow plug or a cord heater on water color . thank you

    20. garrett fleischman

      One thing to consider too is a track tractor will utilize the horsepower more efficiently due to slippage gain thus why they say a track machine will out pull a tractor with 100 more horse power and be more efficient so yea same horse power per shank but less power to the ground per shank

    21. Lingred006

      How come you didn't just use a quad track instead?

    22. Matheus Cardoso.

      Esse trator são bons

    23. MrWildlife168

      Wide angle is good.

    24. Gary Trippel

      Like wide angle.

    25. Robin Lühr

      In the time were you Start a Fendt, a case would already be ready With protilling 😂

    26. Saddletramp1200

      I have no idea about what your saying, but it's fascinating to see you do it. are you steering or does the tractor do it on it's own?

    27. GW

      First time coming across your videos. Exactly how much land do you guys maintain?

      1. Dry Creek Cattle Co.

        @GW Doubt it. They’ve got the equipment and the expertise to handle it themselves

      2. GW

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. Wow, that's a lot of land. I wonder if they contract any of it out?That's a lot of work.

      3. Dry Creek Cattle Co.

        40,000 acres or more

    28. Gary Kenny


    29. Jeff Marks

      Bad advertising for Fendt...but for all the new, other colors the problems dont avoid them either that's for sure.

    30. Philip Mustermann

      if you dont use the tractor for a long time the fuel in the pipes is already duested so needs bit to get fuel in again...

    31. Öz Ali

      Total how much hectars land?

    32. Farm 3

      The front wheels are not working?

      1. Farm 3

        @Mike Mitchell thanks🚜

      2. Mike Mitchell

        The 10 series is always engaged.. There's no option to turn it off

      3. Farm 3

        @Mike Mitchell i don t see de green light and thets why i ask

      4. Mike Mitchell

        Oh they are yes

    33. Kieran Sibley

      Rental/hire places show repair and maintain their equipment and charge for and damage caused whilst out on hire

    34. Peter Grimes

      Another drip without the brain to stop and think, the amount of drain on the battery would been critical if the temperature had been lower. It may not be how he runs things but it certainly shows how he starts things. Gave up watching after that.

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Ha! 🤣 Well I appreciate that feedback Peter, I love it Infact! 🙂 I don't know if you have watched all or any of my vids, but plug it, warm up's and long cool downs are a crucial part the farm. Ask anyone. But the 1050 is the only tractor where the fuel can drain back or loose pressure - which is crazy if you think about it. But, be that as it may, it's a great tractor and fun to drive. Oh, and you ll blow the cranking fuse long before you ll drain the battery or warm the starter. Ask me how I know 😉

    35. Rod

      Can you not mount your cam on a Helmut of sorts or that will not work for you


      You are awesome taking care of equipmeant is a must so much to spare there.

    37. Honeybadger Arse

      Go wide angle mike..love it

    38. Joseph Sakovich

      Is there not enough time to just pro till the entire field

    39. Birdhunter 123

      is there anything you can do about the alkaline

    40. The Rickening

      Get a milwaukee grease gun. It puts out 13000 PSI+. Yes that's the right number of zeroes. One of the best purchases I've ever made. It will literally push solid dried grease out. You'd think you put a bar on the grease gun =P

      1. Mike Mitchell

        I have one named Sally 😂😁

    41. Sam Taylor

      Pay for a valtra before I would take a free fendt

      1. Mike Mitchell

        😳 Ooooffft

    42. david appleton

      all you are doing is turning corners ........i can't see the other headland, it over the horizon dude

    43. flywelder

      Do you ever have plow or tillage days, where guys with tractors can come from wherever and they just well you know what I mean tractors of all sizes and makes have a fun day working the ground! I think I'd like to have a tractor and participate in that! Do you have days like that your events like that?

      1. Dry Creek Cattle Co.

        Why would he want to plow? To watch all the soil blow away in the next 100 kph wind storm?

    44. flywelder

      How deep were you tilling that day with this implement? And do you use plows at any time to work the ground? I love watching plow work videos!

    45. flywelder

      Is this tractor guided by satellite which I recently learned is done on some big farms.

