Insane Water Slides!

Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts

9 млн көрүүлөр755

    We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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    күнү жарыяланды 10 күн мурун



      Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

      1. IAMDONUT


      2. IAMDONUT


      3. IAMDONUT


      4. IAMDONUT


      5. IAMDONUT


    2. Ollie Accidental

      “I would.... decease.” -Chris 2021

    3. Shale Reeser

      Poland is known for ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI

    4. Zulogodzilla

      1:10 are you saying you never ate PIEROGI?!

    5. Lazebin

      3:07 "it's from Brazil, let it cut"...?

    6. Fifa King1616


    7. RealLoxus

      4:57 Video idea, Mr.Beast opens up his own waterpark!


      Mr Beast is like you have three seconds to say what you want then chris is like " I want water-" then mr beast interrupts him and says " The video ended" Let's all give a big OOF to Chris

    9. Filipfox _cool

      YES we have big poles In Poland.

    10. Jennifer Savino

      The waterslide that had a cage around it with the seat buckles had to get shut down because this guy got his head chopped off by it his head got stuck on the cage

    11. Headofthelime66

      What does skydiving and this have in difference? You want to land in the water in the slide

    12. Stephanie Alexander

      Mr beast: this is Barney My child hood:😥

    13. Scout Gamer59

      Oh god no... 1:06

    14. dlem

      5:13 water slide is placed in siam park in Tenerife u should visit that one park.

    15. Jan Senekovic

      Nah bro the slide in ptuj is the best

    16. Rachel Froese

      Me out

    17. Germany

      Can confirm we have goo water slides

    18. giorno mafia man

      The one at 1:22 is the slide you ride on when you die

    19. Milosz Wlosek

      I from poland 💜❤

    20. Bar330 bass

      Kto jest z Polski daje lajka pod komentarzem i filmem.👍

    21. Hope Riehl

      Poland is known for pottery and gnomes

    22. Mars 144hz

      Damn daniel

    23. Andrew Stubbs

      I am poles

    24. Andrew Stubbs


    25. Garchomp Games

      It's dope in Wisconsin

    26. Not luke Craco

      I go to the Bahamas every year and it’s fun you swim with sharks, dolphins it’s amazing

    27. Naruto

      Cool Water Slides

    28. AleGamming

      5:00 and 6:05 i went down both. very poggers

    29. Eswari Raj


    30. CIA SHARK VR

      Wisconsin dells baby

    31. Ruvysvat

      *Oh it looks like a giant doughnut toilet thingy and it flushes you like a poo poo* Me:pfft hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    32. Mahmoud Huraib

      The one after the thing where u hit the wall actually has sharks around u when u go down ur in a tube I know it from experience I tryed it In Dubai and all I am is a inconvenient 9 year old.

    33. Meme Central

      As a rollercoaster enthusiast I can confirm these are pretty good water slides

    34. Laurenz Speaker GM

      I'm a German and Chris said we just can build watersides 😂

    35. Ramesh Roth

      2:28 Thanks man :D

    36. Labneh Gaming

      Slide is in dibai

    37. moin leute

      Another thing we germans can do verry well make highspeed invasions

    38. raabia raza

      My mother is from Germany

    39. Izander Izander


    40. Charlotte innit

      I went on a water slide it was a smallish tube slide and before you went down there was an iPad next to it and you select a theme of light and music you want to play on your way down !

    41. engames

      I have been To the waterslide at 5:19

    42. Fiete Rautert

      Hello from all your german watchers

    43. CR

      I would die to heart attack

    44. Evie Montgomery

      I’ve been in one on the floor dropping one and I was 9 now im 10

    45. Rabia Mobasher

      your camera and gopro can break and your mobile will be gone if you have it in your pocket


      The first one slide it make me dizzy

    47. Martyna Kowalewicz

      Who agrees that Poland has good poles 🤣🤣

    48. Eibe Luca

      And Bratwurst

    49. Dandych1ki


    50. N00B Gaming

      I think 5:02 is Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

    51. Amalin Norman

      checkout the longest water slide! it’s in malaysia

    52. ZIPPY

      Summit plummit

    53. Jackson Ralph

      Creeper oh man back down in the mines got a pickaxe swinging from side to side

    54. adriane tenorio


    55. darkzx_yt

      Me: making a water slide park 3 loopdiloops in a r w and a neon lights

    56. Bad 1000

      I was in the one that they said was skydiving

    57. Michelle De La Cruz

      Haha Chris:(I would.. decease) hahaa

    58. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    59. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    60. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan

      Let's destroy PewDiePie #Mrbeast100millionsubscribers

    61. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    62. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    63. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    64. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    65. Ahmed Rafiu Raiyan


    66. Saud rrr

      Where’s the money?

    67. Zain Jafrani

      I have been on the serpent slide, very pog

    68. jeffbenplayz

      5:01 i've been on that slide its in dubai and I've been on 6:33 which is also in Dubai

    69. Kyle Carlton

      2:30 and other things the Germans can do is start a wor

      1. jeffbenplayz


    70. Taking the plunge

      Nice poles

    71. Bobby Walsh

      I actually went to scorpions tail it was rlly cool

    72. Itz_lilly Adoptmeaddict

      I was waiting for the shark one this whole video because some guy in my class went there.

    73. Kyle Koch

      I've ridden the last one slide you reacted

    74. goat gang

      LOL This is so cool his voice was tremendous LOL 😆

    75. The Ava Stark

      Dubai has the best water slides

    76. Joseph Burch

      that waterpark in wisconsin you can get stuck in and it so scary

    77. Adyson Hayward

      I went on the last one before

    78. Arely bindei

      Sam things

    79. MR MUSIC

      when i go on water slides i either burn to flames or i get (electricuted) I FORGOT WHAT THAT WORD WAS CALLED😂

    80. Marxus the Gamer

      The slides at the bahamas resort atlantis are EPIC!!

    81. dcrob20002

      I think the waterslide with the net killed someone by beheading them.

    82. Marxus the Gamer

      I went on one of the slides!! The one at the resort!!

    83. KingCarpsie LIVE


    84. TheRealKnight Corpse

      Can you plssss react to dream manhunts

    85. ONE% PERCENT%

      “I’lL wAiT”

    86. Not Alta

      Look at wet n wild from Queensland Gold Coast

      1. Not Alta


    87. Isaac Hochglaube

      i ahve gone on the one that chris siad was an anti climactic ending it is pretty cool and fun

    88. Hadley Gibbs

      I went down one of these

    89. Lauren Kidd

      I have actually had a Cesar two actually

    90. JayeCee Fontenette


    91. Annie Nyle Photography

      The act like relarleg slides are insane

    92. Samantha Davis

      Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Tx isn’t closed lol look up the dragons revenge there! It’s a water coaster and has a holographic dragon you go thru that moves! POV is on KGup!

    93. Ben Swansen

      That last one is at Wisconsin dells it was a blast

    94. Ben Playz

      I am 6

    95. Julie Marshall

      LOL Mr Beast I’ve been to the Bahamas it’s so fun!

    96. Marina CABILTES

      0:25 thats familiar

    97. Fallin Knights 1782


    98. Mary B


    99. This Is Awesome

      Ive actually been on the Bahamas one

    100. Matt Galla

      my dad has been on this