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    Goku in Amongus
    Goku Dragon Ball Z
    #Entertainment​ #Gameplay​ #BadTiming #Goku #amongusmeme #amongusjump #amongus
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    1. Suresh Kumaryj

      Hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhshshahhahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahshshhshahahhahhahahhaha that was funny Heh hHahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahhahahahahhahahhhah

    2. Decade1

      This isn't his

      1. CG Animator

        This is my one day work

      2. CG Animator

        Lol you joke well

    3. Taquilior

      The cringe meter just broke

    4. 33dragon dude

      Ahhh.. . .... meeee...... ahhhh...... meeee... ahmeahmayah

    5. p.w.s VLOG


    6. GoAwayUSuccing2929

      The kaméhaméha is kinda d e p r e s s i n g

    7. 0198718680


    8. seeni gzty

      When the impostor is sus

    9. Rock girl

      When the impostor is sus

    10. Kyom Drift

      When the impostor is sus

      1. seeni gzty

        Dame da ne-

    11. Meta Knight

      hmmmm nessposter? its a imposter but with pk fire pk ice and pk flash

      1. Meta Knight

        @Rock girl Lol Nice go

      2. Rock girl


    12. Teresa Time

      Lyrics: *whistle sounds* What? Aaa mee aaa mee Aaameehammeehahahahaha *blast sounds* *beep*

    13. Taheful A

      hahahahaha, amoung us, goku anime, ahahahhaa, man 2021 jokes are so good

    14. tha


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    16. junko kuroh

      I thought this game was ded

    17. Loboros

      Oh boy, what have I done to get this in my recommended

    18. jochar32

      Why is this #27 on trending

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    20. Shalom

      Wow thanks bro!!!!!! Now I will Subscribe to your channel buddy

      1. DoGe Legends


    21. Andre Williams

      Are you kidding thats the big bang attack

    22. Meat. Ler

      what about impostor fart

    23. SkSDood

      Why Why did you make this video Wy

    24. I Ruvyzvat I

      Lazy guy that to lazy to talk on moring

    25. Dane Hill

      What the fuck is this garbage

    26. Giovanda Alfaro

      Dame da ne-

      1. Kokichi Oma

        Dame yo

    27. Jose Luis


    28. Blake's Gaming FUN

      wat he do

    29. Jose Muñoz


    30. DJ Jazzy -tastic

      Uhh I don’t think that’s what it was. That was a hadoken instead of a kamehameha. That was more like a Ki blast XD

    31. Holy Is Here

      *ernie prepares to commit a hate crime*

    32. Bengal cat Bruno

      Goku pretty sus 😳😳😳

    33. Guigu Lopes Jurado


    34. Stéphani Santos

      Kakakakakak aaaa meeeeee aaaaa meeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kakakakakakkakakakaakkakakak Kakkakakakakkakakakkakakakakkkkk

    35. Trapp Daygo

      I think this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

    36. Mobu

      This was the most sad kamehameha that i ever seen in my life

    37. Bruh Bruh

      Three episodes later

    38. electrite the hedgehog {guard of electric emerald}

      Just kamehameha the reactor Sorry if I spelt it wrong

    39. PumpedOliver

      That was so shit ong

    40. Jr Blackhorse

      Thought this game was deas

    41. NO leave me alone!


    42. Arial Martinez

      Ha....... Me........ Ha....... Me........ HAMEHAMEEHAAAAA!!!!!!!

    43. MilQuy_chan indo gamer

      Haaa... Mee... Haaa... Mee... Hamehamehaaaaaaaa

    44. TreeBruh

      Wait... Isn't this from Wierdotic?

      1. TreeBruh

        @CG Animator. Hm

      2. CG Animator

        Not at all

    45. Omar Mourad

      ah, i’ve reached this part of shorts again.