      1. fordfalcon2

        Yes it is when they are seeding etc, most crop farmers have GPS now , small or big farmers

    46. flywelder

      Hope you don't mind yet another question but they're just coming to me fast, is there a limit to the speed to which you can pull this implement and others in through the ground?

    47. flywelder

      If you set the cruise for 12 or 13 mph then would the tractor maybe be able to keep up at 10:00 I'm meaning would it end up being like 10 mph because the pole and the drag on the tractor would equal out more? Just curious I've never ran it farm tractor before but I wish I could I think I'd love it and boy am I enjoying your videos they're very informative!

    48. flywelder

      I'm not a farmer, I'm a city guy. But I'm wondering when you hook up to equipment that uses hydraulics, like the one you got from their co-op. when you operate the hydraulics, does the hydraulic fluid that's in or used on the implement, mix with the hydraulic oil that's in your tractor? Thus it all becomes one big soup? And could that not be bad if the last operator of the implement or tractor, doesn't maintain their fluid and filters properly? I mean you could pass on trouble to someone else is my point. ?

    49. flywelder

      Hi, I just found your videos and joined! I like these videos! I like the extreme wide angle, I also like the stability shots. So I think video a using a combination would be the answer. I was glad you talked about the broken pieces on the equipment and the lack of grease. I'm a big lubrication fan. I also would like to know, why a co-op would not have somebody on top of lubricating and making repairs good equipment that they're renting out period? It seems to me to be poor maintenance and caring for equipment that is expensive, and it sounds like a poorly managed co-op? As farm equipment is not cheap! so why not take care of equipment so it lasts a long time and thus cause very little down time for anybody?

    50. Dick Smoker

      That tractor is junk bro

    51. Chris Starr

      What are the chick peas used for?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Human consumption

    52. J s

      Turn the key to on then wait about 10 seconds for the engine computer to do its checks then turn the key to start.. You kinda rushed the start by turning the key off then turning the key straight to the start position and not allowing the computer to cycle through its engine checks.. So the fuel pump was not running the first long start you did..

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Interesting 🤔... Thanks

    53. Rose White

      How do you know which field belongs to which farm and what grain it has to be prepped for?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Haha you just know, we don't forget those types of things haha

    54. Skyland BADZA

      How big is the field

    55. Charles Stufft

      Well done, have a great day.

    56. josh cooper

      Wide angle is great

    57. Farms Hoffman

      Great awesome video, that pro till is very maintained

    58. Jonathan Gray

      Keep the wide angle shots. Video isn't to shaky at all. Good quality. I really didn't notice a difference between the wide angle without stability as I did in the normal shots with stability on. It is still great quality

    59. Anthony Kaeb

      Why do you guys not store your equipment in sheds?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        The sheds amd shops are on the "to do" list, but we don't typically keep most the equipment over 5yrs

    60. Jack

      Should be an automatic greaser option on the for the 'community' equipment.

    61. RoubaixExpert2019

      What’s the purpose of the rubber that’s coming out?

      1. Kent Mathieson

        That rubber is the suspension for each disc assembly. Like a torque flex axle on a trailer.

    62. Everhard Ridder

      We deleted our 927 and our 714 . Makes a big difference. And you can set your tms so it will not bog down as much on head land .you can set a minimum tms rpm

    63. Chad Shafer

      That Tractor is Mean Looking with the Duals on it. I love Fendt Tractors.

    64. Piet Oosterhof

      Yeah the tractor is pretty quiet though.👍

    65. Piet Oosterhof

      The tractor has to work for it, holy cow.😉

    66. Piet Oosterhof

      Quiet highway thou.😉

    67. An Individual

      I'm a welder, and no matter how good of a job you did, no matter how much material you use, some idiot can always break it.

    68. Ron Grace

      It is made over seas

    69. Ron Grace

      How do they get away using john deere colors

    70. parker satterlee

      wide angle looks cool

    71. SoullessMeatVehicle

      Wish we got US versions of euro tractors in FS19 =(

    72. James McMahon II

      When a lockout is on the fuel tanks a lot of fuel has been stolen

    73. mcd5082

      Good move greasing man

    74. 173229 MLG

      That’s some crazy farming simulator graphics

    75. Dziadek

      Set the percentage to 13-14% and the limits between 1300 and max. Will save you the lugging down when lowering your equipment

    76. J Roger Trudel

      The wide angle view sure proves that the earth is flat. No measureable curvature to be seen.

