This is the MOST FUN game mode in Among Us


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    Hide and Seek is the most fun way to play Among Us
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    1. jacksepticeye

      You can hide but you can't hide!

      1. N Salazar


      2. It's Turbo! ;P


      3. Al Syafiq


      4. TheWizardTommy

        @0P fishy Gamer same here, and idk

      5. 0P fishy Gamer

        It has been 6 yrs sinc i watched jack what hapend to old intro

    2. CarrotTop

      you guys should try a game mode called musical vents.

    3. Tasha Lissette

      hide and seek is my fav game mode

    4. Ayelén Sánchez

      The kisses gets me

    5. ise la.

      19:32 anyone hear his scream 😭

    6. Bella Prucha

      Yes, three of my fav KGuprs, Seàn, Jaiden, and Dave ❤️

    7. Sarai Martinez

      dead bodys look like turkys lol

    8. SaberScore22

      Is it just me or does CORPSE sound like he swallowed a cheese grainer? NO OFFENSE LOL!

      1. SaberScore22

        I enjoy hearing corpse's voice, very cool, I mean nothing by this.

    9. Bryanna Grace

      i love playing hide & seek mode with my friends, so much fun

    10. North mountain hhsrh

      Ayyyyyyy Roomie wassup?

    11. Michael Belanger

      i love the youtube collabs happening because of among us lol

    12. Boombalia

      OOO try playing a game where there's 2 impostors but only one tells you it's them and you have to try figuring out the imp without the report body button and only the emergence button

    13. im very bored

      Can somebody please tell me why everyone is calling Jack "Sean"? I'm confused

    14. Marcus Vr

      Hi jack

    15. Chicken Man

      Wait I thought that was actually Corpes

    16. Jeremiah Reid


    17. sweetudevil

      the runescape music makes this 10000% better

    18. ThePotatoArmy

      Jack using PMTTYD music is amazing Edit: and Bowser’s Inside Story. What a legend

    19. Heather Sumner

      Damn! This mode is as nerve-wracking as Alien Isolation lol.

    20. Joyshadina

      Everyone: it's seán Seán while killing corpse: No It'S nOt!

    21. Vanessa Schwarz

      Jaiden's scream at @10:48 was amazing LOL

    22. Purple Crewmate

      Yes you must subscribe to JackSepticEye or I will delete your Minecraft acc. So you better do it >=[

    23. TeamPlayer CS


    24. cristian lopez


      1. Quinn Bennett

        Please explain how

    25. k8ll3r99 izcool

      The rock music jack had going when we was imposter that second round was sick as fuck, made the mood 1000x better

    26. MOOZYY

      Ayyyy yo jack sus

    27. dxkota

      This seems more stressful than regular Among Us, which I didn't know was possible.

    28. Trevor Stockwell

      9:21 when the zelda boss music starts playing in background 👀

    29. Rio The Dutch Angel Dragon

      *Me: eating a buttered baked potato I made, listening to everyone yell* * hears Balloon Boy * "AW FUCK NO!!"

    30. Sans

      the song being played at 18:00 is called doom BFG division

    31. Brøther

      I like how Jack used BFG Divison

    32. Cow Man

      Damn BFG division is such a good song

    33. slendy 6412

      Is jaiden jaiden animations

    34. Frogie Bred

      4:00 Jaden: the most unenthusiastic impostor of all time

    35. I Eat Garbage

      Why does Roomie have the worst mic?

    36. Dorien Coleman

      Dream: Only 8.1% of you are subscribed Jack: Only 40% of you aren't subscribed, you might as well I mean.

    37. 歩影Uzumaki Naruto


    38. pulanjita paola

      Ohmygod!! My fave youtuber all in one videooooooo ❤❤❤ love u dave and jadeeeen

    39. Rayne Jaso

      You have the BFG Division playing.

    40. Slades Smiles

      Please tell me the music means Sean has played Conkers Bad Fur Day

    41. Tennis Cat

      Was he using the walking dead game music at 1:57? Cause I swear I recognized it...

    42. R Robertson

      I am crying. I can’t even pick my favourite moment. Also, editor- your taste in music is impeccable 👌🏻

    43. Kendle Bartlette

      Why won’t your reporting the body’s

    44. Miranda Verive

      I thought he was gonna say "welcome to jurassic park" at the beginning

    45. iron wolf

      doom music in the back masterpiece

    46. Deadly Ant

      why is the hinox battle music playing in the background??? lmao


      jack-whats this? comments-its a fricking name tag!!!