      1. bot

        I too have entered the rabbit hole

      2. UZI zayd

        And so did i

    46. manasa sharimali

      No I won't subscribe your channel never subscribe your channel never

    47. Лариса Павленко

      На расенган похоже из Naruto

    48. SaltyPDK

      What the hell is this

    49. En İyi ETA Kardeşler

      Subscribe okay like okay

    50. Naruto Uzumaki

      Je suis mort pas ça mé aa me aaaaaa AAAA mdr

    51. Mohamad Hafiz Saboory


    52. Davinna Ramadhani

      Yellow imspotor

    53. eat shit

      I hate everything about life

    54. Boy Mata

      When your an anime weeb-

      1. Michael Hall


      2. Lava King

        When u shut up:

    55. disboy 598

      discrace to dragon ball

    56. I will defeat I will defeat Justin y


    57. Nor Naimah


    58. pogchamp

      Lmao please improve this

    59. Tristan Loftus

      Crappy goku sounds depressed

    60. Aaronyt_aug13 gamer

      Do shinrapostor pls T_T

    61. daPablo 007

      When the impostor is goku!! 😁😁😂😂😂😀😂😁

    62. Rabia

      Ha mi ha mi hami hami hami HAMI

    63. Splaty2231

      Ah yes “do subscribe”. This video probably wasn’t made in the USA. Or anywhere near that

      1. Jitlan

        What does the USA have to do with this?

      2. 2DAWU

        Or this person is Indian but he live in USA

      3. naman Singh

        I think it's made in india

    64. Muhamad Ilham

      iya sangat hebat

    65. Картон 5

      Aaa meee aaa meee Ameameame

    66. Gagesticks Cook

      Among us is dead 1000 meters in the grave

    67. Ngọc Hà Phạm

      Dò làm sấu🤪😵🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    68. Pringles VR

      There are so many things that are so wrong about goku

    69. Pringles VR

      That is so lame

      1. Raven

        mostly are kids here

    70. Marta Pereira


    71. Blueberry

      Bruh you copied weridotic

    72. Dian Karng

      Ahshgdhehdj Dr hd jg jdhh🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Вадим Кириллин

      Among as 💩

    74. Randima Silva

      This is just a weirdotic copy.this is getting the report button

    75. Ahmad fayyadh bin Fakhrurrazi

      U sound like... Lazy person

    76. demon noob lol

      cringe jizz

    77. Allijah Mae Broqueza

      Only BTS fan hear this Ami ami ami


      Everyone gangsta till its amehameha

    79. Hank

      Aa mee aa mee ameameaaaaaaaaaas

    80. jharna nag

      Stupid and Mad

    81. jharna nag

      I North like this

    82. Erik Sylaj

      This is so sad



    84. nanci Leiva


    85. Birmi Birc


    86. RashidTheDragon

      aaa... mee.... aaa... mee... aamehameHaAaAaAaAaAaAa

      1. Gleam

        @Briana Mara That emoji has nothing to do with the topic

      2. Briana Mara


    87. Gamer_ Energy4210

      This is stupid

    88. Giooak

      Goku when his parents are asleep

      1. Roxana Quispe mendoza


    89. Parvezmuzaffar Shaikh

      Ka me ha me hame hame haaaaaaaaaa!

    90. Iker Munguia


    91. thea end

      Ha.... Me... **rethinking life choiceses** Hamehameha

    92. Priyanka Hota


    93. Samurai Cheems

      Clearly this person never watch Dragon ball

    94. Samantha Vasquez


    95. Noora Al-hail


    96. smirkytiger

      This is the worst

      1. smirkytiger

        @The Volabog Vloger ?

      2. The Volabog Vloger


      3. The Volabog Vloger


      4. The Volabog Vloger


    97. BSI

      Lmaoo ha ma ha ma ha ma ha

    98. Gio Alvarez

      You doing Goku animating are you

    99. Julie Serry


    100. Julia Fidali Bonfim

      Felipe com o Bruno :