    77. Lewis Howcroft

      I am sorry to ask what is protilling bc I'm from the UK and we don't have that here

      1. Dry Creek Cattle Co.

        High speed disc. Similar to a horsch joker

    78. Karrie Falon Johnson

      Mike i wach all your guys videos about these up to day mobile Computer robot tractors as i callem. my totall feelings and ideas about them are one thing. they take away the tractors capabilities for good old solid horse power, saying this for a reason i drove a ugly old 825 versatile that if the radio worked you were in heaven, but waching all the tractors you all show i clearly see that low horse powered versatile would kick the asses of those computerised robot tractors you all call a tractor. hook one of them onto a 60 foot Deep Til cultivator and sink it 8 to 10 inches into the ground and see what happens. where we farmed there was hills going up all you seen was blue sky ect and we pulled them up themor down them, needing to use our smarticals wich was the best gears to run with.

    79. Alan B

      Is Mike going to need a MT1167 to replace the under powered 1050?

    80. trimy1

      grease cheaper than iron pull pins when you dont have time ah back on things to do list good job mike

    81. Jeremy Mullen

      Ya looks like it.. unreal amount of fuel ⛽️

    82. Jeremy Mullen

      Hockey rink? Sickness

    83. Jeremy Mullen

      Nts wat to think bout the fendts boss? Like she’s loosing fuel rail pressure after sitting.

    84. Grant Barga

      U keep all ur equipment outside and why?

    85. Dustin Jones

      Hey mike, you going to try out the new fendt 1167 vario mt

    86. Dave C

      You can set the TMS so it runs at whatever minimum revs you want it to. When I’m ploughing I set mine at 1200rpm to avoid that annoying lag during the in’s 👍

      1. Mike Mitchell

        I know, that was brought to my attention! 🤦🤣 I guess that's why I am still only a level 1.5 haha

    87. Dave C

      Loved that you greased that poor implement. It’s not yours but it needed it 👍

    88. Nathan Grin

      So Mike which brother the better hockey player 🏒🍻🇨🇦

    89. Bob Barss

      How does the 500 hundred horsepower compare to a 500 hundred horsepower John Deere or Case IH wheel or track . Will it out lug them. The cab in unbelievable quiet.

    90. Chris J

      your channel is shit!

      1. Mike Mitchell

        🤣 Well Chris, I can appreciate your honesty, so thankyou for that.. And I hope you have great day good sir 🙂

    91. Alex voth

      Hey Mike Have you ever had a Claas Xerion 5000 as a demo unit ? Greetings from northern Alberta

      1. Mike Mitchell

        I tried one before I baught fendt back in 2014 or 15 but I chose fendt

    92. riski kewes

      wide angel no problem in my android phone:)

    93. Terrell Spivey

      Bro! What size tires do that monster got on it!? Lol

      1. Terrell Spivey

        @Mike Mitchell whaaaat!! I didn't even know they made such a size! Lollol massive! Love the videos!💯💪

      2. Mike Mitchell

        750s x 46s on the back

    94. Cassie Cannon

      Hi Mike, My name is Cassie and I’m a Content Partnership Representative at BBTV. I wanted to contact you to discuss an exciting opportunity that could really elevate your KGup experience. I know you probably get a ton of messages, but I would love to get in contact with you to chat more about this opportunity! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set up a call! Cassie Cannon ccannon@bbtv.com

    95. Graydon Henson

      this spring you try to get fendts new 673 hp two track, and a 100 ft Bourgault on demos for seeding.

    96. Ryan Bruckhart

      I wouldn’t trust tilling with a machine with a couple busted welds like that has. It’s poor that rental companies don’t maintain their machines better

    97. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Mike awesome job the pro till does

    98. Kevin Christiansen

      Really like the wide angle

    99. Brandon M

      I’ll watch the video no matter how you shoot it. I watch on my phone

    100. Drake Mcfee

      Hey man, kudo's to you. Not only do you admonish people being underhanded and everybody treats rentals that way. But you grease it up anyway. Seemingly out of respect for the rental company. It's good to see ppl who believe"you make a promise you keep it" and not the "what can I get out off".....👍