    48. Violet


    49. T-Drum King

      Dawg I just realized he used the cooker bad fur day music in the background at the beginning of the vid

    50. Rosalya 23


    51. Tyler Webb

      Is it just me or did I see corpse at 6:07

      1. Tyler Webb

        Keep pressing the number lmao

    52. E Deinonyjess

      Me throughout the whole video: * WHEEZE *

    53. Bubu Bub

      Jack next time your the imposter use admin then you will know where everyone is

    54. Trecy DreamZ

      I appreciate this version of the game much better

    55. bad b

      no jack, actually i am not going to subscribe because the only reason i watch your among us videos is to hear corpse. no hard feelings 😜✌️

    56. lolbit910 Jordan

      I just notice the balloon boy hello

    57. Allan Hilder

      Is that Jaiden animations, it sounds like her

    58. ApaoHvH

      That first picture is very very odd.

    59. saint nicholas

      Does noone notice the imposter and crewmate visions are backwards in the last few rounds?

    60. Smadness McTrashcan

      The editing on this video is amazing

    61. Javier Justiansah

      18:58 That's some DOOM bgm there

    62. Dante Gould

      nice skyrim reference

    63. Kiyagaku San

      "Were quirky" made me fuckin cringe

    64. lydia

      I've watched this video so many times, it's so entertaining

    65. Vibhu Bharadwaj

      Dat thumbnail tho...

    66. ·ᴗ·

      This reminds me of a movie from the 1980's called The Thing

    67. XerxesTexasToast

      The Zelda boss music when you popped into comms and freaked out got a chuckle out of me

    68. Santa Claus

      relp me raggy rabuses me

    69. I guess im just Me

      22:09 if I'm not mistaken, was that hinox battle music here?

    70. YataZen

      similar mode to this that i have done with friends: max player speed no tasks minimum impostor vision max crewmate vision run around the map and the last crewmate left alive wins

    71. noobrater80 saladasslover

      ah, i love the doom sound track playing in the background,

    72. Emily Wing

      Hide and seek mode is even more terrifying when you've got a ridiculously short memory, and keep forgetting who the imposter is

    73. Bree Redwood

      This makes me want friends so I can play fun versions 😂

    74. Isla Duncan

      Laughing at dave panicking when he was in the stean room with corpse made my inhale my own tongue

    75. Zoe Burgin

      Lol ya it's just uncool not to subscribe Lol

    76. Ethan Hann

      They played hide and seek so fucking wrong but its so fucking entertaining i don’t understand

    77. Mask the cat 103

      Just a note for future me. Don’t mind me. 6:28

    78. Dillon Clark Gordon

      during this video I just finished making 140 among us characters

    79. MEGA

      This was made 3 weeks ago and if what jack is saying is correct, if the people who arent subbed to him sub now he would be at around 36 million subs lmao

    80. Alex Bugerbutt

      when u play among us hidenseek u have to turn off comms

    81. DragonXZ

      When you here bfg division in the background thats when you know *IT'S KILLING TIME*

    82. Josabi Meyer

      why was he playing hinox music towards the end?

    83. Fabcat Games


    84. Fabcat Games

      Among Us: Honest Edition 😂😂😂😂

    85. Peter Griffin Jojo fan

      thats it im not going to watch a youtuber milk the same game for every upload even if it is jacksepticye i highly recommend that you unsub from this milker

    86. Void Mother

      LMAO The hinox battle music at the end

    87. Jenneh

      What was the song at 20:00? :)

    88. Ariq Hozer

      Just the fact that this vid has like 230 thousand likes

    89. RisingF00L

      I made this game mode....

    90. big bunda


    91. 1nstant N00dles

      This needs to be an official game mode

    92. hopeworld _

      Jaidens scream was so real I was crying

    93. hopeworld _

      The kiss of death is Corpse

    94. Park Song Hayo

      hi guys can u pls tell me how can i download the game among us on my pc cuz i cant find the way thank u

    95. Kiwi Not The fruit Kiwi

      Nogla is like Sean's dad lmfao Edit: poopy

    96. Kaiden Kennedy

      I love the doom song in the back

    97. Foxy Grampa

      Sea shanty 2

    98. Kaleigh G.

      I love when Roomie kills Jack you see Pewds really was guardian ghosting him ^^ so cute

    99. B1ll1am 1994

      That BFG division playing in the background though

    100. Momento Mori

      Omg I love this game mode, except me and my friends count to 20 before the imposter hunts lol and we don't sabotage or call meetings